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Israel's deputy FM says ready to sit for talks
Published Wednesday 22/06/2011 (updated) 24/06/2011 11:12
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Israel`s deputy foreign minister Danny Ayalon
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israel's deputy foreign minister said Wednesday that "Israel has recognized a Palestinian state and is ready to sit with the Palestinians to reach an understanding on the condition that there will be no outside intervention by the UN."

"The Israeli government is ready to discuss all of the details with the Palestinians as long as they don't go to the UN; this is a path that leads toward disaster and will put an end to Oslo Accords," Danny Ayalon said in an interview with Ma'an television.

A Palestinian bid at the UN is different than the 1948 appeal by Jewish groups who sought the recognition of an Israeli state, Ayalon said.

He also denied that there was any Israeli move to stymie Palestinian diplomatic efforts to gain recognition, contrary to several news reports from the week before.

"Israel was established in 1948 under UN resolution 181, which stipulated the establishment of two states within the area of the British Mandate, a Jewish state and an Arab state, but the Arabs rejected the resolution and the war stated. The Palestinian bid is a unilateral effort [for a single state], that is the difference," he said.

Ayalon conceded there were myriad obstacles in front of a resumption to negotiations, which Palestinian leaders say can resume as soon as Israel stops settlement construction on lands internationally recognized to be occupied, but he believes the obstacles can be overcome gradually.

"What is being talked about now is a transitional agreement that grants the Palestinians the right to establish a state without solving all of the problems including refugees, the wall, borders, security agreements and Jerusalem."

But Ayalon dismissed the wall as an obstacle, saying it was "not an obstacle to peace," and could be "dismantled at any moment."

The separation wall, which started to go up during the Second Intifada, cuts deep into Palestinian territory, up to 22 kilometers, and cuts off access for Palestinians to Jerusalem.
1 ) Lukas / AntiZionist
22/06/2011 16:49
Nobody should listen to this criminal who is a member of Yisrael Beitenu, the Israeli Nazi party.

2 ) Hakim / Palestine
22/06/2011 17:01
They had 20 years of talks. no more settlements no more land.! no more talks. this is more to do with the unity talks,than the u.n. statehood. zionist lies...

3 ) George / USA
22/06/2011 17:05
Ayalon statement on Wednesday is very tricky that Palestinians should be careful not to fall in the trap. Its aim is to polish the face of Israel who refuses to halt building settlements in the occupied territories to start negotiations and to prevent Palestinians bid at the UN. I don't understand how if Palestinians in 1947 rejected resolution 181 at the time, it became invalid NOW? What kind of logic is that? Israel was established under the same resolution in 1948 and now it is different?

4 ) OMAR / USA
22/06/2011 17:39
and the creation of the criminal state of Israel (CSI) didn't lead to disaster? what is this fool criminal butcher smoking. this is the manipulation of historical facts by a seething, criminal zionist ideology that manipulates historical facts, and controls the U.S.A. with it's strangle hold on it's government and finances. Israel is not a state, nor a country, nor a legitimate anything. Israel is and was an experiment by a group of Jewish Terrorists who destroyed the lives of Millions.

5 ) USA / USA
22/06/2011 17:55
Agreed with Lukas. This shameless person should not even be given a chance to speak!

6 ) ABE / USA
22/06/2011 18:54
You are all goose stepping in the same direction!! With your attitudes there will NEVER be a Palestinian state!!

7 ) Tobias / US
22/06/2011 19:08

So for the record,
- "Israel has recognized a Palestinian state", but
a Palestinian state will NOT recognize the Jewish state, and
- "Israel is ready to discuss all of the details with the Palestinians", but
but Palestinians will NOT negotiate without preconditions !!

Also, why would Israel be concerned with any "intervention by the UN", which has NO power to create a Palestinian state, return refugees, or set boundaries ???
- This is probably untrue.

8 ) Edivar / Chile
22/06/2011 19:12
"This shameless person" was agree with the unilateral disengagement of Gaza in 2005. Now he is agree with the disengagement of another territories to make peace with palestinian people...

9 ) Mark of Lewiston / USA
22/06/2011 19:44
Ayalon willing to talk, but not about anything that could result in any progress for Palestinians towards anything. "What is being talked about now is a transitional agreement that grants the Palestinians the right to establish a state without solving all of the problems including refugees, the wall, borders, security agreements and Jerusalem."

10 ) Carol Schellr S / Switzerland
22/06/2011 19:59
The Oslo Accords have long been ended. Dismantle the wall, then, for a start, to show your good faith. Actions, not words, are direly needed.

11 ) Colin Wright / USA
22/06/2011 19:59
That Danny Ayalon agreed to be interviewed by Ma'an is a rather obvious attempt to appear conciliatory on the part of Lieberman's foreign ministry in the run up to September. Ma'an should have cornered him and forced him to reveal his true colors. For example, why no questions about stopping construction while 'resuming talks?'

12 ) Mitri I. Mulseh / Canada
22/06/2011 20:44
If Israel’s deputy minister truly means what he says, he should start with a good faith gesture and start dismantling the separation wall. I can assure Mr. Ayalon that good gesture will be met with another gesture in return. Peace can only be achieved through actions not words.

13 ) Rafaela / Greece
22/06/2011 20:56
This is ridiculous,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

14 ) John / USA
22/06/2011 21:07
4) Omar: Well said!

