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Palestinian Authority slams Israel settlement plans
Published Tuesday 27/09/2011 (updated) 29/09/2011 12:38
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A woman stands near a construction site in Gilo, a Jewish settlement that Israel
erected on land it captured in 1967 on Sept. 27, 2011. (Reuters/Baz Ratner)
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- The Palestinian Authority on Tuesday slammed Israel's approval of construction plans to build 1,100 new housing units in a settlement in East Jerusalem.

Israel's regional planning and construction committee on Tuesday approved the plans, described by one committee member as "a nice gift for Rosh Hashanah," the Israeli news site Ynet reported.

Israel captured East Jerusalem in 1967 and illegally annexed it in a move not recognized by the international community. All settlements built on occupied territory are illegal under international law.

The last round of peace talks collapsed over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's refusal to extend a partial freeze on illegal settlement building.

President Mahmoud Abbas said Sunday that he would not return to negotiations unless Israel stopped building Jewish-only settlements on occupied Palestinian land. Netanyahu indicated Tuesday that he was not about to offer one.

The Palestinian Authority accused Netanyahu of "putting concrete preconditions on the ground," in a statement.

"The Israeli Prime Minister claims to have no preconditions, but with this decision is putting concrete preconditions on the ground. He says there should be no unilateral steps, but there could be nothing more unilateral than a huge new round of settlement building on Palestinian land.

"The Israeli Prime Minister told the UN that he had come to tell the truth, but it is this decision which tells the truth."

PLO official Saeb Erekat described the approval as a “slap in the face to all international efforts to protect the fading prospects of peace in the region.”

He added: “Israel responded to the Quartet Statement and French Initiative with 1100 no’s. Netanyahu has embarrassed all those in the international community who insisted that there was a peace partner in Israel.”

On Tuesday, the US ambassador to Israel reaffirmed Washington's opposition to a Palestinian call to halt Israeli settlement building before peace negotiations can resume.

US envoy Dan Shapiro said Washington had never favored making a freeze a condition for negotiations: "We've never set that, in this administration or any other, as a precondition for talks," he told Israeli Army Radio, in response to a question on whether he favored the Palestinian demand.

Netanyahu signaled that another moratorium on construction in settlements in the occupied West Bank, following a 10-month partial cessation that ended last September, was not on the cards.

"We already gave at the office," Netanyahu said in an interview in The Jerusalem Post, a phrase meaning that he believed he had done enough last year.

Shapiro noted that the United States has long opposed Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

But he added: "What we have said consistently is that we believe direct talks are the only way to resolve this conflict, and (it) can only be resolved by the parties themselves in those talks, and they should be entered without preconditions."

In New York on Monday, a divided UN Security Council met behind closed doors for its first discussion of last week's application for full UN membership as a state -- a move seen as certain to fail due to Israeli and US opposition, despite substantial support among other world governments.

International mediators, trying to salvage the Middle East peace process, have urged preliminary negotiations be held within a month.

Reuters contributed to this report.
1 ) MATT / USA
27/09/2011 19:33
it would be interesting if these settlement continue to be built and when a peace plan is worked out that israel withdraws from these areas and the palestinians get all these newly built houses. Hopefully what happened in gaza and west bank doesnt happen again. I mean that crazy locals destroy all the thiongs that israel built

2 ) Paul / Canada
27/09/2011 20:02
The Zionist Cancer spreads yet again...

3 ) Julie / USA
27/09/2011 20:24
CLEARLY halting settlements = obeying international law. if the answer to Pals' call to obey international law is a big fat 'NO' from israel & US, then international community needs to step up to the plate to prosecute both of them. i am so sick of seeing a settlement freeze defined as a precondition...it is NOT a precondition, it's the LAW.

