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Medics: Airstrike kills 2 in central Gaza
Published Tuesday 05/07/2011 (updated) 06/07/2011 17:41
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GAZA CITY (Ma’an) – Two Palestinians were killed and a third was injured Tuesday as Israeli aircraft fired a missile at the central Gaza Strip, Palestinian medical officials said.

Two bodies and an injured man were evacuated from the village of Al-Musaddar in central Gaza to the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital.

Medics identified the victims as Muhammad Said Abu Jazar and Kamal Abu Muammar and said the injured man was in serious condition. He was not identified.

"Two people were killed and one was injured in a drone attack east of the Al-Maghazi refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip," emergency services spokesman Adham Abu Selmiya said.

Earlier he had said the explosion was a result of artillery shells.

Israel's military said the strike targeted a group of Palestinians preparing to launch rockets: "An air force aircraft thwarted the attempt by firing at them. A hit was confirmed."

Local witnesses told AFP the men were trying to fire rockets when they were hit, however, no militant group claimed responsibility.

In a statement, Israel's military said it would "continue to operate with strength and determination against any organization which uses terror against the State of Israel."

The army also accused Hamas of not doing enough to stop projectiles.

Three rockets fired from Gaza hit Israeli territory this week, the army said calling it evidence that Hamas "is not enforcing a policy of restraint over the terrorist organizations operating in the Gaza Strip."

They three rockets were the first fired from Gaza since June 16 but the border between Gaza and Israel has been largely calm in recent months.

In early April, tensions ratcheted up after a series of tit-for-tat strikes and a rocket-propelled grenade fired from Gaza that struck an Israeli school bus, killing a teenager.

Israel launched a series of airstrikes that killed at least 19 Palestinians in the deadliest violence since Israel's devastating 22-day Operation Cast Lead on the Palestinian territory in 2008-2009.

The violence raised fears of another such assault, but on April 10 the Hamas rulers of the Gaza Strip declared a return to the truce that ended Cast Lead in January 2009, and the calm has largely held since then.

AFP contributed to this report.
1 ) carine / UK
05/07/2011 16:38
Yep, it's been just a bit too quiet of late for Israel, hasn't it??

2 ) Mustafa / UAE
05/07/2011 17:34
“The air force targeted a group of operatives attempting to fire a projectile.”
This is not fair, attempting to commit a crime is not the same as actually committing it.
Israel should have waited to see if the projectile caused loss of life before taking action.

3 ) Colin Wright / USA
05/07/2011 18:44
'Three rockets fired from Gaza hit Israeli territory this week...' Is this true? I read no such news, and while the Haaratz article mentions a mortar shell two weeks ago, it says nothing about three rockets in the past week.

4 ) Colin Wright / USA
05/07/2011 18:57
The Jerusalem Post also doesn't repeat the claim about three rockets in the last week -- at least, not yet. Perhaps the IDF only tried on this claim in an Arabic version of their announcement?

5 ) George / USA
05/07/2011 19:04
Israel's military said: "The strike targeted a group of Palestinians preparing to launch rockets". Lol. Whenever Israelis realize that it has been quiet for a while, they find an excuse to escalate. This incident is more political rather than logistical. This Israeli agression has its explanation in what is going in Greece.

6 ) The other Mustafa / UAE
05/07/2011 19:08
Mustafa, attempted murder is still a crime everywhere.

7 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
05/07/2011 19:34
@ 2) Mustafa / UAE, Not fair ??? ... Is that so ??? I agree that attempting a crime is not the same as committing it but after 3 rockets were already fired earlier (even if no damage or lives were injured or killed) we should still just wait around till there IS damage or someone gets injured or killed ??? Tell me, Mustafa, if I were holding a torch by your home and my intention was to burn it down and (even if I don't actually do it), you knew about it, what would you do ? (continued ...)

8 ) ABE / USA
05/07/2011 19:36
2 more nitwits bite the dust!!!

9 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
05/07/2011 19:44
(continued ...) Stop me or let me burn it down ? ... Please, stop amusing me with your nonsense. Separately, I really learned a long time ago to stop blaming Hamas for everything. There are at least 14 Palestinian factions. It's impossible for Hamas to exercise total control over everyone by itself. As the dominant force, what Hamas should do is divide the Gaza Strip into administrative areas and appoint agreeable commanders from the factions to enforce its efforts to stop rockets.

10 ) @alexfurn66 / south africa
05/07/2011 19:49
so mustafafa, to be clear...if a man was coming at you and your family with a gun, you would wait for him to shoot first, before protecting yourself? I dont think so.

11 ) YYY / Israel
05/07/2011 19:54
So if someone aims a loaded gun at you, you should wait to see if they shoot, then wait until they hit, before trying to stop them???

12 ) southparkbear / usa
05/07/2011 20:05
nice logic #2, got to be murdered before you can protect yourself.

13 ) Mo / Canada
05/07/2011 21:04
1) yea its been too quiet for israel. thankfully they found people looking to kill harmless civilians. but thats just an excuse right? 2) Just because they were about to shoot a rocket aiming to kill as many innocent men, women and kindergarten babies as possible, doesn't mean they did anything wrong. great arab logic

14 ) a guy with inside info / israel
05/07/2011 21:17
1: "No Palestinian faction has claimed responsibility for any attempt to launch projectiles" the 2 killed were identified as Muhammad Said Abu Jazar and Kamal Abu Muammar who were active members of "tauhid" organisation, a group linked to "el-kaida"

15 ) a guy / israel
05/07/2011 21:22
2: "army also accused Hamas of not doing enough to stop projectiles"-"tauhid" is known to have tried to overthrow hamas in order to form an even more violent regim, their interes is to make IDF attack hamas thus making them week either by looking week for not striking back or by going into conflict that will make the lives of palestinians harder I honestly hope my country doesn't fall to this trap again, n keep striking directly at the guys attacking us (n not general hamas targets)

16 ) secret inside info / israel
06/07/2011 02:29
Mossad set it up.

17 ) A Wallace / Uk
06/07/2011 02:42
Condem rocket attacks against random targets from gaza, but all sides should work harder to create an viable two state option No to hamas and others using violenve to suppress peace No to the seige of gaza No to illegal settlements Support peaceful resistance to unfair occupations Solidarity with all who realy want peace

18 ) Gary McFarlane / UK
06/07/2011 09:29
Israel justifies its naval blockade of Gaza on the basis that is it in a 'state of war' with Hamas, while on the other hand depending on Hamas to stop the firing of projectiles. Also, you can not be in a state of war with a 'terrorist' organisation, only a state or quasi-state in the case of Gaza. Besides, why shouldn't Palestinians have a right to defend themselves? Around 60 Palestinians have been killed since April. Over the same period not a single Israeli has died.
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