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Family of Awarta teen deny allegations
Published Sunday 17/04/2011 (updated) 20/04/2011 11:59
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AWARTA, West Bank (Ma'an) -- The family of one of two teens charged by Israeli forces in the murder of a settler family last month is contesting the allegations, saying 19-year-old Hakim Awwad was too ill to have carried out the gruesome attack.

Nouf Awwad told Ma'an on Sunday - the day reports of the allegations against her son were made public with the lifting of an Israeli gag-order on the case of the slain settlers - that Hakim was still recovering from a recent surgery, which prevented him from walking long distances and required him to use the toilet every hour.

"We have the medical records, he is in unstable health," she said, adding that the family is gathering the papers to present as evidence in defense of Hakim.

She said Hakim had undergone testicular surgery in November at the Rafidiya Hospital in Nablus.

"He was at home [the night of the murders] and went to bed at 9:30 [p.m.]," she said.

Hakim, who was detained in early April during the third sweep of detentions carried out by Israeli forces, has remained in detention since that time, and has had no contact with his family. Nouf said she "could not rule out" the idea that her son had been tortured and confessed under duress.

The mother said her daughter, Hakim's sister, Julia had also been detained during the month-long series of sweeps. She said Julia had been released exhausted, and said she had been harshly interrogated and put under "severe psychological pressure," and had collapsed more than once during questioning.

Head of the village council Qais Awwad said he suspected much of Israel's investigation had been carried out using torture to extract confessions from residents, and repeated his insistence that international investigators, or at the least observers, be present as the investigation continued.

Hakim was one of two teens from Awarta named in a briefing document obtained by AFP, in which Israel's internal security agency Shin Bet said it had arrested two main suspects and five suspected accomplices.

"The two, residents of the village of Awarta, confessed during the investigation to planning and carrying out the attack and staged a reconstruction," the Shin Bet document said.

Six of the men arrested in connection with the case are members of the Awad family from the village of Awarta, and a seventh, a resident of Ramallah, was a friend of one of the suspected accomplices, the document said.

The Israeli military confirmed the arrests. Colonel Nimrod Aloni, commander of the Shomron Brigade in the northern area of the occupied West Bank told a briefing: "We can say that the murderers are in our hands."

Hakim and Amjad, detained in separate raids, were both named as prime suspects in the murders of five members of the Fogel family, settlers who lived in the illegal settlement of Itamar, adjacent to the village.

The Fogel parents and three of their children including an infant were found stabbed to death in their beds on 11 March. The killings spurred an increase in settler attacks against Palestinians.
1 ) abu mousa / palestine
17/04/2011 19:54
set up??

2 ) Susan / Canada
17/04/2011 22:07
I hope they find out who the murderers are soon so that the others can be released. Set-up? Please.

3 ) American Back To The Indian / USA
17/04/2011 22:13
Surgery in November and he still can't walk? My neighbor had three hernias operated on and was back to work in 6 weeks and he is 52.

4 ) Mark ben Josuf / USA
17/04/2011 22:21
Netanyahu has already pronounced sentence according to Y-Net. He apparently has ordered that their hands be cut off - a very Saudi sentence. Will it be done with a sword or a saw? Under anesthesia or without? Fast or slow? And what happens to the other 5,000 or so taken in for questioning? And all the damage to homes of those not charged?

5 ) omar / us/palestine
17/04/2011 22:27
their should be an international committee.to conduct the investigation. One of the suspects' sister was arrested and used against her brother His mother said he might confessed too release his sister .Netanyahu need to keep his mouth shut Let the evidence do the talking we want to see the DNA .

17/04/2011 23:22
It certainly wouldn't be the first time a 'confession' extracted by the Israelis has turned out to be physically impossible.

7 ) Philip / Ireland
18/04/2011 00:01
Israeli investigators allege that the perpetrators [whoever these may be] first entered an empty house in the settlement and stole an M16 rifle. Another report states that one of the parents was shot ... presumably with the M16 rifle. If this is true, it seems unusual that no-one reacted to the sound of the rifle, in a settlement which would be very alive to security issues. Will the Israeli administration permit a suitable defence team and international oversight of this highly charged case ..

8 ) Maureen / Australia
18/04/2011 00:27
An electrified fence is said to have surrounded squatter residence. Zionist squatters also have been known to own vicious dogs and pigs. It seems too far fetched to imagine two teenage boys (one recovering from testicular surgery) could out the attack without disturbing others in the settlement.

9 ) JG / usa
18/04/2011 02:00
I swear they are all innocent. Yeah, sure, sure ...