4 ) omar / usa
27/09/2011 21:18
why is anyone surprised. this nutty-yahoo is a killer

5 ) fred / usa
27/09/2011 21:38
That the "international coummunity" doesn't recognize the right of Israel to build in the "west Bank", doesn't mean that it is illegal under international law. Any land captured in a war belongs to the party that captures it. That is why the Saudi's can build in Arabia . They, defeated the Heshmites for control. The buildings are being built on Private property. The landowners have that right, no matter where they own their land

6 ) Elaine Rock / UK
27/09/2011 21:58
It's announced that 1,100 new settlements are to be built illegally on occupied land. The Zionist brigade spiel on, ad nauseum, about 'negotiations'. What the hell's wrong with these idiots? Don't they understand that peace talks are dead. We're sick to death of hearing about them. They achieve nothing. Palestinians deserve Statehood. Listening to Netanyahu's speech at the UN made me sick. Violins playing in the background would've been appropriate. As Abbas said, ENOUGH! ENOUGH! ENOUGH!

7 ) Steve Benassi / USA
27/09/2011 22:16
South Africa was freed at the ballot box, so will be Palestine, 2 States will never happen unless its Master Slave, so go for 1 State, civil rights, the vote, don't be stupid forever.

8 ) southparkbear / usa
27/09/2011 23:18
so many PA slams, sure they are not NBA players?

9 ) Oliveland / Palestine
27/09/2011 23:46
First ... the PA needs to sop calling Gilo E Jerusalem , its North Beit Jala ( next to Bethlehem ) and if the settlments are in Har Gilo ( more south ) then its IN Beit Jala or Whalaja . Second.. this is pure theft and Ghettoization .

10 ) Debs / UK
28/09/2011 00:20
So the Palestinians have to negotiate with the thief to get back their land and at the same time the thief keeps on stealing, you couldn't make this up

11 ) imad / was in dubai
28/09/2011 01:05
omar, in what dictionary you find construction = killer? you guys are so full of hate i feel good about it. that's what keep holding you back

28/09/2011 02:11
3 ) Julie / USA
Enough already, with your nonsense about "International Law" which you have been violating for more than 63 years, only mentioning it when it suits your purposes
The attacks on Israel in '48, '56, '67 & '73 were all violations of "International Law:

I will agree with one thing you said, you are sick

1 ) MATT / USA
Every brick & piece of wood will be destroyed or removed, if an agreement is ever made, which looks like never in our lifetimes

13 ) The PA / LIES
28/09/2011 02:17
A "PLAN" IS A PLAN, and nothing more !! A "PLAN" IS for some time in the future, for something that does NOT exist, rather than as the Palestinian Authority says, "Netanyahu is putting concrete preconditions on the ground" as Israel approves 1,100 settlement units in East Jerusalem".

14 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
28/09/2011 02:22
As I've said, we in Israel KNOW how to celebrate the Palestinian bid for U.N. membership and their (expected) upgrade to non-member national observer status: Announce and build more SETTLEMENTS !!! Look, we don't even CONSIDER E. Jerusalem and the environs as a settlement. We only recognize a singular, united Jerusalem, now and forever. So this is really not news anymore, is it ??? Answer: No, it really isn't. If we would reverse this policy, THAT'S news. Start the celebrations anytime.

15 ) EE / UK
28/09/2011 03:23
3) Julie - it is not wise for international community to step to the plate because it can happen that they would need to eat from the same plate. He-he-he.

16 ) southparkbear / usa
28/09/2011 05:46
Math, there are 2 reasons why gazens destroyed whatever was offered left for them. First, the pure untainted irrational hate of Jews. Second, every palestinians grew up on the false notion that there is a house waiting for him (her does't count in that society) in Tel Aviv or Haifa. now had anyone accepted a house in Gaza he would be last in line for the mansions in Tel Aviv,

17 ) Jerrold Cohen / USA
28/09/2011 05:51
Let's put it this way: Israel is guaranteeing zero chance for peace, as if there was any before this time.

18 ) Dr. Richard Goldsmith / USA
28/09/2011 06:26
All three of the major parties in Israel including Livni, have clearly stated many times " Jerusalem will never be divided.and always will remain Israel's capital only." So why all the fuss over settlements??

