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Medics: 1 killed, 7 injured as Israeli airstrikes hit Gaza
Published Tuesday 16/08/2011 (updated) 17/08/2011 15:28
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A Palestinian boy cries during the funeral of Mousa Shteiwi in Gaza City. The
Palestinian man was killed and seven injured by overnight Israeli air strikes
across the Gaza Strip, Palestinian medics said. [AFP/Mohammed Abed]
GAZA CITY (Ma’an) – One man was killed and seven others injured as Israeli warplanes struck targets in the central and southern Gaza Strip early Tuesday, Palestinian medical sources and the Israeli army said.

Adham Abu Selmiya, spokesman for the emergency services in the Gaza Strip, said the strikes had killed one Palestinian and wounded seven.

Several people were injured as Israeli forces fired at a group of people in the Az-Zaitoun neighborhood in Gaza City, Palestinian medical sources said.

All of the victims were evacuated to Ash-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City.

Mousa Shteiwi, 29, later died from his injuries.

Three other Palestinians, including a 6-year-old child, also sustained injuries as an Israeli airstrike hit the border area near Rafah, southern Gaza, medics said.

"The outcome of the Israeli aggression during the past 24 hours is now one martyr and seven injured," Abu Selmiya said.

Israeli forces launched air raids in several areas of the coastal enclave after midnight with operations continuing until the early morning Ramadan meal, just before daybreak. Palestinian sources said they counted five air strikes across Gaza.

The Israeli army confirmed that airstrikes had hit the coastal enclave.

"Overnight, IAF aircraft targeted four targets in the Gaza Strip. Direct hits were confirmed," a statement said.

"These sites were targeted in response to the firing of a rocket from the Gaza Strip at the city of Be'er Sheva."

The projectile that hit near Beersheba did not cause any damage or injuries, the military said. Israeli public radio said a second projectile had been fired at Beersheba, but it was not immediately clear where it landed.

Israeli warplanes also targeted a Hamas military base in the Tuffah neighborhood in Gaza City, with no reported injuries.

The IDF said that it had thwarted an attempt by militants to fire projectiles at Israel.

A military base reportedly used by Hamas' military wing, Al Qassam Brigades, was also targeted in Khan Younis, southern Gaza.

Since last month there has been an increase in the number of incidents along the Gaza-Israel border.

The incidents have interrupted several months of calm following a flare-up in April, when an anti-tank missile hit an Israeli school bus killing a teenager.

Israel responded to that attack with a series of air strikes that killed at least 19 Palestinians.

AFP contributed to this report
1 ) david / israel
16/08/2011 10:12
the group shot at (at Az Zaitoun) was trying to fire projectiles into Israel when attacked! my sympathy for the other 3 injured! why do thees people keep shooting when they know israel has bigger fire power and will retaliate??!

2 ) Tissa / Sri Lanka
16/08/2011 10:15
Did I hear some one say sorry or express concern.

3 ) Salma / Palestine
16/08/2011 10:55
#1 david........... Even a cat ready to defend itself if pushed.

4 ) Sharon-Marie Gulliver / Australia
16/08/2011 11:10
I am beginning to think Israel has no heart an this deeply disturbs the War like Tiger in me and that makes me so mad David?Israel Give the rightful land owners their land back please...

5 ) daivd / london
16/08/2011 11:13
why shall they say sorry or express , they feel that all people are shit except them, so if they want to kill someone its OK to kill 1 thousand to kill that one , as its not anybody there

6 ) Sarah Smith / UK
16/08/2011 11:21
No one can deny that Israel have the right to self defence but does it have to be through war planes? Why not send their highly special squads to extract suspects and bring tem to courtl because these people are de facto citizens of Israel. On a different note, I agree with David in his comment up there. Why on earth would you attack Israel knowing very well what their response would be? You have issues with Israel then use public and other governments to support you.

7 ) david / israel
16/08/2011 13:27
israel is out of gaza for a few years now, the blockade only stands any ground because of thees projectiles! I have stated my sympathy for the people of gaza in my previous comment. 2 bad all here are quick to blame me for not expressing no sympathy but non here have wrote even one word of concern for the israeli people being bombed?! why is it ok when I have to go for shelter from rockets here in beer sheva?!

8 ) Tibi / Tubas
16/08/2011 14:01

The NAKBA and NAKSA outcomes did NOT result from Israeli aggression,
and yesterday's 1 "martyr", 7 injured outcome did NOT result from Israeli aggression either !!
- Our fighters make pointless holes in Israel's desert, and Israel kills them, and any near them, (like a 6-yr-old) for trying !!
- Our children's blood is on the "Martyr's" hands, NOT Israel's !!

to negotiate, to make tough compromises, & to END THE CONFLICT !!

9 ) @ All / Reasonable
16/08/2011 14:25

Sarah (6) is right, "Israel does have the right to self defence" and security,
and Israel never intended for children to be harmed,
but the blood of the innocent more stains the hands of their "martyrs",
that launch their attacks adjacent to children, UN schools, and hospitals !!!

Note that a "highly special squad to extract suspects" might still kill the innocent unitentionally, and they would be at great risk too.
- If they were your sons, you would probably support war planes !!!

