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PLO: IS seizes most of Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus
Israeli forces 'detain 6-year-old' in Jerusalem
Published Wednesday 04/01/2012 (updated) 05/01/2012 16:03
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Muhammad Ali Dirbas, 6, was detained by
Israeli forces in Jerusalem on Tuesday, his
relatives said. (MaanImages/HO)
JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- An undercover Israeli force briefly detained a 6-year-old boy in East Jerusalem on Tuesday, relatives said.

The child's grandfather Dawood Dirbas told Ma'an that Israeli officers raided al-Isawiya and local youth threw stones at the military vehicles.

He said his grandson Muhammad Ali Dirbas was going to the shop when Israeli forces apprehended him and took him to a police station in Salah Addin street where he was interrogated for four hours.

On his release, Muhammad told a Ma'an reporter that police officers tried to scare him "but I am not afraid of them, and they must leave our land."

Residents of al-Isawiya told Ma'an that Israeli forces and undercover police raided the town, firing stun grenades and tear gas as they tried to detain children.

In July, masked, armed Israeli forces were caught on camera detaining teenagers playing football in East Jerusalem.

One of the boys detained, 13-year-old Islam Jaber, said he was taken to a graveyard and beaten up.
1 ) Outsider / EU
04/01/2012 11:23
Wow, that's quite a video. An undercover operation to arrest kids playing football while "settlers" burn land and cut down trees. Nice to see the Israeli authorities have their priorities right.

04/01/2012 16:38
Nothing new here, Arabs teach their kids to throw stones, knowing full well that their age will protect them This kid needs a session in juvenille hall to correct his manners It's S.O.P. to hide behind civilians, Fahti Hammad bragged about it on a video that's on Youtube 1)OUTSIDER - Time for you to cease being an "Outsider" come on over and particiapte..Video's can be doctored, any fool knows that, I suprised you don't

3 ) US Citizen / US
04/01/2012 18:42
WOW !!!! Really tough guys arresting children playing ball. Why don't they try this with the armed resistance factions rather than children ???? Our American dollar$ at work !!! How regrettable and sickening it is.

04/01/2012 19:19
Common sense, Common sense, Common sense. How many times this will be repeated? You contradict yourself. You are justifying the undercover operation by pretending that you know what parents teach their children at home. It looks you are living with them. Then you say: "Video's can be doctored, any fool knows that, I surprised you don't." I tell you why Outsider/EU doesn't. Because he is not fool.

5 ) James Idris / Canada
04/01/2012 21:38
It's amazing how Ben Jabo is on every article posting things to defend stuff that is CLEARLY wrong, you'd deduce that he is a Zionist with no conscience or brains, blindly defending any actions in the name of Israel?

6 ) Colin Wright / USA
04/01/2012 22:46
Is a six year old a new record? I know they've shot them younger, but for an arrest?

7 ) Colin Wright / USA
04/01/2012 22:48
To Ben Jabo #2 'Nothing new here, Arabs teach their kids to throw stones, knowing full well that their age will protect them...' There's a certain inconsistency here, since you know both the IDF and settlers happily shoot children -- youth would offer no protection. I'd say 'there's no inconsistency here... supporters of Israel find themselves driven to rationalize any act, no matter how vile.'

8 ) Supporter of Palestine / Canada
05/01/2012 00:09
Oh wow, do you guys hear yourselves?? "Arabs" teach their kids to throw rocks, but Israelis teach their kids to carry around deadly weapons to combat the rocks. Who's the coward here?

9 ) Ibrahim / Australia
05/01/2012 01:08
BEN Jabo - how fast you forget what the Nazis did and that children were'nt immune from their evil murder. I wonder if you would say the same to the Jews who staged the Warsaw Ghetto uprising..??
It is time for your and for people like you to grow up and become human again.

10 ) southparkbear / usa
05/01/2012 01:26
i heard there's a list of all the women who are about to give birth soon and that IDF plans on interogating all newborns

11 ) Sam / Palestine
05/01/2012 03:50
Common sense, now that is funny. Were you in the homes of any of these children, NO. So, neither do you know what they are taught at home. One thing we are sure they are taught is to go out, try and have fun and play sports. You are just a paid zionist to counter any comments.

12 ) Sam / Palestine
05/01/2012 03:57
Ben, You zionists surely should have doctored the video. Why on earth do the police and military need to have hooded masks on while apprehending children playing soccer. They must have something to hide. I think you should all cover your faces from SHAME.

13 ) Arabian person / USA
05/01/2012 04:14
And everyone calls us terrorists, take a look in the mirror, you guys are the terrorists...smh u guys need some help

14 ) Alex / Sweden
05/01/2012 08:04
@ Ben Jabo: Haha... "Arabs teach their kids to throw stones"... And what are the illegal settlers doing with their children? Shit... Don't blame the victims...

15 ) carrie / uk
05/01/2012 11:40
Omg Awful and heartless ..

16 ) sylvia / UK
05/01/2012 18:07
Yes Colin (no.7), they rationalize the most abhorrent actions or alternatively

a "spokesman" will say: "we have no information/ are unaware of this incident".
Cowards all.

17 ) Yankale / Israel
05/01/2012 19:08
#14 - both settlers and Palestinian population have extremists that keep this stupid war alive!!! both populations have kids throwing rocks, both have potential and actual terrorists! only thing sad here that we seem to arrest children (maybe throwing rocks) on Palestinian side yet only now wake up to deal with the terrorist threat growing in our midst a terrorist threat we kept giving guns too while being blind to their risk (since their terror was directed not to jews

18 ) Colin Wright / USA
06/01/2012 07:23
To James Idris #5 'It's amazing how Ben Jabo is on every article posting things to defend stuff that is CLEARLY wrong, you'd deduce that he is a Zionist with no conscience or brains, blindly defending any actions in the name of Israel?' Ben Jabo et al are actually anti-Zionist moles. We hire them to post outrageous filth and thus discredit Israel.

19 ) John / USA
06/01/2012 09:39
17) But you forget that Zionism is Terrorism my friend. How else to make a Jewish State where the majority were not Jews except by ethnically cleansing the land through terror. Don't pretend to be so innocent.

20 ) La Mexicana / Mexico
06/01/2012 19:29
I was in al-Khalil (hebron), I saw soldiers running after 7 and 8 year olds. Full guear, 6'3" of them. Stopped them. Terrorized them. Kids had been talking to me the whole time, not throwing stones. Others have in the past, 7 and 8 year olds. But so have the Zionist kids. I saw them too, and bottles and urine, and feces. Teach the children??? Arresting, interrogating them for teaching occupation and cruelty! I took a picture w. Zionist child in Pa. in the 1970s w. a toy machine gun. Teaching?

21 ) Free Palestine / USA
08/01/2012 19:54
"the Palestinians are the victims of the victims of the Nazis" whatever the Nazis did to the Jews, the Jews are doing to the palestinians. Here are some examples: 1) in Palestine, Palestinians have to carry a green ID card in order to show they are Palestinians, just like the Jews had to wear a yellow star of David 2) houses are constantly being raided, just as in the holocaust 3) many men women & children are dying. HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF, though you would expect the Jews to learn their lesson
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PLO: IS seizes most of Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus
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