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Israel PM ready to go to Ramallah for negotiations
Published Monday 30/01/2012 (updated) 01/02/2012 17:49
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(MaanImages/Office of the Israeli Prime Minister, HO)
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stressed Monday he is ready to go to Ramallah to meet President Abbas and open negotiations, in response to questions posed by Ma'an in an online dialogue.

"We are completely serious about talks with the Palestinians, but unfortunately the Palestinian side refuses," he said in the live-chat in Arabic on his official Facebook page.

"Advancing negotiations is the only way towards peace," he said.

PLO leaders are set to meet Monday to discuss their next steps after a Quartet deadline for the sides to resume negotiations passed without agreement.

PLO officials held five rounds of exploratory talks with Israeli representatives in January, but insist they cannot progress to direct negotiations until Israel halts settlement building on occupied Palestinian land.

"I want to talk with the Palestinians in order to open channels at all levels. This is in the Palestinians and the Arabs interest," Netanyahu said Monday in the online forum.

"Israel can help develop the region economically, and wants to see a prosperous future for all countries in the region.

"I feel disappointed because peace treaties have not led to economic boom for all. Economy is the outcome of relationships, and economic peace isn’t an alternative to political peace, but it helps."

In response to Ma'an's question about what he thinks Palestinians should do, Netanyahu responded: "the Palestinian president should have continued with talks. This is what the international community wants both sides to do."

Asked by other journalists about the Arab Spring, the Israeli premier said he supports the building of democracies in the Arab World.

"There are misconceptions about Israel, and many Arabs do not know that the Arabs living in Israel serve in the government, in the parliament and enjoy complete rights," he added.

"The impression that Israel does not want peace is incorrect. We know the value of peace, and one of the obstacles is the misconception about Israel’s attitude to peace."

Questioned about Iran, Netanyahu commented: "Iran is a threat to peace, to Israel, to the Arab countries, to the Middle East and to the whole world. They are arming terrorist organizations while they develop their nuclear power seeking to control the Middle East and the whole world."
1 ) Logic Steps 1, 2, & 3 / \ Tibi/Tubas
30/01/2012 14:27
1- NO Freeze means NO Negotiations,
2- NO Negotiations means NO Agreement, &
3- NO Agreement means NO State !!!

We should really think this freeze demand through !!

2 ) AKeenReader / UK
30/01/2012 14:33
This idiot Israeli PM talks about opening channels is in the interest of Palestinians & Arabs but not his own. Can sensible and decent Israelis tell him that opening channels for dialogue is also in their interest ano not only Pal & Arabs. I wish that govt heads can be put in a MAD house for good.

3 ) carine / UK
30/01/2012 14:37
"We know the value of peace" - How so, when you've been at war with all and sundry since the invention of Israel. Nice try Netanyahu, but you're full of p--s and wind!

4 ) Remaining In "Limbo" / As Non-State Cantons
30/01/2012 15:08
Surely Israeli PM Netanyahu is "ready to go to Ramallah for negotiations",
but NETANYAHU IS NOT GOING TO BE INVITED to Ramallah, not even for tea, and PLO officials are NOT ready to go to anywhere for negotiations,
without a total settlement freeze.

But they should really think this freeze demand through better,
because logically:
1- NO Freeze means NO Negotiations,
2- NO Negotiations means NO Agreement, &
3- NO Agreement means remaining in "Limbo", as a few Non-State cantons !!

5 ) Nour / One-State
30/01/2012 15:49
The robber wants to come to my house? Pull out the guns!

6 ) Ajibola Hasan / Nigeria
30/01/2012 16:07
I home this man (Netayahu) is insane. Who invite you to Ramallah? have stop the continues settlement building. Then, have you dissamement your nuclear stockpilles before been focus Iran own? Iran is not the Middle East threat, but Israel.

7 ) northside / brooklny
30/01/2012 16:14
great pick

8 ) southparkbear / usa
30/01/2012 16:15
a saint, where is the nobel prize?

9 ) @ Nour #5 / \ Tibi/Tubas
30/01/2012 16:33
"The robber does NOT come to your house", but instead builds his own house on unowned, vacant land, adjacent to his own communities !!!

And, if you are foolish enough to "pull out the guns", when an Israeli tank appears, your bullets will just harmlessly hit their steel, and some of the innocent human-shields around you may be dead along with fools like you !!

10 ) Bibi, bring a map of Israel / USA
30/01/2012 17:28
Then we will have something to talk about.

11 ) @ Bring a Map #10 / Open Your Ears
30/01/2012 18:21
[1] The borders presented by Israel, in Amman’s Wednesday meeting, are "similar to the route of the separation fence, where in a final settlement, most Israeli residents of Judea-Samaria will remain in Israeli territory, and most PA Arabs of Judea-Samaria will remain in the Palestinian state", and

[2] There are NO PA Arabs that consider this "something to talk about" !!!