10 ) #6 / Nasser
16/08/2011 16:15
"No one can deny that Israel have the right to self defence" Maybe you accept the fact that Israel have the right to defend itself! but many more deny it,actually Israel is the only nation in the world that have no borders. It was said in 1845 that the creation of Israel would be in 1945,never think that it will stand for ages, Israel's collapse would be in 2050. Fireworks

11 ) On the Side of the Oppressed / USA
16/08/2011 17:38
Israel, the Terrorist, the Invander.

12 ) @ Nasser (#10) / The Future of Palestine
16/08/2011 17:38

Your fantasy abot "Israel's collapse would be in 2050"
is just that, FANTASY, and it is self-destructive too,
since it obstructs even the chance of creating a "Palestine" !!

By 2050, even the children of refugees actually born in "Palestine"
will all be in their graves, and tales of "Palestine" will be more like
reading the book "Arabian Nights" or "Ali Baba & the 40 Thieves" !!

Negotiate and make the tough compromises NOW,
or this glimpse of "Palestine" will become a Reality !!

13 ) Tina / USA
16/08/2011 17:45
Israel is NOT defending itself but is always the aggressor! Israel's refusal to allow the right to return, its occupation and siege are ACTS OF WAR!!. Once the land is given back to its rightful owners and the illegal siege on Gaza and the occupation of the West Bank all end and there is equality for the Native Palestinians (as most Israelis are not native), then we can discuss Israel's rights. Everyone, stop discussing the "rights" of the criminal as it is still committing its crime!

14 ) avraham / ur
16/08/2011 18:36
"Israel's refusal to allow the right to return" why would they agree? when this right means no right to Israel to exist? if Palestinians want to bring back refugees they should negotiate getting a state and bring them back to Palestinian side of the border! people of Gaza have already been free of occupation only to bring it back by firing into Israel thous bringing the blockade on themselves!

15 ) gus / spain
16/08/2011 19:01
Who is a terrorist, which is launching a homemade rocket or attacking warplanes indiscriminately on the population?

16 ) Malone / Hfx
16/08/2011 19:45
#13...stop getting the latest propagand from the NYT..inform yourself...you are so wrong..naive comes to mind.

17 ) Amin / The Netherlands
16/08/2011 20:14
@ Tina/USA : Dutch proverb : You hit the nail on the head !

18 ) [email protected] / ISRAEL
16/08/2011 21:10
15 ) gus / spain

Rockets are indiscriminate, air strikes are pretty damn precise

Simple solution, don't fire the rockets, then there will be no airstrikes

13 ) Tina The "Rightful Owner is in possession", what we have is outsiders from Arabia attempting to steal it

NOTE: Neither Palestine or Jerusalem are mentioned in the Koran, not even once, if they were of imporatance, they would have been

19 ) Onlitrade / USA
16/08/2011 21:14
If the U.N. recognizes the state of Palestine and then Hamas and other factions continue to send missiles into Israel. Does Israel now have the right to considerate these actions as an act of war and retaliate in a way that would eliminate the Palestinian state?

20 ) Gordon / Australia
16/08/2011 22:33
#13 I'm with Tina too. A quick read of history will show that Zionists were the first terrorists in Palestine, bombing the King David Hotel and killing British soldiers as well as their attacks on innocent and unarmed Arabs. Until they move out of the occupied territories they are the aggressors and oppressors. The Palestinians have no other means to try to make something happen. Israel has to acknowledge the violent aggression that was used to bring it into existence.

21 ) Tina / USA
17/08/2011 04:41
#16, your comment is laughable. Read a book! And NYT?? Seriously?? Hahahahahaaha!! This comment alone shows your ignorance on PALESTINE!! Avraham, "why would they agree?" Well, because the land doesn't belong to them! But you're right about one thing. Criminals usually have to be forced into submission. And it won't be any different in the case of apartheid Israel. Things are changing and people are seeing Israel for the colonial project that it is! Even here in the US.

22 ) ~ Kaleo ~ / United States
17/08/2011 05:27
Israel has the right to defend itself the way a mad dog who has chewed off the limbs of a defenseless screaming thrashing child has the right to defend itself.

23 ) ronen / israel
17/08/2011 13:28
4) yeah sharon give them their land and go back to england

24 ) Tobias / US
17/08/2011 14:18
@ Amin-17,
We have the same proverb in the US.

@ Tina-13,
THE LAND WAS STOLEN from "its rightful owners",
BY THE ROMAN EMPIRE, and it all should be "given back" !!

However, it should be given back to its rightful owners (the Jews)including "cradle", heartland, or heritage sites (Hebron, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, etc.), rather than to the "Occupying" Arabs !!!

17/08/2011 22:44
20 ) Gordon
Ye Gads, another Aussie that is in a state of denial, trace the terrorism back to 1920, when Tel Hai was attacked, by you guess who, proceed to 1929 & 1936 riots, then the 1948, again started, by guess who, I'll give you a hint, it wasn't the Jews
BTW- Do happen to know exactly how you came to be residents of Australia, you swiped it from the Native Aborigines, then populated the land with the dregs of English Gaols It’s in your History books start reading before you lectur

26 ) Rexblade / USA
27/09/2011 11:31
The rockets from Gaza is either a hoax or extremely exaggerated. Stinks of a Mossad operation really. Those rockets are m 80's with a propulsion system. Ive seen photos of the with HEBREW writing on the shell even!
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