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Sources: Thai workers questioned in Itamar
Published Monday 14/03/2011 (updated) 16/03/2011 11:32
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Israeli relatives and friends mourn over the five bodies of Udi and Ruthie Fogel
and their three young children in Jerusalem's cemetery. [AFP/Menahem Kahana]
NABLUS (Ma’an) -- Israeli forces on Monday afternoon summoned all Thai workers employed in the Itamar settlement, the site of the murder of five members of the Fogel family, and held them for questioning, Ma'an has learned.

Sources close to some of the laborers said that all of the workers had been gathered and taken for questioning in relation to the stabbing deaths of a settler family on Friday night.

Though Palestinians have been forbidden from working in the settlements of the northern West Bank, foreign workers, mostly from Thailand and the Philippines, have been contracted for labor in the area.

It was unclear if Israeli investigators were widening their investigation to include the possibility that a foreign worker was involved in the attack, which has been blamed in the Israeli media on Palestinians.

Israeli officials have refused to comment on the issue. Israel's national police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told Ma'an that a gag order has been imposed on information connected to the investigation.

An Israeli security official, speaking on the condition of anonymity in line with military policy, said there had been no change in Israel's allegations that Palestinians were responsible.

Official statements to the media also maintain that forces are searching for Palestinian militants in connection with the murders.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces detained over 300 Palestinians in Awarta in the Nablus district after imposing a three-day curfew on residents, Palestinian security officials told AFP. Two Palestinian Authority intelligence officers were amongst those detained, officials added.

The militant wings of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah have all denied involvement in the murders, with the Al-Aqsa Brigades saying Monday in a statement that they "oppose the targeting of civilians and killing of children no matter what the pretext may be."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accused the Palestinian Authority of incitement, saying that comments against illegal Israeli settlements provoked the violent attack.

The Gaza government accused Israel of being hasty in its assumption that the killings were perpetrated by Palestinians, calling Israeli media and government spokespeople premature when they labeled the incident a "terrorist attack."

1 ) Ahmad / Gaza
14/03/2011 17:32
Ya rab this news will be true.

2 ) Haitham mousa / USA
14/03/2011 21:20
ya rab

3 ) labhras / ireland
14/03/2011 21:50
this is typical of Israel --the only difference this time is Netanyahus willingnes to apply collective punishment --a war crime on the Palestinian people by taking more of their lands as punishment for a crime no one has yet been even charged with. Roll on Israel into the pit of disaster that is the bi National State--for Zionism --that is. Personally I am all in favour of a State with equality and justice for all.

4 ) Maureen / Australia
14/03/2011 22:53
"Israeli officials have refused comment on the issue. Israel's national police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told Ma'an that a gag order has been imposed on information connected to the investigation." What are they (Israel officials) hiding?

5 ) M.K / Sweden
14/03/2011 23:21
Like Helen Thomas says, "The jews should get the hell out of Palestine". Incredible how totally irrelevant news like these take that much of space.... Pathetic.

6 ) Sabha / UK
14/03/2011 23:26
May god bless the Palestinians and give them justice, the world is on your side, we hope you don't get falsely accused of this horrible crime. I hope the murderer is found and that innocent Palestinian civilians are not punished for it. (Salaam, Peace, Shalom)

7 ) Robert Haymond / Israel/Canada
14/03/2011 23:35
Two Palestinian security officers are now considered the likely culprits. See Ynetnews.com.

8 ) Abdallah Dabdoub / Palestine
14/03/2011 23:45
Settlers are criminals and murders.

Their sole existance is to threaten, steal and murder Palestinians.

They have blood on their hands.

9 ) avi / bangkok
15/03/2011 02:06
oi vey,

10 ) carine / UK
15/03/2011 02:41
#7 Robert Haymond
How dare you, you paid Zionist blogger, falsely accuse these Palestinian security officers to be the likely culprits!! I've read the article, which was about hooded Itamar squatters rampaging through the village of Awara. One sentence out of six paragraphs mentioned two security officers, who happened to be among 300 Palestinians rounded up for questioning!! What I did note was that no squatters were arrested for rioting through a Palestinian village. Surprise, surprise....

11 ) christian palestinian / usa
15/03/2011 04:37
Attacks against apartheid jewish settlers will only increase. If israel wants peace, israel must withdraw all illegal jewish settlers from the entire west bank and east jerusalem as stipulated by many international laws and UN resolutions.

12 ) Niva dos Santos / Brazil
15/03/2011 06:26
Zions belongs to a kind of sect. They have no brain, no judgement capability, but act just like irrational beasts. If not, how to explain this mad dog behavior? How to explain this massive finger point without proof? And, if the bloody crime was done by any person from any nationality, judge the guilty person, not all persons from the guilty nationality!!

13 ) Judo / Canada
15/03/2011 07:57
Abdallah Dabdoub wrote: "Settlers are criminals and murders.They have blood on their hands." question for Abdallah: How can little 3 month old baby girls have blood on their hands ?

