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Home near Nablus 'firebombed by settlers'
Published Thursday 27/10/2011 (updated) 29/10/2011 10:26
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The Hanini family home and a vehicle parked outside sustained serious
damage in what one Palestinian official has called a settler attack.
NABLUS (Ma'an) -- A family in Nablus says Israeli settlers blew up a room in their home and firebombed their jeep early Thursday.

Shaheer Hanini, 40, told Ma'an the family was woken by two blasts at their home in Beit Furik at around 2 a.m.

They found a room at the back of the house burnt out and their jeep, parked in front of the home, on fire. Hanini says he used a water tank to put out the blaze.

Hanini said a gas tank outside the home attached to an oven had been dragged into the living room and set on fire, and he blamed settlers for the attack.

The family's furniture, TV, laptop and cell phone were destroyed in the blast.

Palestinian Authority settlement affairs official Ghassan Doughlas said the attack marked an escalation in settler violence. He urged the international community to intervene.

Palestinian People's Party politburo member Nasr Abu Jaish told Ma'an that the incident was an organized and provocative action targeting civilians.

Abu Jaish said parties would meet in Nablus on Thursday to form committees to protect homes and guard communities from further attacks.

David Haivri, an advocate for settlements in the northern West Bank, said his community was unaware of the allegations and doubted their validity.

"We think they're making it up," he told Ma'an.

Meanwhile near Jerusalem, settlers uprooted some 20 olive trees in southern Jerusalem, police official Luba al-Samri said. They vandals left a banner reading "price tag," al-Samri said.

Israeli police are investigating the incident, al-Samri added.

1 ) Colin Wright / USA
28/10/2011 02:20
Since the state of Israel certainly won't protect the Palestinians, as far as I can see their only option would be retaliation draconian enough to discourage a repetition. You have to know how to talk to the Zionists.

2 ) wjm / usa
28/10/2011 02:56
Is the US Congress, who provides Israel with $3 billion a year and top drawer armaments, even know of this? Or are they so much in the pocket of Israel that they look the other way?

3 ) sandra b / Citizen of the World
28/10/2011 03:27
David Ha'ivri is a liar, I have had many encounters with this person. He wouldn't speak the truth if it slapped him in the face. I have a growing file on him.It appears this family were targeted because they have a nice home and cars.Its past time the P:A began hunting down and arresting these criminals.....

4 ) sharon-marie / Australia
28/10/2011 03:44
Where are the "Hell’s Angels “in my day that is who would sort these type of things and people whom engage in this stuff out very jolly smartly..I say send in some real tough guys and give these settlers a lesson in respect.

5 ) betz55 / USA
28/10/2011 05:50
Can you even imagine what would happen if this had happened to an israeli family? We wouldn;t hear the end of it. "Price tag" is terrorism. The illegal settler squat nazis have to go. Drive them from their homes back to israel proper, better yet, ship them to the Negev and let them be pioneers there. They deserve to wander in their own desert for the next 40 years.

6 ) Mark of Lewiston / USA
28/10/2011 06:29
Sorry, Colin. Draconian retaliation is exactly wrong. Abu Jaish has the right idea. Guarding homes is the correct approach. If the PA can provide police or Presidential armed security forces, the attackers will be surprised, caught and arrested. Then the PA can try them is Palestinian military courts. One catch with trial and sentencing should give pause. Even one or two nights in the Jericho prison may be a real lesson.

7 ) Julie / USA
28/10/2011 07:15
#3 sandra, good job! hold onto that file for when it can deliver the most deadly punch against these illegitimate thugs. good thing Ma'an took photos of this incident, hopefully these pics will be used as critical evidence to rid the land of these worthless zionazi terrorists. meanwhile, the illegal squatters are increasing the delegitimization for the whole of israel exponentially. israel has no chance of surviving their own fatal undoing. guess the world will have to take hitler out twice!

8 ) ronen / israel
28/10/2011 09:15
everybody is calling for blood but there is no evidence that israelis even did this. "5 ) betz55 / USA28/10/2011 05:50Can you even imagine what would happen if this had happened to an israeli family?"
yes two days ago a missle the city of ashdod. not a single comment on the article in maan and no one cares. imagine that

9 ) Colin Wright / USA
28/10/2011 09:16
To betz #55 #5 'The illegal settler squat nazis have to go. ' There's also the state that has installed them, protects them, and refuses to curb them. Demanding that something be done about the settlers but nothing be done about Israel is like demanding that something be done about the stormtroopers but that nothing be done about Nazi Germany. The settlers are simply doing what Israel has always done. They ARE Israel.

10 ) Colin Wright / USA
28/10/2011 09:18
To sharon-marie #4 'Where are the "Hell’s Angels “in my day that is who would sort these type of things and people whom engage in this stuff out very jolly smartly..I say send in some real tough guys and give these settlers a lesson in respect.' You're advocating 'terrorism.' You may want to check Australia's laws.

11 ) southparkbear / usa
28/10/2011 13:50
looks like the grad fell near by. i told you those terrorists from gaza don't care much about west bankers

12 ) Lucy / earth
28/10/2011 18:16
Zionists are the real terrorists.

13 ) Jad / Ramallah
28/10/2011 18:22

14 ) Ra'ed Dajani / Nablus
28/10/2011 18:24
settlers want to make our life the hell, they thinkby this way they can kick us again outside our homes, someone please tell them NAKBA NEVER AGAIN.

15 ) Salma / Palestine
28/10/2011 18:30
#8 ) ronen, why we should care? you the Zionists crated hamas and you the zionists must deal with it. any way, you are not true, the majority of palestinians are against firing rockets from Gaza, the rockets only hurt the Palestinians and give the "IDF" a reason to kill more innocent people.

16 ) Nada / Ramallah
28/10/2011 18:33
the settler crimes and the land theft and will continue till there's nothing left. wake up Abbas, wake up Hamas!!

17 ) Amal / Nablus
28/10/2011 20:23
thanks to the full security coordination between PA forces and occupation forces, can't say more .

18 ) Mel / USA
29/10/2011 18:06
These're the same tactics that East/European Zionist settllers used in the middle-late 1930's after fleeing Nazi occupiers.They squatted on Palestinian land & were welcomed,originally,by Arab native farmers,orchard keepers.Then,Ben Gruen got on his midget-Hitler horse & gave them permission to attack urban-rural Arabs with large incendiary devices,burning Arab crops,tracks,livestock,water wells etc.When unarmed Arabs came out to save their properties,Zionists would shoot them down,kids included.

19 ) Mel / USA
29/10/2011 18:17
p.s. And look at that beautiful Palestinian architecture? Now,if Jewish-only Israeli settlements could look a quarter as beautiful as the Arab houses(those who have the privilege/money to build,that is),instead of looking like those ugly Old Testament biblical fortresses with sniper holes,razor-wire & sentries at gate? Pre-67 borders 'Zion' might resemble a real garden,rather than a barren,arid,wasteland on stolen raped land? Polit/Ideological Zionism has destroyed Palestine,& Israel,combined.
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