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Congressman: US ready to veto recognition bid
Published Wednesday 10/08/2011 (updated) 12/08/2011 22:28
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Steny Hoyer at a news conference in Jerusalem [MaanImages/George Hale, File]
JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- US representative Steny Hoyer said Wednesday that the Obama administration would use its veto at the UN Security Council if Palestinians move forward with a bid for recognition in September.

Hoyer, the Democratic Whip of the House of Representatives, is in the region leading a congressional delegation sponsored by a pro-Israel lobby group, the AIPAC-backed America-Israel Education Foundation.

Meeting with Israel's president Shimon Peres, Hoyer handed over a signed resolution affirming "unyielding" support for Israel and calling on the Palestinians to return to negotiations, The Jerusalem Post reported.

Hoyer said the resolution put the US on record as being opposed to a United Nations unilateral declaration of Palestinian statehood, because such a declaration was not a "positive step," the Post report said.

The US would use its right of veto in the UN Security Council if necessary, he said.

In response, Peres said he would "never forget this bi-partisan support."

Citing personal conversations with the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah, Peres said they were not fully committed to the initiative "because to have an empty declaration is just an extension of the debate."

Completing a unity deal with Hamas would also threaten donor assistance, he added.

Also Wednesday, Egypt's official MENA news agency reported that a Palestinian leader jailed in Israel has warned Washington that vetoing a state at the United Nations would spark huge regional protests.

Marwan Barghouti, a leading member of the dominant Fatah party convicted of organizing attacks against Israelis during the second intifada, gave an interview to MENA through his lawyer from an Israeli prison.

"Voting against the Palestinian state would be a historic, deadly mistake in the record of US President Barack Obama, in whom there was hope for change," he said of plans to ask the United Nations for recognition.

"Such a veto will be confronted by millions-strong protests throughout the Arab and Muslim world, indeed throughout the whole world," Barghouti was quoted as saying.

Obama's push for an elusive peace deal has foundered on Israel's refusal to stop expanding Jewish settlements in east Jerusalem and the West Bank, occupied since 1967.

The Palestinians have so far sat out on regional anti-regime demonstrations, but they have staged lengthy uprisings twice in the past three decades which Israeli intelligence services failed to predict.

AFP contributed to this report.
1 ) Eric / Ireland
10/08/2011 16:43
The whole world is watching and waiting the new Palestinian state! GO PALESTINIANS!

2 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
10/08/2011 16:58
I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Marwan Barghouti's predictions came true. He actually has valid points as far as lamenting America's disappointing, unreliable relations with the Palestinians. The Americans are playing the Palestinians for fools and the Palestinians have finally understood this. So far they have 122 U.N. General Assembly member nations ready to vote in favor of Palestinian nationhood (only 6 or 7 more needed). What is the U.S. response ??? ... A VETO (continued ...)

3 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
10/08/2011 17:07
in the U.N. Security Council. Is it any wonder why the Arab world looks upon the U.S. with so much suspicion when it comes to its claim in being a fair "broker" of peace ??? Hardly, because that's exactly what the U.S. has NOT been: It says it's in favor of a Palestinian nation but ALL its actions are basically contrary. Although I am firmly against any Palestinian nation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, at least I have the decency to give an honest assessment of the situation. (continued)

4 ) OMAR / USA
10/08/2011 17:10
Stupid Americans. This is the reason I can't waite to leave this pit of a country. End the Israeli Occupation of the White House and Congress.

5 ) Palestinian / Palestine
10/08/2011 17:11
Did this Democrat congressman read what BEN JABO wrote about this administration?

6 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
10/08/2011 17:17
We always extremely appreciate the support the U.S. has and continues to give us but it is coming at the sacrifice of deceiving the Palestinians. Let America simply withdraw and stay out of this. It is still bogged down in Iraq, Afghanistan and (through NATO) Libya. President Obama has basically lost all credibility in the Palestinian world. To them, America is no longer a "broker" of peace; indeed, it is a "breaker" of peace. American money to the Palestinians will never make up for it.

7 ) Tibi / Tubas
10/08/2011 17:25

We may need it, but the UN bid may be far worse
than just "an empty declaration", since it may come with
- Israel rescinding our freedom of movement & economic gains, and
- The USA rescinding our financial support gains !!

8 ) 3akroot / Palestine
10/08/2011 17:37
The time has come for the Arab and Muslim World to BOYCOTT America and BOYCOTT anything and everything made in America..... The timing is perfect to bring down this hypocritical country and it's TWO FACED Government to it's knees....

9 ) Carlos / USA
10/08/2011 18:30
US is complicit in encouraging atrocities committed by Israel. I will not vote for Steny Hoyer or his sleazy people.

10 ) persian100 / usa
10/08/2011 18:31
81 us congressmen in Israel.... why? their job is to work for America . what the hell are they doing in mid east? have they solved all our domestic problems and now want to fix our foreign policy?

11 ) Colin Wright / USA
10/08/2011 18:52
Kinda fits with our general ineptitude these days. We can only take a firm stand on behalf of evil. Pretty much at a loss when it comes to doing anything positive.

