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Jordan king: We are Israel's last ally in region
Published Thursday 27/10/2011 (updated) 28/10/2011 09:57
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Jordan's King Abdullah leaves the Raghadan Palace after for the swearing-in
ceremony of the new cabinet in Amman, Oct. 24, 2011.
(Reuters/Muhammad Hamed)
WASHINGTON (Ma'an) -- Jordan's King Abdullah on Tuesday said his kingdom was Israel's last ally in the region and warned that Egypt may dissolve its peace treaty with Tel Aviv.

"We are actually the last man standing with our relationship with Israel," the king told The Washington Post, pointing to Israel's troubled relations with Turkey and Egypt.

Jordan will maintain peaceful ties with Israel because it is in both parties' interests, he said.

But the king warned that Cairo's new leadership might break Egypt's peace treaty with Israel, in place since 1979.

"That is a very, very strong possibility."

Egypt was the first Arab country to sign a treaty with Israel, but relations have been tense since the toppling of President Hosni Mubarak in February. Mubarak had long defended the peace agreement despite its unpopularity with many Egyptians.

When Israeli troops killed five Egyptian border guards in August after an incident in which eight Israelis were killed near the frontier, protesters stormed the Israeli embassy in Cairo. The embassy was evacuated and Israel flew its ambassador home.

But Egypt's recent mediation of a captive exchange between Hamas and Israel, which was swiftly followed by a prisoner swap deal between Cairo and Tel Aviv announced Monday, may suggest a thaw in tension between the capitals.

Asked if he thought it was strange for Israel to negotiate with Hamas, King Abdullah said: "It is politics at the end of the day."

Meanwhile, he questioned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's commitment to reaching an agreement with Palestine based on two states.

"This is the most frustrated I have ever been about the peace process. I think a lot of us have come to the conclusion that this particular (Israeli) government is not interested in a two-state solution."

He added: "Since I am not convinced there is an interest in a two-state solution, the question I am asking is: What is Plan B?"

The Hebrew-language daily Maariv on Thursday said King Abdullah was worried that Netanyahu planned to topple his rule and create a Palestinian state in Jordan.

Quoting Western intelligence officials, Maariv said the king was convinced Israel was deliberately destabilizing President Mahmoud Abbas to create regional chaos and that Netanyahu wanted Palestinians to overthrow his Hashemite rule in Jordan.

Palestinians constitute a demographic majority in Jordan and Abdullah believes Israel wants to transfer the population of the West Bank to the neighboring country, Maariv reported.

According to the report, Abdullah is also concerned that the prisoner swap deal has strengthened Hamas and that the Islamist movement might try to move its headquarters from Damascus to Amman due to the unrest in Syria.
1 ) ronen / israel
27/10/2011 13:45
it is natural and correct for the arabs to have jordan and the jews to have israel. this was supposed to be the division of the palestine mandate originaly. we could have lived with different borders but sadly the arabs wanted the whole cake and in their persuit of it they lost more than they gained

2 ) Lukas / AntiZionist
27/10/2011 13:49
What a joke the Jordanian leader is. The last ally with Israel in the region contrary to the wishes of the Jordanian people.

3 ) Mel / USA
27/10/2011 14:43
With respect Abdullah! That doesn't say a lot about your taste in "allies"?It's like Mussolini saying,"We are" Nazi Germany's"last ally in the region".Jordan must remember what Euro-political Zionism/Israel has done,post 1935,to all regional Arab natives,thru' the Nakbah,thru' 1967,up 2 the present day still as Isri/US bombs hit POW-camp-Warsaw Ghetto-Gaza's relatively unarmed,ethnic civilians?As a Arab,human,Hashemite your tolerance of US/Zionist brutal military-occupation is hardly admirable.

4 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
27/10/2011 16:27
@ 1) Ronen / Israel, GOOD points. These boards NEED basic history lessons now and then. Too many here don't realize the whole story. @ 3) Mel / USA, R-i-i-i-i-i-i-ght, Mel, as always, "Gr-r-r-r-r-r-r-eat analysis !" ... Mussolini was was an ally of Germany for war; Jordan is our ally for peace. That's a big difference you DON'T understand but should realize instead of just saying in and of itself who is anyone's last ally, regionally. All your board barf about Euro-political (continued)

5 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
27/10/2011 16:44
Zionism's cause for the exodus of the Palestinians with your insane comparison to the German extermination of our people in Poland's Warsaw Ghetto vis-a-vis Gaza is fodder for camel excrement. After forcibly putting us in that ghetto the Germans, after we started resisting them to save our lives, mass murdered us. Despite Hamas and our barriers on Gaza, we DO allow goods and fuel (for electricity) for the Gazans' welfare. No one is trying to genocide them, you moron. (continued)

6 ) Wow / USA
27/10/2011 16:57
#1, Thief, Your Logic is illogical. Your Saying the Palestinians should leave their land/Home, Farms, Graves, History, their Soil and give it to the Racist Zionists and go to Jordan. You have the Mind of a Criminal, Just Like Your State. How About This, You Return To Europa, "where they love you", The Sephardines and Mizrahi can Stay as ARAB/Palestinian JEWS (As they Always Been!!!), and the Warped Ashkanzi, Who is the Source of the Conflict, can return to their beloved Yiddish Homeland !!

