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Palestinians disappointed by Obama speech
Published Wednesday 21/09/2011 (updated) 24/09/2011 13:05
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A Palestinian boy holds a flag as he watches a rally in the West Bank city of
Ramallah in support of President Mahmoud Abbas` bid for statehood recognition
in the United Nations, on Sept. 21, 2011. (Reuters/Darren Whiteside)
BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -- Palestinian officials and analysts were left disappointed by US President Barack Obama's speech to the United Nations on Wednesday, viewing the address as a clear indication of support for Israeli interests.

President Obama rejected Palestinian plans to seek a UN blessing for statehood and urged a return to peace talks with Israel.

Nabil Abu Rudeineh, the Palestinian presidential spokesman, responded to Obama's speech by saying the Palestinians are ready for negotiations with Israel as long as it halts illegal settlement building and agrees to 1967 borders.

Ahmed Yousef, a deputy in the Hamas Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that Obama is trying to avoid the UN bid and his statements offered nothing new.

He told Ma'an that the speech showed clear bias towards Israel and was an attempt to run away from the UN bid in an effort to avoid embarrassment for the United States.

There is no use in continuing with negotiations if the US can not put enough pressure on Israel to stop illegal settlement activity in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, he added.

Political analyst Hani al-Masri considered Obama's speech as a clear alignment with the Israeli position and noted that US-Israeli relations were stronger than US relations with all Arab countries, especially at a period of upcoming US elections in 2012.

The Palestinians may demand that the UN Security Council freeze the vote to provide a chance for negotiations over a period of 6 months or one year, a move which would save both Abbas and the US, al-Masri added.

Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said Professor of Arab Studies and the Director of the Middle East Institute at Columbia University, said Obama's speech was an illustration of why US policy has been such an obstacle to a just, lasting peace in the Middle East.

"It was predictably depressing to hear the President laud the new-found freedom of the peoples of South Sudan, Cote d'Ivoire, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, while telling the Palestinians that their freedom depended on their jumping through hoops held up by their Israeli occupiers and their American friends," he said to the Institute for Middle East Understanding, or IMEU.

PFLP leader Jamil Majdalawi said that US President Obama denied the clear reality that negotiations have reached a dead end. Obama's call for negotiations will give Israel an opportunity to change facts on the ground and take more Palestinian land for settlements, he added.

Majdalawi said that Obama's speech should encourage Abbas to continue to head to the UN Security Council and not to retreat from demanding full UN membership.

Yasser Abed Rabbo, secretary-general of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), had earlier told Reuters that there was a gap in the speech "between praising the struggle of Arab peoples for the sake of freedom and between an abstract call for negotiations between us and the Israelis."

Israel and the United States oppose the idea of a Palestinian UN push, which Israel says is aimed at delegitimizing it. The Palestinians say it will enable direct peace talks to take place between two equal, sovereign states.

Reuters contributed to this report
1 ) Palestinians / Lie:
21/09/2011 21:22
[1] Oslo did NOT end with talks.
[2] "Peace" turned into Intifada. And,
[3] Two sovereign states will NOT lead to talks,
just a better Arab "foothold", in order to continue
trying to push Israel off the Land completely !!!!

2 ) Lucy / The United States of...Israel?
21/09/2011 22:20
Obama disappointed a whole of Americans today as well!

3 ) christian palestinian / usa
21/09/2011 23:02
Obama has done what Bush and Clinton have always done. He sided completely with israel and he completely ignored the human rights of the occupied Palestinian people. He should be ashamed of himself for his lack of integrity or conscience.

4 ) Crystal Robert / Canada
21/09/2011 23:23
I was not really expecting any better from Obama, Israel's lapdog...

5 ) Amin / The Netherlands
21/09/2011 23:26
Obama thinks of his own importance, with the elections next year in mind.

He made clear that his own interests are more important than defending the rights of an oppressed people and respect for human rights, International Law / VN-resolutions.

6 ) Sa / Sweden
22/09/2011 00:02
With this policy it's clear the US is for a one state solution, since the destiny of the occupied palestinians is the responsibility of Israel according to intl law, and there's no way to hinder the implementation of the palestinians as citizens in this one state, at least if Israel want to keep it's aspirations on being a demcracy. One state. One man. One vote. Id est a non-jewish state when looking on the population's nativity figures. Israel can't win this.

7 ) Robby / USA
22/09/2011 00:44
2 ) Lucy / The United States of...Israel? - Were you elected or self-appointed spokesman for 300 million Americans?

8 ) MATT / USA
22/09/2011 01:35
palestinians have been negotiating with israel through every country in the world EXCEPT israel, For how could they do direct negotiations with a nation that all arabs hold shouldnt even exist??? 2 things need to start happening. First, the arab world needs to talk DIRECTLY AND OPENLY with israel, Second, all rocket fire into israel must stop. One cannot have an olive branch in the mouth while shooting a gun from the hip

9 ) Robert Haymond / Israel/Canada
22/09/2011 01:42
Palestinians ready for talks if Israel will only halt construction in our Yishuveem in Shomrun and Yehuda (settlements): We halted construction for ten months and Abbas refused to meet with PM Netanyahu. Disappointed that the USA is backing Israel, not Palestinians: On 9/11, Palestinian Arabs danced on their rooftops in celebration of the attack while Israeli Jews were horrified. Why wouldn't the USA back its friend; it's makes sense and it's only natural. Why is this so hard to believe?

