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Report: Abbas knows UN won't recognize state
Published Saturday 04/06/2011 (updated) 05/06/2011 18:30
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JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- President Mahmoud Abbas has concluded that a statehood push at the United Nations will not advance the Palestinians' cause, a senior Palestinian official reportedly said Saturday.

The official told The Associated Press that Abbas' initiative will be compromised by the fact that the Palestinians first have to seek support from the Security Council before going to the General Assembly.

Ramallah has concluded the most they could wrest from the General Assembly would be a non-binding affirmation of previous resolutions saying the Palestinians have the right to a state, he was quoted as saying.

According to the report, the official spoke on condition of anonymity because the PLO intends to go ahead with its plan to approach the UN, in order to save face among the Palestinian people.

A member of the PLO negotiating team, however, denied the report saying some of the world's most important international lawyers are backing the initiative and the Palestinians are hopeful they will succeed.

"President Abbas knows getting recognition will be difficult, which is something quite different," the official said on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the record.

"This is because of what the Americans are doing. They're intensively lobbying their allies around the world against recognition at the United Nations," the PLO official told Ma'an.

Former PLO negotiator Saeb Erekat, meanwhile, said the Palestinians would "continue our diplomatic effort to gain international recognition for our state on the 1967 borders."

"We will use every peaceful means available to us to achieve our rights. We hope to see the fruits of our labor this September with the admission into the UN of the State of Palestine," he said.

Also Saturday, in an interview with Reuters, Abbas said French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe's proposal to host a peace conference in Paris in July offered a chance to resume talks.

The last round of negotiations broke down in September over Israel's refusal to renew a partial freeze on illegal Jewish-only settlement building on occupied Palestinian land.

On Thursday, Juppe said the current stalemate was "untenable" and said France was willing to transform a scheduled meeting of international donors into a broader peace conference.

"We would be prepared, on the basis of a request by the [Mideast] Quartet, to organize in Paris ... before the end of July, a conference that would not be simply for the donors but a broader political conference involving the negotiation process," Juppe said after a meeting with Prime Minister in Ramallah Salam Fayyad.

Fayyad welcomed the idea but Israel has yet to make a formal response.

Abbas told Reuters the initiative offered a chance to resume talks but if negotiations did not resume, Palestinians would go to the UN to seek recognition of a Palestinian state.

"We can't guarantee the outcome, but we will do our best. However, if the world's super powers oppose us, we will consult our leadership over the coming stage."

Obama has urged the Palestinians not to approach the UN.

In a Middle East policy speech in May, the US president described the move as an attempt to isolate Israel, and said it would not create an independent state.
1 ) woody / uk
04/06/2011 22:17
Who is Abbas working for? It looks like the effort to get UN recognition will be half-hearted. No sign of any attempt to mobilize worldwide support.

And who is on "the PLO negotiating team" - the same useless double-crossing bunch as before? Maan should dig out the details and report, please.

2 ) marge / USA
04/06/2011 23:59
Palestinians should go to UN for statehood inspite of possible US veto. US injustice need to be exposed so world can deal with it. Palestinians are only ones who can expose US for what it is. US lost the respect of many countries and was critized by fellow members of UNSC for vetoing the UN Resolution on illegal settlements . US doen't want to repeat this action and is doing everything in its power to prevent Palestinians from going to UN for statehood, and any statehood resolution from passing.

3 ) Robert Haymond / Israel/Canada
05/06/2011 05:05
Fatah's association with Hamas, well-known for its terrorist tactics and its refusal to accept the Jewish stat of Israel, all but sinks Abbas' efforts. First he made the mistake of accepting Hamas and nw he doubles his poor decision making by recognizing that going to the UN. Palestinians need a true leader like Anwar Sadat of Egypt who had the courage to go to the Knesset and propose peace with Israel. And it happened. Palestiians have been saddled with weak and corrupt leadership.

