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Hamas: Egypt offered fuel in return for calm
Published Monday 12/03/2012 (updated) 13/03/2012 19:43
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A wounded Palestinian boy is wheeled into a hospital in Gaza City after an
Israeli airstrike, March 12, 2012. (Reuters/Ahmed Zakot)
GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Egypt offered to provide fuel to Gaza if militants agree to a ceasefire with Israel, Hamas-affiliated MP Younis al-Astal said Monday.

The Gaza Strip has faced up to 18-hour blackouts per day since Egypt cut fuel supplies through an underground tunnel network, and officials are negotiating an emergency route to stave the power crisis. Gaza's sole power station shut down on Saturday evening for the third time in the past month.

Widespread power cuts come as Israeli airstrikes pound the Gaza Strip. Since Friday, 23 Palestinians have been killed and at least 80 injured the bombings.

Militants in Gaza have responded with a volley of rocket fire into southern Israel, which have injured four Israelis.

Speaking at a sit-in protest in Gaza, al-Astal said the Hamas-led government told Egyptian mediators that Israel had initiated the escalation and must also end it, echoing senior Hamas official Mahmoud Zahhar, who said earlier the timing of a ceasefire would depend on Israel.

"Hamas has not taken any decision now to escalate. It is trying with the Palestinian factions and the rest of the parties to reach a conditional truce, a truce conditioned on the Israeli enemy halting the aggression and pledging that targeting will not happen again," Zahhar said, referring to Israel's killing of the head of the Popular Resistance Committees on Friday.

Al-Astal said UN envoy Robert Serry had contacted Zahhar to mediate a ceasefire and that the Hamas official had told Serry that Israel must stop its aggression.

Senior Hamas official Ahmad Yousef told Ma'an that Egyptian and European mediators were working to restore calm to the coastal enclave.

But Islamic Jihad and the Popular Resistance Committees said that they would not accept a ceasefire with Israel while Israeli warplanes continued to kill Palestinians.

"We will not agree on a ceasefire stipulated by Israel, neither do we accept a ceasefire while the lives of our people are taken without restraint," Jihad officials told reporters in Gaza City on Monday.

Egyptian efforts to broker a ceasefire appeared to be stuck over a demand by Islamic Jihad that Israel first promise not to target militant leaders for future attack.
1 ) Right / To Return
12/03/2012 18:32
Israel exercises it’s Right to Return fire.

2 ) southparkbear / usa
12/03/2012 18:55
so all those jihadist talk are for money

3 ) Arnold / Canada
12/03/2012 19:58
They want a promise not to target militant leaders for future attack. I am sure the IDF will agree if the IDF gets the same assurance that no militants will try to kill any Israelis in the future.

4 ) غزة جيش الكل / ىا الله هو أكبر ىالله
12/03/2012 20:01
Gaza exercises it's right to return fire! Israel started all this with their Zionist occupation terrorism tactics & constant attacks. If Israel didn't want the rockets then they should not have started attacking Gaza & killing innocent people. End Of Story, there is no in-between nor is there any proof in the favor of excusing Israel's aggression. Isreal is the terrorist that needs to be taken out the equation.

5 ) Ajibola Hasan / Nigeria
12/03/2012 20:08
.....but Egypt fails to stop the gas supplying to Israel been IDF striking Gazan. Egypt should remember that Palestinian is your brother rather than your foe.

6 ) @ #s 1 & 2 / Their Own Blood
12/03/2012 20:12
Will Hamas should absolutely NOT sell it's right to armed resistance
for some "Egypt offered fuel", but it should fight to the last drop of
their own blood, instead of taking so many Gaza civilians down with them.

7 ) MEL / USA
12/03/2012 20:42
Egypt! Giving fuel is good,for the Gazan people.BUT,temporary fuel STILL keeps Gaza as an Israeli concentration camp for native political prisoners! Israel's blockade by land,sea & air,IS ILLEGAL!So is the occupation! Give your fuel but don't tell Gazans NOT TO DEFEND themselves.International LAW says collective punishment is ILLEGAL.We know Egypt profits from the Israel blockade,but that makes U a CRIMINAL ACCOMPLICE.Gazan retaliation to Israeli attack, is their legal RIGHT!

