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Haniyeh calls for intifada for prisoners
Published Monday 30/04/2012 (updated) 03/05/2012 11:10
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Palestinian women attend a rally to show solidarity with Palestinians prisoners
held in Israeli jails, in Gaza City, on April 30, 2012.
(Reuters/Mohammed Salem)
GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh called on Monday for a new intifada to support Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, who started a mass hunger-strike two weeks ago.

The premier urged Arab and Islamic nations to intervene to support detainees, in remarks at a rally for prisoners in Gaza City.

Haniyeh stressed the unity of the government and the people in support of Palestinian detainees.

Prisoners are our first priority, and all Palestinians are behind them, he said. The prime minister charged human rights groups to "break their silence" to free all Palestinians jailed in Israel.

More than 4,000 Palestinians are imprisoned in Israel, around 320 of them without any charge.

On April 17, marking Palestinian Prisoners Day, at least 1,200 prisoners in Israeli jails launched an open-ended hunger strike, with prisoner groups estimating that 2,000 people are now refusing food.

They are demanding a change in their living conditions, and an end to solitary confinement, night raids and bans on family visits for prisoners from Gaza.

Prison authorities have responded by denying them family visits and separating them from inmates not taking part in the protest.

On Monday, PA ministry of prisoners affairs said a prison chief met imprisoned Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti and other prisoners' representatives, saying authorities will respond soon to prisoner demands.
30/04/2012 18:32
It is TERRIBLE to be in PRISON, and
NOT be MUCH BETTER to live in GAZA, but
it would be FOOLISH to give Israel an excuse,
to destroy all our gains, like it did after INTIFADA #2 !!!

2 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
30/04/2012 19:58
Cry us a river. Nothing will change until the Palestinians return to the negotiating table and sign a peace treaty with Israel. Hamas already says it values prisoners and death more than it values peace. Haniyeh wants another intifada? How many will die to please Hamas? We guarantee you that an intifada will double the number of prisoners. Read our lips: freedom=peace. Kick out Hamas and make peace. Then you will get your prisoners.

3 ) southparkbear / usa
30/04/2012 20:42
if they decide to call a hunger strike in sri lanka i might have cared more. this one? do let us intrupt you from fasting and take your time no rush

4 ) Fools / Hamas
30/04/2012 20:47
Before Palestinians follow Hamas' call and provoke a lion,
they should remember the lion's claws and teeth, and
also remember the world will do nothing, to stop Israel's
self-defense response, just like during the Intifada #2 !!!

5 ) Charity Clayton / UK
30/04/2012 23:57
How can a peace deal be struck with a government who insist on stealing the land and water of Palestinians to support all their imported citizens? Why would they wish peace with a govt who would make them 2nd class citizens in their own land or worse, turn them out of their own land. The Zionist rule leaves no alternatives for the non Jewish population. Or do we expect them to be grateful for having their houses bulldozed to be replaced by Jewish settlements or huge walls, (cont)

6 ) Charity Clayton / UK
01/05/2012 00:05
Perhaps the Non Jewish population should be proud to give the settlers a chance to attack them as they try to work their fields. Perhaps they should be happy to have their women and little girls strip searched by male soldiers at a whim. Perhaps they should celebrate having about a fifth of the water an Israeli has access to. I wonder if you people who say "sign a peace deal" have not the wit or imagination to envisage how YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN would feel living their lives???

7 ) Julie / USA
01/05/2012 01:52
#4 breaking international law with crimes against humanity and calling that 'self-defense' is indicative of the deeply ingrained psychotic criminal ideology of izrahell. it's also the reason for the inevitable downfall of the zionazi regime. even officials within izrael are sick of the hell izrael is.

8 ) israel / 4evr
01/05/2012 02:46
i think they are scared of an intifada

9 ) Arnold / Canada
01/05/2012 03:46
If they want to die let them stop drinking water also. If they want to be martyrs for the cause then do it the right way. Humans can go on for weeks and weeks without food. We Jews proved it can be done in the concentration camps. Of course then we Jews had no choice. Oh sorry for bringing up the concentration camps. That was during the holocaust and I know you folks are sensitive to we Jews talking about the holocaust.

