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PA: Settlers uproot 400 olive trees near Nablus
Published Sunday 25/09/2011 (updated) 26/09/2011 10:21
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Jewish youths hold Israeli flags during a rally march outside the West Bank
settlement of Itamar, near Nablus September 20, 2011.(Reuters/Nir Elias)
NABLUS (Ma'an) -- Dozens of Israeli settlers on Sunday uprooted over 400 Palestinian-owned olive trees near Nablus in the northern West Bank, a Palestinian Authority official said.

Settlement Affairs official Ghassan Doughlas said settlers attacked fields between Qusra and Duma villages south of Nablus.

On Friday, Israeli forces killed a Palestinian man, Issam Kamal Odeh, 33, during clashes sparked by settlers who entered Qusra.

The incident comes amid a surge in settler violence in the northern district, including village raids, attacks on Palestinians and their property and the vandalism of two mosques in recent weeks.

In Qusra on Sept. 5, settlers torched a mosque and spray-painted anti-Arab slogans and the Star of David.
1 ) Rami / Palestine
25/09/2011 15:42
Look at that picture... Illegal settlers gone nuts. Suppose these criminals were good Jews, would they uproot 400 olive trees? Of course not, these thief land squatters should realize that their future in Palestine is drawing to an end, not because we hate Jews or want a Judenrein country, but because they will refuse to live under Palestinian sovereignty and respect the rule of law (no land theft allowed).

2 ) carine / UK
25/09/2011 17:55
Aided and abetted by the French arm of the JDL?

25/09/2011 18:28
1) Rami
They're marching with flags, not lances, you're the one that's nuts if you see differently
You know, up until now, I have never, ever been able to get one of your lot to prove you had a legitimate claim to Palestine, they're all refused to answer a few easy questions
Where is Palestine mentioned in the Koran, What was its Ancient Capital city,
Who were the three rulers that ruled and Independent Palestine, where can I see some ancient coins ??
Pals march w/flags = Crazy too?

4 ) xx / xxx
25/09/2011 19:12
#3 read: Chaim Gerber " Remembering and Imagining Palestine. Identity and Nationalism from the Crusades to the Present"- you can download the book online (on chomikuj.pl it is 100%)ps. you do know that nations have different history(and Pal history don't have to be the same as jews and vice versa- what you just did is just pure propaganda), in that book you will have the Pal. Praise Literature from the 10 century,etc...Pals have their own national history no use denying it...

5 ) xx / xxx
25/09/2011 19:19
the problem is that nations arent constituted only by offcial states, coins, flags... it is the identity which counts, and Pals as Jews have their own identity like every other nation, Germans don't expect the Norwegian to have the same "proof" of their nationality...they have different hist,and no one expects to have the same timeline from the ancient times....read on the topic A. Smith, Tim Enderson,etc. Every nation creates it past history to justify their "legacy":jews,pals, etc.

6 ) xx / xxx
25/09/2011 19:25
the prob.is that jews denied from the begining that Pal had their own national identity, since it would be a big problem to take their land,since jews were only immigrants back then, they didn't have what Pals had: centuries of living in that land, developed social institutions, etc (jews on the spot didn't even like those new immigrant-there is lot on this subject).Gerber and others give proof that before the Brit.Mandate Pals expressed their national identity,which Wiezmann viewed as dangerous

7 ) xx / xxx
25/09/2011 19:36
it's hard to write all,the book is greate and it's worth reading, greate sources,etc-it isn't the case of who has the oldest hist- it's irrelevant realy, the problem is that two nations want the same land:Pals have lived there for centuries and veriaty of jews from practically all over the world claim they have ancesters from 2000yrs-but the case is as a nation of today they want that land too-the hist.claim doesn't help much, since Pals are there NOW two and denying their identity isn't helping

8 ) Lucia / Romania
25/09/2011 19:43
Your problem, guys, is not that you constantly lie. It is that you fervently believe your own lies!

