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Gaza death toll reaches 9, rocket kills Israeli
Published Saturday 29/10/2011 (updated) 30/10/2011 17:49
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A man mourns at a hospital following an Israeli airstrike in Rafah in the
southern Gaza Strip October 29, 2011. Israeli forces attacked an Islamic Jihad
camp Saturday, killing a commander of the Palestinian faction and four other
operatives, officials on both sides said. (Reuters/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa)
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip killed four more fighters from Islamic Jihad's armed wing on Saturday evening, after an earlier airstrike on the coastal enclave killed five members from the group.

Medical spokesman in Gaza Adham Abu Salmiya said that two fighters from the al-Quds Brigades were killed in the strike on Rafah, south Gaza, while two more were killed in a separate strike.

He identified two victims as 21-year-old Sami Abu Sabt and 25-year-old Suleiman Abu Fatima, both from Rafah. Their bodies were transferred to Abu Yousef al-Najjar Hospital in the city, he added.

The Palestinian civil defense managed to recover the bodies of two other Palestinians killed in an Israeli airstrike on western Gaza City late Saturday. They were later identified as Suheil Jundieh and Murdi Hajjaj.

Israeli media reported that a man had died from his injuries after a projectile fired from the Gaza Strip hit the southern city of Ashkelon.

More than 20 projectiles and mortar bombs hit different sites in southern Israel on Saturday, wounding two civilians and damaging buildings, Israeli police and the army said.

Islamic Jihad, the leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and Fatah-aligned al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades separately took credit.

An Israeli army statement confirmed a direct hit on a site being used to fire projectiles into Israel.

Richard Miron, the spokesman for UN special envoy for the peace process Robert Serry, said the recent escalations "are very worrying."

Miron said in a statement received by Ma'an that "it is vital to de-escalate now, without delay. We strongly appeal for calm and an end to the violence and bloodshed."

Remarking on the Rafah deaths, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri accused Israel of a "serious escalation against our people."

Earlier, warplanes fired on southern Gaza, killing five members of Islamic Jihad's armed wing and injuring 15 others, four of them seriously, medics and security officials said.

Witnesses said two missiles hit a military site operated by the al-Quds Brigades northeast of Rafah. The attack killed Ahmad al-Sheikh Khalil, a prominent leader in the brigades.

Shortly thereafter rockets were launched toward Israeli targets, the military said. An army spokeswoman confirmed that three projectiles struck Israeli territory around 5 p.m.

President Mahmoud Abbas' office called on Israel to stop its escalation.

Nabil Abu Rudaineh, the president’s spokesman, was quoted by the official Palestinian Authority news agency Wafa as also calling on factions in Gaza “to avoid giving Israel a pretext to wage a new war on Gaza and to tighten the siege.”

Senior Hamas leader Ahmad Bahar on Saturday said that Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip were an attempt to "trick the resistance into a new round of escalation."

The latest round of Israeli violence was a way of compensating for the recent prisoner deal, which Bahar described as a “strategic victory for Palestinian resistance.”

Reuters contributed to this report
1 ) southparkbear / usa
29/10/2011 23:04
by the way, is the car for sell? at least the parts?

2 ) palestinian / occupied Palestine
29/10/2011 23:45
wow maan!!! palestinian website my a$$$$$ ... with all the deaths and injuries and destruction in gaza, you show a pic of ashdood???!!!! change you american editors and get palestinians!!!! we dont need another american website here, we need a palestinian one!!

3 ) Shirlee / Australia
30/10/2011 00:11
They want peace and a separate country ?? What a joke

4 ) ian / australia
30/10/2011 00:43
Firing rockets at Ashdod is as stupid as it gets and anyone who thinks it is effective "resistance" is delusional! Ahmad Bahar is right. Israel would just love a "a new round of escalation". It's what they live for. It solves all their problems and if people are so easily "tricked" into giving them the "pretext" to start...G-d help them!