10 ) Mel / USA
22/09/2011 01:59
Obama let down the world today & showed the US Govt 4 what it really has been since 1945.An imperial,colonial,militarist state,just like Israel.Both survive on war & death & only garner hatred & loathing from the rest of the world. The isolated twins. Israel USG.The embodiment of Naziism,colonialism and settler/squatter apartheid.We Americans have had decades of this mythical crap about US freedom and democracy.Time 4 reality & people power democracy.Time for an American Spring& US Tahrir.

11 ) Carlos / USA
22/09/2011 04:16
I am embarassed our president folded to pressure from AIPAC. It was against US national interest, it was against humanitarianism. This proclamation made fun of all US citizens murdered by Israel. I am counting. I know of at least 38 US citizens murdered by Israel. I am embarassed by our president!!! Palestine 194!!! Obama has made a joke of human rights!

12 ) Dr. Richard Goldsmith / USA
22/09/2011 06:01
Hamas not only wanted Abbas to fail in the UN. They want him & Fatah to slip badly whenever the next Palestinian election comes around.

13 ) Steve Benassi / USA
22/09/2011 06:09
No worries, the world will demand an end to Apartheid and will demand the vote for the native Palestinians, and the Jewish minority will officially become the Jewish minority, again.

14 ) suha / paris
22/09/2011 06:14
just take your new lamburgini for a ride

15 ) Mo / Canada
22/09/2011 07:58
All Obama said is Israel is ready to negotiate. Only people who keep insisting on preconditions to negotiations like halting settlement activity and deciding what will be discussed is hurting the peace process. Israel is willing to make HUGE compromises but they want to see SOMETHING ACTUAL from Palestinians. So: 1) Palestinians are stubborn and refuse to negotiate even knowing that Israel will make concessions if they do 2) Palestinians don't want to do SOMETHING ACTUAL they want to do NOTHIN

16 ) Mark of Lewiston / USA
22/09/2011 08:08
The illusion of US mediation is over at least. So will Israel try to lure the PLO to the table? If so, with what lure? Or will expulsions now follow since Obama has adopted the Netanyahu way or the highway.

17 ) Mark of Lewiston / USA
22/09/2011 08:10
One week - or Ten days at most before Obama becomes the Devil incarnate to Netanyahu again. And for failure to maintain Palestinian confidence.

18 ) Outsider / EU
22/09/2011 11:55
Mr. Obama has a short memory, he's forgetting who put him back in his place and refused to budge on his proposals for negotiations.

19 ) Perry Fan / Texas
22/09/2011 15:22
Obama is correctly for a negotiated settlement and the Palestinians were trying to avoid that.
Gabon and Nigeria are not going to support this failed Palestinian attempt to avoid negotiating with the Israelis. The Palestinians do not have enough votes in the Security Council.
Israel will not be forced out of the West Bank due to attacks, nor will the UN force it out. Negotiations are the ONLY way forward. Any other path leads to disaster for the Palestinians.

20 ) EE / UK
22/09/2011 15:23
Sorry to disappoint you, pals. But I hope you will get over it.

21 ) Rami / Jenin
22/09/2011 17:09

22/09/2011 17:44
16 ) Mark of Lewiston
Poor ole Mark, been writing for so very long on what he doesn't know

It's not a matter of getting the Palestinian's to the table, they're eager to come, just as Israel agrees to the format that the Saudi's had already laid out,
including the Pre-'67 lines, which are in fact the 1949 Rhodes Armistice Line, which the Arabs violated constantly, resulting in the post '67 lines, which will remain
Obama is the devil incarnate to most Americans, no jobs, rotten economy

23 ) @ #19 / USA
22/09/2011 18:51

I'm NOT sure about the "president-wanta-be" Perry,
but you are right about everything else, and
truth is a very rare perspective here on Maan News !!!

24 ) Malone / Hfx
22/09/2011 20:46
I support the one state solution....Israel,from the river to the sea...Jordan is palestine.

