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Palestinian killed in Gaza rally
Published Friday 30/03/2012 (updated) 31/03/2012 22:38
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Palestinians mourn next to the body of 20-year-old Mahmoud Zakot during his
funeral in the northern Gaza Strip March 30. (Reuters/Mohammed Salem)
GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli fire killed one young Palestinian man and injured over 30 others in clashes at two sites in the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian medical official said Friday evening.

Adham Abu Salmiya identified the victim as Mahmoud Zakot, 20. He was shot and killed near the Erez crossing, the official said.

Thirty-one others in the Erez area were injured and taken to Kamal Adwan Hospital. In Khan Younis, six people were hospitalized.

Three people were critically injured, Abu Salmiya added.

Medics said the Israeli army used live fire to prevent protesters from approaching frontier barriers in the small coastal territory.

An Israeli army spokesman said a Palestinian man approached the Erez crossing before soldiers opened fire. Forces acted within the rules of engagement, firing warning shots before directly targeting him, he said.

The military official said 23 people were injured in the Erez area and six more in Khan Younis.

Hamas forces had set up checkpoints to prevent protesters reaching the border area, but many of the activists bypassed them, an activist who attended protests in Beit Hanoun said.

Ebaa Rezeq says she witnessed at least six of the injuries which came after Israeli forces fired on a crowd that arrived at the border area.

Rezeq says Israeli forces used live fire after they managed to remove a part of a metal fence near the wall.

"People are falling here like flies," she wrote on Twitter. "Blood everywhere".

A young Palestinian protester in Bethlehem, meanwhile, was seriously injured on Friday afternoon after being hit in the face by a tear-gas canister, a Ma'an correspondent said.

Muhammad Arafa, 20, was taken to hospital in Hebron. He was injured when Israeli forces fired tear-gas canisters and stun grenades at Palestinians who threw stones at a checkpoint in a rally marking Land Day.

Two other people have been seriously injured, the head of the Red Crescent in Bethlehem reported. Eleven people were hospitalized in total at a demonstration outside an Israeli checkpoint.

Activists had called for the Global March to Jerusalem to commemorate the Land Day anniversary of Israel's killing of six Palestinians protesting against land confiscation in 1976. Thousands rallied at checkpoints around Jerusalem and in Gaza, Lebanon and Jordan.

Israeli forces fired tear gas, stun grenades, sprayed foul-smelling water and used a "scream" acoustic device against stone-throwing Palestinians at Qalandia near Ramallah.

Red Crescent spokesman Muhammad Ayyad told Ma'an that medics treated 249 protesters at Qalandiya and 20 were transferred to hospital.

Israeli forces injured nine medics and damaged three ambulances at the protest, he added.

Over 15,000 people gathered in Kafrein in Jordan, around 10 kilometers from the border with the West Bank, Agence France-Presse reported.

Israeli forces were put on high alert on the frontiers with Lebanon and Syria, but there were no reports of anyone nearing the border fences.

Previous Land Day remembrances have mostly passed quietly, but Israel decided to reinforce its defenses this year following deadly clashes along the Lebanese and Syrian borders in May and June that appeared to catch the military off guard.

Protest organizers called for peaceful rallies Friday against "the policies and practices of the racist Zionist state" and said solidarity protests were planned in some 80 nations.

"When crowds from 80 countries move towards Jerusalem, they send a strong message to the Israeli occupation that no one can accept what they are doing in Jerusalem," said Gaza premier Ismail Haniyeh.

Reuters contributed to this report.
1 ) Carlos / usa
30/03/2012 19:10
Bless Mahmoud Zaqout, 20. He was too young to die but he was brave to stand for his rights as a human being. Damn the israeli murder machine! I hope his murderer burn in hell.

2 ) Erez / Crossing
30/03/2012 20:39
Israeli fire killed one young Palestinian man, and injured over
30 others that were trying TO CROSS IT'S INTERNATIONAL BORDER,
and if Israel had not stopped them, first 3,000 and then 3,000,000
would have followed, in the attempt to destroy the Jewish State !!!!

3 ) MATT / USA
30/03/2012 21:40

4 ) ABE / USA
30/03/2012 21:44
Here's a good idea, stay on your side of the border!!

5 ) Mo / Canada
30/03/2012 23:15
Why doesn't the Israeli military allow Peaceful Palestinians to throw rocks and firebombs at their heads?? They must be opressors

6 ) Robert / US
30/03/2012 23:57
Hey Abe heres another good idea no more aid from the US. Geez Matt if some killers came into your land and killed you for over 70 yrs what would you do ?.by international law they have the right to protect themselfs by any means.@ Erez ,israel has no boarders or constitution which makes it neither a state or country.@ Matt ,just put a sock in it . To Mo, where is Curly and Larry . Woo woo woo.

7 ) jabe7 / canada
31/03/2012 02:35
How many more Palestinians have to die before the Palestinian leaders get their act together, unite in a common front, and, just maybe, do what Marwan Barghouti advises - end negotiations and security coordination, along with a popular non-violent uprising. FATAH AND HAMAS YOU OWE A UNITED FRONT TO YOUR SUFFERING PEOPLE!

8 ) Right / To Return
31/03/2012 15:13
Israel exercised it’s right to return fire.

9 ) Aid / Assistence
31/03/2012 15:14
Robert #6 - I agree: It is time for US to defund PA and for Israel to stop collecting taxes and fees on PA behalf. Let palestinians to get more money from EU, Russia, China, Turkey, South Africa, Arab brothers, UN, UNESCO, Free People Of the World. We will see how long PA would last and how bright it will be in Gaza. Palestinians need another lesson – this time to learn not to ask UN for help.

10 ) @ Matt #3 / USA too
31/03/2012 18:38
This particular person probably was doing NO more than trying to breach an international border, but if they had succeeded two things would have followed: 1- Thousands Would Have Followed, possibly without murder intent, and 2- A Few Would Have Followed, Definitely With Murderous Intent !!!

11 ) @ Jabe7 / United Front
31/03/2012 18:43

12 ) ABE / USA
31/03/2012 18:47
Hey Robert #6 By the way Pals take money from the US too!! How ignorant of you to say that ISRAEL has no boarders or constitution! It is just your wishful thinking as an anti-semite that hopes it disappears! Not in your lifetime buddy, SORRY!

13 ) Robert / US
01/04/2012 18:09
Where are the boarders and constitution abe ?. Can't win an argument use the anti-semite crap .lol. its getting played out.

14 ) ABE / USA
02/04/2012 18:19
Well for arguments sake Robert we could start with the "67" borders that the Palestinians would like ISRAEL to move back to.

15 ) ABE / USA
02/04/2012 18:25
And in regards to a constitution. ISRAEL has a constitutional Legislature. ISRAEL struggles with the argument of whether the Torah (bible) is the Constitution or The country needs to write a secular constitution. Either way ISRAEL is a recognized country.

16 ) Robert / US
03/04/2012 06:48
Abe going back to the 67 boarders would be a start and you should be grateful with that but NO YOUR NOT . HOW DARE YOU TREAT YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS LIKE THIS .but then again most of you are from Europe and the US and could give a sh-t . I want to love you but I am weary

17 ) Robert / US
13/04/2012 04:22
Its hush money Abe its a shitty bussiness and the innocent always pays . Things will change though I know .
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