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Israeli airstrikes kill 3 in Gaza
Published Sunday 11/03/2012 (updated) 12/03/2012 12:20
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Men carry the body of 12-year-old boy Ayoub Assaleya during his funeral
in Jabalia in the northern Gaza Strip March 11, 2012.(REUTERS/Suhaib Salem)
GAZA CITY (Ma’an) -- Israeli airstrikes on Sunday killed three people in the Gaza Strip, including a 12-year-old boy, as cross-border violence continued for a third day.

Medical spokesman in Gaza Adham Abu Salmiya said Ayoub Useila, 12, was killed in Jabalia refugee camp. His seven-year-old cousin was injured in the attack and taken to Kamal Udwan hospital in Jabalia, north Gaza.

Israeli warplanes also fired on the Zaytoun neighborhood of Gaza City, killing Ahmad Deib Salim, 24. He was a known militant, Abu Salmiya said.

Gazan farm keeper Adel al-Issi, 52, was also killed midday on Sunday when Israeli warplanes fired a missile at a field in Gaza City, Abu Salmiya said, bringing the death toll since Friday evening to 18.

Israel's army said it had targeted a terrorist "moments before firing a Grad rocket at the city of Ashdod."

Earlier, the Israeli army said that it had targeted a "terrorist squad" preparing to fire rockets from northern Gaza. It also confirmed a direct hit on "two rocket launching sites, in the northern Gaza Strip, used by terror organizations."

An Israeli army spokeswoman said there had been a total of five airstrikes on the Gaza Strip on Sunday.

On Saturday evening, Israel's army said that it had targeted a "weapon storage facility" in northern Gaza.

Six more projectiles were fired from Gaza on Sunday, an Israeli police spokesman said.

Islamic Jihad and the Popular Resistance Committees, said it had fired most of the rockets and mortars.

Gaza militants have responded to Israel airstrikes with more than 100 rockets since Friday, injuring six Israelis, one of them seriously.

A Palestinian official speaking on condition of anonymity said Egypt had begun mediating a ceasefire on Sunday. The Egyptian Foreign Ministry had no comment.

"Israel said it was willing to end this round of violence if rockets from Gaza stopped," the Palestinian official said on Sunday.

"Palestinian factions also told Egypt they were not interested in escalation and that they did not start the round, but Israel cannot decide to end it whenever it wants to do so."

Reuters contributed to this report
1 ) Wissam / Palestine
11/03/2012 11:54
The puppet Palestinian Authority is complicit in this attack, for they shake the hands of the enemy and give them information about the resistance! A spade should be called a spade, the PA are traitors and now totally useless to Palestinians. Hamas is also complicit in failing to deliver anything, let alone security.

2 ) Ashraf / USA
11/03/2012 16:06
1) Wissam - Your wrong its because hamas is able to deliver security without being complicit in the occupation that Israel is attempting to break the calm. You are throwing blame in the wrong places.

3 ) Ashraf / USA
11/03/2012 16:08
I wonder why Maan censored my first comment. It was well within the guidelines set.

4 ) To Break The Cycle Of War / Let Them Fight
11/03/2012 16:19
Neither side is "interested in escalation" and ceasefires, only produce temporary calms, that as before: 1- Gaza militants use to plan deadly attacks on Israelis, so 2- Israel preemptively kill the attack planners, so 3- Gaza militants fire rockets into Israel, so 4- Israel launches jet strikes into Gaza, 5- A ceasefire is mediated and the "1-5 Cycle of War" begins again !! SO, LET'S LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES, BREAK THE CYCLE, AND LET THEM FIGHT, UNTIL BOTH ACCEPT A PEACE DEAL.

5 ) @ Wissam #1 / USA
11/03/2012 16:34
There is NO Enemy, and there are NO Traitors, and "a spade should be called a spade", the PLO, Hamas, and all the Islamic militants, and YOU ARE A BUNCH OF FOOLS, if you don't recognize that: - Israel will NOT be defeated by the Arab World, and - Israel will NOT be presured by the rest of the World, so NEGOTIATIONS, ON ISRAELI TERMS, ARE THE ONLY WAY OUT OCCUPIED STATE-LESS SITUATION OF PALESTINE !!!

6 ) Mohammad / Palestine
11/03/2012 16:50
What to be down is we need to look at ourselfs.we help Israel with info. Weather it the PA or the snitches that live among us.we built the wall that has cut us off fro our land and family's.in gaza they are getting killed and the PA controlled west bank area A it's like nothing. No protest.

7 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
11/03/2012 16:51
Ashraf - how is Hamas delivering security when they allow various groups to continuously fire rockets which brings the obvious Israeli response? That is not security at all. Hamas allowed over 700 rockets to be fired at Israeli in the past 15 months - that's an average of almost 2/day. Almost 100% of the rockets are aimed at civilian targets. Hamas brought about this situation. They do not want peace and will never be able to deliver security to Gaza.

8 ) Business / Israel
11/03/2012 17:11
@1, @2 and @6: what if you simply paid the poll tax to the jews, in submission and humiliation, and promised not to cause any trouble or make mischief (or death) and tben you could be tolerated? Would that be ok? Is it fair? Why not?

9 ) Colin Wright / USA
11/03/2012 19:52
A twelve year old, a farmer: Israel cautiously expands its range, waiting to see what if any response if any there is from the United States et al. They would build crematoria if only they could.

