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Report: Denmark set to label settlement produce
Published Friday 18/05/2012 (updated) 20/05/2012 22:07
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COPENHAGEN, Denmark (Ma'an) -- Denmark is set to introduce a labeling system to denote products made in Israeli settlements, Danish media said Friday.

"This is a move that will clearly show consumers that this produce has been produced under conditions that not only the Danish government, but also the European governments have rejected," Danish Foreign Minister Villy Sovndal was quoted as saying by Danish online news-site Politken.

"Then it is up to consumers whether they are prepared to buy the produce," he added.

The Danish FM said that stricter controls and labeling of settlement produce should be seen as part of the European Union's support for a two state solution.

Enforcing controls on settlement produce also shows the Palestinians that the world is against illegal settlement building.

The move targets illegal settlements and not Israel, the Danish FM added.

In April, the Co-operative group, one of the United Kingdom's largest food retailers, decided to boycott four companies that export products from Israeli settlements.

In early 2010, PA prime minister Salam Fayyad launched the National Dignity Fund, which aimed to increase the availability of Palestinian produce in West Bank markets and end the sale of produce from illegal settlements.

As part of the campaign, the PA distributed a pamphlet detailing well-known brand names, furnishing companies, farms, dairy produce, water, wine, household fixtures, toys as well as plastics and surgical equipment manufactured in illegal West Bank settlements.
1 ) Colin Wright / USA
18/05/2012 21:17
Howzabout a link to this pamphlet? The one detailing brands manufactured by Israelis in the West Bank?

2 ) Julie / USA
18/05/2012 21:29
what hypocrisy! if the Danish govt rejects settlements, then what's their produce doing anywhere in the Danish market in the first place? why does the govt even let it into Denmark?

3 ) @ Julie-2 / USA too
18/05/2012 21:50
the Danish govt wants settlement produce labeled,
to help comsumers find the produce they wish to buy:
- Pals can buy from oPT, and
- Jews can buy from settlements.

4 ) Julie / USA
18/05/2012 23:04
#3 - the Danish govt claims to reject settlements, then allows settlement produce in their markets. sorry if you don't see the OBVIOUS hypocrisy in that

5 ) a / Canada
19/05/2012 00:22
What percentage of workers in those companies are Palestinian ? Even small amounts will also be hurt if they lose their jobs.

6 ) Emile / USA
19/05/2012 00:43
#3, What utter nonsense. Most Jews around the world are also against the settlements. You are obviously an extremist.

7 ) Colin Wright / USA
19/05/2012 02:42
To @ #3 'the Danish govt wants settlement produce labeled, to help comsumers find the produce they wish to buy: - Pals can buy from oPT, and - Jews can buy from settlements.' Hate to break it to you -- but not many Jews outside of Israel would go out of their way to support the settlements. You see, they're not dedicated to supporting evil.

8 ) Colin Wright / USA
19/05/2012 02:44
To Julie #2 'what hypocrisy! if the Danish govt rejects settlements, then what's their produce doing anywhere in the Danish market in the first place? why does the govt even let it into Denmark?' Perhaps, but one step at a time. You can have everything arranged exactly to your taste and very few allies -- or support whatever is headed in the right direction and have lots of allies. Meanwhile, where's that link?

9 ) shirley / shirley3199@gmail
19/05/2012 07:56
the goods do not meet european Union laws as they break imnternational law just saying they are made in west bank is not enough they should be banned this is putting a wedge into whether they are illegal and if they do not meet EU laws and human rights laws they should be banned just like Britain companies banned selling them either you have a l aw and uphold it or you dont do not thank this cunning move it is deceitful

10 ) Richard SM / UK
19/05/2012 08:17
Regular protests outside the London retail store of Ahava, an Israeli cosmetics company operating from the West Bank, were quite effective. The store was forced to close in September 2011.

11 ) Jihane / Palestine/France
19/05/2012 16:27
I grew up in Denmark, and I thank the Danish government from the bottom of my heart even if this is only a small step in the right direction. The City Council of Copenhagen has also voted a boycott on companies that are involved in the colonization of the West Bank, the biggest Danish bank, Den Danske Bank, has done the same, the biggest company of daily shopping Netto/BIlka doesn't sell any products from the settlements, and haven't done so for years. >>

12 ) Mel / USA
19/05/2012 16:30
Takk,Danske!The legal way to go,coz EU laws forbid any Govt. directlly deciding for its consumers,to BOYCOTT a nations produce.But,they CAN label the product,then it's up to the PERSONAL choice of the buyer/consumer.So,stick a label reading 'CONFLICT PRODUCT',in big red letters & provide FACTUAL info re: approx 100yrs(1917)HUMAN cost,to indigenous Arab nationals of Palestine,of colonial racism/anti-semitism,brought later by Ashkzenazi Euro Jews,that equated Hitler's ferocity 2 THEM,in WW2.

