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Israel to mark Jerusalem 'reunification' with cash
Published Sunday 29/05/2011 (updated) 31/05/2011 12:50
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JERUSALEM (AFP) -- Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday reaffirmed his intent to keep Jerusalem the country's "undivided capital," in a speech announcing a $100-million investment package for the occupied holy city.

Speaking at a special meeting of his cabinet held inside the Old City walls, Netanyahu repeatedly vowed that he would not divide the city, despite international pressure for Israel and the Palestinians to share Jerusalem.

Israel captured East Jerusalem during the 1967 Six Day War, later annexing it in a move not recognized by the international community. In the early years of the millennium, Israel built its separation wall around the city, dividing Palestinian communities on its outskirts from their neighbors.

Israel marks the city's "reunification" on Jerusalem Day, which this year falls on June 1.

"The city was united 44 years ago, and we returned to our ancestral lands. Since then Jerusalem has flourished," Netanyahu said at the beginning of the cabinet meeting at the Tower of David museum in the Old City in occupied East Jerusalem.

"Today we are strengthening its foundations and assisting its residents," he said announcing the multi-year package, which includes funding to boost tourism, grants for students, and incentives for bio-technology companies.

East Jerusalem Palestinians, according to 2010 statistics, lacked some 9,000 spaces in public schools, forcing students into private schools or home-schooling as families waited for a space.

"It is important the entire world knows that the Jewish people and our friends around the world stand together, faithful to Jerusalem and our heritage, steadfast in their positions, insisting on our security and extending a hand in genuine peace to our neighbors," Netanyahu said.

"We will rehabilitate heritage sites that are important to the state of Israel and our people," he said, adding that "the government and the people are bound as one to build up Jerusalem, the heart of the nation."

Israeli projects in Jerusalem are often flashpoints for anger and conflict, and some are illegal under international law. Palestinians in the city harbor a great deal of mistrust for the Israeli administration, describing most action in the city as attempts to strengthen Israeli control over Palestinian landmarks and history.

One of Israel's projects in the occupied city has been to establish guarded Jewish-only settlement neighborhoods in the heart of Palestinian communities. The trend began in 1980, when Israel passed a law stating Jerusalem was Israel's "eternal and indivisible" capital.

Israeli human rights groups say Palestinian residents of Jerusalem suffer from discrimination, in particular being routinely denied housing permits. The Israeli Committee Against Home Demolitions says that between 2004-8, 494 East Jerusalem homes have been demolished, and 3,753 buildings have standing demolition orders on them.

Israeli projects in East Jerusalem have frequently sparked clashes between police and Palestinians in flashpoint neighborhoods including Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan, the latter where Israel's Jerusalem municipality is planning to demolish 88 homes for the creation of a public park.

Israel's ongoing authorization of settlement construction in neighborhoods in the city's eastern sector has drawn criticism from the Palestinians and the international community.
1 ) Robert Haymond / Israel/Canada
29/05/2011 21:32
When the Israeli government invests in its own land, it's highlighted in Maan by the word "cash" in quotation marks in order to cheapen the gesture and condemned; when a generous financial transaction by an Arab businessman is planned in the Westbank, it is considered good enterprise (according to Maan). This is one of the ways in which Maan constantly slants the news and its perspective in its articles. Unlike Israeli news outlets, it never even attempts to balance its perspective.

2 ) Julie / USA
29/05/2011 22:12
"It is important the entire world knows that the Jewish people and our friends around the world stand together..." WHAT??? hahahahaha!!!! israel doesn't have friends around the world, and their US 'friends' they have NOT, do NOT, and NEVER WILL stand with israel on j'lem. netanyahu is delusional as hell.

3 ) Tony B? / ME
29/05/2011 23:01
2) You are definitely losing it girl. A couple of days ago you were getting irate over the way Congress was reacting to Bibi. Now you are saying it didn't happen. That must be heavy stuff you're puffin on.

4 ) Robert Haymond / Israel/Canada
29/05/2011 23:38
Apparently, Julie, writing about delusions, you never saw Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech before the joint meeting of Congress. Mr. Netanyahu was interrupted dozens of times by applause, All but a few Senators and House Representatives stood out of respect. Really, Julie, your hatred of Israel and your loathing of Jews constantly gets in the way of any objective perspective and analysis of the political situation in the Mideast which you might, otherwise, possibly possess.

5 ) Peter Beck / USA
29/05/2011 23:53
Julie, Netanyahu is not delusional he is arrogance squared. Last week, he made complete fools of the US Congress at a joint session. He even got the G8 leaders to reject a resolution supporting President Obama's position on the 1967 borders. The President had a choice, stand up to a bully or go belly up. He chose the latter. Perhaps we need to relocate our seat of government to AIPAC headquarters.

6 ) Joe Fattal / USA
30/05/2011 00:48
That 100 million investment came from the US. The Jewish lobby in the US and some Jewish organization donated the money, its usually when Netanyahu come to the US that he ends up with some money. Which is fine with me, but than if you ask one Jewish members of those orgnization if he is willing to leave the US and move to Israel, he probably laugh at you.

7 ) southparkbear / usa
30/05/2011 02:51
yishar kohac. Jerusalem is the capital of the jewish people

8 ) Doug / USA
30/05/2011 04:18
Robert - You obviously did not read the story. This "investment" was NOT in Israel. It was in illegally occupied and illegally colonized E. Jerusalem. Stealing something does not make it legally yours.

9 ) Mark ben Josef / USA
30/05/2011 08:50
Despite the political opposition of some Arab parties, East Jerusalem's Arab population needs to organize and create an active voting block. Only the actual exercise of political power can change the dynamics. The non-Arab population is divided politically. Winning a significant portion of the city government will make them have to deal with an entirely new reality. Sitting on the hands in protest is not a correct strategy, but the other side counts on the Arab population doing just that.

