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Three-quarters of world recognizes Palestine
Published Sunday 28/08/2011 (updated) 29/08/2011 19:36
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JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- As Palestinian leaders prepare to seek membership of the United Nations, some 124 of the world body's 193 member states have announced their recognition of Palestine as an independent state.

A full list of the countries that have recognized Palestine can be viewed here. Their total population is over 5.2 billion people, equaling 75 percent of the world's people.

Palestinian Authority Minister of Foreign Affairs Riyad Al-Malki is currently visiting Africa to ask more governments to recognize the independent state of Palestine.

The Palestinians are planning to present their bid for UN membership on Sept. 20, when world leaders begin gathering in New York for the 66th session of the General Assembly.

Following the collapse of direct peace talks with Israel in September last year, the Palestine Liberation Organization adopted a diplomatic strategy of looking to secure UN recognition for a state along the frontiers which existed before the 1967 Six-Day War.

Countries seeking to join the United Nations usually present an application to the secretary-general, who passes it to the UN Security Council to assess and vote on. If the 15-nation council approves the membership request, it is passed to the UN General Assembly for approval. A membership request needs a two-thirds majority, or 129 votes, for approval.

The US and Israel strongly oppose the UN bid and Washington could use its veto in the Security Council to block the initiative.

In the event of a US veto, the General Assembly can recognize Palestine as a state with observer status with a two-thirds majority.

Palestine Liberation Organization officials have said they might invoke the rarely-used "Uniting for Peace" resolution, which states that if the Security Council fails to act to maintain world peace and security, the General Assembly should consider the matter in an emergency session.

PLO official Saeb Erekat has said Palestinians would activate UN resolution 377 if faced with a US veto in September.

The session can be called at the request of seven members of the Security Council or by a majority of UN member states.
1 ) rashid / usa
28/08/2011 10:15

2 ) Fran / Spain
28/08/2011 10:39
The story is false. I live in Spain. Spain reocgnizes Palestine and everything Arab because of petrol and Muslims bribes to Spanish politicians. SPanish internet is FULL of websites exposing Muslim payments. Does Spain recognize "Palestine"? I would say the usual spanyard considers "Palestine" part of the problem, the problem being petrol and Arab dictatorships and killers. And BTW, considering the amount of Europeans fleeing European countries because of Muslim inmigration, I would not dare.

28/08/2011 10:44

4 ) Salma / Palestine
28/08/2011 10:53
The list of countries that recognize Palestine is becoming more , and many countries support us to get our rights ..... the state of Palestine is coming soon : )

5 ) Amin / The Netherlands
28/08/2011 11:09
The world can't deny recognition of Palestine. Recognition is just a matter of time. And to zionists I want to say: Palestine is not fictive. Palestine exists for centuries, and it shall exist in future ! wether you like it or not.
Thank you Maan for adding an overview with all 124 countries already
recognize Palestinian state !.

28/08/2011 12:07

7 ) George / USA
28/08/2011 12:56
Palestine is in heart. If I weren't Palestistinian, I wished to be.

8 ) Ali / Amman
28/08/2011 12:59
the international community must fulfill the entitlement of September.

9 ) Hani Akkad / Palestine
28/08/2011 13:01
TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WITH RESPECT Don't allow your government use the Vito against the Independent Palestine state world recognition in the security council and say yes to occupation and say yes to the terror of Israel and make the people in the Arab region suffer more and shed more blood of many innocents as a result of the Official American blind support to the Israelis occupation that associated with killing civilians, settling and robbing Palestinians land, and destroying their humanity.

10 ) Palestinian 4 ever / Dubai
28/08/2011 13:02
Hand in Hand we will achieve & get our rights in liberty , independence & justice .

11 ) Hassan / Amman
28/08/2011 13:02
Insha Allah , We will celebrate the Palestinian independent state.

12 ) Palestinian People / the world
28/08/2011 13:03
If they put the moon with my left hand and the sun in my right hand I shall never forget my country my religion and my Palestinian right.

13 ) Eman / Nablus
28/08/2011 13:07
No end to the conflict in the region without an independent Palestinian state and the rights of return , Jerusalem the capital and releasing all the detainees from the Zionist jails , no end to the conflict without a legal recognition of the Palestinian state and stopping all kinds of occupation to the Arab land.

14 ) Rami / Jenin
28/08/2011 13:08
Hurray for Palestine.

15 ) Rose / Beit Jala
28/08/2011 13:09
our dreams & dreams of Palestine will come true soon in september

16 ) Jad / Ramallah
28/08/2011 13:53
By Peace, Not War, Member State 194! By Peace, Not War, Member State 194! By Peace, Not War, Member State 194!

