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Gaza may ‘fall into darkness’ without fuel transfer
Published Thursday 09/02/2012 (updated) 11/02/2012 09:03
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GAZA CITY (Ma’an) -- The Gaza Energy Authority announced on Thursday that if fuel doesn't enter the coastal enclave within 72 hours the Strip will face a severe electricity crisis.

“In less than 72 hours if we don’t receive fuel, Gaza will fall into darkness and disability in all aspects of life,” Kanan Obeid, president of the Energy Authority, said.

The Hamas-run authority has called on Arab and Islamic countries to intervene to prevent a crisis.

The increasingly unstable situation in the Sinai, where much of Gaza's fuel originates, is suspected of causing the shortages. On Thursday, 17 Egyptian security officers were kidnapped amid clashes.

In 2007, the Israeli and Egyptian closure of Gaza severely restricted fuel supply. Fuel was first smuggled through tunnels from Egypt, then used in electricity generation after a local engineer developed a refining process. The engineer was later abducted by Israeli intelligence agents during a trip to the Ukraine.

Gaza's energy sector is crippled by a ban on importing materials for locally implemented construction, leaving power stations unable to function. It suffered damaged in Israel's 2008 attack.
1 ) Malone / Hfx
09/02/2012 19:12
Quit blaming Israel...Isn't the Rafah crossing to Egypt open?

2 ) Elder / USA
09/02/2012 20:03
What this article fails to point out is that the Gazans refuse to take power plant fuel from Israel! They have insisted for the past year to only get it from Egypt. So blaming Israel for the fuel shortage is more than dishonest. If they request fuel from Israel, it will be there tomorrow. Even when Israel was providing fuel, the shortages came because of Ramallah refusing to pay, not any moves on Israel's part.

3 ) A Fall / Into Darkness
09/02/2012 20:45
Gaza already exists in darkness - Hamas "darkness", but maybe
a real darkness could force Hamas to accept peace with Israel,
on terms that could be acceptable to both sides !!

4 ) EE / UK
09/02/2012 22:18
Why they just do not buy fuel and bring it across the border with Egypt or Israel?

5 ) Jack / Be Nimble
09/02/2012 22:21
I guess we are in for more Gaza candle-lit pictures - sent to you from Gaza - The ones with the heavy drapes over the sun lit windows...

6 ) carine / UK
09/02/2012 23:47
#1-5 Such compassion oozing from these 'human beings', ignorant with indifference to others. Here's hoping you all continue to have a warm and comfortable life in your lairs.

7 ) Hamas Chooses / For Gaza
10/02/2012 04:06
Hamas Chooses conflict with Israel. Hamas Chooses civilian war causualties. Hamas Chooses darkness. Hamas Chooses NO Palestine.

8 ) Andy / UK
10/02/2012 13:36
@ pro-Israeli Zionists...If it weren't for the illegal and morally reprehensible Israeli 'containment' of Gaza, they would be allowed to deal and trade with whoever they wanted to and not just Egypt (which despite Mubarak's removal has changed very little). I don't know the details of Gaza's fuel procurement arrangements but having only one supplier means paying the top rate in any commercial environment. Has Dirar Abu Sisi been released yet?

9 ) EE / UK
10/02/2012 15:24
8 - sorry, Sisi is dead.

10 ) Mel / USA
10/02/2012 16:03
Exactly#6: U can smell the hatred oozing from those cretins,when it comes to their denial that they're WILLFULLY participating in COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT of human beings!German people who lived near concentration camps,also chose to hide behind intentioned ignorance about,or delibarate collusion with,'OTHERS'being herded into ethnic camps,with gas chambers!Zionism is the same exceptionalist mentality of sociopathy as Nazism,& why Israel is hated back & ALONE! Dark Zionism!What a waste of Israel!

11 ) southparkbear / usa
10/02/2012 16:46
your brothers in egypt could provide you with gasoline instead of burning it

12 ) VIV / ITALY
10/02/2012 18:43
have you ever been in Gaza? Do you know about the siege?? what a stupid things are you saying conosdering that Israel would like to do peace with hamas?? Israel just want to force all the palestinians to go away from their land, because israel is an illegal State who doesn't respect 72 UN resolutions!!! Study the recent history before speaking!

13 ) Who Caresq / Who Cares
10/02/2012 23:25
To Andy... Containment? Please advise the legal RIGHT that people have to cross borders and enter different countries? Not all countries are like the EU (and for good reason) and not all countries have a movmenet of persons agreement. And surely, with alittle bit of logic we can see why this might be needed in place like Gaza-Israel border why it is incumbent upon Israel to allow open borders with Gaza??? Does the USA have to allow every Canadian? NO! & they have a century of peace!

14 ) roshan / australian
11/02/2012 00:19
What 10) MEL says - this is disgusting behaviour that is being sanctioned as long as we continue to allow oUR governments to do this!!!

15 ) Business / Israel
11/02/2012 05:59
@12: 1) I have been to Gaza. 2) There no seige - were there a seige, there would be no open border with Egypt and israel would let no food or medicine in, so the " seige" is a figment of your imagination. 3) The number of Pals has tripled since 1967 4) there is no such thing as an illegal state, that term does not exist in law 5) non-binding resolutions not at the security council dont have to be "respected" and finally, you do not know history, or current events. Ever visited Israel? No?

16 ) southparkbear / usa
11/02/2012 07:10
VIV, 3 years going throug gaza to sinai every week was enough time to understand why poor Egypt does not want to have anything with Gaza. As you know when Saadat was offer gaza he said he would go to war to make sure it is not given back to egypt

17 ) jcgeny / france
12/02/2012 03:35
"The engineer was later abducted by Israeli agents during a trip to the Ukraine." that says all about usraHell and usa from 2001 . they kill every arabs that can help his brothers and sisters to be free from having to "ask for help and pay" . buy Chinese and Russians ;']

18 ) Mel / USA
12/02/2012 18:48
All Palestine,was pushed into 'darkness',in 1947 with the Nakbah! Euro-Russian Zionism persecuted,expelled native Palestinians,starting in 1935 , then RAN AMOK in 1947.Just like Nazism brought 'darkness' to Germany,in under a decade,Israeli Zionism eeked out the same exceptionalist racism/bigotry,over 64yrs,with colonial collusion from D.C. & its lackies. That's the biggest 'DARKNESS'! And #15:'There no siege'? U sound like Tzipi Livni, 'No! No Civilians dead'.So,Auschwitz was a summer-camp??
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