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5 killed, 46 injured in fourth day of Gaza airstrikes
Published Monday 12/03/2012 (updated) 13/03/2012 09:44
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The parents of a militant mourn next to his body at the scene of an Israeli
air strike in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip March 12, 2012.
(REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa)
GAZA CITY (Ma’an) -- Israeli airstrikes killed two Islamic Jihad militants and three civilians on Monday, bringing the death toll since Friday to 23 people, medics and Ma'an's correspondent said.

An airstrike on Monday afternoon in Beit Lahiya killed Muhammad al-Hasoumi, 65, and his daughter Faiza, 30, medical spokesman in Gaza Adham Abu Salmiya said.

Earlier, hospital officials said a 15-year-old schoolboy was killed in a separate air strike during the day on Monday. Nayif Shaaban Qarmout was killed in Beit Lahiya, north Gaza, Ma'an's correspondent said.

Witnesses said that the 15-year-old was playing with friends in a playground near his school when an Israeli missile hit the area.

Five others were injured and taken to Shifa hospital in Gaza City.

Early Monday, two Islamic Jihad militants, Raafat Abu Eid, 24, and Hamadah Salman Abu Mutlaq, 24, were killed in Khan Younis, Ma'an's correspondent said. Abu Eid was killed when an airstrike targeted a vehicle he was traveling in.

Two other militants sustained injuries and a female passerby was also injured in the attack.

Abu Mutlaq, 24, was killed near a mosque in a village east of Khan Younis after warplanes fired at him. Three others were injured and taken to hospital for treatment.

Earlier, Israeli airstrikes had hit two homes in the northern Gaza Strip, injuring 33 civilians, most of whom were women and children, Abu Salmiya said.

Most sustained moderate injuries, with one critically injured, and were transferred to hospital.

A 17-year-old girl and another man were also injured as Israeli missiles struck a home in Gaza City, Abu Salmiya said.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said aircraft had carried out six strikes on Monday. At least 20 rockets have been fired at Israel on Monday, she said.

The army targeted "a weapons storage facility and four rocket launching sites in the northern Gaza Strip, as well as a rocket launching site in the southern Gaza Strip," a statement said.

Israel's army denied, however, that there had been any military activity in the northern Gaza Strip at the time of 15-year-old Nayif Shaaban Qarmout's death.

Regarding the killing of Muhammad al-Hasoumi and his daughter, the army said aircraft had targeted the site of a rocket launch, when "two people were seen approaching the launch site," blaming militant groups for using "human shields."

(Reuters/Ali Hassan)

Gaza's Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said late Sunday that neighboring Egypt was working to stop the violence and was consulting with militant factions but added that Israel would have to first stop its air strikes.

The latest round of violence flared on Friday when an Israeli airstrike killed two militant leaders in Gaza.

Israel accused them of planning a cross-border attack via Egypt, although an Egyptian official said Sunday that the Sinai is "fully under control."

"This is an attempt by Israel to give justification for the offensive against Gaza," he said.

On Sunday, PLO official Hanan Ashrawi strongly condemned Israel's latest military escalation.

"The Israeli government has acted with impunity for its unilateral violations for far too long. The illegal, cruel siege of the Gaza Strip, along with all other violations of international law must come to an end."

The PLO official called on the international community to take serious measures to halt Israel's policy of extrajudicial executions and the continued killing of innocent civilians.

Reuters contributed to this report
1 ) Ajibola Hasan / Nigeria
12/03/2012 12:12
Death toll 21 wichout UNSC, ARAB LEAGUE actions.

2 ) Mel / USA
12/03/2012 14:53
The whole world is watching U ISRAEL! We may be outside,but we are witnessing EVERYTHING U do, to innocent women,children,elderly & sick,with our American weapons/technology,given FREE to U,ILLEGALLY,thru' our STOLEN US taxes. Gazan humans,all LOCKED inside your ethnic concentration camp,like your Jews in Warsaw were. We're recording how U ABUSE your prisoners,& occupied peoples,& we will REMEMBER,for when U need us ? So,Israel! Do as you would have done unto you? Bad or good? Up to you! Wisdom!

3 ) matt / usa
12/03/2012 15:36
Stop firing rockets into a soveriegn country. stop giving the israelis an exscuse. and tell hamas to control their citizens

4 ) sarah / holland
12/03/2012 17:51
@matt/USA Israel don't need an excuse. The zionists started this again and just like cast lead... they blame gaza rockets. What do you want??? IAF throw bombs and Gaza should respond with: thank you master, we want more? Stop giving weapons to horror state Israel. R.I.P. martyrs of Palestine, my condolences to their loved ones

5 ) @ Ajibola #1 / USA too
12/03/2012 18:00
Yes, that is correct, and it is nothing new either,
and if the Palestinians ever want it to be different,
they must stop making pre-conditions and refusing
to take the only route (Peace Talks), that can ever
lead to a change and real Palestinian statehood !!!

6 ) @ Mel #2 / USA too
12/03/2012 18:05
You are a nut, and should learn from Ajibola Hasan in Nigeria,
"Death toll of 21, without UNSC, or Arab league actions".

NO other Group will take any action against Israel because either:
- They can't,
- The Gaza militants groups are at fault, or
- Both.

