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Abbas wants Jordan meeting to be last
Published Wednesday 25/01/2012 (updated) 26/01/2012 19:30
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AMMAN, Jordan (Ma'an) -- Palestinian Authority officials asserted Wednesday that President Mahmoud Abbas "refused and will continue to refuse” holding more meetings between Israeli and Palestinian negotiators in Jordan.

Palestinian and Israeli negotiators are scheduled to hold a fifth meeting in Amman on Wednesday in an attempt to resume face-to-face peace negotiations and sort out unresolved issues.

But the talks, between Saeb Erekat and Yitzhak Molcho, will be the last opportunity to agree on a starting point to restart negotiations if Israel fails to address the future borders of a Palestinian state, PA officials said.

Abbas has informed King Abdullah of Jordan that while the PA appreciates Jordan's efforts, the five meetings have brought nothing new, and Israel has refused to answer bigger questions such as borders and a starting point for the talks.

Israel, Abbas believes, tried to "trick" the Palestinian negotiators into discussing marginal security and administrative arrangements which have no connection to the peace process.

The president is expected to declare that the meetings in Amman have failed, and he will revert to the position held since September 2010 rejecting a continuation of talks until Israel freezes settlements.

Abbas is also expected to take the issue to the Arab League follow-up committee which is scheduled to convene in the first week of February. He will discuss with Arab officials the resumption of the PA's attempts to seek recognition of a Palestinian state with international organizations such as the UN Security Council and others.

PLO official Hanna Amirah told reporters on Wednesday that the Palestinian leadership would not take a decision to extend negotiations with the Israeli side because the government of Benjamin Netanyahu “doesn’t seek at this stage to achieve any positive progress in the peace process with the Palestinian Authority.”

Meanwhile, Palestinian sources have highlighted that the international Quartet placed pressure on the Palestinian side after the leadership said it wouldn’t join further meetings with the Israelis.

Palestinian officials pointed out that a series of internal meetings would be held first in Palestine, then in Egypt after Abbas returns from his European tour. The Arab follow-up committee will then convene on Feb. 29.
1 ) ahmedy / Somalia
25/01/2012 10:45
I really agree with His exillency the president, because Israel is trying to preach water and drinking wine

2 ) AKeenReader / UK
25/01/2012 10:48
A right strategy by the Palestinians. Israel has been bluffing the whole world for years and it's time for the rest of to show that Palestinians are no fools. I sincerely hope that the Arab League and all oil rich countries should start putting pressure on the US to change it's stance and vote in favour of Palestinian independence. It's hypocritical for the West & US to ask the UNSC to pass resolution in rerspect of Syria, but with Palestine they either abstain or VETO. DOUBLE STANDARDS!

3 ) Tony B? / ME
25/01/2012 11:06
"Israel, Abbas believes, tried to "trick" the Palestinian negotiators into discussing marginal security and administrative arrangements which have no connection to the peace process"... If these issues are as unimportant as he claims. Why doesn't he spend a little time agreeing them, so as to get them off the table? Then they can move on to the important stuff... Its obvious these are nuts and bolts issues, that without agreement in advance, talks about borders will be pointless.

4 ) Mahmoud / Palestine
25/01/2012 11:19
Where are the people who called these "negotiations" and "a compromise"?? What do you people have to say about this?

5 ) Muayyad / Palestine
25/01/2012 11:35
I never got why the PLO and PA gave up the General Assembly option back in November! Abbas and CO are committing a crime in NOT pushing through with each and every real option besides the phony negotiations which have done nothing but destroy Palestinian property and lives.

6 ) Palestinin / Ramallah
25/01/2012 12:46
peace off !

7 ) Julie / USA
25/01/2012 13:09
OF COURSE izrahell tried to 'trick'...this is nothing new, typical izraeli tactics !!! a leopard does NOT change their spots. Hitler is NOT Ghandi !!!!

8 ) eporue / europe
25/01/2012 15:47
i lost track with this somehow... but for all i remember, the border proposals were already due last year september or october.. palestinians delivered, israel not... therefore the quartett extended the deadline to the end of january (this date was a suggestion of bibi and his envoy), what already appeared quite far in the future... i think, hillary wanted december... now there is january 26 and still not the requested proposal from israel... nothing from them...

