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Fayyad: Promised donor aid not arriving
Published Wednesday 01/06/2011 (updated) 03/06/2011 18:52
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Fayyad visits the Ad-Duheisha refugee camp on May 11, 2011. [MaanImages]
RAMALLAH (AFP) -- The Palestinian Authority is facing a financial crisis because funds pledged by donor nations are not arriving on time, Prime Minister of the West Bank government Salam Fayyad said Tuesday.

Speaking at a press conference with Japan's representative to the Palestinian Authority, Fayyad said the slow delivery of promised aid was putting pressure on the government.

"The financial crisis continues until now, to varying degrees, and has continued alongside the work of the Palestinian Authority since mid-2010," Fayyad warned, saying the government was facing a serious shortfall.

"We need to see an acceleration in the receipt of aid that has been committed," he added, stressing that the Palestinians "are not asking for anything more than what we need."

"In 2011, we have been receiving $52.5 million dollars a month from the Arab countries, which is much less than the amount they committed to deliver," he said.

The Palestinian Authority is largely reliant on foreign donors to make up its yearly budget. It also receives tax and tariff revenue that is collected by Israel and delivered periodically.

Earlier this month, Israel halted the payments temporarily in response to a reconciliation deal between the Fatah party, which dominates the Palestinian Authority, and rival Islamist group Hamas, which runs Gaza.

The move, which violates international accords signed by Israel, provoked international criticism and Israel agreed shortly afterward to resume the funds transfers.
1 ) Nour / One-State
01/06/2011 11:48
The Arabs claim to support Palestine. Actually they use our cause to hide their own crimes agains their own people. This is the bitter truth. Only true independence will deliver us from beggar status and reliance on these cruel, undemocratic regimes.

2 ) Robby / USA
01/06/2011 16:37
1 ) Nour / One-State - Well said Nour.

3 ) Victor / Russia
01/06/2011 18:57
Yes but to get that independence you need Arab money, European money, American money. Why isn't Palestinian diaspora helping? Israel was created by Jewish money from around the world. We didn't ask anyone else for charity. There are plenty of Palestinian millionaires and even billionaires living in Lebanon, Dubai, Chicago, New Jersey, even Mexico. Why aren't they helping you? Right now it seems that even after you get independence you will continue to rely on charity from Arabs/US/EU for decades

4 ) southparkbear / usa
01/06/2011 19:26
ranni! sing songs to the great nation supporting you, ya ba hiya

5 ) Arnold / Canada
01/06/2011 19:33
Nour, is it not time the Palestinian street takes control of their lives. Your leadership and your supposed friends are doing nothing to improve your lives. The Israeli economy is doing well and there is no reason why the Palestinian economy cannot piggy back on Israel. All it takes is for the regular guy on the street to say enough of this confrontation with Israel. Israelis will make the big sacrifices to Palestinians if they see heartfelt movement from the people.

6 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
01/06/2011 19:37
GO TO THE ARAB LEAGUE and tell THEM to do SOMETHING !!! THIS is how the Palestinians' Arab brethren FULFILL THEIR COMMITMENTS ??? Do they know HOW DAMN EMBARRASSING they are to themselves ??? More IMPORTANTLY, do they know HOW DAMN EMBARRASSING they are TO THE PALESTINIANS ??? The Palestinians recently announced a commitment of OVER A BILLION DOLLARS for construction and the first 250 MILLION DOLLARS coming from the Palestinians. So EVERYBODY BETTER JUST WAIT and see if the money COMES IN.

7 ) Alia / Filisteen
01/06/2011 19:53
I think it would be good if we stopped taking money from countries that want to "help" us. Donor aid is necessary at times but to build your entire occupied state on it is not a good practice. We need to start being self reliant on ourselves or perhaps we need to cultivate self reliance again--revive it! Seriously, we need to rethink our lifestyles and real needs and gov't spending. I think the "revolutions" have not changed the power systems and the hard part is yet to come!