10 ) Feedom / Gaza
01/05/2012 07:38
To No. 4 ) Fools / Hamas Israel had lion's claws and teeth and AL-QASSAM OF HAMAS ALSO had lion's claws and teeth BUT you had short memory . Do u hear any thing about Gilad Shalit ?!!!!!!!!!! Be sure we know how to get our hero out of jails. Just wait. Our words ARE deeds . To 2 ) Brian Cohen / Israel First we die to please Allah and get rid of the last occupation in the bad world not die to please Hamas . Hamas leaders themselves die to please Allah. You say :Nothing will change until the Pale

11 ) Peace World / Sri Lanka
01/05/2012 08:24
U dont hav rights talk sri lanka.....Masskillerz..... From Japan Herosima to Afganisatan........... stupid southparkbear........... Hamas will win......... INSHA ALLAH Zionist puppetz mind it

12 ) Charity Clayton / UK
01/05/2012 14:29
#9..I, for one am not sensitive re discussing the Holocaust. Of COURSE it was a disgusting series of actions against an entire population of men women and (especially) children. But surely we must have learnt something from it? I cannot fathom why anyone would support the same precursors to the deaths of millions inflicted upon the Jews, gypsies and others by Hitlers regime. The Holocaust cant be used as a justification and can't be allowed to continue without protest from right minded people.

13 ) @ Julie #7 / UN Res. 242
01/05/2012 14:47
After the Arab's second invasion, "breaking international law",
with Arab intent of "crimes against Jewish humanity", the UN called for
"(ii) Termination of all claims or states of belligerency and respect for and acknowledgment of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of every State* in the area and their right to live in peace within secure and recognized boundaries free from threats or acts of force."

* Israel was a state back then, but NOT "Palestine".

14 ) One-Sided / Urgency
01/05/2012 17:37
Only Palestinians have an immediate concern to reach a permanent settlement regarding prisoners & statehood, since:
- Israel already has it's borders, with their technology-based economy, and more than basic freedoms (democracy), while
- Palestinians have neither borders, nor an economy, nor freedoms, unless you count begging for donations & starving in prison, and while Palestinians wait, more of the disputed Area C lands slide towards becoming Jewish !!!

15 ) Charity Clayton / UK
01/05/2012 17:54
Please note also part one of UN res no 242 "(i) Withdrawal of Israel armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict;" This resolution back in 1967!!!

16 ) Ferdirand / UK
01/05/2012 18:01
#9 I don't imagine anyone has a problem with 'Jews talking about the Holocaust'. It was a horrific thing to happen. However, the Israeli Prime Minister defiles the memory of the millions who died by trying to compare the Holocaust with the actions of Iran in developing nuclear power. Further to this, as the Holocaust was so indescribably terrible, why is Israel following the same path in their treatment of the Palestinians?

17 ) @ Ferdirand #16 / \ Truth/USA
01/05/2012 20:54
The whole world knows the TRUTH:
- Jews were NOT a threat to their German or Axis Power murderers,
- Jews did NOT target the German or Axis Power civilians with rockets and suicide bombs,
- Jews did NOT cause their own civilians to become collateral causualties,
by using them as human-shields, and
- Jews are NOT now, nor have they ever "followed the same (Nazi) path,
in their treatment of the Palestinians", nor engaged in ethnic cleansing,
nor built/used "death camps" !!!!

18 ) @ Charity #15 / "Please Note"
01/05/2012 21:18
1- There has already been a "withdrawal of Israel armed forces,
from 99.99% of the territories occupied in the 1967 conflict",
(The entire Sinai was returned, in exchange for Peace with Egypt.)

2- Res. 242 did NOT call for a withdrawal from 100% of the territories,
because the UN membership did NOT want to protect those that initiated
the aggression from losing lands, and

3- Considering Arab intent to destroy Israel, Res. 242 CALLED for
"SECURE boundaries free from threats" !!!

19 ) southparkbear / usa
01/05/2012 21:29
to please our world peace tamil tiger i won't mention sri lanka daily attricities. #16, you don't know hate even if 7/7 hits you few more times. We have had this too many times and when a jihadist theocracy says it's goal is to kill all jews we tend to take it seriously
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