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Hamas commemorates third anniversary of Gaza war
Published Tuesday 27/12/2011 (updated) 29/12/2011 10:24
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Smoke rises over Gaza City after an
airstrike (MaanImages)
GAZA CITY (Ma’an) -- Hamas commemorated the third anniversary of the Gaza war on Tuesday by stating that the coastal enclave has become a symbol of dignity in the face of adversity.

“The siege imposed on Gaza has failed to realize Israel’s goals when faced with the steadfastness and firmness of the Palestinian people," Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said in a Gaza City press conference on Tuesday.

"Instead of being erased from the map, Gaza has become the Qibla (the direction Muslims face when praying) for the free people of the world and a symbol of dignity under challenge."

Israeli threats of another invasion in Gaza do not scare "the Hamas movement or the Palestinian people," and are a symptom of Israel's psychological defeat in the face of resistance.

Abu Zuhri said that the "war crimes" Israel committed in Operation Cast Lead were part of a "genocide which the Palestinian people have been facing since their land was occupied in 1948."

Hamas will continue to refer to the Goldstone report as "proof" of the occupation's war crimes in Gaza.

Abu Zuhri reiterated that his movement would continue to resist the Israeli occupation and is committed to making reconciliation a success, as unity will help the Palestinians gain independence and end the occupation.

Israel launched a three week war on the Gaza Strip on Dec. 27, 2008.

Nearly 1,400 Palestinians were killed in the military assault, including over 300 children. The majority of those killed were civilians.

According to UN figures, 20,000 people were made homeless by the invasion and Israel's military destroyed over 3,500 residential homes.

About 1.7 million Palestinians live in the narrow coastal enclave and UNRWA say Gaza's unemployment rate is still one of the most severe in the world.

The Gaza Strip has been under a sea, land and air blockade imposed by Israel since 2007. The blockade has been described as a form of collective punishment by rights agencies.
1 ) Mohamad / Amman< Jordan
27/12/2011 20:36
If this is Hamas's idea of "dignity" in a war torn country, blocked by the Israelis, I dont know what dignity is. But there again from the pictures of Gaza and its slumping economy maybe (its not the truth) and possibly the economy for many does well and there are many rich people there too, and Hamas is probaly the richest of them all (geting kick-backs from all factories and stores and restaurants to be able stay open and of course from the smuggling tunnels Hamas gets huge kick-backs)

2 ) Tony B? / ME
27/12/2011 21:14
The entire world knows that the war criminals are Hamas, who deliberately target civilians and use their own civilian population as human shields.

3 ) West Banker / Palestine
28/12/2011 01:00
@ Tony B/ME: Actually the ratio of civilian to military personnel killed by Hamas is much lower than the civilian to military personnel ratio of people killed by israelis. So i guess that would irrefutably mean that if Hamas are terrorists, then Zionists are even BIGGER terrorists ;]

4 ) Mohomoud / United states
28/12/2011 02:25
the goldstone report also said that Hamas comitted crimes against humanity

5 ) ian / australia
28/12/2011 13:18
#2 Ah! the old "human shield" trope! What's next? Jerusalem mentioned a zillion times in the Bible and not once in Koran? How about Jewish Nobel Prize winners? Paid by the hour Tony, or per nugget of tired Israeli propaganda? What is the going JIDF rate, I wonder or is it a labour of love, or a mitzvah in itself? And I assume when you say "the entire world" you mean that in the Talmudic sense, because in the real world, support for Palestinian statehood is overwhelming!

6 ) EE / UK
28/12/2011 15:20
Hamas is lying – Israeli policy toward Gaza did achieve it’s goal – terrorist activity generated from Gaza toward Israel is kept at minimum since conclusion of the last war, Hamas is afraid to do anything and keeps pressing other Gaza terrorist organizations to hold their fire. Unfortunately for Gaza’s civilian population such situation does not last usually very long and lessons of the last Gaza war should be repeated soon – so Hamas would not forget those lessons.

7 ) Robby / USA
28/12/2011 16:59
3 ) West Banker / Palestine "Actually the ratio of civilian to military personnel killed by Hamas is much lower..." Maybe a better ratio is those aimed at military/militants targets vs those aimed at civilians?

8 ) Robby / USA
28/12/2011 17:04
5 ) ian / australia "because in the real world, support for Palestinian statehood is overwhelming!" - Is that why they are awash in money and goods from their supporters? Does your country have an embassy there?

9 ) Mel / USA
28/12/2011 17:22
#2:Tony "Baloney"!Correction! 'The entire world knows that the war criminals are(Israelis),who deliberately target civilians and use (the Palestinian children/youth)as human shields.' Dude,U really need therapy for chronic Zionist brainwashing. But! Point of order tho' Zuhri?Operation Cast Lead was not a 'war',in a bilateral sovereign sense.It was a cowardly,UNILATERAL,unprovoked offensive by lying Israeli military on a relatively unarmed,TRAPPED,civilian Gaza population!Now,that's a war crime!

10 ) southparkbear / usa
28/12/2011 23:05
heroic war, hamass won, israel lost. why is it that the loser me is not as upset as the winner mel?

11 ) ian / australia
28/12/2011 23:57
#8 What's your point? I would call support for the UN bid overwhelming. What is it now? 130 countries in the General Assembly including 9 in the Security Council? Surveys of Europeans also show widespread support. PA currently receives aid from Europe, US and elsewhere and when sovereign Palestine becomes a reality, embassies will be set up...including an Australian embassy, maybe in one of those lovely Ottoman buildings in Sheikh Jarrah...insha'Allah!

12 ) Tony B? / ME
29/12/2011 15:32
#9) You claim that the thousands of rockets fired by Hamas from 2006 to 2008 into Israel was not provocation. And you think I'm the one who needs therapy.

13 ) Robby / USA
29/12/2011 17:24
11 ) ian / australia - Are you saying that support of a two state solution means you are pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel? I would guess most supporters of Israel support a two-state solution as well, not sure that shows you are against Israel.

14 ) ian / australia
01/01/2012 07:53
#13 "I would guess most supporters of Israel support a two-state solution as well" Well Robby, I hope you're right, but you've gotta admit scrolling up this page might suggest otherwise! I mean, do Toby B? and EE and southparkbear strike you as "two-state solution" kinda guys? (Of course you could ask.) I would've put them down more as "cattle trucks to Jordan" kinda guys (and we haven't heard from Yehuda Soloman or Robert Haymond or that Business / Israel guy!)...

15 ) ian / australia
01/01/2012 07:56
(contd.)...but if YOU are, well good for you, coz I am too! And of course being "pro-Palestinian", ie. supporting justice for Palestine, doesn't mean you're "anti-Israel" (it just seems that way sometimes!) Happy New Year!
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