8 ) Carlos / uSA
12/03/2012 22:17
While israels behavior is horrific and genocidal. This reckless violent country, israel, has nuclear bombs. israel threatens to bomb anyone they disagree with. israel threatens Iran on a daily basis. israeli proponents have even said it is a good idea to assassinate the Pres of US if it benefits israel. Can you think of a worse country to have nuclear arms?

9 ) Tobias / USA
12/03/2012 22:27
The ONE STATE idea for both peoples IS DEAD. The NO STATE situation for Palestinians, and one state for Jews IS REALITY. And, The TWO STATES FOR TWO PEOPLES possibility could exist, WITH PALESTINIANS CONCESSIONS, of secure borders and demographics for Israel, and a permanent end to the conflict. And, If Palestinians prefer to remain in the Present Reality (NO Palestinian State), rather than to make such concessions, they have that right, and the World should accept their decision !!!

10 ) EE / UK
12/03/2012 22:37
8 - I can: Russia, China, North Korea, Pakistan, Iran.

11 ) Deborah / USA
13/03/2012 00:39
What has happened to Gaza is a continuation of Israeli policies going back to the 1950s, when the Israeli army committed a massacre there. If Egypt were actually democratic instead of continuing to be a security state where the army runs the economy, politics, etc., Egypt would not be cutting fuel to Gaza. Only time will tell if the revolt of last spring puts the military back into proper place in a functioning civil state.

12 ) Robby / USA
13/03/2012 04:03
8 ) Carlos / uSA - Looks like you figured out how to use cut-and-paste, how many articles you going to say the same thing? Besides being short of facts - "Israel threatens to bomb anyone that disagrees with them" (any proof?), maybe you should start using grammar check too.

13 ) shirley / Australia
13/03/2012 08:53
it is isreal that dosent want 2 states not palestinians they do not have to make any consessions to isreal they have already conceded too much there is nothing but another of isreals false flags to start this latest violence against Gaza Isreal acts violently at will like its endless incursions and attcks on farmers and fishermen it is never ending and attacks on Chicken farms prove isreal wants to make life as intolerable as possible for pals like its small amounts of gas and fuel almost non ex

14 ) southparkbear / usa
13/03/2012 14:43
hehehe, finally gaza will have natural resource that is other than dumb terrorists

15 ) @ Shirley #13 / \ Tibi/Tubas
13/03/2012 14:46
while The State of Israel Continues as Both Secure And Jewish !!

And, you are wrong about Isreal NOT wanting "2 States For 2 Peoples",
(while Palestinians want 2 states - Both For Palestinians), but
If Palestinians refuse to make concessions*, they will stay as they are now !!

* Concessions on settlements, borders, refugees, Jerusalem, etc.

16 ) @ Shirley #13 / \ Tibi/Tubas continued
13/03/2012 14:54
Lie to yourself if you like, but stop lying here:
- There was NO "Isreal false flags to start this latest violence",
- There was a PRC leader planning a terror attack in Isreal !!

When the PRC terror attack planner was killed in self-defense,
Gaza militants comitted 200 war crimes (rockets fired at cities),
and these crimes caused all the other deaths, just like in all the
previous Gaza-Israeli wars !!!

17 ) Mel / USA
13/03/2012 15:22
#10:Let's not forget my USA which is the ONLY nation to actually use WMD's(built by Zionists)....TWICE-OFFENSIVELY-to test them out on Japanese humans & boost US "superpower"status? Israel has of course used MINIATURE nuke/fissile(DIME)weapons too,in 2008/9 on Gaza,lest ye forget? And #12:Robby? Dude,you're in abject denial of FACTS. Zionists & Israel have ATTACKED &/or "bombed" all Arab neighbors since 1947.Palestine,Egypt,Jordan,Lebanon,Syria,Iraq,Tunisia.And Lebanon,again,BOMBED,in 2006!!!!

18 ) Great / Victory
13/03/2012 17:58
Another great victory for palestinians - only 25 killed and 80 wounded terrorists in four days of fighting. Next time Israel will make palestinian victory even greater.
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