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Israeli forces fire on Gaza funeral, 3 injured
Published Tuesday 13/03/2012 (updated) 15/03/2012 23:15
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Palestinians carry the body of Islamic Jihad militant Bassam al-Ajla during his
funeral in Gaza City, March 13, 2012. (Reuters/Suhaib Salem)
GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces opened fire on a funeral procession east of Gaza City on Tuesday, injuring three Palestinians, hours after a truce was agreed to halt cross-border violence.

Mourners carried the bodies of Bassam al-Ajla and Muhammad Thaher, who were killed in an airstrike in the city’s Shujaiyeh neighborhood on Monday evening, to the eastern cementry.

Medical spokesman Adham Abu Salmiyah said troops opened fire at the mourners, wounding three people, who were taken to al-Shifa hospital.

An Israeli army spokeswoman said soldiers "operating along the security fence identified around 50 Palestinians gathered and in accordance with army procedures fired warning shots."

Four days of Israeli airstrikes killed 25 Palestinians and wounded more than 80 since Friday, and Gaza militants fired a volley of rockets into Israel, wounding eight Israelis.

An Egyptian official said a truce to end the violence was in effect since 1 a.m. local time (2300 GMT) Tuesday morning.
1 ) Accept A Truce And Peace / Israel Defends Too Well
13/03/2012 15:48
Either this was
- NOT "a funeral procession", or the rocket squad should
- NOT have been using the mourners as human-shields,
and since Israel Defends Too Well
( Gaza's 25 dead & 80 wounded, for Israel's 8 wounded )
the Gaza Militant Should Accept A Truce And Peace, if offered !!!

2 ) Suzanne / US
13/03/2012 16:23
Isn't there a difference between "fired on" and "warning shots?" I doubt there would have been no injuries if the Israelis were aiming at people. This kind of reporting does nothing but stir up anger when both sides are looking for calm.

3 ) IE / USA
13/03/2012 16:29
You should make sure you read an article before commenting on it. Nobody, not even the Israelis, talked about a rocket squad or rockets being fired in the vicinity of the funerals. As you said yourself, Israel's defense is very good and their soldiers obviously had the equipment necessary to see that it was a funeral procession taking place...

4 ) Ian / US
13/03/2012 17:01
If Americans ever understand what "Israel" has done to our country, we will make sure that "Israel" disappears off the face of this planet - as it should. Israel gave up its right to exist when it planned and executed the 9/11 attacks. I will not be a happy American until every Zionist on planet Earth is executed for their crimes against humanity. God Bless America, and may swifty eradicate the Satanic, anti-Christ Zionist entity. USS Liberty, Lavon Affair, Beirut Barrack foreknowledge, 9/11

5 ) Naeem / Uk
13/03/2012 17:26
Sorry hasbararists its game over the world has awoken to the state terrorism of the immigrants israeli's who wiped palestine off the face the planet. Israel will soon doom to exist and it wil returned back to its former name PALESTINE. To comments ! you should be ashmed of yourself you babykilling evil scum

6 ) Noahide / earth
13/03/2012 17:31
The sinners of Israel will be punished. But Israel as a nation is a blessed nation whom will never be destroyed. 222 rockets and not 1 harmed any Jew. Blessed is Allah! As a gentile myself, I request to leave the jews alone and keep the 7 noahide laws given by Allah. As i have mentioned b4, Allah will punish the sinners of Israel.

7 ) @ Suzanne #2 & IE #3 / USA too
13/03/2012 17:32
Remember that the PRC, Islamic Jihad, and other militant groups
are ONLY looking for "calm" in the very Short-Term, and
when/if they opportunity to kill Israelis, they will take it !!!

Israel never targets civilians, so either the "funeral procession" was really a rocket squad, or there was a rocket squad, in the vicinity of the funeral procession, and since no old men or mothers were killed, it was probably just another rocket squad targeting Israeli civilians, again !!!

8 ) EE / UK
13/03/2012 17:43
Another lesson to palestinian terrorists, we will see how well they learn that lesson and when they would need another reminder.

9 ) Misleading / US
13/03/2012 17:50
Six shells hit the Negev hours before this even took place.

10 ) carine / UK
13/03/2012 17:52
That didn't take long, did it? Just can't help yourself can you? Then when the rockets start again you'll be screaming to the UN. Israeli army spokeswoman says "fired warning shots". Considering there were 3 people injured, how low were the "warning shots" aimed...

11 ) Carlos / USA
13/03/2012 17:54
2 & 3 make excellent overwhelming points. Israel started an unprovoked attack on a funeral procession. Israel broke the truce and if there are any reprisal attacks by Gaza militants israel will start killing civilians like it is so good at doing. israel used human shields in all its operations yet complains about Pals doing it. The internet has blunted the israeli propoganda machine. However the morons which believe israeli propoganda keep repeating it even though it is wrong.

