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Israel opens fire at fishing boat off Gaza coast
Published Friday 13/04/2012 (updated) 14/04/2012 22:13
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Fishermen work at the port of Gaza City. (MaanImages/Mohamed al-Zanon, File)
GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces on Friday opened fire at a Palestinian fishing boat off the coast of the northwestern Gaza Strip.

Witnesses said the gunfire caused the boat to sink, with no injuries reported.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said the vessel "deviated from the designated fishing area" and that naval forces fired warning shots at the boat's engine after it failed to respond to calls to turn back.

After shots were fired, the boat returned to the designated fishing area and did not sink, she said.

Under Israel's maritime blockade, Palestinians are forbidden from fishing more than three nautical miles from the coast.

During the Oslo accords, Israeli and Palestinian negotiators had agreed on 20 nautical miles of fishing access along Gaza's coastline.

The Gaza-based Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights says Israel detained 40 fishermen, injured five others and seized nine boats in 2011.
1 ) The ONLY Solution / PEACE
13/04/2012 14:41
Israel should invite Hamas to War Talks.
Hamas should accept & present their terms.
Israel should offer their counter-offer terms.
But, let's not negotiate, or speak about peace,
and Gaza & Israel can go on like this forever !!!

2 ) Eric / Canada
13/04/2012 16:02
@ the only solution; Hamas tried that. You need to realize that people blame Israel because Israel IS the problem. They only negotiate to buy time or cover their crimes. Israel has no intention of agreeing to any peace deals. They only recognize power. What do you think the two blue lines on their flag represent? Hint: it's water but it's not the Jordan river and the Medeteranian sea.

3 ) Mel / USA
13/04/2012 16:08
Israeli MARITIME PIRACY! USG/UN know full well,the "designated area" is CRUEL &INDECENT PUNISHMENT(attrition) on Gazans! Israeli military're such cowards & criminal ba**ards,firing DIRECTLY at UNARMED civilians,in old fishing boats.Civilians,trying to make a little MONEY,& feed enclaved families.They can't catch DECENT fish,in 3 n.m.'s when Israel fills the inner coast waters with filthy SEWAGE,by bombing sewage plants & then stopping Gaza from building NEW SEWAGE systems,to CLEAN the coast.

4 ) Robert / US
13/04/2012 17:35
Your Absolutly right Mel. And why isn't the UN OR SOME INTERNATIONAL health Agency doing anything about it .

5 ) Colin Wright / USA
13/04/2012 19:37
No contradiction here. Israeli 'warning shots' are usually aimed directly at the target.

6 ) southparkbear / usa
13/04/2012 20:20
i fail 2 understand what is all that noise about. afterall thery were aiming below the fins

7 ) Judo / Canada
13/04/2012 20:37
When the Gaza Palestinians and Hamas agree to stop trying to smuggle in weapons by sea Israel will not need anymore to enforce this 3 km fishing limit. Similarly, as soon as all Palestinians agree to stop trying to infiltrate into Israel to do suicide bombings Israel will no longer need roadblocks or a separation wall between it and the West Bank.

8 ) Charity Clayton / UK
13/04/2012 23:03
Googled Gaza Coastal Water Pollution this morn and there is an agency working to try to improve matters but as ever, under great difficulties. There is no excuse for the Isralis reneging on the 20m agreement, it seems to be just another form of the terrible deprivations which are being inflicted on the Palestinian people. Just another way of saying "might is right". High time these cruelties and illegalities were addressed by all of our govts.

9 ) Robert / US
14/04/2012 14:48
To Maan I can't believe you post comments like #7 Judo/Canada and others on different post that plain out distort the truth and lie

10 ) Carol Scheller / Switzerland
14/04/2012 15:23
Have a look at the average Gazan fisherman's boat. These people go out at 5 in the afternoon, return at 5 in the morning, then take their meager catch to clients they phone (in the last months, I had the delicious experience of eating fish brought in buckets to our home and cleaned by the fisherman in our sink). Their life is very hard, like the life of many fishermen in poor countries. The Israeli army makes their life infinitely harder. Why can't they pick on somebody their own size ?!

11 ) Business / Israel
14/04/2012 18:32
@10: Because Hamas sends them out to test the maritime patrol and because terrorists have landed by boat on Israeli beaches and shot up little children. Well that answers that. We will not let them do that again. Switzerland can allow it in Switzerland if you like. And if you are so concerned about the lives of the fishermen @10, take some of the stolen Nazi gold and stolen deposits your banks kept in your vaults during WWII and give it to them.

12 ) southparkbear / usa
15/04/2012 02:04
i heard the boat caught fire and navi was there to fix things up. hehehe

13 ) gabi / australia
15/04/2012 03:37
# 10 - Not so long ago I saw a video of a Gaza beach which showed the Israeli navy shooting up a Palestinian family having a picnic on the beach. Is that what you are referring to? No, wait, can't be, because they didn't land on the beach, they shot from offshore (big brave soldiers) and while aiming at the family on the beach, they were applauded by their fellow IDF forces. Well, they keep saying they are entitled to defend themselves, yes, even from a family having a picnic on the beach.

14 ) gabi / australia
15/04/2012 03:41
# 11 - I thought Switzerland had returned all of that stuff to those who could prove rightful ownership. Now, how about Israel giving back all the stuff they looted in 1948 and 1967?

15 ) Charity Clayton / UK
15/04/2012 08:42
# 11 You should not try to use the deaths of Israeli children to justify these illegal actions. Bearing in mind that In the past 12 years more than TEN times as many Palestinian children have been killed than have Israeli you make yourself appear too lazy and ignorant to research the facts.

16 ) Goori / Occupied Australia
15/04/2012 18:36
@14: why don't you and the rest of the European land thieves leave and give back what you stole. We don't want your cheap beer, we want our land back thief. Lucky Country - lucky for the colonialist thieves.

17 ) @11 business / Israel
15/04/2012 19:40
Really I shouldn't use the death of men women and children to justify why we take steps to prevent the further deaths of our men women and children? You sir are an idiot. Unlike your elites, who have driven your once great nation into the ground, we do not have a death wish. We shall live while you and your ilk die off, apparently from inbreeding which has priduced moral and intellectual degenerates.

18 ) Charity Clayton / UK
15/04/2012 22:53
To # 17. So you and The Israeli Govt seem to be in agreement that killing ten times as many people is a good way of preventing more killing. Yet you say we are moral degenerates!! What a very strange philosophy you have!!
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