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PLO effectively rejects Quartet proposal to resume talks
Published Thursday 29/09/2011 (updated) 01/10/2011 12:46
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A man holds up a cartoon poster critical of US President Barack Obama as
thousands welcome President Abbas in Ramallah. (AFP/Abbas Momani)
RAMALLAH (Reuters) -- The PLO on Thursday effectively rejected a proposal by the European Union, the United States and Russia to resume suspended peace negotiations with Israel next month without preconditions.

The PLO executive committee, meeting in Ramallah, noted the proposal but said, as expected, that Israel must halt all settlement building in the occupied West Bank before they will restart talks, as President Mahmoud Abbas has insisted.

"The Palestinian leadership stresses clearly that it cannot accept holding negotiations that lack the minimum limits of responsibility and seriousness amid the continuation of settlements and stealing of land," said PLO official Yasser Abed Rabbo.

Abbas last Friday formally asked the United Nations to recognize a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, a move strongly opposed by Israel and the United States who say only a negotiated peace can end the 63-year-old Middle East conflict and create a Palestinian state alongside Israel.

The Quartet proposal for breaking the deadlock had little chance. Abbas' diplomatic initiative has set the Palestinians on a new course to circumvent a peace process that he says has achieved nothing over the past 18 years, and Abbas is unlikely to abandon it unless Israel agreed to his terms for talks.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is urging Abbas to return to negotiations without preconditions.

Abed Rabbo also noted that a fresh Israeli decision by Jerusalem municipality Monday to build 1,100 new homes for Jews on annexed land in the occupied West Bank, was a proof for Israel's lack of interest in peace.

"This new decision regarding the settlements and its timing, during the meeting of the General Assembly and the statement of the world Quartet, comes to assure that Israel is not ready to respect the international will and the basics of the peace process, and the decisions of the world Quartet," Abed Rabbo said.

The European Union, Russia, the United Nations and the United States -- known as the "Quartet" -- tried for months but failed to draft "terms of reference" that might breathe life into peace talks that collapsed nearly a year ago.

Instead, in a bid to defuse a clash over the UN initiative, and an American veto, they issued a statement calling for preparatory talks in a month, substantive proposals from both sides on borders and security within three months, and a peace deal by the end of 2012.

Abed Rabbo did not expressly reject the Quartet proposal. He told reporters the PLO had "noted" it and said it included some "encouraging items."

The UN Security Council on Wednesday took its first step on the UN application, handing it to a committee that will review and assess it in the coming weeks.

The standing committee on the admission of new members to the world body is comprised of all 15 council members. Western diplomats say the bid is doomed to fail due to US opposition.

The PLO executive committee urged the Security Council to accept statehood.

The foreign minister in the West Bank government said Thursday that eight Security Council members are guaranteed to vote in favor of the bid for full membership of the United Nations.

“The Palestinian Authority is now working to secure the ninth vote,” Riyad al-Malki told Voice of Palestine radio, adding that the PA will seek either Colombia or Bosnia-Herzegovina's vote.
1 ) Mel / USA
29/09/2011 18:00
Bravo! Would the Jewish people in Europe/Soviet U(now Israeli's)have accepted a Western pro-Nazi 'Quotet' offer in 1945, to 'just stay 1-2 yrs longer in their concentration camps/POW/gulags & 'negotiate' with Hitler's SS &brown shirts,or Stalin? Hell no! Palestine has had over 70 years of Zionist brutality,which started even before

2 ) Mel / USA
29/09/2011 18:10
Cont:Even B4 Israel was born in 1948. European Zionists started expelling/terrorizing native Palestinian farmers,villages,shepherds etc in the 1930's. Burning their crops,rolling huge burning petrol/oil bales down the lanes into fields &when Arabs came out 2 save the land they were shot & killed/injured.Water supplies poisoned,livestock murdered etc,etc &much worse.Pals should never negotiate again,with ONLY evil Zionist terrorists like Bibi,Barak,Peres &USG faceless enablers. 70 yrs ? Enough!

3 ) Tobias / USA
29/09/2011 18:11
The "PLO effectively REJECTS ALL PROPOSALS", EVEN THEIR OWN call for UN membership, - which was based on UNSC resolution #181, - which also calls for a Jewish State, - which the PLO promises NEVER TO ACCEPT !!!