5 ) Colin Wright / USA
30/10/2011 00:48
To Palestinian #2 It's probably better this way. I, for one, find myself using Ma'an as my 'base' for facts. If if were more partisan, I'd tend to return to Ha'aretz and work from there. You wanna seize the high ground, and that high ground is being the one who is perceived as being 'objective.' There ain't no such animal, but never mind that.

6 ) Colin Wright / USA
30/10/2011 00:53
Actually, Ma'an misses the most significant fact. To the extent that anyone can be said to initiate anything in all this, Israel initiated this round, with airstrikes killing five. THEN Islamic Jihad/Al Aqsa fired the rocket barrage, fatally wounding an Israeli.

7 ) Colin Wright / USA
30/10/2011 00:57
(Unless you happen to be one of the dead) the most important element in all this is that Israel has NOT succeeded in transmogrifying this into an act of Palestinian aggression. So far at least, the New York Times et al are clearly indicating that Israel struck first, then the Palestinians retaliated.

8 ) johnny / USA
30/10/2011 01:03
If the palestinians would stop firing rockets, Israel would stop retaliating. Simple as that.

9 ) Colin Wright / USA
30/10/2011 01:34
There's another element that seems to have been overlooked. Whatever happened to Iron Dome?

10 ) Colin Wright / USA
30/10/2011 01:35
To Southparkbear #1 'by the way, is the car for sell? at least the parts?' I'm curious: when you posted that, did you realize those were Israeli cars?

11 ) Mo / Canada
30/10/2011 01:53
The reporting here is disgustingly rediculous. You focus so much on the Paelsitinian dead and bearely mention WHY they are dead. Some truth: Since Saturday over 20 GRAD rockets (not homemade) & missiles were sent into Israel FOR NO REASON, Israel did NOTHING to get that barrage. The rockets landed in a school courtyard and one of them killed a civillian minding his own business. And who did Israel kill?? Hamas militants aiming to FIRE MORE ROCKETS! Stop lying about who's the aggresor here!

12 ) Danny / UK
30/10/2011 02:04
'palestinian' - if you don't like this site read the Arabic version or read another news site. The English version is designed for English speakers who can read and write the English correctly, looking at your spelling and grammar, this is not you. For the record, being a Palestinian news website doesn't mean only reporting news of Palestinian deaths, nor does it mean supporting Palestine. It has become far too easy for Palestinians to close their eyes/ears to the news of Israeli deaths.

13 ) ian / australia
30/10/2011 02:15
southparkbear #1 You often provide my morning chuckle!

14 ) southparkbear / usa
30/10/2011 05:57
yes colin, i would love to bring one to the US and send it on a tour here is what the new UN member wanna be does all the times. if it was a palestinian car you know I am the occupier so i could just go and take it. That's my god given right as the bad boy in the hood

15 ) Ajibola Hasan / Nigeria
30/10/2011 06:10
If the Hamas started full scale war, Israel will seriously suffered and Hezbollah will sparks.

16 ) Colin Wright / USA
30/10/2011 09:09
To Danny #12 'The English version is designed for English speakers who can read and write the English correctly, looking at your spelling and grammar, this is not you.' 'read and write the English correctly...' When criticizing someone else's grammar, it's a good idea to proofread your own post. I'll also point out that the above is a run-on sentence.

17 ) Colin Wright / USA
30/10/2011 09:11
To Mo #11 'Some truth: Since Saturday over 20 GRAD rockets (not homemade) & missiles were sent into Israel FOR NO REASON, Israel did NOTHING to get that barrage. ' Nothing other than first killing five Palestinians, that is.

18 ) Colin Wright / USA
30/10/2011 09:14
To Danny #12 'It has become far too easy for Palestinians to close their eyes/ears to the news of Israeli deaths.' I bet you really concern yourself with Palestinian deaths. Do you even notice them if they come in clumps of less than twenty? I'll also point out that the Zionists are welcome to leave. It's not their country, never was, and never will be.

19 ) ian / australia
30/10/2011 11:01
#12 Danny / UK What's so wrong about palestinian's spelling and grammar? (#2) Apart from one little typo it looks perfect to me. Maybe there's a few too many exclamation marks but at least he's not a condescending snob like you! No offence.

