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Police: Details of honor killing 'shocking'
Published Monday 09/05/2011 (updated) 11/05/2011 09:35
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HEBRON (Ma'an) -- Police identified the remains of a 20-year-old woman found in a well near Hebron on Friday, over a year after her disappearance.

Her uncle and three other relatives were detained and questioned. Police told Ma'an on Sunday that the death was an honor killing, to which her uncle confessed, and revealed the grim details about the woman's murder.

Local prosecutor Ashraf Mash'al identified the woman as Ayah Ibrahim Barad'iyya from the southern West Bank town of Surif. Her body was found in a deserted well by Israel's separation wall in fields three kilometers from her home. It took two days to retrieve her remains from the well.

Mash'al said the woman was wearing a necklace inscribed with her name, and that a handbag containing personal documents was also retrieved from the well.

The facts of the case were "shocking," director of Hebron police Ramadan Awad told Ma'an. "As we interrogated her uncle, the people in the room could hardly hold back tears."

According to Awad, Ibrahim Baradh’iyya and his wife reported their daughter missing in 2010 saying she had left home on April 20, heading to Hebron University where she was studying, but never returned. They said they feared she had been kidnapped, and wondered if she had run away.

A class photo of Ayah given by her family to police during the search
[MaanImages/Baradh’iyya, HO]

Classmates described the young woman, an English major, as "chaste and noble-minded," in her second year of university. Investigators found students liked and respected her.

Several witnesses and friends had been summoned during the investigation, Awad said, including one man who had proposed marriage to Ayah and spoken with her family. The young man had been summoned, and was interrogated for 35 days.

According to the man, Ayah had been in love with him, and he with her. He had sent his relatives to visit her parents, trying to win them over in an effort to propose marriage, but the family had refused.

"Police never stopped their investigation" the Awad said, noting that the case ran cold until Friday when police were notified that a body was floating in a well near Surif.

"Police and the prosecutor general, civil defense crews and an ambulance headed out to the area and retrieved the body. It took two days to retrieve all of the parts from the well," Awad said.

Awad said they found the body in the 30 cubic meters of water at the bottom of the unused well. Police also found a handbag with Ayah's identity card, clothing and two photos of brothers studying in the Ukraine.

"Once we had identified the remains, we summoned several suspects," the police director said.

One of the suspects was Ayah’s 37-year-old uncle. He admitted that he murdered Ayah with help of three friends.

A confession

"On Tuesday, 20 April 2010, when Ayah was heading to Hebron University, we took her in the trunk. She was shouting loudly, so one of my friends sprayed her with gas and she fainted. I drove to the Khallat Salman area where we tied a rope around her body and dropped her into the well," Ayah's uncle told Awad.

Before she was drowned, the uncle said she had briefly regained consciousness, shouting and pleading with him not to take her life.

The uncle recalled her pleas:

"For God's sake uncle let me go. Please don't throw me into the well. What did I do to be killed? Uncle! Please help, help … don't kill me."

The would-be fiance, who spoke with Ma'an on condition on anonymity because he had recently married, was devastated by the news.

"This is not an uncle, neither is he a human being even. He is brutal. How did he imagine that bluff about an [improper] relationship between me and her? What baseless imaginations led him to that conclusion? How can a sensitive, mature and educated girl meet such an end? May God take revenge for her!" he said.

The would-be fiance told of the efforts he had made to win over Ayah's family. He sent friends and relatives to the parents and to siblings and uncles, finally winning the approval of the young woman's father. "But the next day an uncle opposed the agreement," he recalled, saying that despite his best efforts the uncle would not give his consent.

Honor killings and the law

Many laws passed between 1948 and 1967 - during Jordanian jurisdiction -- remain in place today in the West Bank. Some earlier penal codes dating back to the British Mandate and the Ottoman period are also still active.

The laws have not been repealed by the Palestinian court or the Palestinian Legislative Council - which has been defunct since 2007 following the internal division - despite requests that changes be pushed through by presidential decree.