9 ) xx / xxx
25/09/2011 19:47
the ancient hist.claims are typical to all nationalisms, but as they're constructed to justify "national claims" they have often loops, etc.,Jews,Pals, Poles,Germans,Russians, etc.have them.Example:Whitelam"The Invention of Ancient Israel:The Silencing of Palestinian History",Yael Zerubavel"Recovered Roots: Collective Memory and the Making of Israeli National Tradition"-hist.claims are dangerous and don't treat them as top argument,you often forget contemporary issues that are paramount,not past

10 ) xx / xxx
25/09/2011 19:55
ps. UN reports OCHA OPT often reports about settler violence, uprooting trees, etc. pretending that those actions don't happen is useless,since people who are affected will act upon them,and no justifying it will help, it goes vice versa too, but the settler violence in practicaly on a every-day bases, which affects both Pals and other Jews,those reports (UN and other)are clear about those attacs and the fact that IDF hardly ever react-justifying or denying them won't do any good-it never did...

11 ) Manny / Uk
25/09/2011 20:08
Israel... Young, Dumb, living off Uncle Sam! And copying the same I am best bully tactics.

12 ) Isaac and Ismail / Palestine
25/09/2011 20:27
To BJ/Israel: 1. Whether Palestine is mentioned in the Qu-ran is irrelevant to the legitimate right of Muslims, Christians and Jews (many of whom became 'arabized and easternized culturally' by the dominance of Islamic Renaissance over centuries. Our father, who is a Palestinian man, has white skin and he turns redder than an Irish or English man; he has a long nose that rivals Barbara Streisand's in overall Jewishness. If you asked 10 people where this man is from, 9 would say he must be..

13 ) Ismail and Isaac / Palestine
25/09/2011 20:36
from Nazareth or Bethlehem, because he looks exactly as Jesus has been described. We 'Palestinians' have nothing against Europeans, Gulf Arabs, Asians, Africans, Americans. And we certainly don't have anything against Buddhists, Monotheists, Athiests, etc. Nor do we hate women or children, or disabled or gay. This land has and always will be the source of human progress and at the core of human spirituality. You are not welcome to come here (from wherever that is) in order to control us and..

14 ) Ismail and Isaac / Palestine
25/09/2011 20:44
subjugate us; we will not allow for any more colonization and we refuse to allow you to ignore the sanctity of Jerusalem in the hearts of Christians and Muslims anymore. Nor will we allow you to ignore the responsibility you have to the millions whim you dispersed (and whose diaspora you created). Also, the victims within your own borders - Arabs, Arab Jews, all non-Jews - will no longer allow you to treat them any less than equals. To list but a few leaders in the history of Palestine...

15 ) Ismail and Isaac / Palestine
25/09/2011 20:54
Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus Palestine existed before coins were ever stamped. We believe your questions are rude and superficial, and they serve only to perpetuate the big 'ol lie.. that you Eastern Europeans, Europans, some Arabs and many eastern-European-Americans have some sort of legitimate claim and sovereignty to the land and it's resources. You are lucky that the majority of us have no desire to hurt you or kick you out. I strongly advise that you count your blessings. Stop lying.

16 ) Pro - Palestinian American / USA
26/09/2011 03:21
We Americans are finally waking up and President Abbas kicked that up a few notches with his UN speech. I will do my part to support your cause amongst family, friends and coworkers.

26/09/2011 16:38
16 ) Pro - Palestinian American / USA

You have some company, only a Minority of 37% of American's agree with you, the Majority of 63% side with Israel, according to the latest Gallup Poll, which you are free to look up for yourself

26/09/2011 16:41
12 ) Isaac and Ismail

Well, if you insist, and since you say so, the fact that Palestine isn't mentioned in the Koran only porves that neither Palestine or the Koran are important to you

19 ) Mediocrates / USA
26/09/2011 17:07
Based on the research that Yisrael Medad did, plus the comments on that post, it is inconceivable that a few people can uproot that many olive trees in a day - it can take hours to destroy one.
And as we have seen in years past (1993 2005 2006 2008 2010) the claims are often either ludicrous or proven to be lies.

26/09/2011 18:07
What I have noticed is that each time that claims are made about trees being destroyed in's always in EVEN numbers, rounded to the nearest 50 or 100

21 ) carine / UK
26/09/2011 21:44
Similar story is told about rockets from Gaza, only rounded to the nearest 10000!!

27/09/2011 16:05
21 ) carine / UK

10,000 is a lot more substantial that 400 or 500, beside, we have most of of what remains of the already fired rocket casings for you to view, that is if you ever gather to the courage to leave your viper's nest in the UK to come here to see them
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