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Medics: Israeli airstrike kills 1, critically wounds another
Published Sunday 30/10/2011 (updated) 31/10/2011 13:10
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Relatives of Islamic Jihad militant Muhammad Ashour mourn during his funeral
in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip on Oct. 30, 2011.
(REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa)
GAZA CITY (Ma’an) -- A fighter from the armed wing of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine was killed, and another critically injured, as Israel launched an airstrike on the Gaza Strip hours after a ceasefire truce was agreed upon by Gaza militants.

Medical spokesman in the Gaza Strip Adham Abu Salmiya said that one man was killed in the airstrike on Rafah. The victim was identified as Ahmad Jarkhoun.

Another man was critically wounded and rushed to hospital, he added.

The National Resistance Brigades, the armed wing of the DFLP, announced in a statement that Jarkhoun was one of their leaders. They confirmed that he was killed in the Israeli airstrike.

The statement called on resistance factions in Gaza to retaliate for "this cowardly crime."

The Israeli army confirmed the strike, claiming that militants in the southern Gaza Strip were preparing to fire projectiles, a statement said.

The latest strike on the coastal enclave comes as the Islamic Jihad movement confirmed earlier on Sunday that it would abide by truce efforts.

"Islamic Jihad is committed to the truce as long as the occupation commits to it," an official told AFP, speaking on condition of anonymity.

"This decision comes after Egyptian efforts to convince the resistance factions, especially Islamic Jihad leaders in Damascus," he added.

Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip killed nine fighters from Islamic Jihad's armed wing on Saturday, and Gaza militants fired a volley of rockets and mortars into southern Israel, killing one Israeli in Ashkelon.

The most recent flareup in violence is the worst since August, when clashes in and around the Gaza Strip killed 27 Palestinians and an Israeli.

The confrontations erupted when Israel launched airstrikes on the coastal enclave after blaming a militant group for an attack in Israel which killed eight people.

AFP contributed to this report
1 ) Shai / Israel
30/10/2011 16:23
It's rather worrying that even if a ceasefire is agreed upon between Israel and Hamas, there will always be another organization that will not abide by it. First it was Islamic Jihad, now the DFLP. Who's next?

2 ) Tony B? / ME
30/10/2011 16:24
Who are these terrorist scumbags trying to kid? They fire rockets and then immediately call a truce. Do they expect Israel to say "oh that's OK, we'll forget about the fact you just attacked us and accept your BS truce?"

3 ) Mel / USA
30/10/2011 16:54
Expect no truce/mutual peace from Zionism or Israel.It's heartbeat is egoistic arrogance,'chosen' domination & exceptionalism.Zionism feeds/thrives on violence,to vindicate & justify its ideology & existance. Ideological 'Crusaders' always need violence,against 'others'(millions of innocent civilians) to achieve their delusional "end-times". If there's mutually respectful peace & civil equity(with others) their delusions won't be 'fulfilled' & all they've been taught,will be recognized as myth.

4 ) Ajibola Hasan / Nigeria
30/10/2011 17:16
Gazan Resistances should not really on ceasefire been reach with Israel, cos they betrayer. BEN JABO, wher are you, i have been looking for you on this post for times. Description of Palestinian in the Holy Koran will be deliver at the moments.

5 ) Mo / Canada
30/10/2011 17:32
Yea, seriously, you can't really fault Israel here. They agreed to a ceasefire and then a few hours later Israel attacks and kills someone, however that someone apparently was about to shoot a rocket into Israel in hopes to kill civilians! So, who really broke that ceasefire??

6 ) Nada / Ramallah
30/10/2011 17:36

7 ) Jeff / Canada
30/10/2011 17:46
If the palestinian terrorists stop firing rockets at the israeli civilians, there will be peace. Any palestinian who denies that the Palestinians are the true aggressors here is so locked up in their personal schema that they deflect all things that defy it away. IT IS OBVIOUS WHO IS THE REAL AGGRESSOR HERE-- THE PALESTINIAN TERRORISTS, NOT ISRAELI CITIZENS

8 ) sort out the wording / maan usa
30/10/2011 17:47
zionists enemy/occupiers =idf/israel army freedom fighters=gaza militants..

9 ) Mike B / UK
30/10/2011 17:47
Is it not cowardly to launch mortars and rockets blindly into civilian areas?
How can the DFLP expect sympathy when they do not practice what they preach?

10 ) Julie / USA
30/10/2011 18:46
are you joking? why would ANYONE expect israel to behave???? israeli terrorists NEVER honor ANY agreement and they never will!!! HEIL IZRAHELL!

11 ) Tina / USA
30/10/2011 18:50
Israel is a terrorist state. It was founded on terrorism and until it accepts bi-nationalism with equality for all people, not just Jews, it will remain a terrorist state! The siege and constant terror on Palestine are acts of war for which Palestinians have every right to retaliate! Israel has violated every "truce," every resolution and every "peace agreement" every minute of every day since 1948 without exception!!! Tony B, your rhetoric needs to be reversed!