4 ) Death sentence / Quartet
29/09/2011 18:20
Quartet cannot break ice by awarding Israel for its provocative unilateral acts. If the quartet wants to execute the peace process, they should not ask the PA to commit suicide.

5 ) izzy / usa
29/09/2011 18:26
There are always conditions. on both sides. Why not try to sit down and talk? the only condition that is needed is LISTENNING. maybe once both sides sit down IN GOOD FAITH both sides will agree to conditions to continue.

6 ) Tobias / USA
29/09/2011 18:56
"After PLO executive committee meeting, official Abed Rabbo says proposal calling for resumption of peace talks contained "positive language"; calls on Israel to announce commitment to principles it identifies." The commitment that Israel will give is to: [1] NEVER to allow refugees to return, [2] NEVER to surrender East Jerusalem, and [3] NEGOTIATE for final borders, that are somewhere between what existed in 1967 and 2011, provided that THE CONFLICT IS ENDED - FOREVER !!!!

7 ) nour / one gasa
29/09/2011 21:08
reject, refuse, demand, slam...... none of which shows an iota of will to negotiate peace. soon all who matters will accept israel side that there is nothing to do about palestinians self made troubles

8 ) Tobias / USA
29/09/2011 22:32
The PLO, and it's Arab brother states, have effectively rejected every single UN proposal since the UNSC resolution #181, that would lead to the creation of a Jewish state, so it is NO SURPRISE that the "PLO rejects Quartet" proposal now !!!!

9 ) Paul / Canada
29/09/2011 23:16
Stick to your guns Palestine. Dont' give in an inch. You have already given farm more than any nation could expect. Stay strong. The world is with you.

10 ) Jerrold Cohen / USA
29/09/2011 23:47
This is so much better than previous negotiations in which Abbas showed no backbone. Here, the limits are clear.

11 ) An Idea & / A Question
29/09/2011 23:55
An Idea that could work, IF the PLO is serious about PEACE: [1] Every Saturday ISRAEL GIVES A FULL-DAY FREEZE, in all settlement construction, & [2] Every Sunday Morning THE PLO team shows up, & GIVES A FULL DAY OF SERIOUS NEGOTIATIONS. But, the big question remains "Is the PLO serious about PEACE"?, or do they just plan to get a state without accepting peace, in which case Israel should act unilaterally, and [a] deport the entire PLO, and [b] seal-off Areas A/B, just like Gaza !!

12 ) Ibn Qird / USA
30/09/2011 05:13
PA turns down Quartet and moves to unify with terrorist Hamas. And you wonder why you are still occupied! You will still be wondering that in 100 years at this rate. ha, ha, ha

13 ) southparkbear / usa
30/09/2011 05:29
very very good

14 ) Mark of Lewiston / USA
30/09/2011 06:21
The Position is understandable. Nevertheless, Abbas should schedule the meeting and go. Show up with a public negotiating proposal on borders, and a press kit and a public demand for 10 returnees for each housing unit Israel has built across the green line under the Right-of-Return. Israel has tied the issues together with their settlement building. The contest is now for world opinion and Palestinians should play the propaganda game just as much as Israel does. Israel can't win the issue.

15 ) sun / underworld
30/09/2011 10:21
Israel is no different to its once enemy, the Nazi's. In fact, they are much worse. In less than a 100 years time, there will be no israel.

16 ) Palestinian People / Palestine
30/09/2011 11:24
After our declaration of the beginning of our campaign for a free Palestine, now we will start our Palestinian Spring...but this spring is coming in time of winter...Is this hard on us? NO! because we are the Palestinian people and we are used to challenges...We will continue until we are free.

17 ) Ismail and Isaac / Palestine
30/09/2011 11:34
To Tobias, southparkbear, 'son of monkey' and a couple of other troubled souls: there seems to be a twisted logic that will only serve to isolate you fools even further in the eyes of the whole world. Instead, you could consciously quit the hasbara and simply come back to to consciousness.. and to reality. Perhaps a neutrino can surpass the speed of light, but you will never get away with the shenanigans of the past century. Not a chance.

18 ) Salma / Palestine
30/09/2011 12:24
someone please tell tony blai , Palestinians don't want to see him again in Palestine.