12 ) ewarrior / uk
13/03/2012 17:56
Israeli forces knew exactly what they were doing and it is lies to say they were warning shots,had they been there would have been no injuries.As has already been said, they could see it was a funeral procession, israel is not only content with murdering 25 and injuring at least 80 ,they now attempt to murder mourners. ISRAEL ARE LIARS AND MURDERERS under the guise of self defence.Do they really think the west is so bloody gullible,Obama and others maybe,but we are not bought by Zionist bastards

13 ) Colin Wright / USA
13/03/2012 18:58
To Accept A Truce And Peace #1. A hint: the more sophisticated Israel-lover just ignores such incidents and denies they happened six months from now.

14 ) Colin Wright / USA
13/03/2012 19:01
Bonus points for doing it after a truce agreement. Helps to emphasize the fundamental principle that agreements with Israel are only binding on the other party -- and of course spraying a crowd at a funeral is always good. The essential point is that the violence only ends when some act of Israeli barbarism goes unanswered. However temporarily, the Palestinians have to fulfill that enduring Israeli fantasy of a cowed population of untermenschen, helplessly enduring the blows of their master.

15 ) alan / Ireland
13/03/2012 19:21
The Israeli army does not do warning shots, shoots to kill, and if you kill a few Palestinians much better. State Zionist murderer

16 ) @ Colin Wrong #13 / USA too
13/03/2012 20:05
the fighting that has happened again and again in the recent past,
will happen again and again in both the close and distant futures,
until the Gaza militants finally ACCEPT PEACE WITH ISRAEL,
and blaming Israel for killing their terror-planning leaders
is a lot like blaming Israel for intercepting the miltant's rockets,
before they actually kill civilians in Israeli cities !!!


17 ) Arnold / Canada
13/03/2012 20:06
Colin Wright / USA. After the massacre in Afghanistan by your esteemed soldier I would think it better to lay low or lose the USA designation. And I would especially be careful in my rants against the IDF. They still smell better than your mass murderers.

18 ) Reader / from Edmonton
13/03/2012 20:06
Maybe funerals were not in the truce agreement.

19 ) Charity Clayton / U K
13/03/2012 20:14
Firing on a funeral party demonstrates an appalling lack of basic respect for ones fellow human beings. The people who have poured out their feelings of hatred in response to this article should worry about their own humanity. It must be hard for the residents of Gaza to be so continuously abused without feeling some hatred but I can see no excuse whatever for the Israeli people supporting this cruel regime.

20 ) Arnold / Canada
13/03/2012 20:20
Did any of you Israeli bashers bother to watch the video of the funeral procession. Hundreds of mourners surrounded by militants with guns firing into the air. Not the type of mourning procession I am used to. So according to the IDF rule...if a large crowd approach a security fence the IDF fire warning shots. So either the warning shots hurt them or their own hurt them. Another thing. For an open air prison/concentration camp these men look mighty healthy. They need to push their plates away.

21 ) Yaakov / Knaan
14/03/2012 13:52
if anyone goes 300 meters from the border, more so when this are militants with guns (even if they are on carrying that gun in a funeral) IDF soldiers are instructed to fire first in the air then 2 the legs, but mostly start by aiming at the floor next to target (injure with shrapnel from rocks)! if thees were not warning shots people would have been killed and not just injured!!! p.s. anyway its not Israel that brock the truce, since this was already after 6 rockets from Gaza

22 ) Dave D / UK
14/03/2012 16:27
Well said Charity 19! The crazy people on both sides are the problem! Hamas and Likud! Both use 'their own God' to justify their actions! Most Israelis and Palestinians would live in complete peace with each other given the chance!

23 ) Stan Squires / canada
14/03/2012 20:04
The Palestinian People will get rid of the apartheid israeli gov.like South Africa,Cuba and other countries got rid of their oppressors.Its just amatter of time.Northern Ireland and Puerto Rico are also in the process of getting rid of imperialist oppressors.Independence and freedom for all countries

24 ) Charity Clayton / U.K.
14/03/2012 21:38
Dave D 22. I imagine there must be many on both sides who long for a peaceful existence. Unfortunately there seem to be many more Palestinian deaths and injuries than Israeli and from what I can see Gaza residents are having a particularly bad time. I wonder how the average Brit would feel if all the emigrants and all their descendants from every country in the world were to set up such a state in the middle of England, claiming it as their rightful homeland?

25 ) Colin Wright / USA
15/03/2012 18:30
To Arnold #17 'They still smell better than your mass murderers.' Get back to me on that if the US soldier is released, subsequently promoted, and wins damages for libel in civil court.

26 ) Colin Wright / USA
15/03/2012 18:34
To Misleading #9 'Six shells hit the Negev hours before this even took place.' So the suitable response is to shoot up a funeral? You do realize Kristallnacht relied on precisely the same reasoning? Of course, given that the two movements rely on almost indistinguishable ideologies, that's not so surprising.

27 ) Colin Wright / USA
15/03/2012 18:35
To Stan Squires #23 'Puerto Rico are also in the process of getting rid of imperialist oppressors.' You are aware that we would be more than happy to grant Puerto Rico independence? The difficulty is that they won't go.

15/03/2012 19:42
Please puerto rico, get rid of we US oppressors. The billions we pay in welfare to pr are better left at home.
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