20 ) ME / Israel
30/10/2011 11:38
#7 if u want to go to the start, go all the way! 3 days befor those 5 were killed there was one more rocket lunched at ashdod by those 5 exactly!

21 ) Danny / UK
30/10/2011 15:20
'ian' - Just so you know, Australia has a capital 'A'. 'Colin Wright' - Do you know me? Do you know how I feel about Palestinian death? You obviously have no idea of who I am or my opinion re. Palestine. Sadly, like all pro-Palestinian Westerners, you are only able to see death and suffering when it happens to Palestinians. Israelis are human beings too. Are you seriously asking those people born in Israel to 'leave'? Can I ask the Palestinians of Syrian decent to 'leave' the West Bank?

22 ) Danny / UK
30/10/2011 15:22
'Colin' - Also, with regard to my grammar; 'the English' to which I was referring was 'the English' of the English language Ma'an news website. I shall take no lessons in the English language from an American.

23 ) Henri / France
30/10/2011 15:56
Palestinians have defined the ration that one Israeli equals 1027 Arabs. So Israel has still a lot of Arabs to kill to establish the balance.

24 ) Mahdonnah / Canada
30/10/2011 16:23
Palestinians have a hard head and difficulty learning, Israel needs to hit them harder and take this opPortunity the pals gave us to eliminate all the freed prisoners!! Long live Israel !! Attack and be attack, stop complaining about the violance if you start it!!

25 ) johnny / USA
30/10/2011 17:43
#11, MO from canada, VERY WELL SAID!

26 ) Israeli / Israel
30/10/2011 17:58
Good point Henri on the 1000 to one! And now Hamas has given back Gilad, no reason not to pursue that strategy. We shall "transmography" the rocket launchers into compost. (I am learning English from Colin ). Of course, the Gazans are free to leave and go back to Egypt or Mecca or Yemen.

27 ) ian / australia
30/10/2011 23:04
Danny #21 "Just so you know, Australia has a capital 'A'." That's it? That's the come back? Well, we both know that's not worth responding to. "Are you seriously asking those people born in Israel to 'leave'?" Colin can speak for himself, but let me remind you the official Palestinian proposal before the UN doesn't ask anyone to "leave", maybe relocate a few miles in some cases but basically just obey the law and behave like a reasonable world citizen as opposed to a vicious rogue state!

28 ) ian / australia
30/10/2011 23:06
(contd.) "Sadly, like all pro-Palestinian Westerners, you are only able to see death and suffering when it happens to Palestinians." Danny, it's just that there are so many more Palestinian deaths which are somehow "sadder" given the imbalance in power and the fact that as the rightful natural owners of the country, having lived nowhere else, they have nowhere else to go! Pretty sad, eh? Can the same really be said for a subsidised economic migrant in a settlement or a wealthy American...

29 ) ian / australia
30/10/2011 23:11
(contd.) in a nice apartment having made "Aliyah" (read: moved into) someone else's country, indeed house, in some cases or a scary teenager with dead eyes and an Uzi doing miltary service for that matter! "I shall take no lessons in the English language from an American." LOL! You just can't help yourself can you? Danny, you have to admit you do come across a bit on the superior and snobby side. Again, no offence!

30 ) ian / australia
30/10/2011 23:59
#23 An excellent point Henri! Well reasoned! Clearly a subtle global political mind at work! Are you in Mensa? You and Mahdonnah / Canada (#24) easily your mental equal, should get a room for your little hate-in!

31 ) ian / australia
31/10/2011 00:16
#23, #24 Hey, Henri and Mahdonnah...you've got a little buddy! Sounds like #26 Israeli / Israel would be up for some hate-in action! Will I book the room?

32 ) Colin Wright / USA
31/10/2011 00:20
To Ian #29 '...Danny, you have to admit you do come across a bit on the superior and snobby side. Again, no offence!' That wouldn't be so bad except that he's simultaneously illiterate himself. Actually, I guess that's good. Rather than being genuinely irritating, he merely makes himself look ridiculous.

