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Palestinians mark start of Easter week
Published Monday 02/04/2012 (updated) 13/04/2012 13:20
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BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- As Palestinian Christians took part in the Palm Sunday processions in East Jerusalem, a senior Palestinian official called on the international community to end Israel's annexation of Jerusalem.

Thousands of Christians from all over the world gathered to walk the procession from Jerusalem's Mount of Olives to the Old City on Sunday, while Palestinians scouts marched to commemorate the day, one week before the Catholic Church celebrates Easter.

Fatah official Nabil Shaath congratulated Christians on the start of Easter, and said Israel's separation wall and settlements are "an insult to the rich history of the Holy Land."

Israel annexed East Jerusalem after a 1967 war, in a move never recognized by the international community. Palestinians must seek permits from Israeli authorities to enter the city.

(MaanImages/Jenny Baboun)

Israeli policies are "an assault on more than 2000 years of Christian history in the Holy Land for it disconnects, for the first time in history, the holy cities of Bethlehem and Jerusalem," Shaath said in a statement.

Israel's occupation pushes Palestinian Christians to emigrate, "threatening the fabric of our society," he said.

"Palestinian Christians are not a minority but an integral part of the Palestinian people, whose contributions to our national struggle, art, culture, and civil society are invaluable."

1 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
04/04/2012 03:55
If Moses were alive during Jesus' time, Moses would confront Jesus, put his arm around him, take him into his tent, have a hell of a l-o-o-o-o-o-o-ng talk with him, praise him when Jesus supports the Torah's commandments but utterly condemn him when Jesus proclaims himself as part of All_h (His "son," making All_h in the form of a "holy trinity") which IS, Moses would declare, blasphemy and heresy despite all the "miracles" Jesus apparently did and all the Biblical references "pointing" (cont.)

2 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
04/04/2012 03:56
to him as a Messiah. All_h verily demonstrated and commanded us because of Abraham's attempted sacrifice of Isaac (and Muslims believe Ishmael, although we disagree with them on that) which was approx. 1800 years before Jesus' time that any human sacrifice for gaining redemption for one's sins was completely wrong and evil. Human sacrifice-no matter how "connected" one is to All_h--is totally forbidden. Thus was Isaac (and to Muslims, Ishmael) spared from being killed. This is why (cont.)

3 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
04/04/2012 03:59
public Christian celebrations involving Jesus are really NOT meant to be allowed in Israel (actually, yes, you guessed it, they should be banned). I deeply respect the moral values of Christianity (basically they parallel ours) but as Moses told us: Israel is ONLY meant to allow the worship and celebration of All_h as a Holy Singularity--"All_h (The L_rd) is ONE." I bid Palestinian (and all) Christians (and everyone) peace and goodwill but let all Christians observe Easter elsewhere.

4 ) Christian / USA
05/04/2012 05:02
I'm not surprised with your Reaction and your hard hart. Your forefathers Said in the past about Jesus that his blood is on them and their kids. I guess your one of them. I just would like to ask you to get more familiar with your faith, the torah and all the refernces to Messiah and the son of God before you make your statement. In any case, through Jesus we "christians" are the sons of Anraham. So your loss is our gain. But, we pray for God to open your eyes so we all have a win win. God bless

5 ) Robert / US
07/04/2012 04:53
I'm glad you feel that way Yehuda now get your temples out of my country . Fair is fair you clown.

6 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
09/04/2012 05:06
@ 5) Robert/USA, Dude, actually you DO have a damn good point. If at any time the U.S.A. (or any other nation where Jews/Israelites live outside Israel) wants to shut down Jewish synagogues/temples of worship I sure as hell will NOT protest. So FEEL FREE to tell your government there would be absolutely NO ill will FROM ME and, if the Jewish Americans protest, SEND 'EM TO US, jerk. We'll GLADLY take them IN !!! So NEVER criticize me for being hypocritical. You're RIGHT: Fair IS fair.

7 ) Robert / US
09/04/2012 16:13
Yehuda right after I wrote my post I rewrote an apology to you and the readers even though I don't agree with your statements .for some reason Maan never published it. My question to you is why do Jews hate so much.and don't give me that being oppressed story . Your ancient text is somewhat wicked . Written by mad men not the creator.