10 ) Nour / One-State
30/05/2011 09:35
#2 Julie come on now be reasonable! Of course they have friends, the US Congressmen who can be bought with a 10,000 USD donation!!!

11 ) Robert Haymond / Israel/Canada
30/05/2011 10:02
Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel, has always been and will remain so, Doug.

12 ) Robert Haymond / Israel/Canada
30/05/2011 10:08
You don't know much about Israeli politics, Mark #9. The Arab citizens of Israel as well as the Arabs who reside in the Westbank are also extremely divided in their viewpoints. Don't allow the onesidedness of Maan and its followers in the Talkback section define what's really going on. Perhaps you need to return to Israel, move to Shomrun or Yehuda, and become acquainted with the Arab families, tribes and clans. Quite a disparate lot, they are, and not singleminded in their views.

13 ) Robert Haymond / Israel/Canada
30/05/2011 10:13
Peter: Binyamin Netanyahu was influential due to the elegance and honesty of his speech. The international community has been hoodwinked far too long by Palestinian leaders and their Arab associates in surrounding mideastern countries. The new Congress in the USA, both the House and the Senate, will now demand a new approach to the Mideast and no longer be deceived by the socalled victimhood of Palestinian refugees. The problems of Arabs in the Mideast is of their own making.

14 ) Debs / UK
30/05/2011 13:14
Firstly Jerusalem is not for sale and secondly it is not a Jewish city. It is an internatioanl city illegally occupied by Israel. Israel are trying to pull out all the stops to annex East Jerusalem (Al Quds) before they have to withdraw from the occupied territores.

15 ) Julie / USA
30/05/2011 13:26
#3 and #4 - US does NOT stand with israel regarding netanyahu's stance on not dividing j'lem. please learn to READ. and i do NOT hate jews, idiots...i hate the zionazi criminals, just like the rest of the world. wakey wakey!!

16 ) Jim / Canada
30/05/2011 16:00
Jerusalem was never "palestinian". There was never a country called "palestine". Prior to 1967 Jerusalem was under Jordanian occupation, prior to that it was under British occupation and prior to that it was under Turkish occupation. Prior to the Turkish occupation Jerusalem was under occupation by various other imperialist occupiers, starting with the Romans who occupied it in their occupation of the land of Israel.

17 ) Nour / One-State
30/05/2011 17:04
Robert, it's been one fascinating ride to see you sink as low as to refer to us as a bunch of clans and tribes. Congratulations, you are back to the colonial era whereby the colonists (Mark Twain, et. al) classifies the colonized with complete disregard to local history or fact. Our history is that of the Arabs (Abbasids, Ummayads, and Fatimids, etc.) we do not need your classification. Now to your claims: I recommend reading "Shlomo Sand/ There are no Jewish people, there are Israeli ppl".

18 ) Tony B? / ME
30/05/2011 18:26
15) Who just so happen to be Jews!

19 ) Impidel / USA
30/05/2011 20:02
#15: "Zionazi criminals"? OK what if I say I don't hate Arabs, just the "Palesterrorstinians"? Anyway, EVERYBODY I speak to in the US prefers the "Zionazis" over the "Palesterroristinians" and you know why? Because they like Jews here. 15% of US doctors are Jews even though only 1.5% of the population is. People see who invented Facebook and Google it was not Nour. And what have we gotten from the other side?: The 9/11 hijackers You don't need to be a psychiatrist to understand it.

20 ) Lukas / AntiZionist
30/05/2011 20:51
By observing Robert Haymond's posts, it is obvious that he supports the Israeli Nazi party Yisrael Beitenu. Palestinians owned more than 90 percent of the land in 1948. Learn your history and hang your head in shame.

21 ) John / USA
31/05/2011 02:27
Robert, If all Jews were like you I would be the first to start a local anti semite club. I loath people like you, pitiful disgusting liars and crooks, regardless of what religion they follow. Thank goodness most Jews, and most of the human race for that matter, are not like you.

22 ) Julie / USA
31/05/2011 04:05
#19 Imp-idol, guess you're too ignorant to learn of the massive numbers (as in tens of thousands) of American Jews and Jewish orgs who hate the israeli nazi regime and its thug followers. not to mention the HUNDREDS of thousands worldwide, including many in israel (surely you're familiar with BTS, B'Tselm etc etc etc!!) you zionazis call them "self-hating Jews", because they too hate your blood-thirsty CRIMES. anyway, it's specifically your failure to do the research and learn, not mine.

23 ) John / USA
31/05/2011 05:39
oops, I forgot my own rule about stirring up the garbage.....all it does is cause an even more foul stench.

24 ) Wissam / Palestine
31/05/2011 07:08
#20 Actually Robert is now a fan of Eldad and Katz, both of which call for genocide and so called transfer. Robert is obviously a racist and profiteer from his daughters settler enterprise.

25 ) John / USA
31/05/2011 08:59
19) Have you no shame to display your ignorance. Why did the US restrict Jewish immigration from Europe after WW2 if America loved the Jews so much? Why were Jews precluded from buying homes in certain neighborhoods if they were loved so much? Yes, America did support and recognize Israel immediately....but that is because Israel is far far away. The same goes for the bigots in Europe who now shamelessly purport to love Jews and support Israel.

26 ) John / USA
31/05/2011 09:08
19) Oh two more thing to add to your list of Jewish-Zionist accomplishments in America: 1. The media/movie industry is to a large extent owned and influenced Jewish people (they have done a good job on you I see) 2. American politicians are to a large degree bought and paid for by the AIPAC(note the 29 standing ovations for fascist Netanyahu). And by the way, there were no Palestinians involved in 911...oh but were all the same right? I am a Christian Palestinian by the way.
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