10 ) thomas / zaire
18/04/2011 02:08
i believe it was a jew-or thai?no?

11 ) yossi shultz / usa
18/04/2011 02:11
they shouldn't be there in the first place.

12 ) Mary / Ireland
18/04/2011 02:25
Yes a set-up.

13 ) Colin Wright / USA
18/04/2011 05:44
To Susan #2 'I hope they find out who the murderers are...' I'm not sure I'd call killing illegal settlers there in the wake of an occupying army 'murder.' How else do you propose to get rid of them?

14 ) Jerrold Cohen / USA
18/04/2011 07:20
They are fishing for anyone they can blame.

15 ) Niva dos Santos / Brazil
18/04/2011 08:04
In order to hide it's incompetence the SS-IOF needs a scape goat! Just pick one/two/...! And beat/torture 'till got a "confession"!! What a blodd f...joke! Nazi-style "justice"!

16 ) mxy / usa
18/04/2011 08:12
Yes, yes, mother dearest. She has practice at this excuse making, you see, because her husband Maazan, the boys father, is a PFLP member who served 5 years in a Palestinian Authority prison in the late 1990s for the murder of a female cousin and the burning of her body.

Of course he was "set up" also, right? Oops! That was "served 5 years in a *Palestinian Authority* prison". And Uncle Jibril Awad, transported a terrorist to Itamar for the 2002 murders...

Nice family.

17 ) jasmine / Israel
18/04/2011 09:04
DNA doesn't lie. It also doesn't help their case when they said that they would have killed the other two children had they known they were there.

18 ) eporue / europe
18/04/2011 09:38
whats the evidence, what does their lawyers comment on the allegations ? what was the murder weapon, btw ?

19 ) Gin / Australia
18/04/2011 13:13
Evidence gained under torture is inadmissible in civilized societies. Israel's arrest & detention of any West Bank Palestinian is illegal under international law and their use of torture against Palestinians is well documented. However, as always, Israel's flagrant breaches of international law and human decency willbe unremarked upon by those who call themselves leaders in the West.

20 ) Robert Haymond / Robert Haymond
18/04/2011 14:39
Yossi Shultz, if that is your real name, the Green Line was the ceasefire line. nothing more, separating the armies of Israel and Jordan at the end of the 1967 war. It was drawn up by the respective military men (Moshe Dayan for Israel) representing each country and was configured in order to simply demarcate the whereabouts of the prevailing military. Areas east of the Green Line were originally in Jewish lands and are now referred to as "disputed".

21 ) Gianna / USA
18/04/2011 18:05
So were there any arrests as a result of the 29 members of the Samouni family members who were massacred while their whole area was shot up and air-striked ? no? What about any of the other thousands of Palestinians murdered ? any allegations against Israel? As if a Palestinian can come in within 10 FEET of a settlers home. The barbed electric fences and handful of soldiers on guard would shoot them in an instant. This was clearly a setup to stir things up and cause Palestinians more harm.

22 ) avi hamstel / nijmeigen,netherlands
18/04/2011 21:38
they were under torure,the mystical DNA evidence is a charade.
did they not treat the people of the illegal settlement the same way as the people in awarta.supporters of israel need wake up

23 ) SM Meckley / USA
19/04/2011 01:41
Israel doesn't know what DNA is - much less use it - they are only interested in assassinations and the killing of Palestinians. I questioned these confessions the first time I heard about it - believing they had been tortured. I continue to believe that the horrible methods used in these killings is not the work of a terrorist.

24 ) Arnold / Canada
19/04/2011 19:45
Testicular cancer operation in November on a teenager. The recovery period for this operation on a teenager is about 1 month maximum. As far as having to need a bathroom every hour means nothing if you are male. Easy to urinate anywhere...especially at night when noones can see. These two guys are guilty and even if they are not they will go down as martyrs and will have streets named ater them. Or maybe a public bathroom... to be continued.....

25 ) Arnold / Canada
19/04/2011 19:49
continued from earlier.

I find it totally amazing that the Palestinian press continuously absolves the Palestinians from any wrondoing. As if Palestinians are angels.

26 ) Impidel / USA
05/06/2011 21:42
They admitted it and stated they were proud of it. A death cult that wishes to be a nation. And all the blood thirsty losers in the West who egg them on don't know whether to cheer it, justify it or deny it. Maybe a roll of the dice and you can decide. Too bad losers, Israel will not commit suicide like the Arabs are busy doing. Go ahead, eat each other alive like you are busy doing in Bahrain, in Syria, in Libya, in Sinai, in Egypt, in Tunisia, etc.
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