7 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
27/10/2011 16:59
Finally, regarding Jordan: I deeply admire King Abdullah II but he and everyone needs to know we ARE prepared if Egypt breaks the peace treaty with us (same if Jordan did it). To be honest, he's actually RIGHT when he says our government is not interested in a 2-nation solution (our words disguise our deeds) but if he thinks we're trying to topple him he's crazy. We're NOT trying to destabilize Abbas, create regional chaos or promote a Palestinian (or any) revolution in Jordan. (continued)

8 ) Mel / Gaza
27/10/2011 17:01
SHAME ON YOU Abdullah!

9 ) ABE / USA
27/10/2011 17:06
To Mel #3 You do know that there are only 7 million ISRAELI'S and there are 160 million ARABS in the Middle east. Why is it then that ISRAEL is considered so powerful and controlling? How is it possible that one small country could dominate an entire region. Please enlighten me.

10 ) southparkbear / usa
27/10/2011 17:08
true. and we are willing to give you back most of the west bank. afterall you are still the gaurdian of the muslims holy places

11 ) wjm / usa
27/10/2011 17:11
The natural place of Ashkenazi Jews, Ronen, is Europe from where they came with the intend to destroy the Palestinians and take over their land. You have your history wrong about the Mandate. The Mandate was to prepare the people of the region for statehood, and to the Palestinians, this meant statehood for them. Intense Zionist lobying of the British government succeeded in the sliping of the wording of the Balfour Declaration in to the Mandate against the will of the indegenous people.

12 ) Yehuda / Israel
27/10/2011 17:13
Now, when he says we would like to transfer the W. Bank Palestinians to Jordan/Palestine, he's RIGHT. (Actually, make that ALL Palestinians.) That's EXACTLY what I (and many of us in Israel) would like to happen, NOT because we hate the Palestinians but because we WANT them to be happy and prosperous anywhere but NOT in Israel. Had there been acceptance of the U.N. 1947 Partition Plan, no 1948-49, 1967 wars (Palestinian Nakba's), then I WOULDN'T be justified in saying all this.

13 ) Arnold-Canada / Mel # 3
27/10/2011 17:17
What did Euro/Zionism do to all the Arab countries. What my history books tell me is that each and every Arab country made lives miserable for their Jewish citizens and took everything they owned to allow them to leave.

14 ) Nour / One-State
27/10/2011 17:27
From all indications, the 2-state solution was an idea brought fourth by certain quarters of the Zionist movement, to allay fears of the so-called "D-bomb", which is inherently racist. Sadly, the time-buying scheme which protects Zionist interests in Palestine above all others, was accepted by too many Palestinians some of whom continue to regurgitate the idea of the 22%. They talk about Auschwitz borders. We tell them we will never accept ghettos in the West Bank! Palestine from river to sea

15 ) Nour / One-State
27/10/2011 17:30
A practical solution can only begin when the current global upheaval against Zionists gains critical momentum. BDS, Occupy Wall Street, and grass root organizations everywhere, join forces and let's reverse 100 years of Zionism which brought prosperity to Zionists and death and destruction to the wider Middle East! Injustice and racism will not prevail. The world is changing, Zionists you are truly surrounded.

16 ) ronen / israel
27/10/2011 18:28
#6 i suppose you are an indegenous indian and your roots are not from europe?

17 ) Julie / USA
27/10/2011 18:50
the core identity of israel before and since its so-called 'statehood' is war. israeli definition of self is war. israel cannot survive without war, they don't know who they are without war, and they destabilize without war. they eat, drink, sleep, excrete, breed and breathe...WAR! as clearly evidenced and very well documented by history.

18 ) ABE / USA
27/10/2011 19:53
To Julie#17 You obviously know nothing about Middle east history! Your rhetoric is boring and old!!

19 ) wow / USA
27/10/2011 20:08
No Ronen, I'm not so Lucky! I am a product of your Fathers and Mothers Sin. I am a Forced Refugee. Thank You For That Experience, It has made me a Stronger and Better Human.

