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American Jews to join Gaza flotilla
Published Tuesday 21/06/2011 (updated) 22/06/2011 11:37
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Palestinian protesters wave the Turkish flag as they release a symbolical float
into the sea during a demonstration in the port of Gaza City in 2010. Several
American Jews are to board a US boat planning to join a flotilla of about
10 ships seeking to breach Israel's naval blockade of Gaza later this month,
an organizer said Monday.[AFP/File Mahmud Hams]
UNITED NATIONS (AFP) -- Several American Jews are to board a US boat planning to join a flotilla of about 10 ships seeking to breach Israel's naval blockade of Gaza later this month, an organizer said Monday.

"We are seeking justice for Gaza," Leslie Cagan told reporters, noting that the boat will have 36 passengers, four crew members and nine journalists when it sets sail for the Palestinian coastal enclave.

She said 28 percent of the passengers were American Jews.

"It's important that Jews are in this boat... The Jewish lobby in this country is so powerful," said New York labor attorney Richard Levy, himself Jewish.

"We cannot support an Israeli blockade which is morally and juridically unsupportable... No more people should be slaughtered in the name of the Jews."

The US boat, The Audacity of Hope, will sail from Athens to join around 10 ships carrying some 500 to 600 pro-Palestinian activists from 22 countries, Cagan said.

The boats are expected to leave various Mediterranean ports around June 20 as part of the so-called "Freedom Flotilla II" aimed at breaking the Israeli blockade.

Cagan said the American ship will carry some 3,000 messages from the American people to the people of Gaza in what she called "a cargo of friendship, a cargo of peace."

They will try and reach the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip a year after a previous attempt ended when Israeli troops stormed the lead ship, the Mavi Marmara, and shot dead nine Turkish activists.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has urged all governments concerned by the plans to try to discourage the new flotilla from being launched out of fear it could degenerate into violence.

Israel's navy chief had recently urged international powers to stop the flotilla from sailing, saying that it was "driven by hate."

The official also claimed that "a humanitarian crisis in Gaza is nonexistent."
1 ) marc / usa
21/06/2011 16:30
So i guess that means that there really is no "unified" jewish lobby in the US

2 ) Julie / USA
21/06/2011 17:06
THANK YOU to all the american jews who are speaking out against the atrocities of israel...more american jews need to be doing this!!!! zionism is FALSE, it has hijacked the jewish religion. ISRAEL has done THE MOST harm to themselves, and israeli zionazis have turned the world against their country, against jews worldwide, and against the jewish religion. the good thing about jews on this boat is that if US or israel try to stop them, or if israel harms even one...there will be HUGE problems

3 ) Lukas / AntiZionist
21/06/2011 17:17
TobiASS will be on the Flotilla.

4 ) Jewish = Zionist ? / Qu?bec, Canada
21/06/2011 18:04
The Jewish name given to the Zionist Lobby is mistaken and feeds the Zionist illusion of being the spokesperson for all Jewish people. The siege of Gaza is put in place by not only Israel but Egypt as well and it is mistaken to describe it as only Israeli especially since it is Israel that plays its role there and not the Israeli people as a whole. abraham Weizfeld Alliance of Concerned Jewish Canadians

5 ) christian palestinian / usa
21/06/2011 18:46
Great news! It would be good to see all american jews supporting Palestinian human rights instead of blindly supporting israel.

6 ) Colin Wright / USA
21/06/2011 19:23
To marc #1: The pro-Israel lobby is really like Sauron's army -- just collected moral dregs. However, to the extent that it's anything, it's an Evangelical lobby.

7 ) Malone / Hfx
21/06/2011 19:53
Pure provocation,nothing else...
There is no crisis in Gaza,Rafah is open,this is just for propaganda..
Whatver occurs,it is entirely on the heads of these naive bleeding hearts and their fashionable cause....morons,all of them.

8 ) marc / usa
21/06/2011 20:31
I am just curious. Is every jew living in israel/palestine a "settler"?

9 ) Saul Cohen / Canada
21/06/2011 22:56
Soon as the 1st ship in the group is sunk,more than likely the remaining 9 will return to their home base.

10 ) Yosef / USA
22/06/2011 02:20
Take swimming lessons just in case ...

11 ) Checkpoint Charlie / Promised Land
22/06/2011 03:14
8): Many answers could be given to your question. Each will say more about the answerer than the question. At one extreme, the answer will be that none are settlers because all belong there by historical or divine right. At the other extreme, the answer will be that they are all settlers in coming to a place that doesn't belong to them and taking away the rights of the owners. Plenty of answers would probably be somewhere in between these two extremes.

12 ) Julie / USA
22/06/2011 03:36
#8 marc - yes, every jew living anywhere in occupied palestinian territory IS a squatter/settler criminal. by definition of international law (which the entire world agrees upon except israel), these squats are criminally trespassing, stealing, and violating multiple international laws & universal human rights. and that doesn't even include the constant criminal terrorism of murders, arson, violence, racism, hatred, ethnic cleansing they do...

13 ) Julie / USA
22/06/2011 03:40
#7 NaziMalone - your evil kind is the only provocation. do some serious research before falsely spewing lies that there is no crisis. every single official who enters Gaza has documented INHUMANE conditions. or...because your mind is so evidently lacking surface area...just read the news and you'll see the phrase, "the situation in Gaza is UNsustainable"...then travel to your nearest dictionary.....k?

14 ) southparkbear / usa
22/06/2011 05:09
christian, american jews normal ones get blind only when bombs explode in jerusalem, tel aviv or haifa

15 ) John / USA
22/06/2011 06:13
Bravo Bravo. Jews the world over are good people like any other peoples. Most American Jews, like Americans in general, have been manipulated and brainwashed by Zionist propaganda. Thank God that many Americans, Jews included, are waking up to the realities of the "Zionist Nightmare".

16 ) Mohamed / Egypt
22/06/2011 08:34
that's very good step. i wish everyone in Flotilla be ok every body ( Jews, Christians, Muslims and any one believe in any other) and me as Muslim-Arab guy i have no hate for any one just for injustice. we all human and wish all Stay Human.

17 ) Nizar / Tanzania
22/06/2011 08:55
Is is wrong to call it Jewish lobby - the right wording would be Zionist lobby, supported mainly my right-wing evangelists etc. Don't paint all Jewish with the same brush

18 ) afri_geka / germany
22/06/2011 13:02
Malone, see how open is Rafah: http://youtu.be/WTO5epBSi6g http://youtu.be/L62PGyBuLjk I want to see you living under Gaza's circumstances and then telling there is no crisis. why not find out more about things you seem to be so sure about?
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