13 ) Jihane / Palestine/France
19/05/2012 16:34
In 2010, the Danish state cancelled the license of the Israeli company that was flying Tel Aviv/Copenhagen because they didn't accept Israeli security agents in the airport of Copenhagen. @ Julie should do something in order to change her own government's attitude to Palestine, instead of spending her time on Maan News, writing extremist comments that rarely have anything interesting to say. At least she didn't mention ZioNazis or Hitler in this comment. at-thawra hatta an-nasr !

14 ) Colin Wright / USA
19/05/2012 21:46
Typical of how disorganization cripples the fight against Israel. Can ANYBODY give me a link to that pamphlet listing products produced by settlements in the West Bank?

15 ) Business / Israel
19/05/2012 22:35
This is all amusing. Because I travel to Denmark on business, and we do quite a bit of trade with the Danes. And educated Danes see what a certain immigrant population is doing in Denmark. And every crime, every threat against a cartoonist, is worth 1000 hasbara ministries. The Danes understand the threat. More are with us.

16 ) Jihane / Palestine/France
19/05/2012 23:40
@ Business So you travel to Denmark on business. Then you know that no Israeli company is allowed to work in the Airport of Copenhagen because the Danes won't allow the humiliating procedures of Israeli companies on Danish soil. And the "educated Danes" as you say are perfectly capable of distinguishing between radical Muslims and the Palestinians fighting for their national rights. "More are with us" So you've made your own little personal poll, contradicting official polls, right ?

17 ) Jihane / Palestine/France
19/05/2012 23:54
@ Colin Wright Try this: http://go.ynet.co.il/pic/news/mit.pdf Thanks to Ynetnews for publishing this document :-) It's in Arabic, but if you scroll down, you'll find photos of various products, some only labeled in Hebrew, but many others in English. And I encourage people to buy Palestinian products, you can find informations about the import to various countries on the net.

18 ) Mel / USA
20/05/2012 17:03
#17 Jihane:Thanks for the link.There're more products I must add to my family's personal banned(Conflict/Blood)products.No taste is sweet,or product-color attractive etc,if it's made through human suffering & dyed with innocent blood!BIG diiference between dirty business & honorable/honest.& the Danish people,like most educated GLOBAL PEOPLES,realize that most Arab refugees arriving are FLEEING racist persecution/death in,expulsion from,their homelands,BACKED BY USG/UKG war-mongers!Cause-Effect!

19 ) Business / Israel
20/05/2012 21:41
@16: yes I have. And my comment stands. Every cartoon protest, every crime is worth 1000 has Hasbara ministries to us. Because as time goes by people see this has nothing to do with "national" rights as you day. Sadly you are in the minority. Instead they see the true motivation.

20 ) Jihane / Palestine/Denmark
21/05/2012 12:27
@ Business You're just reiterating exactly the same crap. I grew up in DK, I go there all the time, I'm a Danish citizen, I read the Danish newspapers everyday, and I'm saying you're simply lying: the Danes make no confusion between the cartoons and the Palestinians' right to national independence. The hasbara can spin all they want, it's simply a fact. And Danish official steps as this labeling confirms it. Villy Soevndal, the FM, explains this as a step to implement the Two State Solution.

21 ) Business / Israel
21/05/2012 16:17
Jihane No one minds any two state solution but the Danes I do business with have an absolute better appreciation of our difficulties each time there is a threat to Denmark from a certain quarter. you cannot see this? There is something called natural human sympathy, which the Palestinians have tried to cultivate for years and I will say it again, because it is you who are not facing reality: every single threat, imam, crime is worth 1000 hasbara ministries to Israel.

22 ) Jihane / Palestine/france
22/05/2012 01:11
Repeating your cartoons-stick three times doesn't make three arguments. You stated "the Danes are with us". The Danish government has always supported a Two State solution on the '67-borders, they've upgraded the Palestinian diplomatic status, they voted for the admission of Palestine to UNESCO, the labeling of products from the OPT is part of that I don't care about your Danish collegues, they don't represent the population which has swifted from a pro-Israeli attitude to a more and more -//-

23 ) Jihane / Palestine/France
22/05/2012 01:22
pro-Palestinian attitude. Sabra and Chatila, Lebanon 2006, Cast Lead are responsible for less and less goodwill towards Israel, and then the Danes can't be black-mailed with the Holocaust as they saved practically all the Danish Jews. Incidents like Shalom Eisner hitting a young Danish peace-activist wasn't appreciated at all, the Danish FM reacted stronger than the French when a young French girl was wounded in Nabi Saleh. Take a look at the Danish papers on that agression. Keep spinning.

24 ) Business / Israel
01/06/2012 05:59
The americans have an expression: money talks and bs walks. Israel exports ten times more to Denmark than egypt, syria and Jordan combined. That is reality. But you go ahead and think your grocery label means something. We are exporting high tech optical equipment to Denmark, not oranges and chocolate bars sold in an airport. You know nothing.
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