20 ) JAS / Jordan
27/10/2011 20:09
This puppet of US/Israel is feeling the heat under his ass.When the time comes the US and israel won't be there to save your fat butt.Better start house hunting in your mom's village in england.

21 ) Colin Wright / USA
27/10/2011 22:42
To Yehuda Solomon #5-7 'Zionism's cause for the exodus of the Palestinians with your insane comparison to the German extermination of our people...' The only significant distinction between the Nazis and the Zionists is that the Nazis were independent of international opinion, while the Zionists are dependent upon it, and so cannot pursue their policies to their logical conclusion. However, I'm sure of what they would do if they only could.

22 ) Colin Wright / USA
27/10/2011 22:46
To Julie #17 'the core identity of israel before and since its so-called 'statehood' is war...' Well, they need a state of siege at least. Without enemies, Israel would lack a sufficient identity to continue to cohere.

23 ) Colin Wright / USA
27/10/2011 22:49
To wjm #11 'Intense Zionist lobying of the British government succeeded in the sliping of the wording of the Balfour Declaration in to the Mandate against the will of the indegenous people.' It's morbidly amusing to recall that at the time, the Zionists disavowed all intention of seeking a separate state -- a 'national homeland' was enough. Then, in 1947, they wanted a state after all -- but the UN borders were enough. Now, the 1967 lines are out of the question...

24 ) Colin Wright / USA
27/10/2011 23:06
'We are Israel's last ally in region' Admitting your fault is the first step on the road to redemption.

25 ) Colin Wright / USA
27/10/2011 23:10
To Yehuda #12 'Now, when he says we would like to transfer the W. Bank Palestinians to Jordan/Palestine, he's RIGHT...NOT because we hate the Palestinians but because we WANT them to be happy and prosperous ' So you want to herd them into a desert that lacks enough water for the people already there? Because you want them to be happy? That's classic. I mean, others have committed similar crimes -- but they never claimed benevolence as their motive. Zionists are always a cut above...

26 ) Colin Wright / USA
27/10/2011 23:15
To ronen #16 'i suppose you are an indegenous indian and your roots are not from europe?' (I) Ah. When all else fails, ye olde Indian argument. Space forbids a full reply, but let's start. (1) Two wrongs don't make a right. (2) the moral standards of the past are not the moral standards of now. That my neolithic ancestors may have practiced cannibalism then doesn't oblige me to condone you practising it now.

27 ) Colin Wright / USA
27/10/2011 23:18
To Ronen #16 (II) (3) Compared to Palestine, America really was a 'land without a people for a people without a land.' Not that this is a full excuse, but just to take my ancestors as an example, when they arrived in California, there were about fifty thousand Indians left. If Palestine had been similarly populated, there would have been eight thousand Palestinians. Had there been eight thousand Palestinians, your little Zionist fantasy might have been morally tolerable.

28 ) Colin Wright / USA
27/10/2011 23:21
To Ronen #16 (III) But there weren't eight thousand Palestinians, there were about a million. And it isn't 1864, it's 2011, and you don't have a special license to continue the crimes of the past. Finally, I'll note that our 'Indians' are full citizens, can leave their reservations at will, and clearly enjoy all the rights of Americans. The same cannot be said for most of the Palestinians you rule, and still less of those you have expelled and won't allow back.

29 ) Colin Wright / USA
27/10/2011 23:25
To Ronen #16 (IV) Since you have advanced the 'Indian' argument, go ahead. Apply it. Give Israeli citizenship to all Palestinians everywhere, grant them the right to settle anywhere they wish in Israel, allow them to keep and bear arms, and encourage them to vote. Then get back to me. Then you can say, 'you too.'

30 ) ian / australia
28/10/2011 01:20
Absolutist statements about where Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews "belong" and what is their "natural place" and where it is "natural and correct" for Palestinians to live are a lot of over-heated nonsense! Palestinians moving en masse to Jordan is as preposterous as Israeli Jews going “home” to Europe! Palestine "from river to sea", though a stirring vision/war-cry, is largely a revenge fantasy...as is the idea of Israel somehow "disappearing". The proposal before the UN for a sovereign state..

31 ) ian / australia
28/10/2011 01:21
(contd.) …on 22% of historic Palestine is realistic, uncontroversial and broadly supported and is built on compromises from both sides. Implemented, it involves the least disruption and suffering possible. Some crazy outpost settlers will be compelled to obey the law, subsidised "economic" settlers will be brought back to Israel "proper" and life for millions of Palestinians will improve with the end of the occupation! Of course Israel opposes this and has never negotiated “in good faith”.

