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Abbas: Israel document 'worthless' to talks
Published Sunday 22/01/2012 (updated) 24/01/2012 10:38
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President Mahmoud Abbas shakes hands with Russian President Dmitri
Medvedev as they meet at the Gorki presidential residence outside Moscow
on Jan. 20, 2012. (REUTERS/Vladimir Rodionov, RIA Novosti/Kremlin)
MOSCOW (Ma'an) -- President Mahmoud Abbas said Sunday that Israel's response to a Palestinian proposal on borders and security as requested by Quartet negotiators was "worthless".

Speaking to TV channel Russia Today during his the final leg of his European tour, Abbas said his visit to British, German and Russian leaders was not intended to "isolate or delegitimize Israel," but to look at different routes if current talks between negotiators fail.

"We want to live side-by-side with Israel, but we want to isolate Israeli policy on settlements," he told the program.

Palestinian and Israeli officials met in the Jordanian capital on Saturday, the fourth round of talks since Jan. 3. The international Quartet called for both sides to state their positions on the borders and security arrangements of a future "two-state solution" by Jan. 26, to help open the door to a resumption of full negotiations.

But Palestinian officials insist they cannot return to talks while Israel continues building Jewish-only settlements on lands needed for a viable Palestinian state.

PLO delegates say they handed their proposal to the Israeli side, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he had returned a "21-point document that anyone would agree to."

"We negotiate about two issues, borders and security, so what are the 21 cases?" Abbas told Russia Today on Sunday.

"This is absurd and worthless ... these are codes that no one would understand. He said I am providing you with something, but what did he provide me with?"

Abbas called on the US not to veto attempts to stop Israel expanding settlements, after it nixed a UN resolution on settlement building in February 2011.

"We respect the US and we have a good relationship with it ... however we feel that when it comes to this issue, the US is biased towards Israel," the president said.

Abbas also slammed Israel's detention of top Palestinian lawmaker Aziz Dweik on Friday.

"I don't believe Dweik committed a crime deserving punishment... I say out loud his detention is illegitimate."

Abbas arrived in Russia on Thursday, where he has met with religious leaders and President Dmitri Medvedev, announcing that he will name a street in the West Bank city of Jericho after the Russian president.
1 ) southparkbear / usa
22/01/2012 23:30
keep it. its the best you can get ever

2 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
23/01/2012 01:17
President Abbas: So if Netanyahu's response is worthless--which it is--why in the hell are you and the Palestinians playing stooges by spending your time worthlessly in Amman, Jordan/Palestine ??? ... Since you're out-of-town, when will you tell the Palestinians, the Quartet and our delegation to pack up and get their time-wasting asses the hell OUT of there ??? ... When Medvedev is elected the next Palestinian Prime Minister ??? ... How stupid can you (and everyone) BE ??? ...

3 ) /\/\/\/\/\/\/\\\\/ / |/\|\/|\/\/\/||||
23/01/2012 02:15
Way to pay attention Mr. Abbas. I am proud of you man. Don't be their fool- don't settle for second best. There's only one way to deal with the Zionist occupation- through resistance. I think it's time to start an armed defense program to keep the Zionist occupation forces out of all West Bank towns/cities, stop settlement expansion, and reclaim Jerusalem to rightful Palestine. Also to taking water resources back & cancel Oslo accords immediately. There is no sense in cooperating with Zionist oc

4 ) betz55 / USA
23/01/2012 02:49
GO PALESTINIANS GO !!!! Continue to call Nuttiyahoo for the sneaky liar that he is. He doesn't want peace, he wants land. Continue to make public all of their sneaky double dealing double standards. He is an embarrassment to Israel and should be voted out.

5 ) silver / phil
23/01/2012 04:22
yah, the peace talk is worthless. israel does not want peace but want pal. land.us is partly to be blame for this the AIPAC is a reckoning force and OBAMA is only a blind follower

6 ) document & talks / 'worthless'
23/01/2012 05:11
1- Israel document may be 'worthless', but PLO talks are probably just as 'worthless', and 2- Without these 'worthless' documents & talks, Palestine will never become a real state !!!

7 ) Mark of Lewiston / USA
23/01/2012 06:58
What is wrong with the response would be more helpful. This way neither Israelis nor Palestinians have a clue. The stuff is so wrapped in secrecy it is useless for either people to judge whether or not the effort is worth it.

8 ) Outsider / EU
23/01/2012 08:59
Wikileaks, where are you?

9 ) southparkbear / usa
23/01/2012 10:13
hehehe, we usually use toilet paper for other purposes

10 ) Carlos / USA
23/01/2012 12:10
Abbas is right on. Israel is so ridiculous he needs to be the mirror to hold the Israeli leaders to. So israel can see what a ridiculous group of animals thier government is.

11 ) r cummings / uk
23/01/2012 13:33
Where's the MAP, Israel? The Quartet asked for it before January 26th, you've had 3 months on it, what's the hold-up? Lost your coloured pens? The closest Israel ever got to a map was Olmert's - which he refused to let the PLO keep, copy or study! The reason there's no map is Israel wants to keep everything it's taken, including Area A, but the world and even the USA would be horrified at the scale of Israeli greed. So best keep it secret Netanyahu eh, try to sabotage the talks one more time...

12 ) @ r cummings #11 / Reality
23/01/2012 18:31
Why provide something, that will just lead to fighting, and besides any land deal will come with conditions*, that Palestinians will never accept anyway.

But, YOU ARE WRONG about "Israel wants to keep Area A", where the only thing that could convince Israel to accept dense Palestinians population centers, like Gaza & Area A back would be Palestinians vacating it !!

* Conditions:
- NO right of refugee return,
- Recognize the Jewish State's right to exist, &
- End the Conflict !!

13 ) Tony B? / ME
23/01/2012 21:32
Until the Pals are prepared to recognize the Jewish state's right to exist. Until they do away with all signs to the contrary. Like their emblem that shows all the Jewish land as Palestine. Until they stop inciting Jew hatred. And declare their claims to Jewish land satisfied. Israel is under no obligation to agree to anything. The best thing Israel should do is accelerate the building programme. When the USA goes into financial collapse, there is going to be a lot of Jews making Aliyah.

14 ) @ Tony #13 / Even After/If
24/01/2012 04:27
"Israel is under NO obligation to agree to anything", even after/if the Palestinians do make those changes. - Israel's Obligation Is To Negotiate A Peace Settlement, and NOT to surrender to Palestinian demands !! NO matter how long Palestinians negotiate for insecure Israeli borders, dividing Jerusalem, or refugee return rights, Israel will never agree/surrender to such Arab demands !! - Some may call this insincere, but the "occupation" will continue until Palestinians accept this !!
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