9 ) eporue / europe
25/01/2012 15:52
the EU should request the vetoer and all those who voted/vetoed FOR negotations, to take part in these negotations and to look, what the parties are doing there (or not)... the citiziens of the countries, for voted FOR negotationsy and AGAINST the palestinian-UN-state, should request their PMs to attend those meetings... thats the minimum...

10 ) eporue / europe
25/01/2012 16:02
obama doesnt set a foot into israel...

11 ) eporue / europe
25/01/2012 16:20
imo, the meetings should be cancelled with this... and IF there is any further meeting, then ONLY when israel comes with their overdue border proposal... and to make sure, its not again a fake/f>ck for all participants, israel has to email the draft 3 days before the meet-up... and the US president, the one with the unshakable bond and who vetoed the palestinian state and called for negotations, should attend EVERY meeting...

12 ) Seemingly / \ Impossible
25/01/2012 16:29
Unless progress has been achieved, on the seemingly impossible issue of
- a renewed Israeli settlement freeze (even a partial one), or
- a continued Palestinian demand for such a freeze,
then Abbas is right to want the Jordan meeting to be the last !!!

13 ) southparkbear / usa
25/01/2012 17:00
got to wait till next june to kick start a new round. these problems are comlicated and and history shows that time has it's magic. pals relax take a deep breath work on unity and come back in 10 years

14 ) Tibi / Tubas
25/01/2012 17:50
If the PLO refuses to be heard in Amman, the Quartet should refuse the PLO to be heard at the UN too, until the PLO finally accepts that: (1) The UN can NOT force a solution to the PLO's liking, (2) The PLO must reach an agreement with Israel directly, and (3) If it refuses, Palestine will forever remain as it is today - Occupied !!!

15 ) mohamed / somalia
25/01/2012 19:54
nothing new in israeli position they demand and demand while settlement continue , just wasting time.

16 ) ian / australia
26/01/2012 00:16
#3 "Its obvious these are nuts and bolts issues, that without agreement in advance, talks about borders will be pointless." What's obvious Tony B? is that you will say anything! Surely it's the other way round: borders first then security arrangements based on actual geography not generalities! And another thought: what big security issues are there really to work out? When a sovereign Palestine is created it will simply be a country bordering other countries, the simple understanding being...

17 ) ian / austalia
26/01/2012 00:17
(contd.) that it is a crime to attack your neighbours!

18 ) Colin Wright / USA
26/01/2012 02:48
To southparkbear #13 'pals relax take a deep breath...and come back in 10 years' By which time they will all be nicely herded into their ghettos and the entrances bricked up, right? You know who you are -- and so do I.

19 ) Colin Wright / USA
26/01/2012 02:54
The worst of it is that it's a charade -- and one in which the PA is essentially Israel's partner. They may not be conscious of the fact, but that's neither here nor there. At the end of it all, Israel will 'reluctantly' concede to the establishment of a reservation for Palestinians. Whether it's on 10%, or 15%, or even 22% of Palestine doesn't matter. Israel has managed to define the process so that no matter what, she wins, and the Palestinians become American Indians.

20 ) southparkbear / usa
26/01/2012 18:53
no you don't colin. you are full of negativity and hate. I am all about positive and love. and I do see a solution to the pals problem in 40-50 years down the road

21 ) Colin Wright / USA
26/01/2012 22:19
To southparkbear #20 'and I do see a solution to the pals problem in 40-50 years down the road' I know you do. I said you did. Himmler once described himself as 'a leader in the Jewish resettlement program in the East.' In a sense, that was true as well.

22 ) Colin Wright / USA
26/01/2012 22:23
To southparkbear #20 '...colin. you are full of negativity and hate.' Not really. Mostly, just when it comes to Israel. And that of course is because of what Israel is. A lie. An incarnation of brutality and injustice. A futile evil that can never become anything good. I'd see hating those things as a positive. It's certainly better than admiring them.
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