The section of the penal code affecting honor killings is also still operating in Jordan and several women's rights groups have been pressing for its repeal.

Palestinian courts commute sentences for men who kill or attack female relatives accused or suspected of "dishonoring" their families.

On International Women's Day in March 2009, President Mahmoud Abbas signed the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women.

However, more than two years later, the president has still not amended domestic laws addressing women's rights, and the Jordanian penal code of 1960 remains in place.

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights says the recurrence of murders of women may be due to the "relative impunity" men are granted when murdering in the name of "honor."
1 ) Rami / Palestine
09/05/2011 11:41
This uncle and his friend who did this to Ayah are scum. They make me ashamed of being a Palestinian. I hope they and their families will feel God's wraith for the crime that they have comitted.

2 ) obs / Sweden
09/05/2011 12:12
Things will not change as long you take money for girls. I can suspect the rejected guy was poor to pay for her asked.She was very pretty, peace upon her, so her father liked large cash. Regardless of religione you have to put limites how much mahr can be. All over limite should be punished by jail with hard laboure. Mahr was meant to help woman not became her burden and death penalty.

3 ) Tobias / US
09/05/2011 14:18

Maureen, Marge, Nour (1 state), and women in general,
I hope you are reading this !!

The Itamar murders, were shocking - stabbing babies,
but this story is common in the Arab world, Jordan, and the West Bank !!!
- Both I and the police knew what is was immediately.

"The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights says the recurrence of
MURDERS OF WOMEN may be due to the "relative IMPUNITY"
men are granted when murdering in the name of "HONOR."

09/05/2011 14:31
It's this type of thing that gives the Arabs and Islam a bad name. Religion is the most damning thing under the sun if it's any kind Islam Jewish or Christian or any other. Religion is not the right path to deliverance because it sets standards by someone that thinks they are right and if you fail you are punished. Religion is IGNORANCE by man,TRUTH AND UNDERSTANDING COMES BY GOD. Love & honor God and do to others as to yourself is the whole law of God. anything else is by mans designs for evil

5 ) ronen / israel
09/05/2011 14:50
big mike why wont you stand in a palestinian town and preach this opinion of yours.

6 ) Merlot / US
09/05/2011 17:02
This crime is horrific. However, the killing of young women by family members over issues of sex and or honor is not a phenomena that is limited to the Arab world, we just call it familial and domestic abuse in the US as opposed to honor crimes. Homicide is one of the leading causes of death among women ages 20 to 24 in the US and the majority of homicides are committed by a person related to or intimate with the woman who is killed. To try to make this a cultural issue is wrong.

7 ) Orhan / Australia
09/05/2011 17:26
Big Mike, This has nothing to do with religion, and all to do with people's stupidity! Islam does not teach such rubbish, in fact it teaches quite the contrary. Let us not bungle such horrendous acts with a religion, when millions of innocent babies are killed yearly due to human choice of aborting unwanted babies - and this is done by atheists, agnostics, satanists, Christians, Jews, Muslims and others. Stupidity and ignorant people exist in all cultures and in all faiths (or lack there of).

8 ) Another voice / Palestine
09/05/2011 17:29
"He without a sin to cast the first stone" The girl was killed by her uncles, who is a murderer. murderers exist everywhere, east, west and center, the motivation for the murder is irrelevant, killing a girl for knowing a boy is not worst than killing a girl for not accepting to sleep with you Tobias, the latter is well known motivation for murder in your country! "relative impunity" is a discriminatory law in Jordan and not in the OPTs! this murderer will be brought to Justice!

9 ) abc / d
09/05/2011 17:35
I guess the uncle rather wanted to hide some dishonorable behavior of his own....and thus opposed the marriage and killed his niece! May Ayah rest in peace and may her dishonorable uncle receive the punishment he deserves!

