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Israel demolishes 2 homes in East Jerusalem
Published Monday 05/12/2011 (updated) 07/12/2011 11:15
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A Palestinian woman shows the photographer a torn holy Koran, from the
rubble of her home, which was partially demolished by Jerusalem municipality
workers following an Israeli government order in the Palestinian East Jerusalem
neighborhood Silwan (AFP/Ahmad Gharabli)
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces demolished two Palestinian homes in occupied East Jerusalem on Monday, locals said.

In Beit Hanina, troops bulldozed the temporary residence of a man who took shelter there after he could not get a permit from the Israeli municipality to build his house, the official PA news agency Wafa reported.

In Silwan, Israeli forces tore down the house of Burhan Burqan, that was home to nine people.

"Israeli troops came at five in the morning to demolish the house and were done by 7 am. They also demolished our barn that had some poultry in it," Burqan said.

The two homes were "illegal, with court-issued demolition orders," an Israeli interior ministry spokeswoman told AFP.

Research by the UN agency for Palestinian refugees found that 990 people -- including 507 children -- have lost their homes in demolitions in the West Bank and East Jerusalem so far this year, more than double the number in 2010, spokesman Chris Gunness told Ma'an on Monday.

"The loss of a home in normal times is highly destabilizing, but in the context of occupation and annexation it often becomes lastingly traumatic, especially for children," Gunness said.

He added: "The United Nations calls on the Israeli authorities to abide by their obligations under international law, of which these displacements and demolitions are a clear violation."

Gunness said 515 Palestinian structures have been demolished in the West Bank this year, of which 22 were in East Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, the Israeli government last month announced tenders for the construction of 800 housing units in Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem, which it occupied in the 1967 Six Day war and annexed shortly afterwards in a move never recognized internationally.

Israel considers all of Jerusalem to be its "eternal and indivisible" capital, while Palestinians insist the eastern sector must form the capital of their promised state.

AFP contributed to this report
1 ) Two Hundred / Will Follow
05/12/2011 21:49

[1] Two demolished homes does NOT a national problem make, and
[2] If we do NOT restart the Peace Process, Two Hundred Will Follow !!

05/12/2011 22:18

3 ) Malone / Hfx
05/12/2011 23:31
They just tore her(illegal) house down and all she's worried about is her koran??? lolol..it obviously wasn't her house to begin with...BTW,you forgot the pic of the crying baby....gotta have that for the bleeding hearts.

4 ) Julie / USA
06/12/2011 00:35
izrahell falsely tries to justify their war crimes, crimes against humanity, and breaking international law by deeming them legitimate...because that's what terrorists do...which nobody ever accepts.

5 ) BornFree&Equal / Scotland
06/12/2011 01:14
Beit Jonatan is also illegal and also in Silwan. There have been orders for its demolition for many years yet it still stands. One law for Jewish settlers, another for Palestinians. This cannot be democracy, indeed it is immoral. This is ethnic cleansing and it must end with equal treatment for all.

6 ) Lukas / AntiZionist
06/12/2011 16:52
These types of policies are what America's first Afro American president psychopath Obama condones. He recently named Israel as the USA's foremost ally. Also, nutbars as Malone/Hfx supports and excuses them and thinks it is funny when people lose their homes.

7 ) Zionist / Anti-Lukas
06/12/2011 20:50
Nobody complains when Pals build on their land. Don't complain when Israelis do the same! And what have Pals got to offer Americans as allies? A street party when terrorists attack them perhaps? You people are so out of touch with the real world!

8 ) southparkbear / usa
07/12/2011 02:00
ok i guess this is the hate/losers section as maan blocks comments but others

9 ) abu Emeth / usa
07/12/2011 20:55
3) malone, i have to remind myself that alleged human beings who can spew such septic sarcasm at another family's tragedy may be on medication appropriate for delusional sociopaths. your heart doesn't bleed because perhaps you are a member of the zionist undead and it is stone cold, unlike your common sense, which is non-existent. yes #3, an invader has no right to issue any palestinian a housing permit, because the occupier has no authority. occupy your brain with compassion, not stupidiosities

10 ) abu Emeth / usa
07/12/2011 21:02
7)Z, ur very disingenuous; according to zionists, all of palestine is 'israel', and yet you say, "nobody complains when pals build on their land." the problem here is zionists refuse to permit palestinians human and civil rights, and demolish their homes on their soil, with american made caterpillar equipment (boycott caterpillar). have you 4gotten the israelis busted in new jersey when 9/11 occured? u have 4goten hundreds of mossad 'art students' busted after 9/11. ur real world is a fairytale.

11 ) Freefreepalestinelongliveliban / United states
08/12/2011 02:25
For the record, the crying child would be an understatement for what the zionists have formulated. A crying baby does not equal the hundreds orphaned and the thousands forced into inhumane poverty. Zionist Israelis need to stoptaking their anger out on te innocent civilians who, for your information, were the nation before the Brits began terrorizing their beautiful country. May god bless you with sanity and sympathy because clearly, you lack both.

12 ) S. Parsons / Canada
11/12/2011 22:19
Choosing 'just peace' and resisting the pressure to choose sides is a most difficult and lonely place. While you look for compromise and/or the third option; many will tug from both sides pulling you apart. Efforts to stay with 'just peace' are interpreted as not understanding, caring or worse apathetic. Fear and violence have deep roots and love seems to go without notice or seems impotent. Yet, those who hold to the loving, 'just' option, will have the last say. I know this to be true.
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