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PA to 'reconsider cooperation with Israel'
Published Sunday 26/02/2012 (updated) 27/02/2012 22:03
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President Mahmoud Abbas attends the opening of the International Conference
on Jerusalem in Doha, Feb. 26, 2012. (Reuters/Mohammed Dabbous)
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- The Palestinian Authority is planning to reconsider its security, political and economic agreements with Israel in the coming days, a PLO official said on Sunday.

After exploratory talks with Israel ended without agreement, the PLO Executive Committee has agreed to take a number of measures to jolt the current stalemate.

PLO officials protest that they cannot enter negotiations while Israel builds settlements on lands needed for a viable Palestinian state.

The PA complained that Israel's approval of 500 new settler homes and retroactive approval of 200 more in the northern West Bank last week is "stark indication of Israel’s policy to continue occupying the West Bank."

In an interview with Egyptian channel CBC on Friday, President Mahmoud Abbas said the PA was planning a "major decision" in no more than 10 days, in response to the talks' failure.

PLO Executive Committee Hanna Amira told Ma'an the PA will reconsider its cooperation with Israel, and reactivate popular resistance against Israel's occupation. It will also consider taking its case to the UN General Assembly and Security Council.

"All alternatives are open in future, but that does not necessarily mean disbanding the PA," he added, referring to past threats to dissolve the Palestinian government.

Senior Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine member Qays Abdul-Karim told Ma'an that Abbas' measures would not break past agreements, but reevaluate their terms.

"The Israeli government has turned its back on all agreements and continues to impose facts on the ground through settlement expansion and the Judaization of Jerusalem … this cannot continue," he said.

Without any further talks on the horizon, the PA cannot continue to carry out its duties, Abdul-Karim added.

The PA government was given temporary jurisdiction within limited areas of self-rule in the 1993 Oslo Accords.

The measures intend to press the international community to meet its obligations to the peace process and push Israel to adhere to international agreements, Abdul-Karim said.

"Otherwise, we will not be responsible for the tension and instability if Israel continues to deny us our rights," he added.

No Israeli response to these moves could make the situation any worse than it is at present, the DFLP official said.

Israel froze the transfer of tax revenues to the PA -- collected by Israel on the Palestinian government's behalf under international agreements -- twice in 2011 when faction leaders agreed to end their four-year division.

The Arab League has largely accepted the Palestinian plans, and will protect the PA financially if Israel withholds tax again, Abdul-Karim said.

But Amira said Palestinian officials expect little support from the Arab League and Arab countries because of their current focus on the situation in Syria.
1 ) Mitri I. Musleh / Canada
26/02/2012 15:12
The Palestinian leadership has finally seen the light. Let the struggle begin. Turn today’s Palestine into yesterday’s South Africa. Join the global struggle for Palestinian rights through peaceful resistance armed with BOYCOTT, DIVESTMENT and SANCTIONS against Israeli apartheid and colonial aggression.

2 ) AKeenReader / UK
26/02/2012 16:08
May be the US, West & Israel may have purposely created the Syria problem so that Palesrtinian cause takes a back seat including that of Arab League. I am afraid Arab League don't have any aspirations to raise the palestinian issue on the international scene. Shame on the Arab League let alone the West & US!

3 ) AKeenThinker / USA
26/02/2012 18:01
Maybe Syria and other Arab regimes created the Palestinian problem so that the cruelty of their own regimes would be overlooked for all these years... Start using your brain and stop coming up with lame conspiracy theories.

26/02/2012 18:02

5 ) West Banker / Palestine
26/02/2012 19:06
More deception. We are supposed to fall for this diversion. Yet again, the PA pretends it is upset with the Zionists. Say, why does the PA always threaten to 'dissolve the PA' when it intends to intimidate/threaten 'israel'? Oh yeah, the collaboration is a big help to the occupation.

