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Gaza faces more blackouts as Egypt fuel fails to arrive
Published Sunday 19/02/2012 (updated) 20/02/2012 22:42
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A Palestinian boy cries as he arrives at his home after walking through puddles
in Shati refugee camp in Gaza City, Feb. 19, 2012.
(REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa)
GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Fuel from Egypt has yet to be transferred to Gaza despite assurances it would arrive on Sunday to alleviate an energy crisis, a power authority official said Sunday afternoon.

Gaza's sole power station has stopped functioning since Tuesday, leaving the Gaza Strip with up to 18 hour blackouts each day.

An Egyptian parliamentarian said Saturday that Egypt would pump 500,000 liters of fuel into Gaza per day for the power plant and 100,000 for gas stations.

But the route of the promised fuel into the Gaza Strip appeared to be holding up the delivery.

Egypt wants to stop the passage of fuel through tunnels under the border between the countries, but the official Rafah terminal is not equipped for goods transfers and its development is restricted by an agreement between Egypt, Israel and the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority.

The only alternative route while this agreement is being renegotiated is for the fuel to cross into Israel, and then back into the Gaza Strip through the Israeli-controlled Kerem Shalom terminal, the sole goods transfer point after Israel closed the fuel crossing Nahal Oz in January 2010.

Energy Authority official Ahmad Abu al-Amreen told Ma'an that while the government does not want to rely on transfers via Israel -- which severely restricts the movement of people and goods from the Gaza Strip since it tightened a blockade on the territory in 2007 -- it will allow shipment via the Israeli crossing temporarily to alleviate the current emergency.

It was not clear whether this solution had been accepted by Egyptian authorities, but Abu al-Amreen said the power authority had not received notification from Egypt about how the fuel would be transferred.

"We keep contacting the relevant authorities in Egypt, but so far we received no answers," he added.

With an icy storm blowing through the Palestinian territories, officials have warned of a humanitarian crisis as the blackouts stop water pumping, sewage facilities, and heating in the Gaza Strip.
1 ) Mel / USA
19/02/2012 17:42
The "relevant aauthorities" being WHO? MUBARAK,Suleiman,Tantawi etc,who are ALL waiting for orders for TEL AVIV or D.C.??
Shameful of Egypt's military-controlled energy companies.
Just DRIVE IT ALL THROUGH RAFAH,& stop waiting for permission from collective punishers and corrupt kick-backers!

2 ) EE / UK
19/02/2012 18:01
The article did not mention any payments for the fuel. I did not understand - is Egypt going to supply fuel for free or somebody, but not palestinians are going to pay for it? Is Egypt in position now to supply free fuel to Gaza - its own economy collapsed and people are starving. Will Egyptians agree with such free fuel supply when they can sell it on the market and have at least some money coming to the country? Did Gazans try to fuel generators with Egyptian assurances? Did it work that good?

3 ) Palestine / Palestine
19/02/2012 18:14
How sad ,Egypt has to get permission from its master Israel first , think about this gaza was under Egypt control and some how they give us to Israel . They took the sini back .laft us in the cold , thank Egypt army rulers.just keep selling gas to Israel at below market price

4 ) Louise / UK
19/02/2012 19:27
The Egyptian Military Council is continuing where Mubarak left off in punishing the people of Gaza--- shame on them.

5 ) Jaques / Montreal
19/02/2012 20:14
Someday Hamas may learn that free cheese can only be found in a mousetrap. No one is coming to rescue you - for free, yes?

6 ) J.D. Owkner / Britain
19/02/2012 20:47
I guess all these are legitimate questions; however, the most important one is the mechansim in which this fuel is going to be tranasferred to the deprived Gaza. Some people would claim that Egypt is not the same after the 25 of January 2011. Does this mean Egypt may allow the use of the rafah terminal for people and goods? Do the brotherhood parliemanet members have the nerve to take such a powerful decision? Let's wait and see. Khader Adnan lover, London

7 ) Julie / USA
20/02/2012 02:08
#2 EEk, mind your own business. being a prisoner in the world's largest concentration camp where worsening conditions are joyfully maintained by Z-Nazis of izrahell is the concern of only caring, law abiding, civilized, sane, and moral, uncorrupted people. you place yourself outside that majority by your debased humanity, callous cruelty, and complete lack of compassion for genuine suffering...i.e. you are subhuman at best.

8 ) _______________ / USA
20/02/2012 05:31
Zionist policy & it's influence coming to a definite end soon. AIPAC will be shut down too.

9 ) Robert K Khoshaba / Maidenhead UK
20/02/2012 13:29
Israel already provides a vast amount of electricity to Gaza via power lines and they supply this free of charge. What arrogance of Ahmad Abu al-Amreen is saying he would allow import from Israel. Why on earth would Israel help a government that wishes to destroy them. Your so called "new best friends" Egypt realise Gaza is totally toxic, they want nothing to do with you. You are deluded if you think otherwise. Until Hamas/Iran realise peace is the only option, the poor people of Gaza suffer

10 ) Carlos / USA
20/02/2012 18:24
Israel is so criminal. It bombards Gaza, targeting civilians, and then claims it is retaliation or preventative attack. Israel stops fishermen from fishing, farmers from farming and power stations from powering. Israel murders charity workers. We are truly living in the dark ages where tyranny reigns supreme. Israel disgusts me.

11 ) Malone / Hfx
20/02/2012 19:03
Ma'an news....wish you had a "like and dislike" option here. A thought.:)

12 ) Palestinian scholar / Ireland
20/02/2012 19:18
"Israel already provides a vast amount of electricity to Gaza via power lines and they supply this free of charge". So funny statement by someone seems not knowing any things about the situation:

1. First, Israel has never supplied Gaza with any thing free of charge. Even the medical supplies are provided in exchang of hug sums paid by the PA.

2. Second, to dat Israel withhold, from time to another, the tax revenue it collects from Palestinians in Israel markets in behalf of the PA.

13 ) Palestinian / Ireland
20/02/2012 19:30
"Until Hamas/Iran realise peace is the only option, the poor people of Gaza suffer". It is a typical collective-punishment-based mentality. Assume they did not realize that, is it a legitimate to punish innocent civilians? second, what type of Peace Israel is looking for? the one that legitimaizes settlement? In asense, the one legitimzing Israel's colonial policy. Palestinians, in your view, should accept that, otherwise they will be punished, and their access to humanitarian supplies is barred

14 ) johnny benson / usa
20/02/2012 19:41
....how sick...are the minds of the arab leaders....all of them...so so greedy...to make their people suffer so much...for what ...how much gold and wealth can they store in swiss banks...all the while blaming israel for their stupidity and averice
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