17 ) Nada Al-Husseini / Jerusalem
28/08/2011 13:55
122 countries currently recognize Palestine, That includes 9 of the 10 most populous countries in the world. This amounts to 75% of the world population!

18 ) Sami / Nablus
28/08/2011 13:57
September is the real date in which the independent Palestinian state will be generated and the real date in which the comprehensive peace in the Arab region will be achieved and the real date in which the last occupation will be ended and bring Israel to the world of freedom and human rights respect instead of killing and bombing civilian pedestrians. It a call for all of the free and democratic world to support the Palestinian leadership efforts of the legitimate recognition of the independent

19 ) Lubna / Amman
28/08/2011 13:59
I am proud 2 be from Palestine even if am not in Palestine now but my heart there ,allah with all of you.

20 ) Fadi / Cairo
28/08/2011 14:00
i m support the president to go to the UN in september. A step in the right direction . We are moving forward to demand our right of a Free Palestine

21 ) Mohammad / Gaza
28/08/2011 14:03
not enough yea we must work & work to get our rights .

22 ) Asharaf / Gaza
28/08/2011 14:03
Go head abu Mazen we support u... Palestine will make histoy

23 ) Fathawi / Ein al-Hilweh CAMP- Lebanon
28/08/2011 14:06
One Palestine - One People - One Jerusalem = One Leader (Abu-Mazen)

24 ) GOD WILLING / the Heaven
28/08/2011 14:08

25 ) Tala / Ramallah
28/08/2011 14:10
This is a chance to raise our voices in front of world and say that we want our rights , FREE FREE PALESTINE

26 ) Kamal / Gaza
28/08/2011 14:10
We must work & work to achieve our rights with & beside our president Mahmoud Abbas.

27 ) Murad / London
28/08/2011 14:11
People liberate themselves and are not waiting to be liberated Go Abu Mazen and we are with U.

28 ) Muna / ocuppied erusalem
28/08/2011 14:12
I think we deserve to live in our country and have our freedom it is time for it

29 ) Ghassan / Tunis
28/08/2011 14:15
I do not know why Israel's leaders reject peace and always use the logic of force, long live PALESTINE.

30 ) Sarah / Morocco
28/08/2011 14:16
All my support goes To ou Dear PALESTINE !! Longing to see it

31 ) Amer / Palestine
28/08/2011 14:17
Will be announcing a state, despite Israel's nose.

32 ) Palestinian People / the world
28/08/2011 14:19
If you are neutral in situations of injustice ,you have chosen the side of the oppressor.

33 ) enough is enough / 2011 is the year
28/08/2011 14:21
Palestine state in the United Nations 194 September is our RIGHT TO ESTABLISH OUR STATE ;)

34 ) Omar / Gaza
28/08/2011 14:29
Israel has no choice but to end its occupation in West Bank , east Jerusalem and Gaza.

35 ) Palestinian Mother / Palestine
28/08/2011 14:39
Any human being has a conscience would support the right of Palestinians to statehood and to live with dignity.

36 ) Mel / USA
28/08/2011 15:09
Bravo Palestine! #2 Fran;UN reps often make political 'considerations'' in a swap for votes,this is bad,sadly, & the world is controlled by dirty oil. But, so many world reps see that their populations(voters)want Palestine freed from 64 yrs occupation.All are watching EU leaders,to see if they do the moral,legal thing,or stay docile to bellicose US imperial Govt,& its 'ally' Zionist-led Israel? No-one is leaving the EU due to Muslims.But,Jews are leaving Israel due to Zionism! Bravo Pal!

37 ) @ 16 & 3 / Right & Wrong
28/08/2011 15:20
You are right, "By Peace, Not War, By Peace, Not War",
- Might, AND ONLY might, "Palestine become Member State #194",
BUT THAT IS IT, Palestine might become a "Just a Number" !!!!

since Palestine will remain just as it is today, OPT, after the UN bid,
without borders, Jerusalem, and refugee return,

38 ) Mitri I. Musleh / Canada
28/08/2011 15:20
Both Israel and the US must recognize that DEMOCRACY should be practiced as much as it is preached. Put your money where your mouth is and join the majority of the world populace.

39 ) Nicolas / Brazil
28/08/2011 17:18
I see Lebanon and Jordan are not in the list. Anyway, long live in freedom and liberty the Palestinian people. Justice is due after long years we hoped had passed in the dark ages. Let us not talk about peace for there is no war. There is an invasion that turned into an occupation, then a colonization and now it is an ethnic cleansing and pure crime against all humanity. All Christians of the west, we must fight for justice and compassion.