33 ) ian / australia
31/10/2011 00:42
Mo / Canada #11 I thought the attack that killed Ahmed al-Sheikh Khalil came first and the Grad rockets fired Saturday were in response which is why the al-Quds Brigades claimed responsibilty so quickly. Of course it's all very "chicken and egg" over there and basically everyone should stop trying to kill each other immediately! I mean all criminal activity should end, including the siege of Gaza and the occupation of the West Bank. Don't you think?

34 ) Danny / UK
31/10/2011 01:27
I'm neither superior, nor am I snobby; that said however it seems you still haven't been able to find the caps lock on your keyboard. This is 'ian' from 'australia' I know a great deal about Palestine, I'd be willing to bet I know a great deal more than you, having lived there amongst my Palestinian brothers and sisters, so there is evidently no point in arguing with someone such as your self, who quite clearly knows all of the 'facts'.

35 ) Danny / UK
31/10/2011 01:36
Two points though 'ian': 1. The fact that you classify Palestinian deaths as 'sadder' than the deaths of Israelis is disturbing; I am sickened that any human being has a scale of how 'sad' any death is. 2. Regardless of whether you agree with Zionism or not, and for the record I don't, you have to accept that the majority of Israeli citizens were born on that soil, thus it is just as much 'their country'. I wonder if you would call on the Europeans living in Australia/US/Canada to 'relocate'...

36 ) ian / australia
31/10/2011 02:45
#26 Israeli / Israel "We shall "transmography" the rocket launchers into compost. (I am learning English from Colin )." Not so sure about the sentiment but good for you! And Colin is a good place to learn. Should be transmogrify though, but still a good word! One more thing: Gazans can't really "go back to Egypt or Mecca or Yemen" can they? because they were never there before and wouldn't some of them at least actually be Jews who "transmogrified" into Muslims a long time ago? Think about it!

37 ) ian / australia
31/10/2011 03:50
#26 Israeli/Israel Just a bit more about Gaza: not so sure how easy it is for anyone to just "leave" Gaza, but if, as you say "the Gazans are free to leave and go back..." well the last known address for most Gazans, before being locked up in the Strip, was southern "Israel", in Njad (Sderot), Ashkelon, Ashdod, Beersheba etc. so if they are "free to leave and go back" anywhere surely their old homes makes more sense than "Egypt or Mecca or Yemen" wouldn't you say?

38 ) johnny benson / usa
31/10/2011 06:59
1000 to 0ne..is not fair...in reality..you have 1billion and many millions to maybe 10-12 million...like 5000 to one..or 10k to one.....thats about the diff in brain power

39 ) ian / australia
31/10/2011 09:06
#34 "I'm neither superior, nor am I snobby; that said however it seems you still haven't been able to find the caps lock on your keyboard" Still sounds pretty huffy to me! But Danny, brother, you're probably not such a bad guy. Perhaps a bit competitive (joking) so I'll take back superior and snobby...but did you actually read my posts? "Relocate" implied the short move, fully financed, from say, Har Homa to somewhere in Israel proper to give Palestinians the chance to create a viable state...

40 ) ian / australia
31/10/2011 09:08
(contd.) in (a fraction of) their historic home. This is uncontroversial. Even Condaleeza Rice, as I recall, called Har Homa illegal! And I repeat, the UN proposal, which is the official PLO position, accepts the right of Israelis to 78% of historic Palestine! That's the moderate, balanced view I support (unlike my more hot-headed peers) and would have thought had clearly conveyed...so when you wonder if I would "call on the Europeans living in Australia/US/Canada to 'relocate'...well,

41 ) ian / australia
31/10/2011 09:10
(contd.) you haven't read me very carefully have you? Now, sad deaths. Danny, cut me some slack! Allow me a little poetic license! That said however...when, say, Ariel Sharon dies, or Netanyahu senior...will that be sad? I suppose for some but will it be as sad as that little boy in Gaza whose arms and legs were blown off by a drone while he was playing and died after a week in agony because his family couldn't get any help. Remember that story? That was pretty heart breaking, didn't you find?