12 ) Even Without A / US Veto
10/08/2011 19:48

The UN can NOT create a state, and Palestinians almost certainly know it !!
- However, a state "in name only" is still better than NO state at all,
when you exist in such a desperate and pathetic situation !!

After Palestine is proclaimed and recognize in the UN, they will learn
the lesson of "A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet".
- Their oppression and suffering will still stink of death/decay,
whether the Land is called an occupied territory or a state !!!!

13 ) @ 3akroot / Democratic World
10/08/2011 19:56

You are right, "the time has come",
but instead it is time for the USA, Israel, and whole Democratic World
- to invade the Arab and Muslim kingdoms & dictatorship,
- to depose their autocratic rulers, and
- to take control of the oil resources,
until Muslims accept a Jewish state in their midst, on Israeli terms !!!!

14 ) betz55 / USA
10/08/2011 20:21
Let’s call his bluff. Let’s find out if Obama is ready to stand utterly alone on the world stage as the sole head of state refusing to recognize the existence of a Palestinian state just so he can appease an ally, israel, and it's isolating and delegitimzing lobby AIPAC, that over the last year has repeatedly gone of out its way to embarrass his administration and stifle his attempts at achieving a two-state solution. The days of "negotiation" as a cover for stealing Palestinian land are over.

10/08/2011 21:05
We can only hope that the palestinians remain resolute in their determination to go to the UN. We know only too well that negotiations with the Israelis, brokered by the US, have gone nowhere. Caving to US demands and intimidation will only allow Israel continued opportunity to consolidate its position on Palestinian land. THIS IS WHY THEY ARE MAKING SUCH DEMANDS ON THE PALESTINIANS. THEIR LEADERSHIP MUST NOT CAVE TO SUCH HYPOCRITICAL DEMANDS!!

16 ) Malone / Hfx
10/08/2011 21:53
This whole process is meaningless...simply more propaganda to draw attention to the pals useless attempt at an end run for a state,which will never happen until they get they're act together,which will never happen.

17 ) Mark of Lewiston / USA
10/08/2011 23:26
Israeli Unilateralism is Good. Palestinian Unilateralism is Bad. That is the message. But just to reinforce it, Israel announced a major expansion of settlements. What Steny won't say is that US aid to the PA is gonna end anyway. And probably EU aid, too. That will leave the issue of financing the governance of Palestinians to the IDF. Can IDF reservists teach? Can IDF reservists run hospitals? How many are going to enjoy being cops on the beat in Ramallah? Or will they subcontract?

18 ) Joe Fattal / USA
10/08/2011 23:43
If the US is ready to veto the Palestinian bid for statehood than why they are so concern if Israel build more settlements?. Hypocrisy at its best.

19 ) Em / US
10/08/2011 23:58
I just hope Abbas will see the importance of representing his own people - including Hamas - and not cave to someone who keeps vetoing his own speeches/promises.

20 ) Colin Wright / USA
10/08/2011 23:59
Re @3akroot #13 'You are right, "the time has come", but instead it is time for the USA, Israel, and whole Democratic World - to invade the Arab and Muslim kingdoms & dictatorship, - to depose their autocratic rulers, and - to take control of the oil resources, until Muslims accept a Jewish state in their midst, on Israeli terms !!!!' Sounds about like your average Israel supporter. He probably doesn't recognize the irony of giving his home as the 'Democratic world.'

21 ) 3akroot / hell
11/08/2011 00:05
What's funny about the US is that they want to democratise the world, and wage wars that cost them bankrupsy. But when it comes to a nation that seeks freedom and right of self determination, they oppose freedom and the most important of human rights. This gerk is one of the democratic party and he is against democracy. Isn't that weird? They talk about Palestinian state in Sept. and when it comes they go crazy. They oppose settlements and veto UN resolution. They fear month 9, year 11, (9/11).

22 ) Amira / Canada
11/08/2011 00:41
Palestinian must go on with the project at the UN in September.

Obama is doing what all former bought-out presidents have done: giving away about 5 billion US$ a year in spite of economic problems and poverty in the US. It is because their bowing to the zionists that causing Palestinian suffering and all the wars in the world. Americans should start a revolt like the "arab spring revolution" and ask for a regime change, a true free and independant american government for peace and justice.

23 ) 3akroot / Palestine
11/08/2011 01:39
In your dreams ... The 1973 Arab Oil Embargo brought down your Hypocritical country to its knees ... You've been defeated in 2 wars already and your nation is bankrupt... Keep dreaming.

24 ) Jabee Foo / USA
11/08/2011 02:19
How can Arab nations support the Palestinians when they couldn't fulfill their pledges???? It's no wonder that US is one of the biggest donors and you find blame no matter what. Look at the reality--US gave financial support, but Arab nations do lack support. Look at your own Arab nation/donor first. If the Arab nations did not gave money for the Palestinians, then they really careless. Wonder why Abbas had to beg Arab governments to fulfill their pledge?