19 ) Salma / Palestine
28/09/2011 08:13
Is this all we can do ? did the Palestinian leadership know that "Israel" create a fait accompli in Jerusalem that will be almost impossible to change by words ?

20 ) Rana / Ramallah
28/09/2011 08:15
PA ,not enough,stop talking, action now! DISSOLVE THE PA NOW.

21 ) Jad / Ramallah
28/09/2011 08:17
PLO should withdraw Israel recognition before its too late.

22 ) Ibn Hamas / Palestine
28/09/2011 08:20
LOL . Zionist entity must be dismayed by PA Condemnation .

23 ) Ahmad / Gaza
28/09/2011 08:26
#1, the locals did not destroy the settlements in Gaza. The IDF brought in armored bulldozers and leveled all the settlements before they left so that they are completely unusable by the local population.

24 ) Palestinian 4 EVER / DUBAI
28/09/2011 08:43

25 ) Eman / Palestine
28/09/2011 08:47
Will PA ever take a serious step to stop Judaizing OUR CAPITAL Jerusalem?

26 ) Abdul Qader Al-Husseini / JERUSALEM
28/09/2011 08:57
stop fooling us with the "SLAM" , Palestinian Authority is responsible for Judaizing Jerusalem .PERIOD

27 ) Yaser / Ramallah
28/09/2011 09:00
PA slams Israeli settlement plans , Why we should expect another reaction from the Zionist obama and from the world?

28 ) Rawan / Ramallah
28/09/2011 09:31
pathetic .

29 ) Nour / One-State
28/09/2011 10:18
#1 Matt, I hate to break it to you, but Israel does not intend on signing a peace agreement, nor has any Israeli government really planned to do so. Their actions on the ground since 1967 prove my point. Negotiations was merely their tactic to give cover to their crimes and a delay strategy, while the whole land is settled illegally pending the completion of "Plan Dalet".

30 ) Tarab / Palestine
28/09/2011 10:39
Israel doesn’t exist per se. It was replaced by Erez Israel in 1967. and Erez Israel is an apartheid state.

31 ) Ali / Gaza
28/09/2011 10:40
The numbers of illegal settlers and settlements grow rapidly with no end in sight.

32 ) Majd al-Khalidi / Toronto
28/09/2011 10:43
dammit. Ethnic cleansing and violence toward Palestinians, with the protection and enablement of the Israeli government and military continues , And the Palestinian Authority has nothing to offer but statements of condemnation and damnation

33 ) Ajibola Hasan / Nigeria
28/09/2011 11:29
East Jerusalem is permanent and clan land of Arab populated citizen. How Israel plan to wipe them out from their lands. Palestinian should avert these plan through all means but not negotiation talk, cos if resume, the halt would not end. Take violence act to stop these illegal buildings.

34 ) George / Ramallah
28/09/2011 13:35
Abu Mazen should give Israel a respite of one month to dismantle all settlements in WB, if they reject he must hand over keys "which is not in his hands in any way" to the Israeli generals.

35 ) Mustafa / Gaza
28/09/2011 15:17

36 ) Rose. / Bait Jala
28/09/2011 15:20
Israelis are building settlements and destroying the peace process.

37 ) Palestinian teenager / Ramallah
28/09/2011 15:27
Jerusalem is capital of Palestine , ZIONISTS CAN GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOMELAND.

38 ) Son of Yafa / Qatar
28/09/2011 15:42
Long live Palestine, Down with the obnoxious apartheid state.

39 ) Elias / Jenin
28/09/2011 16:03
#21 ) yes i fully agree with U. PLO .....ISRAEL NOO

40 ) Hitler, the Palestinian / Palestine
28/09/2011 16:08
to all zionists in Palestine : We will bury you.

41 ) Mazen / Ramallah
28/09/2011 16:09
Jerusalem IS and ALWAYS will be Palestine's capital. PERIOD!

42 ) Hassan / Palestine
28/09/2011 16:10
Israel is a racist outlaw state , committed all the crimes and violating international law with green light from USA, which is always ready to use the veto to protect Israel from international condemnation.