10 ) Colin Wright / USA
11/03/2012 19:54
To '@' #5: Actually, by now I think it's fair to say Israel is doomed no matter what she does.

11 ) Frustration / France
11/03/2012 20:06
Israel has right to defend itself,Hamas do not want peace,They continue to attack Israel on rational you?The dirty Hamas trying to evade responsibility for the war

12 ) Justice for Palestine / Canada
11/03/2012 20:13
Sadly a 12 year old boy was killed as well as many other Palestinians. Israel is the brutal aggressor. The rockets that barely cause a dent are targeted at towns illegally occupied by the Israeli colonizer and are nothing compared to the IAF deadly assaults and the continuous crimes against humanity.

13 ) carine / UK
11/03/2012 20:38
#5 - " .........Negotiations on Israeli terms......." That'll be the Palestinian's total submission to your will - right??

14 ) Tibi / Tubas
11/03/2012 21:48
The combined armies of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon could NOT defeat Israel, so clearly the Gaza militants will NOT defeat Israel, and since their goals can only be maintaining a conflict and terrorism, the whole world should cease all political and financial aid to Gaza, and if Hamas forms a government with the PLO, then the United Nations should also strip the PLO of it's "Palestine Observer Status" !!!

15 ) Robert / US
11/03/2012 22:11
# 5 that kind of thinking is what fuels this mess..

16 ) # Justice for Palestine #12 / USA
11/03/2012 22:20
"Justice for Palestine" starts and ends with the Peace Process, and "Sadly a 12 year old boy was killed" because Gaza militants still have weapons (that the PLO promised to collects at Oslo), and chose to restart the conflict, ignoring the welfare of Gaza's residents !!!

17 ) @ Frustration #11 / USA
11/03/2012 22:40
Let's be just a little more honest/accurate about wanting peace: 1- Israel wants Peace in the situation that exists today, with the control of territory as it is now, and Without the refugees flooding Israel, 2- The PLO wants Peace (or at least says so), with Israel returning to the indefensible borders of pre-1967 lines, and millions of refugees returning to Israel, so as to assure an Arab Majority, and 3- Hamas wants Peace with pre-1948 situation, without Israel !!!

18 ) Ashraf / USA
12/03/2012 00:59
#7 Brian Cohen _ doubt the numbers r accurate but if they r it goes 2 show that almighty Israel can't stop even homemade rockets. Its loosing its deterrence model. 2 what's wrong with firing rockets at your enemy? Israel blockade of Gaza is an act of war. 3. Israel started the occupation. Those firing rockets at u r the children & grandchildren of the refugees u kicked out of ashdod, sdrot, etc. 4 once they acquire better & precise weapons they won't have 2 kill a dozen people in a decade.

19 ) Ashraf / USA
12/03/2012 01:09
#8 Business Israel - Yes I know how u feel. U've tried 2 subjugate the Pals all this time w/your superior weapons, US backing & manipulation of holocaust suffering. & nothing is working. The puny rockets themselves which represent Palestinian defiance is driving u 2 despair. I really understand how u feel. The good news is that your despair won't last 2 long. I don't C Israel lasting another 30 yrs or so. Once yur free of the Zionist scourge we will welcome u back to the family of humanity

20 ) ian / australia
12/03/2012 01:39
Tragic! 1. The rocket fire from Gaza is cretinous, pointless and criminal. 2. The Israeli response, pounding away with disproportionate, lethal force, in full knowledge that endless retaliation is the predictable result, is so far in excess of anything reasonably considered "self defense", and so much more destructive that it amounts to sadistic traumatisation of a besieged population! 3. The cycle can be stopped by either party at any time because it is all so ultimately pointless!

21 ) Robby / USA
12/03/2012 03:19
12 ) Justice for Palestine / Canada "The rockets that barely cause a dent..." then why fire them? The result is predictable, Israel will hit back hard.

22 ) Thomas Birchfield / United States
12/03/2012 03:32
"Defend Yourself s" "As a College Graduate, Class, 2007, East Tennessee State University, I must inform Palestine to defend itself! I'd hit the Israel FUEL DEPOTS" I would hit back with everything you've got! Israel is out of control and "COMMITTING WAR CRIMES" find all the allies you can, Saudi Arabia, Syria, IRAN, anyone you can to help you! Israel will not stop, "THEY WANT WAR" Give it too them! I AM DISGUSTED WITH ISRAEL/HAMMER THEM! DEFEND YOURSELF'S

23 ) Maureen / Australia
12/03/2012 08:19
7) Brian Cohen, USrael manipulated civil strife in Gaza, doing all it could to prevent social cohesion. And you surely do remember the Hamas police graduates that were bombed by Israel's murderous Cast Lead, don't you? How dare you condemn Hamas for not delivering security!

24 ) Judo / Canada
12/03/2012 09:21
I am sad that the 12 year old child and the farmer died. However The other 16 Palestinians killed in this round of violence were armed combat soldiers. 16 soldiers killed out of 18 total is a very high ratio of combatant vs civilian considering how densely populated Gaza is. Israel is being careful to avoid civilian casualties.

25 ) Business / Israel
12/03/2012 14:40
Ashraf, #19, you are not answering my question. I asked, would that deal I discussed be a fair deal, a good deal for Palestinians? If not, why not?
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