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Study: 37 percent of Palestinian women exposed to violence by husbands
Published Thursday 08/03/2012 (updated) 26/05/2012 23:37
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Palestinian women take part in a rally calling for the release of their sons held
in Israeli jails, at the Red Cross in Gaza (Reuters/Mohammed Salem, File)
RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Some 37 percent of Palestinian women were exposed to violence by their husbands in 2011, says a new study revealed on International Women's Day.

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics says the highest percentage of the phenomenon was reported in Gaza, where 58.1 percent of women were subject to violence by their husbands.

The Ramallah and Al Bireh district witnessed the lowest rates of domestic violence against women for 2011, with 14.2 percent of wives exposed to violence.

International Women’s Day is a national holiday in Palestine, which has a population of around 2 million women.

PCBS revealed that in 2012, literacy rates among Palestinian women have risen but are still lower than men's literacy rates.

Men's participation in the labor force is four times that of women while women's daily wages are 16 percent lower than men's.

Unemployment rates among women have risen by over 15 percent over the last decade, reaching 28.4 percent in 2011.

UN Women notes that women's participation in the labor force in Palestine is among the lowest in the world, particularly in rural areas.

Many women are employed in the agricultural sector on an informal basis, and UN Women is focusing efforts on enhancing rural women's economic security and rights.

The UN agency is cooperating with the Palestinian Authority Education Ministry in a project funded by Norway to support 200 female entrepreneurs who prepare and sell subsidized healthy meals to 70,000 school children.

In a message to mark International Women's Day, UN Women Executive Director Michelle Bachelet noted that rural women and girls comprise one in four people worldwide yet they faced "some of the worst inequities in access to social services and land and other productive assets."

Rural women work long hours with little or no pay to produce a large proportion of the food grown to sustain their families, communities and nations, Bachelet said.

"No enduring solution to the major changes of our day—from climate change to political and economic instability—can be solved without the full empowerment and participation of the world’s women. We simply can no longer afford to leave women out."
1 ) Tibi / Tubas
08/03/2012 21:12
Probably the The highest percentage of violence against women (58%)
is reported in Gaza governorate because the Islamic fighters are taking-out their frustrations on their wives, because they can NOT harm Jews in Israel.

2 ) ronen / israel
08/03/2012 22:15
they should ask themselves how they raised their kids to be like that. when i see how crowds cheer on prisoners who get married a day after they got out of prison to a girl that never met them, it makes me sick. eastern backward societies always were hell for women

3 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
08/03/2012 22:35
Regarding domestic violence towards Israelite women, I have no data on this but I'm sure it's available. Domestic violence is totally inexcusable and sickening no matter where it happens. It should never be condoned, kept secret or treated lightly but should always be fully investigated and those who commit it must be punished and go for mental health treatment or locked up. Our Torah laws ban domestic violence at all costs and all our rabbis would absolutely agree on this.

4 ) linda / palestine
08/03/2012 22:46
I am sad yet not surprised by this fact in this article...

5 ) Amira / Canada
08/03/2012 23:58
How about publishing the so many UN reports about the unhuman treatment that Palestinian women and children and handicapped and old and blind Palestinian get from the israeli occupiers?

6 ) Robert Haymond / Israel-Canada
09/03/2012 02:22
This is modernism: Women speak up, attempt to achieve independence and men hit (literally) back. Women are abused and the men blame Israel because...well, where do all these women get their progressive ideas from. Israel, their next-door neighbour, of course. Not until the men respect the women and children will Arabs ever advance in a humane way. Arab abuse of women is rampant across the whole Mideast.

7 ) Let hear solutions / canada
09/03/2012 10:45
Women must feel safe in this world, just like any man wish to feel safe. Unacceptable. Palestinian men should be better than this. If you cannot work it out, go for a walk, a lonnnnggggg walkkkkkkkkkk....... In the end you will be better for it.

8 ) Robby / USA
09/03/2012 16:53
7 ) Let hear solutions / canada - well said. This is not exclusive to Palestinians, Israelis, Americans, etc. it is everywhere and should be stopped. Quit blaming people and fix the problem everywhere.

9 ) Yafa Fares / Ramallah
09/03/2012 20:00

10 ) Ramallah is an isolated island / Palestine
09/03/2012 21:19
This is probably an underreported catastrophe - the true statistics are almost certainly much higher. And if verbal psychological abuse is included, the rates would go through the roof. Violence against women must stop in Palestine, and everywhere.

11 ) Birgitta / Sweden
09/03/2012 21:30
I urge all Palestinian men to show respect and love for their wives, and certainly do not use force. It is not acceptable.

12 ) Colin Wright / USA
09/03/2012 22:40
To Robert Haymond #6 'Not until the men respect the women and children will Arabs ever advance in a humane way. Arab abuse of women is rampant across the whole Mideast.' ...and I'm sure you can point us to your many, many posts denouncing sexual oppression, exploitation, and abuse in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. You're a real beacon of enlightenment.

13 ) Colin Wright / USA
09/03/2012 22:42
To ronen #2 'eastern backward societies always were hell for women' Yeah. I've read about life among the Haredim. Sickening, isn't it?

14 ) Colin Wright / USA
09/03/2012 22:46
'Rural women work long hours with little or no pay to produce a large proportion of the food grown to sustain their families, communities and nations, Bachelet said.' Happily, Israel -- by seizing the land and driving the Palestinians into ghettoes -- is rapidly rendering this issue moot. Though why the woman of a peasant household should be paid to work when the man isn't escapes me.

15 ) Colin Wright / USA
09/03/2012 22:48
It really is rather comic, though, to see Robert Haymond, Ronen, et al suddenly presenting themselves as the great champions of the rights of womankind. You KNOW this is not how they present themselves elsewhere.

16 ) Sarah / Israel
10/03/2012 20:57
That's right, Colin, change the subject to the Jews.....your empathy for Palestinian women is sadly absent in your rush to politicize the problem in accord with your agenda.

17 ) Robby / USA
11/03/2012 20:17
16 ) Sarah / Israel - I agree, deflection does nothing more then help to ignore the problem. Blame everyone but the person responsible. No matter how much Colin wants to blame the Zionists,this problem exists everywhere and should be addressed head on.

18 ) Elias / Palestine
26/03/2012 05:32
Tibi, its not the islamic fighters doing the beating, its mostly seculars who are. Islam bans muslims from even getting angry, let alone using violence to act on that anger. Men who beat their wifes are cowards and they exist all over the world. The quranic verse that you might be thinking of is not about actual violence, its a metaphor.

19 ) A / Israel
25/06/2012 13:38
Sad, but it is not surprising when growing up in a war zone. Can you expect angelic behavior in hell?
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