19 ) @ #4 (Death Sentence) / Tobias
30/09/2011 13:38
YOU ARE SO RIGHT about the Quartet*, and should realize that the same is also true for the PA**, for * "If the Quartet wants to execute the peace process, they should NOT ask the PA to commit suicide," AND ** If the PA wants to execute the peace process, and achieve a sovereign state for Palestinians, they too should not ask ISRAEL to commit suicide, by asking for return of refugees and pre-1967 lands !!!!

20 ) @ #17 (Ismail and Isaac) / Tobias
30/09/2011 13:56
[1] ISMAIL GREW TO HATE how is father, our shared Patriarch Abraham, chose to divided his wealth, by giving ALL to Isaac, and sending Hagar into the wilderness, with him as a boy, and [2] the same is true for Esau, after Isaac gave everything to Jacob, and [3] the same is true for PALESTINIANS, who HAVE GROWN TO HATE THE SAME FACT: [a] THE LAND INHERITANCE WAS TO JACOB'S CHILDREN, AND [b] IT'S EVEN HARDER TO ACCEPT AFTER WRONGLY HAVING THE LAND FOR A TIME !!!!!

21 ) Mel / USA
30/09/2011 14:36
#5 Izzy: " IN GOOD FAITH"?But therein lays the rub!Zionism/Israel has nothing in sincere good faith for,or to,native Palestinians since B4 Israel existed.History(not revisionist Zionist "history"of course)is witness to that already.If political/ideological Zionism hasn't proven its 'good(Jewish/Christian)faith' in 70yrs,then there's no common sense,reason,why anyone,Palestinian or not,should trust Israel 1 cmt,never mind an inch.Like Nazi SS saying,"Trust us,we are good"? NEVER! 70YRS? Enough!

30/09/2011 14:43
Usual Palestinian shtick, it's their way or the Highway, now they're on the Highway to nowhere, where they have been for the past 63 years

16) Start your spring, we have the defoliant to cure it


14 ) Mark of Lewiston Just a taste of your usual nonsense, from someone that has never been here..If you wan't to be genrerous, do it with what belongs to you, not us

30/09/2011 14:49
#1 & 2 -As usual lying in the face of facts: Note the date of 1930 & TEL HAI 1920
2 ) Mel / USA29/09/2011 18:10Cont:Even B4 Israel was born in 1948. European Zionists started expelling/terrorizing native Palestinian farmers,villages,shepherds etc in the 1930's"


MALanoma, tell me what came first 1920 or 1930?

24 ) Mark of Lewiston To BJABO / USA
30/09/2011 19:59
I'm not being generous at all. Just suggesting a reasonable price for Israel to pay for its kleptocracy of land and failure to adhere to treaties Israeli governments signed. There are other possibilities to remedy the damage your gov has done. But your Hamas-like adherence to dogma prevents you seeing the forest. And you've never been here either. You may have once been on the continent, but that is no more relevant.

25 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
30/09/2011 21:37
@ 20) Tobias, I appreciate your support of us but just stay cool about Ishmael and don't rip him too harshly. Yes, he had his faults when, as Isaac's older half-brother, he may have been misbehaving towards Isaac, but that's probably true of a lot of families (then and now). Abraham wasn't ignoring this and, when he was confronted about it by Sarah, was very upset about Sarah's demand to send him away with his mother, Hagar. Abraham agreed because All_h commanded Abraham to (continued)

26 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
30/09/2011 21:52
follow Sarah's demands and that All_h would indeed take care of Hagar and Ishmael and make a great nation of Ishmael, too. That INDEED has happened (actually, since all Arabs trace their ancestry back to Ishmael, make that MANY nations). Ishmael DIDN'T grow to hate how Abraham divided his wealth by giving it to Isaac. Ishmael prospered and, at Abraham's death, reconciled with Isaac. Even Esau (father of the Edomites) reconciled with Jacob after the 2 of them had grown up. Just stay calm.

27 ) carine / UK
30/09/2011 22:50
Haganah - formed in 1920. Irgun - formed in 1937. Lehi - formed in 1940.
Weren't these the gangs who carried out the first terrorist attacks in the Middle East, bombing buses, cafes, hotels and chucking bombs from cars at civilians walking in the streets?

28 ) southparkbear / usa
01/10/2011 00:57
never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity, thank God we can count on you

29 ) der Mond / ?berwelt
01/10/2011 14:29
# 15, if there is no Israel, there will also be no Mecca. If you are willing to pay that price, go for it.
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