42 ) ian / australia
31/10/2011 09:12
(contd.) But what was so sad about it was that that was all that little boy's life amounted to courtesy of the criminal policies of the current Israeli government! So it's not something you could argue in a court of law, or stratify formally God forbid, but I would think it human nature for people to find some thing's more touching, "sadder" than others.

43 ) Yaakov / Israel
31/10/2011 10:04
#36 check your historic facts! close to 50% of the Arabic population was brought from Egypt about 200 years ago, most of the population in Gaza is originally Egyptian!(1832-1840 Israel was under a short phase of Egyptian rule) so if you ask Jews that came from Europe 150 years ago or 60 years ago escaping the Holocaust to go back, you might as well justify asking the Gazans to go back to Egypt! (I personally think you cant ask non to go back and we should just learn to get along)

44 ) ian / australia
31/10/2011 15:51
#43 Yaakov / Israel, I couldn't agree more with your last sentence and I don't think I have ever, and I mean ever, seen that said here before! About the other stuff...I'm sure you're right and you would know better than me because you live there...but I'm always suspicious of arguments that seem to infer that the place was "empty" desert waiting to bloom, when the Zionists arrived! Lastly, I have never asked anyone to "go back" anywhere (except for crazy settlers in illegal outposts)

45 ) ian / australia
31/10/2011 15:53
and I am on record here saying the idea is preposterous ("Jordan king: We are Israel's last ally in region" Oct 27). #26 got the ball rolling suggesting disgruntled Gazans could "go back to Egypt or Mecca or Yemen" which I contested. My own view, Yaakov, shared by many, is that sooner rather than later, you guys will have to draw a line on the map and divide your beautiful region into two states, in a way that is fair and that everyone can live with...or if not, learn to get along in one!

46 ) Danny / UK
31/10/2011 15:54
I find the death of innocent Palestinian children as disgusting as the death of innocent Israeli children (remember Itamar, the school bus in the Negev?) and the fact that you are blinded by numbers of death or the ethnicity/religion of the perpetrator/victim still disgusts me. And with regards to 'relocating', all I'm asking is that you relocate a few miles back to the UK from your illegal settlement on aboriginal land, please stop occupying their land, nobody likes a settler.

47 ) ian / australia
01/11/2011 03:43
(contd.) Of course the residents of Har Homa, say, could always stay on as law abiding Jewish citizens of Palestine, but what, pray tell, other than one big happy state is the alternative? You don't seem like a "bus 'em to Jordan" kinda guy...so what is it? What is your vision for the future? Mine is outlined in post #45 to Yaakov, unremarkable, unoriginal and supported by just about everyone. Hell, Sting probably supports it! But I digress.

48 ) ian / australia
01/11/2011 03:44
(contd.) Danny, we do agree on one thing, "nobody likes a settler" (which in the Israeli context is quite an admission!) but to state the obvious, I don't live in an "illegal settlement on aboriginal land" and don't need to "relocate a few miles [sic] back to the UK" (which is where you assume I'm from originally...I suppose "Ian" is a giveaway). Danny, Australia has done what all advanced countries have done: admitted historic wrongs (not technically crimes, as acts now thought heinous...

49 ) ian / australia
01/11/2011 03:45
(contd.)...were not proscribed by law at the time), formaly apologised and extended full citizenship and all the rights that implies to all! When it's too late to "go back" that is the decent alternative...yet to be implemented, I might point out, in Israel! So that's it! Everything covered. Well almost everything. Can't end without noting the irony of your perjorative description of me as "blinded by numbers of death or the ethnicity/religion of the perpetrator/victim"...

50 ) ian / australia
01/11/2011 03:54
(contd.) Would you like to read that carefully again? Isn't that the perfect description of the Jewish obsession? I mean, been to Vad Vashem lately? Tasteless? Maybe. True? I think so. Danny, brother, do the right thing, peace!

51 ) ian / australia
01/11/2011 03:59
(contd.) ...which disgusts you so! Would you like to read that carefully again? Isn't that the perfect description of the Jewish obsession? I mean, been to Vad Vashem lately? Tasteless? Maybe. True? I think so. Danny, brother, do the right thing. Peace!
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