40 ) Pretty Clear / USA
28/08/2011 19:20
It's very clear that the Bible said that GOD will allow Jerusalem a cup of trembling in the last days. It's amazing that this was written before Islam was ever born. So surely that means there is the GOD of Abraham. The world wants to DIVIDE Jerusalem. No wonder that major wars in the Middle East will come. Israel is much stronger military force than in 1967 and they can whip those Arab countries much better than 1967 WAR. Yes, after this, the Jews will rebuild their Temple.

41 ) Carlos / USA
28/08/2011 19:29
Fran of Spain is full of BS. The oil rich Arab countries could care less about Palestine. They would not bribe anyone for Palestinian statehood. If there are websites making such claims they are liars. More particularly Fran I think you are a liar. Someone from Spain would write Espana not Spain. I think you are an Israeli who is paid by Israel to spread propoganda. I being of Spanish descent am greatful for the Spanish government backing Palestine. Long live Espana and Palestine!!!!

42 ) Jonathan / This One
28/08/2011 19:44
Just pointing it out, Resolution 377 is non-binding. Even if they get around the veto the PA will have as much recognition as the Vatican - worth it? Additionally, by acting unilaterally the PA loses it's authority by definition. The PA was granted its power through the Oslo Accords. Part of the Accords was the agreement for no unilateral action toward statehood. If the PA attempts to do so the Accords become null, meaning their authority (from the Accords) becomes null. Worth it?

43 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
28/08/2011 19:54
A-A-A-A-A-A-A-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H !!! It looks like the Palestinians will get their wish !!! If it happens on or about Sept. 20th, I only wish I could see the look on their faces when they jump for joy !!! Afterwards, when the voting is all done, I only then wish I could see the looks on their faces when they realize nothing on the ground has changed !!! [Attn, #40, Good points. We WILL rebuild our Great Temple for the 3rd, final time and Jerusalem WILL remain united by us, I assure you.)

44 ) Ginny / U.S.A.
28/08/2011 20:27
The U.S.Congress has been bought via campaign contributions by AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee whose members are Jewish, of course, and many have dual citizdnship) and sold to Israel. Until the Palestinian/Arab citizens of the U.S. mount their own political campaigns and succeed in voting their representatives into office, the U.S. Congress is "owned" by AIPAC and will do the bidding of Israel. Sad. Once again money corrupts.

45 ) Julie / USA
28/08/2011 20:52
IN OTHER WORDS: 1) only a small 25% of the world is complicit with the criminal israeli regime. 2) however, the vast majority of people all over the world are fed up with israel. 3) israel is sinking!!!!!

46 ) jrs / USA
28/08/2011 20:53
A Palestinian state very probably will become reality soon. And we are witnessing the fascinating spectacle of history being re-written before our eyes. Once the state comes into being, the body of utterly false "facts", "events" & issues of "Palestinian rights" will eventually harden into accepted "history" example:(courtesy of Amin in the Netherlands, commenting above): "Palestine exists for centuries," No, it did NOT. What does that even mean? There NEVER WAS a Palestinian people. Period.

47 ) Yazan / Amman
28/08/2011 21:17
Wow. the Palestinian leadership will not be affected by the USa administration's threats.

48 ) Colin Wright / USA
28/08/2011 21:43
Kind of interesting. Posts one to thirty six all celebrate this development -- then the Hasbara brigade shows up. It's interesting how they're getting more frantic. The Israel schtick used to be to pretend to calm and reason. Lately, they've been getting pretty shrill. I think 'despairing shriek' is the concept I'm feeling for here. Be kind. Let them get on the planes and leave unmolested.

49 ) Mel / USA
28/08/2011 21:51
#46 jrs? Which cave school did you go to? Palestine,the 'birth place of urban life','only place in the world where a town is known to date back nine thousand years' Jericho!'Centuries before the first Hebrew tribes migrated'. Long before even monotheism.'The earliest permanent villages were built'(recorded in history).'Fertile' &'beautiful Filastin'! The western-most province of old Greater Syriana. (Emmanuel Anati:'Palestine before the Hebrews'1963pp7,241-2) Anc.History 101, jrs!

50 ) Donnie / Canada
28/08/2011 21:57
Love the headline, but what it neglects to mention is that the most important quarter - doesn't! LOL

51 ) Colin Wright / USA
28/08/2011 22:06
To jrs #46 ' ...There NEVER WAS a Palestinian people. Period.' Sure there was. Read the Old Testament. It's all about the ancestors of today's Palestinians. Anyway, it's something of a moot point. Even if there wasn't a Palestinian people, there is now. The Israelis made them.