32 ) ian / australia
28/10/2011 01:22
(contd.) Of course Israel is unwilling to relinquish territories stolen which it is quite capable of retaining by force. And of course Israel is the bone fide, lunatic rogue state in the region! But the 2-state solution, the 78%-22% solution is the one that Israel is most likely to be compelled, by world pressure, to accept!

33 ) Harhoos / Palestine
28/10/2011 02:34
I give his reign a few more years......

34 ) wjm / usa
28/10/2011 03:04
To Colin;It was the Zionists intention to create a state and expell the Palestinians, from Herzl's Der Judenstaat in 1897 through the establishment of the World Zionist Organizaation by Herzl in that year. Read Herzl! By the 1930, all of the founders were on board - a state was to be created and the Palestinians Arabs transferred and their land taken. Read your history, Colin and Ronen. And stop making up fantasies.

35 ) Chimo / The Real USA
28/10/2011 07:29
wjm, Mel,Colin Wright (easily the biggest schmuck of the lot) None of you are from America, The USA or any other US territory. You are all liars who come to each and every Israeli newpaper and peddle your camel dung as though it were some type of knowledge. Everything all of you said is 100% B.S. and the real history books here in the USA show that the Jews originally came from Israel. So what if a few million decided to come back from Russia and Europe, Its their land.

36 ) Colin Wright / USA
28/10/2011 20:29
To Chimo #35 'wjm, Mel,Colin Wright (easily the biggest schmuck of the lot) None of you are from America, The USA or any other US territory... ' The first of my ancestors arrived in this country in 1674. The last, in 1864. I take your singling me out as something of an honor -- one has to consider the source. Interestingly, you managed to complete your entire post without making a single true statement. Was that your intention?

37 ) Colin Wright / USA
28/10/2011 20:34
To 'Chimo/The Real USA' Incidentally, 'real USA,' when did your ancestors arrive here? Or do you know? I mean, since you're waving the flag and all. Just what rock did you crawl out from under? It seems like a reasonable question.

38 ) ian / australia
29/10/2011 00:45
#35 Chimo, dude, you can't possibly be serious about that! People cannot claim as "their land", their real estate, wherever their distant ancestors purportedly lived. And especially when someone else lives there and has done for centuries! I mean how could that work? "Hi, I was here in the Bronze Age...get out!" But what you've highlighted is that it is Judaism alone which is built on these kinds of perverse and menacing claims. Seems chutzpah is in the DNA!

39 ) ian / australia
29/10/2011 00:58
#36 Colin, 1. Big fan. Have dealt with similarly feisty/cretinous ripostes regarding Australian history. 2. Re: Chimo #36 "Interestingly, you managed to complete your entire post without making a single true statement. Was that your intention?" I think "the Jews originally came from Israel" might just scrape through, but beyond that, I agree...bupkis!

40 ) Mel / USA
29/10/2011 01:02
"and the real history books here in the USA show that the Jews originally came from Israel"? LOL! Chimo? "Real"? Uve not figured yet,that US academia,since WW2,has been 'revised' 2 fit ideological/reconstructionist vision(delusions).Why do U think so many Americans(like Israeli's)haven't a clue re:actual global facts?Our educ/system is '1984'-esque & dangerously distorted.Heck,we celebrate Christopher(butcher)Columbus day? An early,brutal,version of colonial-settler Israel.

41 ) Mel / USA
29/10/2011 01:23
Cont:My Nordic ancestors sailed to the shores of the later-titled 'America's, when it was estimated there were 5 million native Indians here(not including South continent native peoples)living in varied habitats as hunter-gatherers.Vikings didn't colonize/settle then.They sailed back.Chimo,the bullshit you've been given is US/Isrli-Zio reformist crap,so the truth is hard for U to swallow.Zionists never wanted peace.Just land & exceptionalism.Just like Herr'Lebensraum'Hitler,who read Herzl too.

42 ) Mel / USA
29/10/2011 01:51
#4 Yehuda: "Jordan is our ally for peace."?U're kidding,right?When've U ever known Zionism/Israel do anything 4 real mutually respectful peace,with total self-determination/sovereignty 4 its regional Arab Muslim/Christian native neighbors,including US-client Jordan,alas? Tiny US FOB 'Israel',is kept afloat by USG/UK funds & liberty to offensively kill & store nukes. "Peace"in the Zionist Manifesto means,"You vil totally submit,obey orders unt give all U have,to our colonial settlers,or die !!

43 ) Jane Doe / USA
18/03/2012 04:09
I am so tired of my tax money going to arrogant Israeli Jews who use the money for there ethnic cleansing program of the Palestinians. The Zionists in this country say its because of the holocaust but I believe its because of the Rothchilds.

44 ) Rafasa / USA
16/09/2012 07:11
God bless Jordan and Israel! From a Christian!
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