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Palestinian factions divided over UN bid
Published Monday 12/09/2011 (updated) 14/09/2011 10:00
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GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- As President Mahmoud Abbas prepares to submit a bid for recognition of Palestine as the UN's 194th member, Palestinian factions are divided over the campaign.

Abbas will head to New York on Monday ahead of the General Assembly's annual session, while the US has already vowed to veto Palestine's request for full UN membership at any Security Council vote.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine has announced its support for the UN campaign.

"We support the Palestinian leadership's plan to go to the UN because that is a natural right of the Palestinians and part of the political battle against Israeli occupation," says Kayid Al-Ghoul, member of the PFLP's politburo.

Al-Ghoul believes the UN bid will mark the end of bilateral negotiations with Israel, after which the UN should try to find a new political process by holding an international conference. The main goal of this conference will be to approve mechanisms to put UN resolutions related to the Palestinians' rights into effect.

"Regardless of the outcome, this step should be part of the political battle we fight against occupation. It will also be an opportunity to enlarge the circle of solidarity with the Palestinian people's rights, and to expose Israel's policies and the supportive US policy,” the PFLP official said.

Al-Ghoul says he is concerned that Palestinian officials have referred to the possibility of canceling the UN bid if they received new offers to resume peace negotiations with Israel.

Canceling the bid would harm the Palestinian position and create political rivalry, Al-Ghoul said, adding that it would suggest the whole campaign was just a tactic aimed at returning to negotiations.

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine also supports the UN bid.

DFLP politburo member Salih Nasser says it is a Palestinian demand and a national necessity "to end the US domination of peace negotiations because it has been practically proved that the US is aligned with Israel."

He added that the UN bid would urge the international community to uphold its responsibilities as well as putting pressure on Israel.

Nasser encouraged the Palestinian public to support the campaign.

The Popular Struggle Front considers the UN initiative an attempt to get the international community to take its responsibilities and face the Israeli violations against the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian National Initiative supports the UN bid as "the last option for two states," secretary-general Mustafa Barghouti told reporters at a press briefing on Saturday.

"The time has come for an alternative. There is no space or place for talks," Barghouti said, adding that the campaign was "an outcry toward the international community for a two-state solution."

"We won't be slaves to apartheid for the rest of our lives," the PNI leader said. "If South Sudan could get statehood in 48 hours, then Palestinians should get it."

Barghouti said the reaction of Israel and the US to the proposal convinced him that it "might be the right step."

Hamas, however, does not support the bid for UN recognition on the grounds that it is a unilateral move by the president.

Hamas official Musheer Al-Masri says the bid is an "individual step taken by President Abbas without consulting any faction."

Senior Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahhar says the Gaza Strip, which Hamas controls, has been left out of the campaign.

"Nobody has asked the people in Gaza to take to the streets showing solidarity with the so-called September bid. If the Palestinian Authority calls for that, we will oppose it because they detain people in the West Bank. How can I give them the right to demonstrate in Gaza, while they do not give us that right in the West Bank?"

Islamic Jihad also criticized the PA for launching the bid unilaterally.

"This move needs to be studied to make sure it will not ignore major issues such as the right of return, and the future of the Palestine Liberation Organization as a umbrella for the whole Palestinian people," said Islamic Jihad spokesman Dawood Shihab.

Shibab added that Islamic Jihad had reservations toward the UN bid, and that a state could not be announced under occupation.

The Islamic Jihad official said he expected the campaign to fail without Palestinian consensus.
1 ) Palestinian faction / Clarification
12/09/2011 18:47

Israel should clarify for the Palestinian factions the implications of what could happen if the UN endorses the unilateral attempts at Palestinian statehood !!

"Palestine" could effectively become ONLY GAZA & AREA A.
And, ALL cooperation, water/electricity understandings, freedom of movement, and commerce totally frozen until new treaties are reached !!!

2 ) Star UK / UK
12/09/2011 20:29
Musheer Al-Masri, Mahmoud Zahhar and Dawood Shihab -- you need to get with the game plan! You look silly, petulant and spoiled! It weakens the Pal voice with Israel, the US and the few remaining UN resolution ‘refusniks’! ! Make the noise of unity and prepare for dealing with the devil in the detail!

3 ) EE / UK
12/09/2011 20:57
Palestinians want to “expose US policy” and “end the US domination of peace negotiations”. Fine. But they will be exposing for next 100 – 200 years without American aid of $570M a year, American contribution to UNRWA of $670M a year and Israelis collected on Palestinian behalf taxes and fees of $900M a year. It will not be that much fun for palestinians to be exposing without any money. They should think first and expose later, but palestinians never learn from past mistakes they keep making new

4 ) Mel / USA
12/09/2011 21:01
Political Islamists have every right to be cautious &suspicious.Sometimes they've been the only ones to see&tell the truth as it is,whether U agree with them or not. Abbas hasn't exactly defended Hamas' right as a democratically elected party,since Palst voted,after seeing nothing from Olso,PA/Fatah,& Palstn's land still being stolen& RoR ? forfeited.But,again,this factional fighting is self-destructive when all must stand as nationals under ONE united flag,1st! Factional ego is weakness.Unity!

