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Erekat: PA disappointed by Obama speech
Published Monday 05/03/2012 (updated) 06/03/2012 17:10
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US President Barack Obama whistles as he returns to the White House
after remarks at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee policy
conference in Washington, March 4, 2012. (REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)
BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -- PLO official Saeb Erekat said Monday that the Palestinian Authority was disappointed with US President Barack Obama's recent speech at an AIPAC conference.

"This speech is part of Obama’s election campaign," Erekat told Ma'an.

"Unfortunately, the speech ignored the requirements for peace as it did not touch on urging Israel to accept the two-state solution, halt settlement activities, and stop imposing facts on the ground."

Erekat said the speech at AIPAC's policy conference in Washington on Sunday showed "unprecedented support" to Israel, and the PLO official urged Arab nations to give priority to Arab interests just as the US supported their own interests abroad.

Yousef Munayyer, executive director of the Jerusalem Fund and Palestine Center in the United States, said on Sunday that Netanyahu was pressuring the US president into "a position where Obama's reelection interests clash with American national interests," the Institute for Middle East Understanding reported.
1 ) jabe7 / canada
05/03/2012 13:17
There is no need to continue being disappointed. You know what politics are at work here. As indicated, you know Obama's election strategy trumps being an honest broker. What you can control is putting your own house in order. This means reconciliation NOW. Your situation demands a united front, working in a non-violent way to achieve your goal. Your Palestinian people, especially the young, deserve nothing less!

2 ) america first / usa
05/03/2012 13:53
I agree with you Jabe7. As an american I am discusted the way israel control the white house congress and senate. I do not feel i am living in the united state of america, instead I feel i live in the apharthaid israell!!Obama was a dissapoint not only to the arab world but to many american is well!!He sold himself like a cheap whore to israel.

3 ) Nour / One-State
05/03/2012 14:04
#1 It's funny how the international community wants to arm the Syrian rebels while insisting that the Palestinians, an opressed and occupied people, pursue "non-violence" - what does that mean anyway? Stand silent while our lands are taken away, our children killed, and our cities encircled by walls? You make me laugh Armed resistance is a RIGHT of any occupied people. What other choice do Palestinians have. The so-called peace process died ages ago when Zionists chose settlements.

4 ) Amos / Israel
05/03/2012 14:20
Even a blind person as OBAMA (who surrounds himself with very bad advisors) cannot ignore what he sees in the ARAB WORLD
When Assad is MASSCRING his people and NO ARAB is doing anything about it---Even Obama realizes that it is NOT ISRAEL .
UNTIL ISLAM REFORMS itself--there cannot be peace in the MIDDLE EAST
The whole world is awakening to this!

5 ) Tibi / Tubas
05/03/2012 14:56
The PA should expect to remain disappointed by the whole world,
- because NO other state can give them, what they refuse to negotiate for.

The Palestinian people should also expect to remain disappointed by the PA,
- because there is NO way, other than NEGOTIATIONS, to statehood !!!!

6 ) Mel / USA
05/03/2012 15:38
Cont: SO AGAIN! WHAT DID YOU EXPECT Erekat? Obama is an ACTOR,playing a politician! Just like YOU! You're all hypocrits who squabble over your favored pieces of pie,while your PEOPLE DIE! Follow your RIGHT Palestine. Resist ANY WAY YOU CAN!

7 ) Omar / United Arab Emirates
05/03/2012 17:28
Obama knows nothing in politics and he suits to be a English Teacher in middle school. Being the president of USA is a big shame for the country.

8 ) @ Nour #3 / \ Tibi/Tubas
05/03/2012 18:54
1- No, we don't "stand silently while our lands are" annexed, and
2- Yes, "The so-called peace process died ages ago", but still
3- Yes, we must:
a) accept the responsibility for our own actions,
b) know that "our children are killed, and our cities encircled by walls"
because of our own terror attacks, and
c) recognize that this will never end, by refusing to negotiate, compromise,
or by begging the world to stop the Israelis, so


9 ) AVRIL / England
05/03/2012 19:27
Amos what the hell are you talking about? Islam does not need reforming, it is a religeon the same as any other, including Judaism and Christianity, each of these have fanatics amongst them, whilst the majority are decent law abiding human beings.
The reforms which are URGENTLY needed is for the Israeli government and its supporters to cease the ZIONIST quest which is the most heartless, nasty form of politics ever to have existed.

10 ) MONY / GER
05/03/2012 20:19
The election is imminent, in my opinion, he will be elected by the Israel lobby, he says exactly what they want to hear. ?Isn't that funny? THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE WORLD WILL BE CHOSEN BY ZIONISTS NOT AMERICAN For a second term (Obama has 35 people in his team. 7 of them are Zionists kilntons daughter is married to Zionists etc.)however, a character in his address he mentioned, the flotilla. I'm sure If he is elected, his policies will be very bad for Israhel But good for the Palestinians.

11 ) jabe7 / canada
05/03/2012 21:42
Noor! Taking up arms, I think, would bring disaster to you and your people. Isarel's propaganda machine and its lobby would demonize the Palestinians. As a result, you would run the serious risk of losing the support of the international community, let alone having to face the military superiority of Israel. As hard as it is, non-violent resistance will eventually win the day; however, your leadership must become leaders and reconcile. Remaining fragmented only serves Israel's occupation.

12 ) southparkbear / usa
06/03/2012 12:32
really saeb? even the most supporter of arabs and pals obama lost hope about you guys. even he can identify assads within your leadership

13 ) Off The / Agenda
06/03/2012 15:10
BY REFUSING TO NEGOTIATE, an end to the conflict with Israel (per Oslo), the PLO officials have dropped Israel's occupation of Palestine from their own agenda, so there is every reason to expect the world to do the same, and drop Palestine's occupation from many other nation's agendas too !!!

14 ) EE / UK
06/03/2012 15:20
PA disappointed by Obama speech - too bad, but they will get over it.

15 ) No-Nour / No-State
06/03/2012 15:21
No talks means exactly it - no palestinian state. There never was a palestinian state, there is no palestinian state currently, it will be no palestinian state unless palestinians negotiate and compromise.
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