4 ) Ish Kabibble / Delancey
05/06/2011 06:30
2) marge/usa

You can sing, whistle & dance, without the USA, there is "no way Jose" that you're going to get a State

Please don't mention what's illegal, you rejected the UN Partition Plan didn't you and waged war in violation of it

5 ) Homero / USA
05/06/2011 08:50
This resport is mistaken, we know and all the media knows but they dont say it, that there is way to avoid the Security council and that is the "United for peace" resolution and thats the path we will take in sept. MAAN NEWS do not begin publishing these kind of reports with lack of credibility, its really waste of time, find another way of publication if u r in lack of news.

6 ) Colin Wright / USA
05/06/2011 11:22
I guess the PA will have to stick with what's already there. The UN has already established a Palestinian state -- it did so in 1947. All the PA has to do is get the UN to agree that the PA is its government. Oh yeah. They have to accept the 1947 boundaries. I don't see a problem there.

7 ) Colin Wright / USA
05/06/2011 11:26
To Ish Kabibble #4 'You can sing, whistle & dance, without the USA, there is "no way Jose" that you're going to get a State.' Sure, guy. That's why China never went communist, Viet Nam is still two countries, the Shah is still in power in Iran, and Castro was out on his ass in 1960. The US is all-powerful.

8 ) Colin Wright / USA
05/06/2011 11:29
To marge #2 'Palestinians should go to UN for statehood inspite of possible US veto. US injustice need to be exposed so world can deal with it. ' That's about right. The purpose of this is to isolate those who still support Israel and confront them with the opinion of the other 95% of humanity. Once we get our noses rubbed in that, we'll start to actually look at what we're supporting -- and we won't like what we see.

9 ) Richard Pearce / Calgary, Canada
05/06/2011 11:56
Though the US may be able to block (through the use of its veto power) the upgrading of the Palestinian representative at the UN to 'member state', I do not think it will be able to block a UNGA resolution recognising Palestinian statehood status. And that second thing is, in some ways, more valuable than the first, because it is something that the courts take note of.

10 ) Peter / USA
05/06/2011 13:22
This represents an example of the chaos the Palestinian decision makers "political elite" is witnessing...

11 ) NigerianPRINCE / Nigeria
05/06/2011 13:54
Why is Taiwan not in the UN after so many attempts? May be China is torpedoeing it
If your United for Peace Veto is acceptable for Palestine why not for Taiwan, Hongkong, Chechynia, Kurds in Iraq and Turkey etc.
Veto Powers are not ready to set this precedence not now and never tomorrow

12 ) Hilde / Norway
05/06/2011 15:37
"Palestinians need a true leader like Anwar Sadat of Egypt who had the courage to go to the Knesset and propose peace with Israel." Difference being - Israel did and does not have the gall to refuse Egyptians their state and their rights. So Sadat figured he did not have much to lose by making peace with the Zionist entity. No party in the current Zionist government accepts a Palestinian state - ever read Likud's party programme?

13 ) Deir Yassin / Palestine/FRance
05/06/2011 16:53
@ 5:Homero) Ma'an has already published an article some days ago on the 277 (Uniting for Peace) resolution. So don't be unfair on this one. That said I don't understand Abbas' position. Maybe he's clinging to some US bakshish !

14 ) barbara / USA
05/06/2011 18:02
Palestine was there before the UN meddled with things. It should already be recognized. Israel is the artificial state, carved out of Palestine. Yes, go back to 1947 borders and make Israel give up the land they stole.

15 ) Jack Dempsey / New York
06/06/2011 01:53
14) Barbara
You're being much to emotional without having the facts to back up your claims
Israel was there thousands of years before the Roman re-named Israel/Judea Palestine, check your history books

We know there were kings of Israel, try naming a couple of persons that ruled Palestine, (other than the Turks & Romans)

Better yet, show me a single reference in the Koran that mentions Palestine or Jerusalem, since you're putting claim to a land that isn't even mentioned

16 ) Lukas / AntiZionist
06/06/2011 12:50
What a joke Jack Dumbsey is. The land owners in 1948 and hundreds of years prior to that were Arab Palestinians. Get it in your head sooner than later. There are no historical records of any Israel in that region. Even if it were, there is no justification for European settlers to steal land 2000 years later.
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