10 ) Salma / Palestine
09/05/2011 17:55
Oh My God. This is so Sad and horrible . heartless uncle, you are scum and you will be punished now and then.

11 ) Omar / Amman
09/05/2011 17:56
RIP Ayah.

12 ) Sahal / UK
09/05/2011 17:57
Stupid uncle! may he rot in hell! it was non of his business to get involved in his niece's life in the first place, its her family's issue not his... honor my ass, this is just one of those pre islamic cultural things that arabs havent goten rid of yet....disgraceful to all palestinians, no, Humanity, may he rot in hell, ameeeeeen....

09/05/2011 18:23
5 ) ronen, same goes for self righteous jews and christian alike so why just in a Palestinian town ronen ? You think there are no self righteous Jews ? how about the same Pharisees that rejected Messiah and still to this day do the same. Hypocrites !!!

14 ) Arnold / Canada
09/05/2011 19:37
Big Mike. Why add the ANTI ZIONIST. This has nothing to do with Israel and Zionism. You are just showing your bias against this group of people.

15 ) Arnold / Canada
09/05/2011 19:50
There are those that say it is wrong to compare " Islamic honor killings" to killings in the "west". This is completely true and I agree totally. Killing of a family member under the veil of honor killing or jealousy is wrong. But where the comparison SHOULD be seen is in the judgement. Honor "killers" are given a pass in Islam. That is where it is wrong.

16 ) CK / USA
09/05/2011 19:52
Honor killings in the USA??? PLEASE do NOT use us as an excuse to continue the barbaric ways that your society treats young women. DISGUSTING.There are killings of women AND men in the USA daily however, NONE will be classified as *Honor Killings* because we do not suffer such foolish idealogies in our society. Yes, it is said that the majority of female murders are done at the hand of a relative however....they are NOT honor killings. Honor has nothing to do with it, nor does God OR Allah.

17 ) Lily / EU
09/05/2011 19:58
If this uncle thinks, that he has any kind of honour, than he is totally insane! Exactly, because of a matter a honour, her family have to kill him and his friends the same way, to clear her name and to give justice!!! he has norights to take God's functions to decide who has rights to live, and who - to die! He is fucking sheet, lower than the grass!!!

18 ) Imran / Palestine
09/05/2011 20:05
I wonder how did the police in a very smooth and quick way discovered that her uncle was the murderer after thirteen months . Why didn't it take drastic and decissive procedures to unviel the cover from the face of this crime as long as they arrested some of her relatives a long time ago. Moreover, the man who beheld the woman should be investigated by a very conscious criminal investigation because he might be driven by a way or another to disclose the secret of the long timed case.

09/05/2011 20:40

20 ) miera / USA
09/05/2011 21:02
Horrific, regardless of his motive. Not God or religion - most religions start as a way for people to find God, then are twisted by evil people like him for oppression of others for their own gain. Not honor. What honor in ganging up and murdering someone by surprise & in secret? Was an act of evil - plain ignorance would not overcome the desperate pleas for life, at least not in the ears of anyone with a conscience. May she rest in peace & may her memory save another. God will be his judge

21 ) Snoozepossum / USA
09/05/2011 22:35
This is not about religion; this is about a sick vermin who took out his problems with himself on someone else. May Ayah bask in rest, peace, and joy in the light of her deity, with no thought of the past. May the Not-worthy-to-be-her-uncle and his toadys, and all the rest like them anywhere, have no rest or peace, may food and drink sour for them, and may all their possessions turn against them until they beg forgiveness with sincerity.

22 ) Julie / USA
09/05/2011 22:49
#15 your profound ignorance shows its ugly face once again, yet it establishes that without doubt, you have zero credibility when it comes to understanding islam. put simply, islam does NOT provide a pass for honor killings. you are 100% wrong. jews, on the other hand, can murder gentiles, even babies, just for being non-jew.