5 ) Carter / Canada
13/09/2011 01:09
If the UN assembly goes for PA plan,it really amounts to nothing. Strictly symbolic,and a form of preaching to the choir.

6 ) rosh / palestine
13/09/2011 02:30
4)mel you arent palestinian mel,so dont tell us what is best for us.thankyou

7 ) Arnold / Canada
13/09/2011 02:54
Hamas knows what they are doing. If Hamas agrees to the UN bid then Hamas must face the morals committee ( if there is one at the UN ) on the question of Gilad Shalit. A UN member in good standing does not allow a political or military prisoner to be hid away for years from the neutral International Red Cross ( Crescent ). Even Gilad Shalit- an Israeli deserves human rights. How can we tell if he is getting them ? That is what the Red Cross is for.

8 ) Dissolve PA / USA
13/09/2011 04:29
Fake Statehood by fake government(PA), can never be good for Palestinians!

9 ) southparkbear / usa
13/09/2011 04:33

10 ) Sig Horowitz / Australia
13/09/2011 06:47
ATTN: moderators, please advise if it is a joke or a ruse, to ever post a comment in this forum. I never see a change or new ones added. Whats really up with you guy's.

11 ) Palestinian / Palestine
13/09/2011 15:21
i agree with Mel. Rosh, being a Palestinian doesnt automatically make you know whats best for Palestine or the Palestinian people---ESPECIALLY if you are a PA/PLO lackey.

12 ) Mel / USA
13/09/2011 18:04
#7Arnold:"does not allow a political or military prisoner to be hid away for years from the neutral International Red Cross ( Crescent )."U mean just as immoral Israel's done to hundreds of thousands of Palestn detainees,including babies born in prison,women,boys from 10yrs old,men 4 just defending land&family?When's ICRC been allowed since 1948-67,2 visit indefinately held Palestn.under Isrl's Emerg.Regs/military Occup?& Isrl didn't seem to care about Shalit when it bombed Gaza,in OCL? Morals?

13 ) rosh / palestine
13/09/2011 18:28
what gave you impression i was a p.a. lackey.lol the article mentions other groups other than the p.a. also the islamists have said what of the u.n. bid? hamas dont even have a united front themselves on it,so it's best for them to be antagonists i guess?? btw i didnt even say i supported the p.a's bid.Palestinian/Palestine

14 ) rosh / palestine
13/09/2011 18:30
also we dont need foriegners telling us what is for our best interests...

15 ) blueberry / Philippines
13/09/2011 18:47
“He who appoints the sun to shine by day, who decrees the moon and stars to shine by night..`Only if these decrees vanish from my sight,’ declares the Lord, ‘will the descendants of Israel ever cease to be a nation before me.” (Old Testament Book of Jeremiah 31:35)In 70 A.D., the land called Israel was renamed Palestina or Palestine by conquering Roman armies led by Titus. Palestine was then occupied mainly by Jews

16 ) @ blueberry / A Blessing Upon You
13/09/2011 20:31

Genesis 12:3
"I will bless those who BLESS YOU, and whoever curses you I will curse;
and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you".

You are also right, "Israel (or Judea) was renamed Palestina or Palestine by conquering Romans", and other cities were also renamed, like:
Aelia Capitolina (previously JERUSALEM),
Nablus (then Neopolis & previously SCHEM),
Philadelphia (previously Amman), Cesarea, etc. !!!

The Romans also deported the native/indigenous Jewish population !!

17 ) rosh / palestine
13/09/2011 21:43
@15) yes the jews /hebrews whatever,at that time werent the those who call themselves jews of today. has been said befre,they jews now are all converts .. and the original hebrews never left palestine.but maybe followed other religions..just as russians,germans,berebers,spanish would have done

18 ) Harhoos / palestine
14/09/2011 07:58
oh, ya subhanallah.... as usual divided... i say Screw all factions, screw Hamas, Screw Fatah, and screw Islamic Jihad.... all of these organizations have lost their legitimacy when they started murdering their own people and using them for their own greed....

19 ) A.Holberg / Germany
15/09/2011 18:09
1. in ancient Roman times the majority of the Jews already lived spread over the whole mediterranian region as traders etc. 2. for any discussion of politics in the 20th and 21st century it doesn't make any sense to refer to a situation 2.000 years ago (if you do this you could also claim Italy for the "Germans" given that somewhat later Germanic tribes conquered parts of the Roman empire south of the Alpes. And who lived in Israel before the Jews came there according to the myths of the Bible?
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