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Israel quashes West Bank protests
Published Sunday 05/06/2011 (updated) 07/06/2011 13:27
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Protesters at Qalandiya during the Naksa Day rally demanding
an end to occupation. [MaanImages/Mya Guarnieri]
RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- An estimated 300 Palestinians who gathered at the Qalandia checkpoint between Ramallah and Jerusalem were met with tear gas and rubber coated bullets on Sunday, as they marked the 44th anniversary of Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.

"To Jerusalem we go," read signs held by protesters, who marched to the checkpoint separating the central West Bank from Jerusalem, located on the route of the separation wall, built some 5 kilometers on the Palestinian side of the 1967 border.

"Freedom is a human right," another sign said, held by one of the few men who were able to bypass a heavy Israeli military cordon outside the checkpoint, which severed the crowd in two.

Men trickled into the area in front of the soldiers slowly, and when ten had amassed and tried to form a human chain in front of the checkpoint, soldiers began firing tear gas, sound bombs and rubber-coated bullets on the group. When soldiers in riot gear carrying plastic shields attempted to push the men back, they resisted by sitting on the ground and refusing to move until they were evacuated by force.

Following the initial confrontation, Palestinian youth at the back of the crowd threw stones at soldiers.

A medic with the Palestinian Red Crescent told Ma'an in the mid-afternoon that 10 had been evacuated by ambulance, saying several had been hit by rubber-coated bullets.

Officials from the Palestinian Red Crescent said that by the end of the day, 120 were treated for injuries including nine volunteer medics who had been sprayed with stink water as they offered treatment to protesters. Two other medics were injured in their hands, burned by tear-gas and sound-bomb canisters.

The operations room recorded four injured by rubber-coated bullets, who were evacuated to hospital.

Organizers confirmed the use of stink spray, a noxious water-based chemical spray, used on a crowd near the rear of the protest, while others reported being sprayed by pepper spray in the face by soldiers attempting to remove them from the area.

In the nearby Qalandia refugee camp, locals said Israeli soldiers entered the area and surrounded several homes, accusing the children inside of stone throwing. No arrests were reported.

In the northern Gaza Strip, demonstrators marched from Beit Hanoun toward the Erez crossing, but Hamas police erected checkpoints to stop protesters reaching Israel's border.

Tens of demonstrators who tried to break away and march north clashed with Hamas police, who detained at least a dozen.

Jamal Abu Nahl, of the Palestinian Democratic Union politburo member Jamal Abu Nahl delivered a speech, and told protesters that Palestinians should maintain unity, encourage resistance and oppose compromises with Israel's occupation.

The rallies marked Naksa Day, the anniversary of the Six-Day War of 1967 when Israel occupied the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

With reporting from Mya Guarnieri at Qalandiya.
1 ) A / Anom
05/06/2011 22:24
Listen ,If you provoke you may get killed ..very simple.

2 ) Robert Haymond / Israel/Canada
05/06/2011 23:15
The IDF was protecting the state of Israel, a state which includes you as a citizen. Do you think the Arabs will love you any more for always demonizing Israel? In the end, like the Kapos of WWII, they'll come for you too.

3 ) A Anom / canada
06/06/2011 00:50
Yes, the IDF should watch out

4 ) Haany / Egypt/America/UK
06/06/2011 02:18
Anom, Israel has been provoking for over 50 years... you will be right eventually

5 ) Jack Dempsey / New York
06/06/2011 04:15
What is so important about Jerusalem?
It isn't mentioned in the Koran at least once
As a matter of fact, Palestine isn't mentioned either

If I am wrong, then please show me where it appears, cite the exact places, better yet, post a link to where I can see it

6 ) Dubner / USA
06/06/2011 07:06
Only in Israel, a crowd of Arabs and left-wingers provokes a riot and NO ONE is killed! I recommend a standing military order should be to shoot at least one European or Israeli left-winger each day and leave the Arabs alone. They'll get the message and go home to watch Turkish soap operas on TVs.

7 ) Dweikat / Palestine
06/06/2011 08:54
1)...If you steal someone's country you can get angry people...very simple!

8 ) Tobias / US
06/06/2011 14:09

Nakba Day came and went, and now
Naksa Day came and went, and just
like these September will come and go,
all without any any significant changes,
to either borders or refugee return !!!


9 ) Dweikat / Palestine
06/06/2011 16:51
Jack Dempsey,

Type in google Jeruzalem in islam......and you will find all that you can find about it..off course..you got lies but if you go to the islamic sites then you will see that the holy land is mentioned...In the islam you can search in the Quran and the Hadith...

10 ) Tobias / US
06/06/2011 17:32
Haven't you seen children fight over something,

- There never existed a state of "Palestine", at any time in history
( but Israel did ),
- Arabs are largely invaders from Arabia or Iraq
( during either the Caliph Omar or the Sala al-Din era ), and even today
- about 2/3 of the Land has NO registered owners, so
YOU SHOULD RE-THINK who "stolel someone's country",
and why "you can get people (settlers) angry ...very simple" !!!!

11 ) EE / UK
06/06/2011 19:56
There is no such thing as Palestinian land, never was and never will be. It was originally Israel when Jews built Jerusalem on that land, then Romans conquered the land, then Ottoman land, then British mandate, then Jordanian land until Israel was re-established in 1948. It never was a Palestinian land and that is why it can not be stolen from Palestinians.


12 ) Peacebuddy / Jerusalem
06/06/2011 20:38
5) Jack D / NY. You have to check out Shlomo Sand's book titled The Invention of the Jewish People. It shows, through historical analysis, archeology, genetics etc. that most of the world's Jews are in fact offspring of converts, not decendants of the mythological Abraham etc. and that the Palestinians of today are in fact offspring of the inhabitants of Roman Palestine (Jews) who converted to Christianity & Islam. i.e. Palestinians have a longer history in the region than Ashkenazis&Sephardis.

13 ) Maureen / Australia
07/06/2011 00:10
8) Tobias Contemporary Israel came and stole and is sure to "went!"

14 ) Samer / Gaza
07/06/2011 04:00
Palestine is an Arabic cause before being an Islamic one. & it's also an Islamic cause. but its roots is historical rather than religious. Palestine is an Arabic land.

15 ) Lucas / Brazil
10/06/2011 04:03
'It never was a Palestinian land and that is why it can not be stolen from Palestinians.' Does this mean, for instance, the Kurds don't have (or 'shouldn't have', as they actually have none) any political right whatsoever over the lands they've inhabited for the past couple of centuries?
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