09/05/2011 22:50
14 ) Arnold, How far did you go in school ? Do you even know what the word 'ZIONISM' means ? ANTI ZIONIST IS MY WELL ESTABLISHED POSITION IN OPPOSITION TO WHAT I BELEVE IS THE MOST CRIMINAL MOVEMENT IN THE WORLD WHICH HAS CAUSED SO MUCH SUFFERING IN PROMOTING THEIR SATANIC IDEAOLOGY TO CONTROL THE WORLD FROM JERUSALEM. A WELL KNOWN PROTOCOL. I am biased against zionists and any that support them and their stupid ideas. they are anti Christ that's what the Bible calls them and I agree with it !!!

24 ) Robert Haymond / Israel/Canada
09/05/2011 23:11
Although "honour" killings are altogether too common and too culturally justified in the Mideast and in other Muslim dominated regions (see psychologist Phyllis chesler who has written extensively on the subject) and the story as related in this article is horrifying, I take some sober consulation that the murderer and his accomplices were found by police investigations and that the (Fatah) government has made it explicit that it will not countenance such willful and destructive acts.

25 ) merlot / US
10/05/2011 00:46
So we call it jealousy, rage, shame, or any number of things other than honor. The facts in the end are the same. Young women in the US and in Palestine or other countries end up dead. The abusive relationships that lead to these deaths are very similar in each place and there is nothing unique in Muslim countries that lead to these acts. I Palestine there are even examples of "honor killings" in Christian families. The idea that there is no similarity is absurd but doesn't excuse the act.

26 ) elias / palestine
10/05/2011 00:58
the last part of the article on law need to be amended.one more reason

27 ) Sharaaz Khan / USA
10/05/2011 01:18
Honor killings has nothing to do with the religion. It is not part of the Shariah.

28 ) Abe / USA
10/05/2011 05:59
The 4 criminals should be punished. They should receive a publicly humiliating punishment to insure crimes like this are never committed again.

29 ) southparkbear / usa
10/05/2011 06:08
imagine a rumor is sufficient to justify an 'honot' killing. it's hard to raise a child in a society where you have to prove is not before arguing does not apply. same as in Egypt a false rumor lead to secterian fights with peace loving people burning churches

30 ) Colin Wright / USA
10/05/2011 06:42
To Arnold #15 ' Honor "killers" are given a pass in Islam. ' Really? Maybe so -- but could you cite the verse in the Qu'ran you're referring to?

31 ) Sarah / Israel
10/05/2011 11:02
This isn't even an "honor" killing--she did nothing that remotely dishonored her family; nor did her fiance, who won the approval of her father. The uncle is just a murdering pig. G-d judge him for his evil. It has nothing to do with Islam, or old laws, or culture. The uncle is simply a murderer.

32 ) Atheist / Canada
10/05/2011 15:24
Miera, I am sorry but religion is the root of all evil. Why does anyone need to find god? Why? I didn't know he was missing? Maybe his uncle killed him in a well too. Let's not kid ourselves about imaginary friends, there is no god and never has been. Let's use our brains, however small minded we can be sometimes and call this what it is, its barbaric and it's unacceptable. It is because of religion and until we admit that, we can't move foreword. I'm not for death penalty but this 1 yes.

10/05/2011 17:44
32 ) Atheist, while I would agree with most of what you say when it comes to RELIGION, don't through out the baby with the bath water. Factual Truth speaks for itself and scientifically proven so, including a higher power, call it what you may, but religion is indeed the root of self righteousness which ends up on the battlefield every time.

34 ) johnny benson / usa
10/05/2011 20:29
editors...why is it you post the ravings of mike the anti-zionist...and refuse to post my posts..which dont even come close to his pure venomous hatred.....is it because you agree?

35 ) Tobias / US
10/05/2011 21:08

Honor "killers" are NOT given a pass in Islam, but
they Honor "killers" are given a pass in the West Bank,
and Jordan**, and much of slao the Arab world !!!