8 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
09/04/2012 19:23
@ 7) Robert/USA, First, Thanks very much for that (unposted but genuinely accepted) apology but hey ... rest "easy," ... I always wear my "hard hat" when coming to these boards; Ma'an does a great service by allowing a lot of latitude in comments and I wasn't offended by the clown label (so let me genuinely reciprocate and apologize to you if I offended you by my jerk label) ... We don't hate ANYone. Contrary, we want EVERYone to have peace and prosperity. It just basically boils (cont.)

9 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
09/04/2012 19:37
down to what Israel is really supposed to be about: a nation where our own G_d-given laws (Torah laws) are meant as our "Constitution" and to govern us or a secular democracy like the U.S. with its own, man-made government and laws and Constitution to govern it. BOTH are good and proper but (as I and other Jews/Israelites believe) in Israel we are not just a nation of Jews/Israelites ... we are meant to be a Jewish/Israelite NATION. That just means democratic laws and values must fit (cont.)

10 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
09/04/2012 19:51
INTO our Torah laws and values, first. (Not vice versa, as it is in the U.S./other secular democracies or else all the citizens, based on different/conflicting "religious" laws, values among the population would risk fighting each other over how to govern themselves.) That's why for democracies like the U.S. to work it's imperative to separate all that and maintain a so-called separation of church and state. Not in Israel ... our Torah laws are meant to directly maintain our gov't and society.

11 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
09/04/2012 20:00
Finally, about our text (I assume you mean our Torah--if not, correct me--also known as the Five Books of Moses, Pentateuch, which is included as part of our total Bible which the Christian world calls The Old Testament) ... What wickedness are you talking about ??? ... The Ten Commandments (no, I'm not being sarcastic) ??? ... the battles the Israelites fought against the Canaanites ??? ... all the other commandments (laws) The Almighty gave us ??? ... Our historical kings (many of whom (cont.)

12 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
09/04/2012 20:11
WERE wicked) ??? ... The composer of all our Torah commandments (or laws, of which there are an approximate and basic 600 of them) was Moses (the Author was The Creator) and they tell us how to live in all facets of our lives ... from when we're allowed to work (and when not to) ... to what food we're allowed to have (practically everything with only a few exceptions like no pork, shellfish, etc.) ... to what our national holidays are ... etc., etc., etc. So ... Moses was a madman ??? ...

13 ) sweet / thang
10/04/2012 00:29
Moses,joshua,david,solomon,herod weree all evil ,you should know this .herord had all Jewish male children under 3 yrs to be killed in order to find and kill. Jesus,who spoke out about the money lenders and usery .

14 ) Robert / US
10/04/2012 00:56
The old testament was based on n angry god why ? There is no chosen people .peeriod .you were brainwashed along with a lot of others and this is what we have today . A bunch of crap. What the talmud says every non jew should be aware and hold you accountable for what it says. I believe in evolution .how can you disagree ?. Look at the rocks and ocean . Get over yourself

15 ) Robert / US
10/04/2012 04:01
Maan print my post !!!

16 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
11/04/2012 03:15
@ 14) Robert/US, OK ... Here's my last response ... If you want the final word, go ahead. Our G_d is a very MERCIFUL G_d (I leave out letters because the L_rd's name is holy, no matter how it's designated: G_d, All_h, etc.) His anger is manifested (divine punishment) when His patience finally runs out with evil behavior. (For example, Noah, his wife, sons, and daughters-in-law were spared the flood's destruction because they were the only righteous one's among the evil behavior of (cont.)

17 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
11/04/2012 03:36
everyone else.) My ancestors (Biblical Israelites) were also punished for grave sins committed against our Torah laws--ongoing idolatry being among the main one that caused The Almighty to punish us by being conquered and exiled under the Assyrians and, later, the Babylonians. All these examples of Divine Punishment came after l-o-o-o-o-o-n-g periods of G_d's warning (in some cases, for generations) to repent/refrain from evil. Translation: His Mercy finally RAN OUT. We DON'T (cont.)

18 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
11/04/2012 03:50
put ourselves up on a "pedestal" and think of ourselves as being "chosen" (as in being better or superior) compared to everyone else (common misperception). The Talmud (also called the Oral Torah) says every Jew/Israelite is accountable in his/her generation to do what is right (obey our sacred Torah laws) ... Now ... about evolution ... I ALSO believe in evolution (as do MANY of us). ANY scientifically-minded person (Jew/Israelite or anyone else) can do so WITHOUT being sinful.

19 ) Robert / US
12/04/2012 00:31
Yehuda telling Christians they can go somewhere else to celebrate Easter doesn't sound Racist to you ?. Sounds a lot like Religious Extremism to me.
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