12 ) southparkbear / usa
30/10/2011 19:43
this is not good, only 10 terrorists are down. there are those 477 plus another 10000 in gaza.

13 ) Chimo / USA
30/10/2011 21:29
Ohhhh, there's Mel (or whatever your real name is) complaining about Israel defending their citizens from crude and cowardly rocket attacks directed at a civillian population And Mel is pissed cause Israel killed not civilians but terrorists who were in the midst of firing. Poor Mel, you just keep up the whining, and keep backing the losers and Israel will keep hitting them every time they fire their rockets

14 ) Colin Wright / USA
31/10/2011 00:10
To Shai #1 'It's rather worrying that even if a ceasefire is agreed upon between Israel and Hamas, there will always be another organization that will not abide by it. First it was Islamic Jihad, now the DFLP. Who's next?' Technically, it was just Israel that didn't abide by it.

15 ) Jeff / Canada
31/10/2011 00:10
Well said #13. I like people that are logical.

16 ) Ono / Norway
31/10/2011 01:05
Don't worry, israel is going to loose legitimacy- sooner or later, perhaps a wat will break out, but this time, they will be defeated.

17 ) TheAZCowBoy / US
31/10/2011 02:01
A burglar in your house at 3:00 a.m. has no right to self defense. Thus, all Jews must be killed 'on the spot' anywhere in Palestine and their 3,000 year old 'expired' lein on Palestinian lands declared 'null and void.' Then you drag the body out to the city dump and have the local Rabbi sprinkle holy water sent by the Pope on him and than you're done. Ta-Da!.

18 ) Colin Wright / USA
31/10/2011 02:55
To Mo #5 'They agreed to a ceasefire and then a few hours later Israel attacks and kills someone, however that someone apparently was about to shoot a rocket into Israel in hopes to kill civilians! ' This assumes Israel is telling the truth, which is a completely unwarranted assumption. It's possible they are, of course.

19 ) Colin Wright / USA
31/10/2011 02:57
To southparkbear #12 'this is not good, only 10 terrorists are down. there are those 477 plus another 10000 in gaza.' You're starting to figure out why Israel can't win. Terror COULD work -- if Israel could apply it in Nazi-like doses. But she can't, and the amounts she can apply are actually counterproductive. She infuriates, without being able to intimidate.

20 ) pixiebelle / UK
31/10/2011 03:32

21 ) Robert / Malaysia
31/10/2011 04:20
How many people Israel want to kill.. Roket ?? you must be joking.. how many people can die if you roket with it.. How about IsraHell weapon ?? Bom, Air strike, ..What a joke all this pro-Israel.. You been fool of being a puppet to this Jewish state.. Remember my fellow Christian that .. The Jew kill Jesus Christ..Christian is anti- Jewish.. Anti-israel for Christian ... We learn psychology.. You will know how much suffer if your land was be stolen of your family die in front of your eye.. !!

22 ) salah / Palestine
31/10/2011 07:19
Mr. Chimo , I said what i'm going to say many times that is Israel has now , and only now, a golden oppurtunity to make a real peace.In the comming few years, Israel will seek peace but the others will refuse the offer.Although Israel in a great dange thesedays, its leadres still use the old-fashioned ways of thinking.You can not rule othe people with force.The world has changed . Let's release ourselves from this debate ,who begins the violence .Such debates is a waste of time.

23 ) Ali / Gaza
31/10/2011 08:10
ITF = A sick army that murders kids /woman/man and unarmed on occupied land.

24 ) Nour / One-State
31/10/2011 08:14
The head of the Zionist cartel, Benjamen Milliekowky, declared yesterday that there's no ceasefire in Gaza, and never will be. What further boost to the notion that no ceasefire with Zionism is possible, ever, does one need? You do not negotiate with Zionists or Zionism. You surround them, politically, militarily, and economically. You suffocate them until their Europeans head back to their former countries - we have just about had it with these parasites.

25 ) ABE / USA
31/10/2011 17:17
To #24 Nour "You surround them, politcally, militarily, and economically" How do you propose to do that? you live in a fantasy! Get real before it's to late for a Palestinian state.

26 ) Malone / Hfx
01/11/2011 01:21
#24..Nour...how can you surround them militarily when you don'thave a functioning military..Israel could destroyyou before lunch time if they desired...you're politically divided...useless,and the economy isin shambles because you hate Israel more than you love yourselves...in other words...losers...by your own choice.

27 ) Deryasini / USA
01/11/2011 20:10
I've been abroad my homeland palestine for forty years because the terrorist entity of Israel forced my parents to seek refuge elsewhere and all il here is that Palestinians are the terrorists ? It's our fault Arabs that whenever we speak of these blood thirsty Europeans the zionists we dint make them sound enough criminals and we call them Israelis. When ever we speak of them call them nothing but the worse names like the blood thirsty thieves of palestine , the terrorist entity of man kind.
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