6 ) Palestine / Palestine
26/02/2012 21:59
Lies ,lies,lies that's all Abbas says , PA is not going to do anything,because PA leaders and there Kids with VIP passes won't be able to party I'm TEL aviv no more . So abbes go tell your lie to someone elsa. You sold us out,

7 ) Colin Wright / USA
27/02/2012 03:15
Disbanding would be the best thing.

8 ) C.W. Carswell / Canada
27/02/2012 06:23
As if there aren't already enough roadblocks for getting the Palestinians and Israeli's back to the peace table, Abbas just threw a few more into the scene.

9 ) Ron Kall / USA
27/02/2012 07:12
Let's end the conflict in a simple way. All Arabs west of the Jordan River move into Arab Palestine, today known as Jordan. This way the Arabs have 2/3rds of historic Palestine and the Jews have 1/3rd. Sounds fair to me!

10 ) sylvia / uk
27/02/2012 14:15
You call yourself "a keen thinker" no3?
Reading a very simple history book, even a child would be able to work out
who is responsible for the "Palestinian problem".
Jewish zionists - and their UNthinking supporters who brought about the
Balfour declaration in the UK, and ISRAEL who, not satisfied that they had been given a state, proceeded to this very day to steal land to which they
were NEVER entitled.
So the simple answer - keen thinker(?) - is UK and ISRAEL.

11 ) Reconsidering / Cooperation
27/02/2012 14:44
Israel should reconsider Ending All Cooperation with the PAHamas government, until negotiations are restarted, Unconditionally !!!

12 ) Robby / USA
27/02/2012 16:55
2 ) AKeenReader / UK - Just how do you think the US started the problems in Syria? To distract the Arab League, seriously? The same Arab League that sent "observers" into Syria thinking it would stop the violence? The same Arab League that holds a "conference" on Jerusalem and doesn't invite anyone from the other side to try LISTENING to the other side? Probably easier to put them all in a round room and tell them to find the corner, just as productive.

13 ) joseph / US
27/02/2012 17:22
this might not show up- but i don't see a way forward, unless a third area of land is on the table.

14 ) carine / UK
28/02/2012 02:22
#10 - Good post - you're spot-on! The phrase "none so blind as those who will not see" applies to #3 and many other pro-Israel posters. #9 - Let's see now - if a load of foreigners came and stole your bit of the USA and claimed it as their own, would you meekly "up sticks" and move elsewhere? I doubt it, so why should you expect Palestinians to meekly pack their bags and go? Doesn't sound very fair to me!

15 ) Business / Israel
28/02/2012 03:54
The PA cannot disband! It the instrument by which billions of dollars are sent on to swizerland and the cayman islands! Are you mad! What would the bankers do? You dont disband something this lucrative. The legal fees alone are keeping sevral law firms going. And the international trips and visits! No, a scheme this good goes on until the west is utterly broke.

16 ) r cummings / UK
28/02/2012 14:04
11 - Negotiate what exactly? Israel is not prepared to negotiate on anything, not E J'sem, ROR, compensation for refugees, water and has a raft of unilateral demands - 10% of Palestine without land swaps, Pal demilitarisation, permanent IDF bases there, control of its airspace, recognition of Is by a theocratic name, etc. Israel ain't negotiating, it is trying to dictate a victor's terms - conveniently ignoring that an occupier cannot legally extract benefits from its occupation. What a shower.

17 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
28/02/2012 19:53
The PA can re-evaluate till the pyramids are inverted. We don't give a damn about all this BDS crap. Go for it. What the DFLP needs to do is re-evaluate itself in light of our constant and perpetual "Judaization" of Jerusalem because it's ours forever and no Palestinian entity is ever going to get any part of it. Hoping for us to reverse our Jerusalem building is just another of the PA's hopes for hopelessness. That's about the only hopes it will ever have.

18 ) @17 / Al Quds
29/02/2012 16:08
the end of the zionist entity will your own self fulfilling prophecy.
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