15 ) Omar / USA
22/06/2011 21:42
This so-called human being needs to be on a most wanted list and captured and tried for crimes against humanity. Zionism is a disease, which needs to be surgically removed. We need to start removing it from the U.S. Government and once it's gone the world will take care of the rest.

16 ) Amira / Canada
22/06/2011 21:42
Israel is really scared that UN recognize Palestinian state an they are trying another strategy to ovoid the declaration. The fear means that the declaration is good for Palestine in fighting the barbaric occupatio.
Please do not listen to the occupier and go for it: September Declaration at the UN!

17 ) Impidel / USA
22/06/2011 21:49
Why look you how you storm! If you don't want to talk to Israel, don't. Save your breath. Either way Israel will still be there, growing stronger, growing richer, growing more populous, expanding. And you haters? Impotent. As Ben Gurion said: It doesn't matter what the Arabs say, it matters what we do. And we are doing, while you are ranting.

18 ) Outsider / EU
23/06/2011 00:00
I wouldn't knock the idea dead without considering it. Both parties have much to gain from talks.

19 ) christian palestinian / usa
23/06/2011 00:10
Not sure why Maan would even give this racist a chance to publicize his facist views? Makes me wonder.

20 ) Star / UK
23/06/2011 00:45
The other bit of news worth noting is that Israel has 'granted' the UN permission to rebuild 1,200 homes in Gaza -- in order to house families displaced since 2003 after the Israel attacts. Israel also calls on the UN 'to do more' in supporting the reconstruction of Gaza. The west not only supports the illegal military efforts of Israel but the reconstruction required from its acts! No wonder their economy is so strong! Abbas -- go to the UN!

21 ) Cairo Arafat / Occupied Palestinian Territory
23/06/2011 03:44
Mr. Ayalon's statement that going to the UN now is different from 1947 is non-sensical. It won't work because it calls for recognition of one state only...Palestine. The other state is Israel and has already been recognized. He says we can discuss statehood....but let's wait on refugees, the wall, Jerusalem, and security....then what is there to negotiate. He is simply trying to convince people that Israel is willing to negotiate, when the truth is far from that. Israel must stop its games.

22 ) Robby / USA
23/06/2011 04:22
4 ) OMAR / USA - "Israel is and was an experiment by a group of Jewish Terrorists who destroyed the lives of Millions." - how did you arrive at that conclusion? Millions?

23 ) Ali Baba / Poland
23/06/2011 07:40
Nothing will happen. Palestinian will bluster and have terrible temper-tantrums until the Arab League will tell them to shut up. Israelis will quietly continue to expand her settlements and keep an eye on terrorists. Israelis are thankful for Palestinian stupidity in refusing to recognize The Jewish State and to sit down for talks. Nothing is changed. Nothing will ever change.

24 ) Niva dos Santos / Brazil
23/06/2011 09:00
Why let the enemy speak if he will say you are wrong?? That rat lab called Israel is just a criminal experiment, like says Omar!

25 ) uri schultz / palestine
23/06/2011 16:17
please don't respond to zionists on maan comment pages. IGNORE THEM.

26 ) Strunz / Germany
23/06/2011 17:12
Israel should expel all the illegal Arab residents of Judea, Schomron and Aza, as also Arab citizens within the State of Israel that not recognize the the State of Israel to the Arab countries of their grandparents. This would than be the right procedure that they deserve, and then the world meaning could be accepted as what it is now. Anti-semic, Anti-Israel and pro Islamo-Fascistic.

27 ) Omar / USA
23/06/2011 18:08
Robby, I'm one of the Palestinians whose life was destroyed by these dirty Zionist scum bags. I along with MILLIONS of innocent Palestinians lived in refugee camps. And yes it is MILLIONS.

28 ) Nour / One-State
23/06/2011 19:06
Israel is a historical anomaly. There's no such thing as a Jewish people (Read Sand), so how can there be a "Jewish" state? The area is occupied by Christians and Muslims alike, there will NEVER be a pure Jewish state, except in the minds of sick, racist fanatics who will be swept aside soon by masses. I repeat, there will NEVER be a "Jewish" state on our lands. There can be a Jewish State, however, in unpopulated areas of Australia or Uganda as originally envisaged.

29 ) USA / USA
23/06/2011 23:47
Edivar / Chile - This Shameless person sat down in front of the cameras and degraded his Turkish counterpart and he continues to degrade the Arab minority in the so called Israel!

30 ) ronen / israel
23/06/2011 23:53
#28 lol there will never be a jewish state? there is one already
if you want to talk about imaginary states that never existed and might never exist talk about your one state palestine

31 ) southparkbear / usa
24/06/2011 01:40
i take it from nour that the jewish anomaly should take not from 'normal' states like, egypt, libya, sudan, iraq, iran, syria...
gee no thanks

32 ) Colin Wright / USA
24/06/2011 06:46
To Impidel/USA #17 'Either way Israel will still be there, growing stronger, growing richer, growing more populous, expanding.' That's why you're posting from America. Israel is such a great place to be -- and such a bright future!

33 ) Robby / USA
24/06/2011 07:34
27 ) Omar / USA - "I'm one of the Palestinians whose life was destroyed " - are you an American? Where were you born? Did you flee in 48? Isn't it the Arab countries that force those "refugees" to live in camps, denying them rights for generation after generation?
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