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PA: Nigeria to support Palestine statehood bid
Published Tuesday 27/09/2011 (updated) 28/09/2011 22:06
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RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Nigeria will vote in favor of the application for full UN membership in the Security Council, foreign minister Riyad Malki said Tuesday after meeting with his Nigerian counterpart.

Olugbenga Ashiru stressed Nigeria’s support for the application for a state on the 1967 borders as well as his hopes for a negotiated settlement to end the conflict, the official Palestinian Authority news agency said.

Nigeria's support is key as the PLO battles for Security Council votes to back its effort to win full UN membership, while the United States is using its diplomatic big guns to make the bid fail.

Last week, Israel's defense minister said he had secured Nigeria's support in the Security Council.

Calls to the office of the Nigerian envoy at the UN were not immediately returned.

The Security Council held its first meeting to discuss the application on Monday and is to meet again Wednesday to formally send the request made by President Mahmoud Abbas to a membership committee.

The PLO campaign faces an uphill struggle as the US has vowed to veto any resolution backing its application. No vote at the 15-member council is expected for several weeks however and frenzied lobbying has started.

On top of campaigning at the UN, PLO officials are to send high level delegations to council members Bosnia, Gabon and Nigeria in a bid to win backing, envoy to the UN Riyad Mansour told reporters.

The United States and Israel, which insist that only direct negotiations can produce an accord, are lobbying furiously for council members to oppose or abstain in the resolution.

If the resolution does not get nine votes in favor it will fail and the United States will not have to use its veto.

Nine of the 15 council members already recognize the state, but diplomats say the PLO will struggle to get nine votes.

China, Russia, Lebanon, India, South Africa and Brazil have declared themselves certain to vote for the bid.

AFP contributed to this report.
1 ) Carlos / USA
27/09/2011 19:34
Hurray for Nigeria! It is fighting for truth because US is out bribing every nation it can. Nigeria is 7! We need 8 and 9 too.

2 ) NigerianPRINCE / Nigeria
27/09/2011 19:57
Our President is currently under the protective hands of Mossad. How sure is this information, Nigeria will abstain to avoid religious conflict.Our President is currently under the protective hands of Mossad. How sure is this information, Nigeria will abstain to avoid religious conflict.

3 ) southparkbear / usa
27/09/2011 20:13
I suggest the 1100 new units in East Jerusalem should be named Nigeria neighborhood

4 ) AKeenReader / UK
27/09/2011 21:07
If Americans are pulling big guns then Arabs especially Saudi Arabia and others should convince those who haven't made their mind to support Palestinian bid. Surely oil is a good b argaining toll. Americans arfe bankrupt thus can't offer anything except threats.

5 ) Oliveland / Palestine
27/09/2011 23:31
Saudi Arabia needs to put its foot down and France with Britian will come through . The rest would be down hill .

6 ) izzy / usa
27/09/2011 23:31
China, Russia, Lebanon, India, South Africa and Brazil, all stand up countries.

7 ) southparkbear / usa
28/09/2011 01:09
some know street names in this new neighborhood should be:Abiola and Babatunde

8 ) Colin Wright / USA
28/09/2011 01:41
Sounds good. Aside from the rights and wrongs of the issue, I figured Nigeria would want to avoid pointlessly antagonizing the Muslims in the North. Bosnia is a Muslim country, and Gabon is 12% Muslim. They may just be avoiding announcing their intentions so as to keep the US off their backs. Then too, I suspect France and Britain may abstain. It could be the US all by its lonesome. Oh yeah: we'll still have our little Israeli buddy. I forgot that.

28/09/2011 02:00
Big deal, the Moon can also support your efforts to get a State
The plain and simple fact, it's not in the cards, USA is holding the VETO Ace

10 ) Salma / Palestine
28/09/2011 08:21
THANK YOU Nigeria , You are on the right side of history.

11 ) Palestinian mother / Palestine
28/09/2011 08:23
all my respect to Nigeria, be blessed.

12 ) Juliana / Bethlehem
28/09/2011 08:24
thank you Nigeria, We will not forget you this courageous stand.

13 ) Palestinian / Amman
28/09/2011 10:02
thank you Nigeria!

14 ) Wissam / Palestine
28/09/2011 10:02
The odds that both Bosnia and Gabon would abstain are very low - at least I hope. In the case of Bosnia, the Muslims are naturally pro-Palestinian, while the Serbs are to a certain extent proxies of Russia with European ambitions. Croats, not sure.

15 ) Ajibola Hasan / Nigeria
28/09/2011 11:06
We, Nigerian vehemently support the state of Palestine with the date back of 1967 border. I express gratitude applause to those countriest that support the bid. Don't bother of West, cos they despirate and hypocratic satanic countries which intriguing by US.

16 ) Palestinian mother / Palestine
28/09/2011 13:42
good now what about Gabon ?