25 ) BEN JABO / Israel
23/09/2011 04:42
18 ) Outsider / EU

Obama didn't forget, Congress reminded him, when they gave Netanyahu 29 standing ovations, from both sides of the aisle
Obama had a very rude awakening last week, when a district that had been Democratic since 1920 became Republican because of his failed policies and negative atttitude to Israel

It was in all the news, I am rather surprised you didn't see it

26 ) BEN JABO "APARTHIED" ? / Israel
23/09/2011 04:57
13 ) Steve Benassi- How about Dhimmitude?
For well over a millennium, across three continents - Asia, Africa,and Europe - non-Muslims have experienced jihad war ideology, and its ugly corollary institution, dhimmitude. Today, the debate among Muslim scholars regarding the theological "correctness" of "lesser" versus "greater" jihad are meaningless to the millions of non-Muslim victims- Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, Hindus, and Buddhists - of countless jihad wars

27 ) Nour / One-State
23/09/2011 08:57
Hello Palestine-haters. Everybody knew that UNSC is an American-infested/dominated exclusive club. UNGA is the real legitimate entity to grant statehood, NOT the corrupt UNSC. We do not recognize UNSC. The UNGA has in its power to elevate Palestine to observer STATE which includes access to the ICC and all other goodies with which to prosecute your sorry settling/thieving a$$e$.

28 ) Sun / Underworld
23/09/2011 08:59
Looks like there will be a third intifada.

29 ) Outsider / EU
23/09/2011 10:50
Obama couldn't get Netanyahu to the negotiation table. How does he expect the Palestinians? Sorry mr Obama, it's one of these situations where you are either part of the problem or part of the solution. You are part of the problem now.

30 ) Nour / No-state
23/09/2011 15:38
After palestinians go to UN this September and US veto their bid, they are not returning to UN any time soon. They will not have any money to survive because US will cut its aid ($570M a year), its contribution to UNRWA ($670M a year) and Israel will stop collecting taxes and fees on palestinian behalf (>$950M a year). Supporters like Turkey, Russia, Arab league, South Africa, China and others do not count – they do not give palestinians any money, just verbal support. But talk is cheap.

23/09/2011 16:50
29 ) Outsider / EU

You really are out of the loop
It wasn't a matter of getting Netanyahu to the table, Abbas wanted the table pre-loaded with his demands, agreed to in advance, before he would sit down to talk,in effect, the Saudi Peace Plan, foremost of which was agreeing to the pre-67 lines, which were the Rhodes Armistice Lines of '49, which Arabs always ignored anyhow
You are not part of anything, since you don't have the vaguest idea of what you are talking about

32 ) Abbas Must / NOT Forget
23/09/2011 17:51
what southern Sudan went through (genocide), and
how it joined the United Nations - NEGOTIATIONS !!

Hamas, the PLO, Arab militias, and the Arab world, must understand, that the Palestinian people will NOT be allowed to avoid what other peoples must do for statehood, just because they have and will use terror to "persuade" the world !!!

just like every other people, or it will NOT COME AT ALL !!!!

33 ) southparkbear / usa
23/09/2011 19:43
Nour, tell me how much have changed on the ground today. must be a lot. do you have new highways between ramallah and aman? hehehe

34 ) Malone / Hfx
23/09/2011 22:16
#28...of course...whenever they don't get their own way,they riot,burn tires,throw stones and kill innocent people...and yet they feel entitled to a state in the civilised world???They say they're oppressed..maybe theres a reason they're confined to theircamps..they're not fit to enter the real world!

35 ) Malone / Hfx
23/09/2011 22:39
#30 Nour...so if your welfare is cut off,then you all can really whine..
Why don't you parasites start standing on your own two feet and work for yourselves,instead of being beggars...and don't say it's because Israel oppresses you..even your fellow arabs don't live up to their pledges...doesn't that tell you something?
You are the dregs of world society,with no one to blame but yourselves:(

36 ) Obama would be disappointed / If Abbas was honest too
24/09/2011 01:11
Abbas KNOWS about "Palestinian aspirations" of destroying Israel, and erasing even the memory of anything Jewish on the Land, BUT ABBAS CAN NOT BE HONEST WITH THE UNITED NATIONS, OR THE USA, ANY MORE THAN HE WAS HONEST WITH ISRAEL !!!!

37 ) Mel / USA
24/09/2011 02:11
#34 35 Malone: LOL! Great projection dude,seeing as Israel,since pre-1945 has continued it's colonial occupation,slaughter,apartheid,ethnocracy & survived only on welfare from US/EU etc nations.The only parasite,regionally,is Zionist squatter Israel.Which w/ our US tax money p.a.,weapons,& subsidizing of salaries,R&D,schools,colonial settlements,military wages,would've imploded decades ago! For 64 yrs native Arabs've been shackled by uncivilized Nazi Zio"dregs",feeding off beautiful Palestine.

38 ) Christopher / USA
24/09/2011 06:26
Just look at the pro-Israel comments. Israel and her supporters are the new Nazi state, the 21st century self-appointed "master race," hell-bent on ruling the world and crushing the "lesser peoples." Holocaust victims must be ROLLING IN THEIR GRAVES over what their children are doing. It's a sad day for Judaism.

39 ) chil / usa
24/09/2011 10:02
sudan was one nation that was being divided. palestinians and israelis are two different ppl with different states. stop using stupid examples. u cant equate a nation being divided to a nation occuppying another nation. thats like u equating the civil war of america with the war against vietnam. one is a internal war and the other is a war between twe distinct entities. i can tell u this, israel was created by the UN so why cant the Palestinian state be created by the UN.
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