** see the story above:
"the penal code affecting honor killings is also still operating in Jordan", and
"recurrence of murders of women due to the relative impunity men are granted"

36 ) God / Byyaside
10/05/2011 21:25
32) Can you explain what went wrong with your atheist friends in China, N Korea, Russia etc. If religion is responsible, what's their excuse?

37 ) Zionist / US
11/05/2011 06:26
Based on my contacts with Palestinians while visiting Israel, I believe that Palestinians will be the first Arabs and Muslims to abolish legal tolerance for "honor killings" and treat such occurrences as premeditated homicides just like in the Western cultures and in Israel. Except that Jordan continues to treat "honor killings" as a justifiable homicide. And Jordan is overwhelmingly Palestinian. Oh, well.

38 ) Eli F. / Israel
11/05/2011 10:35
"Big Mike" or whatever your fellow KKK or Neo-Nazi friends call you, get a life.."Satanic Ideology".."A well known Protocol"..Like in the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", boy are YOU demented, but then again, why should I be surprised coming from an Anti-Semitic, hate monger like you, that lives in some deranged and sick, parallel universe, that actually believes this uber-garbage...

11/05/2011 15:48
34 )johnny benson, all with any sense, including those at MAAN news agree and while they might not say it openly,living in Bethlehem and Gaze under the illegal Zionists occupation gives them good reason to agree with me.I have lived there I know first hand what the criminal zionist do to these poor defenseless people because they have done it to me. I've stood in the face of their IDF and machine guns I've been put in there jails and threatened. I know what these pigs believe and it's a BIG LIE!

11/05/2011 15:59
38 )Eli F,Sorry to bust your bubble but I am neither KKK Neo- Nazi or any other cult,Yes I am probably the most extreme ANTI ZIONIST you will ever encounter because that is what the Almighty has made me, IT'S MY JOB AS GREAT PRINCE OF THE COVENANT, MICHAEL of Daniel 12:1.Tell me which prophet sent to Israel ever patted them on the back. they always kick their ass for disobedience. and that's why Israel hated them and me too. By the way I'm not anti Semitic but ANTI ZIONIST there's a difference

41 ) Qais / Palestine
12/05/2011 01:12
i think this phenomenon will be vanished when all primitives will be vanished. but also its a problem of laws... because the penalization is too light for someone who consider him self as a God and decide to take somebody's life... so should we wait for the time when these god damn people pass away. or shall we mobilize to end all this... BUT, at the end, every one of us has to star with himself, because it is from here where the change will take place. Mercy upon all girls killed in that way.

42 ) Human / The world
19/05/2011 10:05
Anyone knows by heart killing is wrong, that should be part of human nature. If someone can justify in any means to hurt, maim or kill another human being, either by (supposedly) conviction, culture, religion or just by having the wrong connection in your brain, you shouldn't be allowed to live amongst the rest of us. The ones who do respect each other. We all have the right to live our lives in the way we see fit, as long as we do not hurt others in the process.

43 ) Jimmy / USA
20/05/2011 22:46
The conversations posted here are educational and revealing. I am sadden by the display of so many broken hearts and broken lives. I am sorry, fellow posters, that you have drifted from honoring Ayah Barad'iyya. She should be the true focus of each and everyone of us...

44 ) el cid / USA
21/05/2011 02:37
How selfish the god that asks for blood; how stupid the man that gives it to him.

45 ) brad / uk
03/08/2011 20:58
Honour killings and complete lack of respect for women is only taught (and regulary achieved) in Islam. But with such a monsterous prophet (unlike peaceful Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Dalia Lana, etc) what else can we expect from the followers of 'the religion of peace' ??? Just google the speech marked words

46 ) Paulita Abou-Aly / USA
07/08/2011 18:39
I am heartbroken, shocked and upset that this happened. Does Allah give precedence to an uncle over the female's own father and mother? Marriage among family members has a part to play in this atrocity because it is about greed, the worship of money, the root of all evil. Shame on all of those who participated and consider this "honor killing" as an option.
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