52 ) Colin Wright / USA
28/08/2011 22:09
To Nicholas #39 'I see Lebanon and Jordan are not in the list...' Actually, Jordan is in the list.

53 ) southparkbear / usa
28/08/2011 22:11
question, will the PA and Hamass accept the UN palestinian state?

54 ) Colin Wright / USA
28/08/2011 22:17
The main threat -- really -- is that Israel might turn reasonable at the last minute. Freeze settlements and offer substantial talks...then waffle again. A lot of this depends on Israel's continued cooperation. We need to hope that Yehuda Solomon et al continue to speak for Israel. Without their help, this could take decades... So hang tough, Israel. It's what we need. Announce some settlements or something.

55 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
28/08/2011 22:51
@ 54 Colin Wright / USA, " Announce some settlements or something." Dude, I obviously understand your sarcasm, but taking aim at our (past) record of settlement announcements (as you know) is only a harbinger of more yet to come. Sorry, but your sarcastic humor isn't registering on the laugh-o-meter. The Palestinians know that even if the U.N. supports them politically, their KEY demands (settlement removal; E. Jerusalem as capital; Right-of-Return; etc.) will never be agreed to by us.

56 ) Next Challenge / USA
29/08/2011 01:00
The next challenge is not folding when aid funds are cut off and starting to act as a sovereign state. That would include sending property tax and rent bills to all residents living in the sovereign territory, including settlers and the IDF. It also means going into court to seek enforcement of the taxes and rent. Chutzpah? Maybe. Using Israeli law too. And it means encouraging those recognizing the state to build embassies and embassy compounds.

57 ) Laura / USA
29/08/2011 01:58
To # 9 ) Hani Akkad Sweety, if the American people could, we would certainly not "allow our government use the Veto against the Independent Palestine state". But our government is not so in our control, nor does our political system (a democracy manipulated by the media whose ownership has been consolidated in the hands of big business) allow for true representation of the people. The majority of us would like the US to vote in favor of recognition of Palestine, and we are trying to be heard.

58 ) Malone / Hfx
29/08/2011 03:32
What is wrong with you people?
It doesn't matter if 10,000 countries recognize so called palestine,nothing will change...duh...so what?
The status quo will remain,and the chest thumping and bravado from the pals will continue..I'm still yawning....yawnnnn..boring story.

59 ) ian / australia
29/08/2011 05:04
This whole comments page is a document for the ages! The out-pouring of feeling is pretty touching. Colin (54) I'm sure FM Lieberman can be counted on to help and has already issued a statement about Palestinians seeking to destroy Israel "from within"! Probably best however to keep it civil and refrain from vulgar witticisms like "don't let the door knob hit you in the a** on the way out!"...or not.

60 ) Chimo / USA
29/08/2011 07:13
Palestine is a creation of arab imagination back in 1964 and nothing else. i used to be in favor of a negotiated settlement and of the two state solution, but after Israel left Gaza in 2005, southern Israel has been exposed to thousands of rockets and mortars being fired at them for no reason. Then when Israel takes out a few terrorists, the anti semites crawl out from their rocks and blame the jews for starting everything. Palestine will not come about at Israel's expense. Shema Yisroel!!!!!!

61 ) Lukas / AntiZionist
29/08/2011 13:32
# 60, Chimo or troll. What stupid and invalid statements. Better visit your Zionist psychiatrist again.

62 ) @ #56 / Next Challenge
29/08/2011 18:08

The next challenge is for the PA to keep it's promises made in Oslo,
- which bind Palestinians to a negotiated peace process,
- which are the only reason that the PA was allowed to return, and
- which could be revoked, and the PA deported, if it acts as you suggest !!!

63 ) matt / usa
29/08/2011 19:01
this article may be true, but under what borders is the real question?

64 ) Mark of Lewiston to 62 / USA
30/08/2011 02:16
That is their intent, to negotiate, but with enough leverage that Netanyahu or his successor will have to deal in good faith. Insisting on Israeli laws on rent and occupation and land seizures and taxes are no valid reason for deporting.

65 ) Parbo / Guyana
03/09/2011 17:30
All of South America recogniz the state of Palestine except Colombia which is a puppet of Israel (USA) receiving 6 billion dollar in the past five years. The Caribbean nations will soon and more and more Central American nations are.

66 ) maram / jordan palistin
09/09/2011 20:06
Its better to get the 67 borders ....but if US and UN refused so we dont have a choise but to get back 48 bordars ........and jwes should go back to thiere native countries .
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