7 ) @ Matt #3 / USA too
12/03/2012 18:06
1- It is better that Gaza miltants fight, until they are ready to accept a final comprehensive peace deal, rather than just continue this bloody cycle, and

2- the PLO in Ramallah should also start fighting, if they are never going
to accept peace talks, leading to a final comprehensive peace deal either !!

8 ) Carlos / USA
12/03/2012 18:43
israel has nuclear weapons! The US and Europe helped arm this terrorist country! They worry about Iran with nukes! What a bunch of #$%!!!!! The world has entered the dark ages where violence against the unarmed and for profit violence is the norm.

9 ) Carlos / USA
12/03/2012 18:48
Dont worry about Iran developing nuclear weapons! israel has nuclear weapons and has shown no restraint. The worlds next nuclear explosion will be delivered by israel on some innocent city and israel will point to nazi germany as the reason! Germany's other crime besides the holocaust is selling dolphin class nuclear capable submarines to israel. Germany and israel may bring about the end of life on earth.

10 ) southparkbear / usa
12/03/2012 18:56
it's a blessign when you don't know how to count aji

11 ) @ Carlos #s 8-9 / USA too
12/03/2012 20:20
You should remember Winston Chuchill's words from WW2, "If you
make a deal with a crocodile, you just get to be the last one eaten".

- if you think that the USA is NOT also a target you are a fool.

12 ) jorge / Argentina
12/03/2012 20:24
zionist murderers

13 ) Colin Wright / USA
12/03/2012 21:31
Israel is noticeably broadening its range of targets. The first two days, they were careful to kill all -- or mostly -- obvious militants. I wonder what the dynamic is here? Is the idea to make it clear civilians are under attack as well, and so force Hamas hand? Perhaps -- having failed to elicit condemnation from the West -- the IDF is seeing just how far it CAN go? Maybe it's just that all the militants have gone to ground. Got to kill SUMPUN...

14 ) eporue / europe
13/03/2012 00:16
there are calls to hamas, to stop the rockets... how can they do it ? they are not equipped nor trained as a police force would need to be in order to stop them... how easy is it, to suppress "resistance" groups, when you get violated again and again by israel... where there is a conflict (border, refugees) for many decades ? basically, this is all impossible for ANY gazan government... and when you look at the history of violence, then you can see, that it peaks when "negotiations" fail, when

15 ) eporue / europe
13/03/2012 00:19
when there is israeli-press with threads, or "targeted" assassinations... who of you can think, how a gazan government can ever get control over "resistance" ? its impossible... the "resistance" with violent outbreaks is CLEARLY linked to the problems above... israel can AND DOES pull the strings... they are playing the "gazan resistance" like a puppet show... the latest events prove that... possibly, it was already obvious to more people, but i havent followed the events for very long...

16 ) eporue / europe
13/03/2012 00:23
there is only one solution, and its completely SCARING, that this hasnt been applied yet... gaza needs UN troops... ok, you might not want them really, but it is the only chance to stop what is going on... israel will want them even less - much less... maybe the true reason, why there are no UN troops is that israel rejected them... you are their playground... ASK FOR UN troops - its a first step to "freedom"...

17 ) eporue / europe
13/03/2012 00:26
the UN troops can be equipped with night vision etc and make the arrest... also drones can be used to find them.... btw, isnt it strange, that your sky is clouded with israel-drones, they know where and when the guy is in a car, but they never know who shot rockets? or they dont know where the tunnel entrances are? or they dont see when and where all the weapon-logistic takes place? i do find that strange... just TOO STRANGE... i dont believe this... gaza is israels muppet theatre...

18 ) eporue / europe
13/03/2012 00:30
get the UN troops... demand them... they can make arrests and bring in some law and order.. the normal gazan citizen will want and appreciate that much... then you can go for elections (too), and proceed with life... as hamas possibly doesnt want elections, they might oppose the UN troops... but i think, they also wish that the people can come to some sort of living, and would finally agree...

19 ) eporue / europe
13/03/2012 00:40
and pls also see, that they will "re-occupy" you, when they find the time is ripe... thats why they dont want UN troops... i think, UN forces will save you from much...

20 ) jackson carter / england
13/03/2012 07:07
israel is amerikkka israel is eps u.kkk so support the planetary patriot the only man in fiction who will take on zionism head on. allahu akbar!

21 ) victor overmann / usa
13/03/2012 07:13
iran backed by c.i.a zionists, you can accuse iran of calling for genocide america actually doing genocide just ask the 4 million ppl just missing in iraq. o' wait you cant they are missing.

ask all the blonde kids in iraq too

22 ) Mel / USA
13/03/2012 15:41
#6:Sorry,I'm not a "nut",I just know history,how colonial empires crumble/fall arrogantly,fiscally & morally.Paradigms're shifting & "USS Israel" is a BIG LIABILITY,dead-weight cost now,to US/EU Govts'. It was only useful in 1940-50's,during new oil,anti-communism,shutting Zionists up,to use as US proxies. USA is now a crumbling,failing empire&must refocus on new allies,to survive.Israel's an obstacle to that,which USG won't admit YET!But Israel'll be on its own soon,& the SINS OF THE FATHERS...
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