43 ) Sally / Ramallah
28/09/2011 16:17
Palestinian Spring Coming soon .

44 ) Jana / Ramallah
28/09/2011 16:18
what is built on fake will go and vanish surely with the wind.

45 ) Palestinian / Beirut
28/09/2011 16:19
The Israelis say they are supporters of peace and civilized, and democrats, and all that nonsense and lie because all of the view in the fact considers the entity built on the Palestinian Arabs land, who later called "Israel" of this terrorist entity bloody thirst for blood, which took place on the ruins of another people of the Palestinian people.

46 ) Sami / Washington
28/09/2011 16:20
Israel is a colonial terrorist . no surprise.

47 ) Amjad / Palestine
28/09/2011 16:22
The right will triumph in the end inevitable.And laugh a lot who laughs last .

48 ) Maha / Ramallah
28/09/2011 16:23
wake up Abu Mazen, This is another proof that Israel does not want peace with the Palestinians.

49 ) DonQ / Canada
28/09/2011 17:19
Gilo is not a "settlement". It's part of the Israeli city of Jerusalem.

50 ) The Sound / Of Silence
28/09/2011 17:33

THIS "SLAM", coupled with the "slams" of the EU, US, China, etc.,
have been "noted", and they can and WILL BE IGNORED, by the
sovereign State of Israel, just like other sovereign states can
and do ignore foreign calls to change their domestic policies !!!!

51 ) Marwan / Lebanon
28/09/2011 17:34
To 49) Donkey, get real. "Gilo" is an illegal settlement built on Occupied Palestinian Territories, on land the Zionist entity annexed illegally. So how is 'not' a settlement? how is it different than "Ariel" for example? You can't answer, can ya?

52 ) Raed Dajani / Nablus
28/09/2011 19:32
#51 ) don't waste your time ...donkey will never get it : D

53 ) Mel / USA
28/09/2011 19:49
#49: Don'Quixote'! Give me a break. Those extremely ugly fortresses,like Gilo,Ariel r the same as all other Jewish-only apartheid colonies. All illegally built on occupied,native Palestinian land,stolen by Euro-Zionist colonial settlers,& connected by Jewish(white)-only,racist roads,paid 4 by US tax-payers like me! WOW! Israeli's really have psychiatric problems with denial,projection & transference.Or,their ethno-conditioning,&censored revisionist education is really effective?

54 ) southparkbear / usa
28/09/2011 20:02
i don't get it. you say it's all yours so why are you bitching? if you own everything pure israelis have nothing.
As for you marwan the 'scholar' these are disputed lands. they were under turkish, brithish jordainians and now istarl conrol next a palestinians had tes areas to their name

55 ) Talks Could / Stop These
28/09/2011 22:53
It is certain that: - NEVER will Jews negotiate themselves into packing-up and leaving, - NEVER will Jews negotiate for Arab refugees returning, and - NEVER will Jews negotiate for returning Jerusalem, or all of 1967 borders, but THAT STILL LEAVES A GREAT POTENTIAL FOR PALESTINE. Without such compromises, Palestine will NEVER become a state, - so there's is nothing to lose, that we have NOT already lost, - so What Possible Harm Could Come From Talks, other than accepting Reality ???

56 ) Robert Haymond / Israel/Canada
29/09/2011 00:58
Gilo is not a "settlement" nor an outpost. It is two minutes from the heart of Jerusalem. Jerusalem was, and always has been, our. When the Jordanians remained in east Jerusalem including the Old City, our sacred sites were not taken care of and we were not permitted to visit our holiest site, the Western Wall. We won it back and then kept all of Jerusalem in two wars, 1967 and 1973. It is our ancestral home. We are not giving it up nor capitulating. Never Again!

57 ) peace / world
29/09/2011 12:35
5) Fred; Let's say I agree with you if this "capturing of land during war" means that Israel takes responsibility of everything in this land that they "captured", meaning they also take care of the people in this land (it isn't empty) and all their needs and includes them in a democratic state. I just don't think that's a part of the plan.
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