8 ) Robert Haymond / Israel/Canada
01/06/2011 20:17
It's about time a Muslim stepped up to the plate here on Maan and reported what is true regarding the relationships between Arab regimes and Palestinians. Congratulations Nour! The Palestinian refugee crisis has been used by the various Arab regimes which house them (refugees) to divert attention from their own corruption and to focus hostility on Israel. Furthermore, these regimes all receive funding for their Palestinian refugees which they use, guess again, for their own purposes.

9 ) Checkpoint Charlie / Promised Land
01/06/2011 22:41
Absolutely, Nour. It is effectively a form of disowning or worse. On an earlier thread I wrote: "Two players have occasionally been shafted, but only one was always shafted. That player is the Arabs of Palestine. Palestinians have continually been betrayed, ignored, disowned, and demonized". That is, betrayed by the powers, ignored by the world, disowned by other Arabs, demonized by Zionists and their supporters.

10 ) ABE / USA
02/06/2011 02:06
If the USA stops giving the PALS money then what? Don't bite the hand that feeds you!!

11 ) Aliah / Filistin
02/06/2011 07:15
I totally agree Checkpoint Charlie.... How can PAL be created if the Zionist keep on controlling everything.... Jews are dictating the Americans what to do.... Arabs have no say in creating a PAL state due to their egoistic attitude...

12 ) Robert Haymond / Israel/Canada
02/06/2011 08:01
"demonized by Zionists", Checkpoint Charlie? Would that not have had something to do with the plague of Palestinian terrorism including suicide bombing since the first intifada? You do a disservice to Palestinian Arabs by insisting that they have been nothing but victims, as though they did not, and do not, possess the means of overcoming their collective self-pity, dependence and inherent violence in order to take direct control of a positive future.

13 ) Nour / One-State
02/06/2011 19:21
#12 You are such a liar and a hypocrite! What "Terrorism" are you talking about? The recent years have been the quitest - in the history of the conflict! You ALWAYS evade the issue of illegal settlements and Jewish-only roads on our lands. By the way, if insisting on getting our FULL Rights on our own land regardless of religion or ethnicity means we are "inherently violent" than I am proud to be violent. We have the right to resist occupation by ALL means, read international law.

14 ) Nour / One-State
02/06/2011 19:26
#12 Furthermore, and as a correction, read above "the most quite years from the Palestinian side". The Zionist side had been busy butchering 1,450 people in Gaza, and imposing an illegal siege there (that will be broken soon), not to mention arresting 7 year olds in the West Bank! Who are you kidding Robert? Haven't you had enough of brainwash and hasbara? Can't you see this is human struggle? We are FED UP of paying the price for your holocaust and biblical fantasy of a pure race!!!

15 ) Checkpoint Charlie / Promised Land
03/06/2011 01:56
12): It has everything to do with blaming the victim rather than the victimizer. Learn truth from one of your own: "Let us not cast the blame on the murderers today. Who are we that we should bewail their burning hatred of us? For eight years they sit in refugee camps in Gaza, and opposite their gaze we appropriate for ourselves as our own portion the land and the villages in which they and their fathers dwelled". Moshe Dayan, in a 1956 eulogy. Zionism sowed the wind, it reaps the whirlwind.

16 ) Checkpoint Charlie / Promised Land
03/06/2011 02:42
12): "collective self-pity, dependence and inherent violence" describes Israel well. Learn more from Dayan: "This is the fate of our generation. This is our life's choice - to be prepared and armed, strong and determined, lest the sword be stricken from our fist and our lives cut down". Zionism has always had collective self-pity because of Jewish history, and has always followed Jabotinsky's Iron Wall with its inherent violence. And dependence? Without the US, Zionist Israel would not be.

17 ) Ish Kabibble / Delancey
05/06/2011 17:18
Promises, promises, easy to make,hard to keep when it come to taking money from the pocket and giving it

Although it did look good to see one's name displayed prominently as the donor
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