17 ) Nour / One-State
28/09/2011 14:05
#2 Utter nonsense, Nigeria's stated course of action is voting in favor of the Palestinian bid, which is in line with Nigeria's foreign policy since 1988 of recognizing the Palestinian State. This is not a religious issue, but a political one.

28/09/2011 15:01
9 ) BEN JABO; This issue will be settled at the UNGA where no US veto exists. Face the facts the world is totally fed up with zstate's illigal obstainance and unwillingness to conform to world democratic standards and basic human rights of all. Izrael and all crumb bums that support it are the odd man out.

19 ) Ammar / Ramallah
28/09/2011 15:13
thank you Nigeria! we could be two good friends.

20 ) Jad / Ramallah
28/09/2011 15:22
yalla go ahead, All the world except the neo-Nazis" zionists and their friends" are on our side.

21 ) Palestinian teenager / Ramallah
28/09/2011 15:28

22 ) Dorothy Gale / Kansas
28/09/2011 15:42
You people are hilarious. You act like you have a chance to win in the Security Council. What part of veto don't you understand?

23 ) Davey Jones / Australia
28/09/2011 16:09
What a joke. Nigerians wouldn't even know where the so called Palestinian state is. And why would they care anyway? Haven't they problems enough of their own? The UN has lost its charter,it's time to close the doors and allow us to remember fondly when UN stood for UNITED Nations and not Uneducated Neanderthals.

24 ) Hussam / Palestine
28/09/2011 17:08
22) Yet more moronic posts by Miss Dorothy. Do you think we're stupid? The whole point is to EXPOSE the US as the only stumbling block to peace. These single votes by 15 countries will show the entire world a growing global support for the State of Palestine, unlike Israel which is isolated in a dark corner in a fortress mentality. The more you deny Palestinian rights, the more likely Israel will go the way of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, nothing but a short lived colonial/foreign fortress.

25 ) BEN JABO /ANTI munChkin Mike / ISRAEL
28/09/2011 17:53
The UNGA can only make recommendations they can't settle anything
I already sent you the nformation in another forum, slow down to read it
here is is again, since it didn't penetrate the first time around

"Professor, Judge Schwebel, former President of the International Court of Justice stated:
“The General Assembly of the United Nations can only, in principle, issue ‘recommendation’ which are NOT of a BINDING character, according to ARTICLE 10 of the Charter of the United Nations.'

26 ) Dorothy Gale / Kansas
28/09/2011 18:09
# 24 - yes I do think you are stupid. You would rather play games instead of make peace. You want victory instead of peace. Should you ever pose a real threat to the existence of Israel, you will suffer a much worse Nakba. Should Israel ever be destroyed, so will Mecca and all the countries in the region. Enjoy Armegeddon.

27 ) Ibn Hamas / Palestine
28/09/2011 19:35
#26 ) hey you, listen We will never recognize "Israel'. How to recognize someone who ethnic cleansing against you every day? We will never recognize Israel Only when Return of refugees. Retrieval of Jerusalem. Establish a Palestinian state with full sovereignty.

28 ) Mel / USA
28/09/2011 20:50
Okay nations of the UN! Listen up!
Raise your hands if U agreed with Nazi Germany's concentration camps,holocaust,ethnic cleansing,persecution,racism against all 'others' "non-Aryan"?
Raise your hands if U favored Western colonial oppression,pillage & looting of your own countries,resources,in the past,OR PRESENT?
No? Then why are U voting 4 Israel's colonialist holocaust on,& looting of Palestine? Abstaining is condoning racism! U either support freedom,democracy,human rights? Or Zionism?

29 ) Mel / USA
28/09/2011 21:37
#26 :Dorothy 'Tornado' in Kansas,with Toto! Now there speaks the rampant voice of a myopic Evangelical Fundamentalist Christian Zionist,waiting for the 'rapture'/orgasm & happy 2 see all Jews burn in hell,who don't convert to Christianity & come 2 Jesus! Except,our blessed rebel Jesus,would be so ashamed of U,Dottie,4 condoning more Nakbah/holocaust on innocent folks. Just for the Zionist 'yellow-brick road' 2 white ethno-supremacy. Palestine's only threat,is 2 your racist ideology,of genocide.

30 ) Colin Wright / USA
29/09/2011 04:27
To Dorothy Gale #22 'You act like you have a chance to win in the Security Council. What part of veto don't you understand?' What part of 'we are losing all moral stature and influence in the world' don't you understand? Palestine -- being a just cause and all -- inevitably advances. We are ruining ourselves opposing it.

31 ) NigerianPRINCE / Nigeria
29/09/2011 09:03
Mark my words, Nigeria is currently fighting Islamist terrorism which is disstabilizing the country and he is not a Muslim. He will either abstain or vote against it. Am 100% sureMark my words, Nigeria is currently fighting Islamist terrorism which is disstabilizing the country and he is not a Muslim. He will either abstain or vote against it. Am 100% sure
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