25 ) ian / australia
11/08/2011 03:31
This is actually a pretty bizarre sight when you come to think about it. A delegation of American congressmen, eager for re-election, travel half-way around the world for a photo-op in their khaki chinos, paying tribute to the yiddisher Godfather of Hanassi Street, who says, "I won't forget this "unyielding" support...come election time...I'll make some calls!" And what is all the fuss about? What are they so desperate to scuttle? (contd.)

26 ) ian / australia
11/08/2011 03:34
(contd.)...a perfectly straightforward and transparent show of hands on the world stage about the right of the Palestinian people to self determination in what everyone agrees is their historic home. Like I said...bizarre!

27 ) @ Betz55 & Jabe7 (14 & 15) / Bleed With Us, Or Shut-Up
11/08/2011 04:02

It is very easy for you to say "Let’s call his bluff", since you risk nothing:
neither your livelihood, nor your very blood !!

After the UN bid:
1- "Palestine" will still be just a word on some useless UN resolution,
2- Today's occupation will seem like a celebration,
compared to Israel's response to the PA scrapping the Oslo Accords, and
3- The PA and Hamas already can NOT pay their bills or salaries,
and funding from donor states will certainly be reduced !!!

28 ) Robby / USA
11/08/2011 04:19
10 ) persian100 / usa - Maybe it would be better if they went to Damascus? Tehran?

29 ) Robby / USA
11/08/2011 04:25
4 ) OMAR / USA - What is stopping you from leaving?

30 ) Strange Days / Israel
11/08/2011 04:43
Alexander the Great declared himself a god. You can declare yourself a state. Good.

31 ) XP / US
11/08/2011 04:59
Unfortunately our govt. and all politicians republicans and democrats in this country are short sighted. They don't know the consequences of the American veto against Palestinian bid at the UN. It will be the last nail in the csket of any American role in the ME. It will lead to frustration as people don't see any hope of getting freedom as they live alien in their homeland. Riots will follow. Many demonstrators will be killed by IDF. As long AIPAC is happy, human lives have no value for them.

32 ) John Hillary / NZ
11/08/2011 07:35
Malone, does your "until they get they're act together" mean, until they cave in completely and accept everything Israel asks and does? Or simply until they get lost and go live somewhere else, or become a bunch of Bantustans that are part of Jordan? None of which will ever happen.

33 ) Salma / Palestine
11/08/2011 08:02
Palestinians have the right to go before the UN and get their own state, It is not an exclusive right to the Jews .

34 ) Nour / One-State
11/08/2011 11:03
Sycophant Fest! Who will cheer up for "Israel" more, these cockroaches are disgusting!

35 ) Eman / Nablus
11/08/2011 12:29
America want a military base in ME , American eye is fixed on Arab petroleum resources. Except Israel no body will give a base for USA in that area. A simple comparison between the American Jewish donor community, and the American Arab donor community, we will find out that this is yet another reason why America supports Israel.

36 ) Omar / Amman
11/08/2011 12:45
Salma, Nour, and Eman, well said, l I couldn't say it better .

37 ) Colin Wright / USA
11/08/2011 20:48
To Eman #35 'America want a military base in ME , American eye is fixed on Arab petroleum resources. Except Israel no body will give a base for USA in that area.' The irony of this is that Israel is so unpopular in the region that it's of no use as an ally. Witness 'Desert Storm.' I only wish our support for Israel at least made some kind of pragmatic sense. It doesn't.

38 ) Robert Haymond / Israel/Canada
12/08/2011 01:01
When 9/1 occurred, Palestinian Arabs danced on the rooftops while Israeli Jews lamented. That about says it. Ergo, Israel is, and has been, a friend to the USA; Palestinian Arabs hate America. Unfortunately, even simple logic cannot be comprehended by the pitiful Posters on Maan. Of course, in the end, even with a Muslim president like Obama, the USA must support Israel.

39 ) Ankaboot / downunder
12/08/2011 08:37
What the hell? The hypocrisy of both the US and Israel is disgusting. You talk about freedom of right and right to independence yet they prevent Palestinians having their own state ( which is ironic, since they are the original owners and t was stolen from them). There was also another articule of how Israel will attack Syria ( in a war) if they bid for the palestinian state. Israel and the US, history will mark the day the whole world will wage war on you, & it's a matter of time.

40 ) carine / UK
12/08/2011 14:52
Don't be so smug Robert, watch these videos on You-tube - 'Israelis celebrate attack on Turkish aid ship in front of Turkish Embassy in Tel Aviv' and 'Israelis celebrate "death to the Arabs" after attack on aid flotilla to Gaza'. Your lot are no better than the other side!

41 ) Robby / USA
12/08/2011 16:11
39 ) Ankaboot / downunder - wow, do you have inside information?

42 ) Malone / Hfx
12/08/2011 21:35
#4 omar...
What's holding you back?
Go back to the "pit" of a country you crawled out of.
Do you really think you'll be missed?..lol
I wish more would do the same.

43 ) Judy / Europe
19/08/2011 10:02
For Robert Haymond. Just for some balance http://whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/fiveisraelis.html
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