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PETA urges rabbis to overturn dog's death sentence
Published Friday 17/06/2011 (updated) 18/06/2011 15:08
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Rabbis pray with a crowd of worshippers during a demonstration at the
Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem [MaanImages, File]
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- A leading US animal rights organization is urging rabbinical authorities in Jerusalem to overturn a "death sentence" by stoning of a dog alleged to be a reincarnated lawyer.

The sentence stems from the suspicion that the spirit of a secular lawyer, said to have insulted the court's judges decades earlier, has been transferred into the dog's body, Israeli media reported Thursday.

Head of the court Rabbi Avraham Dov Levin reportedly denied calling for the dog's stoning. But one of the court's managers confirmed the sentence, the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has called the sentence "absurd."

"By sentencing an innocent animal to a painful death for such an absurd reason, this rabbinical court has not only completely discredited itself but also violated tza'ar ba'alei chayim ("the suffering of living creatures") -- one of the most important principles in Judaism," PETA said in a statement Thursday.

"Rabbi Levin should be given a mandatory psychiatric evaluation, and PETA intends to call for criminal charges against him for inciting cruelty to animals," the statement continued.

An Israeli animal rights group, Let the Animals Live, has also called on the court to overturn the sentence and filed a complaint with police against Rabbi Levin, the Ynet news site reported.
1 ) Niva dos Santos / Brazil
17/06/2011 08:13
O my God, in what century these old nuts live?? Even in a Hollywood movie I saw that kind of insanity!! And, they are the guidance of zions nuts like them!! HELP!!!

2 ) Carlos / USA
17/06/2011 12:28
Menahim Began often talked to God and God talked back. I wonder if God told him to massacre the village of Deir Yassin? He got the Nobel prize. There truly is injustice in this world and the shining example of inustice is Israel.

3 ) OMAR / USA
17/06/2011 15:34
this is Zionism. This is the nightmare that the Palestinians have endured for years.

4 ) Alexander D. / United States
17/06/2011 20:46
It is absolutely abhorrent that a people's moronic superstitions and way of thinking could culminate to stoning to death an innocent, sentient being such as a dog. What the hell was God thinking when he created humans?! This is total LUNACY!!

5 ) santo / U.S.A.
18/06/2011 01:02
I was for the Israeli,s.But this made me change my mind and convictions.

6 ) Julie / USA
18/06/2011 02:14
NOW does EVERYBODY see how violently psychotic the zionazis really are???? SPEAK OUT AND TAKE ACTION, this is an abomination beyond words. best thing to do is chain this man up in jail and enforce established legislation against this heinous barbarism. this dog is INNOCENT!!! shock therapy for israeli zionists isn't enough, LOBOTOMIZE this bastard freak.

7 ) kathy evich / USAr
18/06/2011 10:33
What is the matter with it is an innocent animal! Where do you get this kind of idea? Please do not do this it absurd!

8 ) alan lovedog / england
18/06/2011 10:45
what this story doesn't tell us is ... why this dog in particular? what caused them to think this one dog is a former lawyer rather than one of a million others? - would be interesting to know.

9 ) Marina Trofin / USA
18/06/2011 16:35
My Gosh, people from Israel, we are living the 21st century, not the 14-th!!!!! Develop your minds, it is a shame for making news with this atrocity! A poor dog can't be judge, he is just an animal who is not fighting! You fight with a dog? This is such a joke! Please stop this thing to happen, don't make history with such a criminal act! As an animal lover, please, I am begging you to stop and to recognize the animals' rights!

10 ) Lynne Ellis / Scotland
18/06/2011 19:06
This cruelty beggars ALL belief! What is wrong with these people?

11 ) P. Smith / USA
18/06/2011 23:57
Who are the animals in this story - it's hard to distinguish? And to think every year we give them all that money.

12 ) Benjamin / Israel
19/06/2011 13:35
@ Omar: Jerusalem ultra-orthodox are all but the contrary of Zionism, which aims to suppress this kind of stupidity or ultra-orthodox haredi judaism. These guys hate the Israeli state for being too secular and too anti-Halakha in their eyes, they are actually quite anti-Zionists.

13 ) Sativarg / USA
19/06/2011 20:32
Will we allow this incident to inflame irrational acts of hatred and bigotry? I hope people will take the time to understand that the actions of individuals can not be attributed to all of a people. The practices and beliefs of religious peoples are often misunderstood when viewed from afar. Now that we know that such beliefs and practices exist we can learn why and work towards reform corrections and punishment rationally and calmly. Let us not go to war today.

14 ) Steve / UK
20/06/2011 00:07
Better to leave the dog and give a lethal injection to the surviving lawyers!

15 ) saxitoxin / Hawaii
20/06/2011 18:48
I support stoning the dog.

16 ) Otto Strasser / Denmark
20/06/2011 19:07
Rabbi Levin should be gassed with Zyklon B.

17 ) Charlotte / Canada
20/06/2011 19:16
Truly unbelievable. God help Israeli and all the those who must deal with that country if this is an example of their beliefs, policies or actions. For the love of God, please don't torture an innocent animal to death, whatever else your doing over there.

18 ) Sparkle / USA
20/06/2011 22:31
They have no idea that a dog is not a person. They should be stoned and see what it feels like. Dogs are loving and caring and smart animals. This is not the dark ages. They do not believe in the lord I guess. Thou shall not kill. If you believe in the lord you must believe in what he stands for. No one would do that to my dog. What is next a cat, mouse or what ever. I have never heard anything so stupid in my life. Thought people there where smarter guess I was wrong.

19 ) Lev / USA
21/06/2011 19:46
Ridiculous. But people, please don't confuse Jews with Zionists. They are two completely different things.

20 ) Simon / UK
21/06/2011 20:25
This whole story was a fabrication from start to finish. The Israeli paper that first ran the article has now retracted and apologised. It is a frightening example of the power of the internet to turn a lie into what people simply accept as the truth.

21 ) Rachel / America
22/06/2011 02:42
What do they mean by "Stoning?"

22 ) Robby / USA
28/06/2011 03:22
20 ) Simon / UK - anyone who actually believed this story to begin with probably doesn't care if it was really true or not.
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