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Aide: Abbas to reveal political strategy ahead of UN bid
Published Saturday 03/09/2011 (updated) 04/09/2011 18:18
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RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- President Mahmoud Abbas will deliver a speech in the coming days to outline the Palestinian political strategy ahead of the bid for full membership of the UN, presidential aide Nabil Abu Rudaineh said Saturday.

Abu Rudaineh announced the upcoming speech to Ma'an radio after Abbas led a Fatah central committee meeting in Ramallah to discuss the UN bid.

"The president will define in detail all the political moves which will be taken before submitting the UN bid, so as to make clear where the Palestinian cause is headed," Abu Rudaineh said.

"The president will address the Palestinian people telling them exactly why the Palestinian Authority will go to the UN, and what caused the current political situation after negotiations stopped, and after the international community failed to work out solutions to the question of Palestine, and to move the negotiation process forward based on clear foundations."

Abu Rudaineh said Abbas insisted at the Ramallah meeting that Palestinian leaders would continue with the UN campaign "as long as negotiations have not started, and Israel has not committed to clear references to start negotiations."

"We will go to the UN Security Council in coordination with all Arab countries. Going to the UN will be the only way to gain our rights and to maintain our gains," the president told senior Fatah leaders, his aide said.

The support of Arab countries is crucial to the UN bid, Abu Rudaineh said, adding that the Arab League follow-up committee agreed to form delegations to recruit European support for the initiative at a recent meeting in Doha.

With peace talks with Israel frozen, the Palestinians have vowed to seek full UN membership for a state in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, with East Jerusalem as its capital, during the assembly's next General Assembly in September.

The US has said it would veto the bid at the Security Council, but the Palestinians may seek an upgrade of their status in the General Assembly instead which would bring the issue up for discussion at the forum.

The European Union has yet to reach a unified stance on the bid, although EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton has insisted her goal is a resumption of negotiations.

Speaking to reporters at a seaside resort in Poland on Friday where EU foreign ministers met for two days of informal talks, Austria's Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger said the bloc could use its previous statements on the Middle East as a basis for a common view.

"So far the positions in the EU are very divergent," Spindelegger told reporters. "I hope that we, as Europe, can send a signal ... and phrase a text which eventually might be brought before the (UN) assembly."

But foreign ministers speaking in Sopot underscored deeply ingrained differences in Europe.

Luxembourg's Jean Asselborn said the EU needed to give support to the Palestinians and a bid for an upgrade of their status at the UN

"I cannot agree to say no," he said.

Dutch minister Uri Rosenthal expressed the opposite view, shared by EU powerbroker Germany, the United States and Israel, that the Palestinians should refrain from unilateral moves and push to resume peace negotiations instead.

"The Dutch position has been very clear ... we are totally against any unilateral steps whatever they might be and any step should be on the basis of any agreement of all the parties concerned," he said.

Reuters contributed to this report.
1 ) sarah / the netherlands
03/09/2011 20:05
The Dutch Government or the jewish Rosenthal? Shame!

2 ) Amin / The Netherlands
03/09/2011 22:40
Dutch FM Uri Rosenthal is a pro Israel jew. What do you what expect ?

3 ) southparkbear / usa
04/09/2011 02:23
the only strategy for him is to eat birdseeds

4 ) John / USA
04/09/2011 02:39
Interesting how the German government wants to allow the Jews that survived their gas chambers to continue colonizing and building in Palestine, far far far away from Germany.

5 ) Another Dead End / AGAIN
04/09/2011 04:20
And, likely the final death of Palestine !!!

At WORST it will be vetoed before it even starts, and
At BEST it will be internationally ignored, and result in domestic retaliation !!!

IF, as Abbas says "Going to the UN WILL BE THE ONLY WAY, to gain our rights and to maintain our gains," THEN THE PALESTINIANS HAVE NO WAY,
with any chance of success !!!

Israel will NO more expect Compromise from the PA,
than it will expect peace from Hamas, and both may soon be under siege !!!

04/09/2011 04:50
1) Sarah - you were very selective only mentioning two names, how about
EU powerbroker Germany, the United States, shame on you, you neglected to mention them also

17 days & counting, have your box of tissues ready

7 ) southparkbear / usa
04/09/2011 15:47
one leading option considered is to wear a baseball glove while begging

04/09/2011 16:08
4 ) John / USA

We can say the same for the Countries that want a Palestine to be built far far away from them
Notice the Ancient Names of Judea & Israel,which are on the old maps,
nary a mention of Palestine until the Romans created that work of fiction,
as a matter of fact, it's not in your Koran, you also can't find a mention of Jerussalme in your Holy Bpok

Sixteen days and counting until Nada

04/09/2011 21:23
Abbas reminds me of Obama, he too has been working on a new plan, that most folks won't amount to anything

10 ) John / USA
05/09/2011 02:08
8) You are pretty dumb....my name is John, i don't have a Koran.

05/09/2011 15:01
10 ) John / USA

Not so dumb, how am I to be sure, not that I really care, that your name is John, on your say so, which we both know is subject to extreme doubt,
Since your lack of veracity has already been proven?

If you don't have a Koran, you should, it only proves that you don't know what you're talking about in the first place, just babbling away

12 ) John / USA
05/09/2011 20:12
11) Jabowski should go home to Poland where he came from.

06/09/2011 07:23
12 ) John / USA Are you the John with a Nickelock used on public ? facilities
I know it's hard for you to understand, not all Jews came from Poland,
so stop making such a jerk out of yourself, though that seems to be an impossible task

Don't tell people to go "Home" unless you're a Native American Indian

As I had said in my previous prost "Babbling" best describes you ineptitude to converse

06/09/2011 16:53
12) John, not all Jews came from Poland!

Why don't you come here to try it ?

06/09/2011 18:07
12 ) John / USA

Unless you're a Native American Indian, you should return home first

Next post, make an effort to say something that's intelligent

07/09/2011 01:15
12) John

If you ever get up the nerve to meet him, tell it to him face to face

17 ) John / USA
07/09/2011 10:21
15) Yes Ben, I would love to return home once the fascists leave to where ever they came from. No, not all Jews are from Poland but you probably are. Jews with the last name of Jabowski are from Poland. Jews like people of any other religion come from all around the world, some are Arabs, some are black Africans, some are Asians, some are Europeans. Some Palestinian Jews have lived continuously in Palestine for centuries along side Christians and Muslims.

07/09/2011 16:10
17 ) John / USA

I know it's hard to understaned for one of you very limited mental capacity,
a Polish Jew doesn't end his name with an "i", it's with a "y"
Now, do yourself a favor, stop making such an ass of yourself in public, it's disgusting

It would be best if you came here to express your sentiments personally,
instead of merely hiding behind your computer to do so

In your next inane post, try to find something intelligent to say, thusfar it's been raving ofs a nutjob

19 ) John / USA
07/09/2011 19:30
18) I'll be happy to meet you to chat in Poland or whatever country you come from Mr. Jabowsky with a "y". Thanks for that by the way.
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