12 ) Julie / USA
30/01/2012 18:24
MA'AN - this is a JOKE and a profound insult to the world. anything NEW? NO! anything (including borders) offered IN WRITING? NO! any FREEZE = LAW? NO! anything genuinely substantial at all? NO! all this ridiculous, INNEFECTIVE rhetoric does is give izrahell MORE TIME to commit crimes. way to go! who's side are you on????? unbelievable!!!!! netanyahoo has NO interest in real peace AT ALL. if that isn't BLATANTLY OBVIOUS, then you've swallowed his BAIT of trickery. honestly, this is sickening!!!!

13 ) Maguy / UK
30/01/2012 18:51
Does he have no shame in lying.

14 ) Mitri I Mulseh / Canada
30/01/2012 19:34

Mr. Netanyahu, can you now say it as if you mean it please?

15 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
30/01/2012 20:21
I hate to say it but I've always pledged to say and support the truth: @ 12) Julie / USA and 13) Maguy / UK are right. What our PM is saying (except for Iran, which is largely correct) and this offer of going to Ramallah is insane. How in the hell is a simple shift in location for negotiations going to make any damn difference ??? ... It's just more of us (the blind, deaf and dumb) misleading the Palestinians (also the blind, deaf and dumb).

16 ) @ Maguy #13 / TRUTH, NOT Lying
30/01/2012 20:50
We already know that "negotiations" is NOT a problem for Israel,
after all it was the PLO that had to be pressured even to appear
in Amman for talks, and refused to call them negotiations !!

So what part do you think is a lie, the "ready", or the "Ramallah" ??
And, You can NOT know, if Netanyahu is "lying" about either,
unless he is invited, and then either refuses Ramallah or then,
and the PLO will NOT risk an invite, because they know he will come !!!

17 ) christian palestinian / usa
30/01/2012 21:06
Best way to achieve peace is for israel to abide by international law and withdraw immediately and unconditionally from the entire occupied west bank and east jerusalem. Stop talking and starting withdrawing.

18 ) Arnold / Canada
30/01/2012 21:48
Posts one to thirteen. Not one positive comment. You posters and the Palestinians trully deserve one another. Whether you like this man or not you give him the chance to go to Ramallah. If nothing positive comes out of it you can always come back here and badmouth him, but at least give him the benefit of the doubt.

19 ) southparkbear / usa
30/01/2012 22:14
Julie, we love maan

20 ) Imagine / W.G
30/01/2012 22:22
WELCOME IN PALESTINE He will take buses and trucks moving supplies and many helpers Then he will take the terrorists with their families with him to Israel over the apartheid wall.

21 ) No-Nour / No-State
31/01/2012 02:42
5 - pulling the guns - that what palestinians and their arab supporters were doing from the day when Israel was established. They started war many times and lost every one of them. It would be unwise this time as well; they will lose as they did before. They are as bad in fighting as in negotiating.

22 ) Joe Fattal / USA
31/01/2012 07:49
Just read in the US that Israel just propose the Palestinians borders. They are keeping all Jerusalem, and some of the settlers will remain in the West Bank and if is I didn't know the Palestinians refuse it while Israel is still building settlements. Jerusalem is not Israel 3000 years eternal capital. Jerusalem was in the kingdom of Judea which is now the modern Israel, not in the Kingdom of Israel 3000 years ago. An international commitee need to solve that disputed area.

23 ) ian / australia
31/01/2012 08:17
Prime Minister Wile E. Coyote and think-tank come up with this stuff to appear reasonable, flexible and open...BUT, what they are actually offering is not! A Bantustan on a fraction of the WB, cut off from Jerusalem, Haram, Jordan valley etc...with borders set by the "fence" is NOT a serious offer, nor a remotely "viable" state for the Palestinian people including several millions of refugees. And surely it is the responsiblity of any self-appointed "mediator" to say so!

24 ) Julie / USA
31/01/2012 09:26
southparkbear - honestly, sometimes your humor is so quippy, funny & refreshing and i laugh at the humanity of the humor, but i will never laugh at what you're being humorous about. pals are suffering beyond what anyone can tolerate due to izrael breaking countless international laws. you can't deny those facts. if it weren't for your zionist misguidance, i'd maybe think you were a pretty cool guy. but zionism has led you far far astray, and that is more sad than i have words to express

25 ) Ramallah is an isolated island / Palestine
31/01/2012 10:39
Netanyahu has been saying this for a couple of years -- it is certainly not something new. But Ma'an pay much more attention to what is said in Arabic ... playing right into the hands limitless career ambitions of the worse-than-mediocre Ofer Gendleman, the other guy in the photo above

26 ) ex syrian jew / canada
31/01/2012 10:55
I'd like compensation for the property that me and another 1 million Jews were forced to leave behind when we were driven from arab countries

27 ) rte / palestine
31/01/2012 11:47
PM of the most terror country all over the word, they don,t want peace, they want to steal palestinian land, they will never halt settlments
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