14 ) Maha / Jenin
15/03/2011 08:18
nothing is new, zionists are LIARS.

15 ) Children as shields / USA
15/03/2011 09:12
It is disgusting how these colonial settlers who put their one-race-only forts on occupied people's land outside of Israel's internationally recognised borders and also bring their children into this their racial war of aggression.

HOW Can they bring children into this aggressive war zone? It is disgusting. The U.N. should hold an urgent enquiry into this use of children as sheilds on a creeping race war of aggression

16 ) eporue / europe
15/03/2011 10:18
...errr... make it short - and question the settlers... thai workers slitting babies throats is (most likely) a very "dead end" to look for...

17 ) Robert Haymond / Israel/Canada
15/03/2011 12:48
The two Palestinian security officers, both trained by American forces (General Dayton) were implicated as helping to plan the "mission". They are naamed. Go to www.wnd.com for the complete up-todate story. The actual perpetrators have either yet to be found or are still unnamed.

18 ) michael / Canada/Israel
15/03/2011 17:45
Somebody entered a home and stabbed children to death in their beds. No matter your political views, this is a tragedy and a brutal act. While all indicators point to this being politically motivated, Israel should have waited until the investigation is concluded. However Israel IS questioning all potential suspects, instead of simply blaming the PA and finding scapegoats. In the Al-Durrah story Israel was falsely accused too. Wait until the culprit is caught before WE jump to conclusions

19 ) michael / Canada/Israel
15/03/2011 17:58
#15 Regardless of the settlers' legality or their ideologies and actions- the children were lying in bed. Unlike Hamas, they werent being kept next to rocket-launching sites, or held in front of gunmen. They werent herded to an arms depot before a PRECISION military strike (which Hamas has done). They werent blown up in a random bombing. There was no military objective. Instead of killing the only the "settler"parents, the perpetrator deliberately targeted and murdered the baby. THAT is evil.

20 ) michael / Canada/Israel
15/03/2011 18:09
Finally, many of the 'settlers' moved to those areas 20 years ago, for no reason other than better living conditions and government incentives. A good number of them dont care whether Israel/the PA controls the territory, and are happy with their Arab neighbors. They just want to pay their mortgage and live comfortably to pursue their lives as they see fit. Many others are radical, racist, and antagonistic- but they are not uniformed soldiers. Who deserves to die? not so easy to tell, is it?

21 ) michael / Canada/Israel
15/03/2011 19:49
Finally, many of the 'settlers' moved to those areas 20 years ago, for no reason other than better living conditions and government incentives. A good number of them dont care whether Israel/the PA controls the territory, and are happy with their Arab neighbors. They just want to pay their mortgage and live comfortably to pursue their lives as they see fit. Many others are radical, racist, and antagonistic- but they are not uniformed soldiers. Who deserves to die? not so easy to tell, is it?

22 ) Popsi / Bulgaria
15/03/2011 19:50
The Israeli response: "Well if it's coming from a Palestinian source, it couldn't be accurate, let alone true". They did after all "apologize" in a way. If they didn't do it, why say you're sorry? So, keep it simple, stupid. No talking about Asian employees. Geesh the settlers have enough to worry about Arabs killing people in their beds, without thinking somebody 'inside the wire' might be willing to do it, too.

23 ) Outsider / Belgium
15/03/2011 21:44
@12 "Zions belongs to a kind of sect. They have no brain, no judgement capability, but act just like irrational beasts."

Fool, you are the best argument for Netanyahu that I can think of. You are the other side of the Lieberman coin. This is not the language of peace but of existential wars and lots of dead people. Fortunately Abbas is trying to achieve peace and mutual respect between the two peoples.


24 ) Bibi / WB
15/03/2011 21:52
"Israel's national police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told Ma'an that a gag order has been imposed on information connected to the investigation." A gag order. AFTER you've published pictures of the victims in newspapers for the propaganda effect. PM Netanyahu and his religious right are using and abusing the memory of victims in every way they can, continuing with their settlement building and ethnic cleansing in the West Bank. And the world does nothing because Netanyahu makes himself the victim

25 ) eporue / europe
16/03/2011 09:24
its a dangerous thing, when settlers get away with almost every crime they commit... because - NATURALLY - they will also turn onto each other, and "know" they way, how to get away with it... the murder was committed on shabbat. this day, the community knows, who is where, and spontanous visits in the evening are the most unlikely thing to happen.

26 ) Sabha / UK
16/03/2011 12:20
Have the "Democratic" state of Israel apologised for falsely accusing the Palestinian 'people' for the murder of the Fogel family? Surely now that they have found the murder was carried out by an aggrieved Thai worker who was not paid for work undertaken for the Fogel family, there will be official apologies made, restituitions from the vigilante illegal Israeli settlers in the area who subsequently went on a rampage injuring innocent Palestinian civilians, children and property?

27 ) George / UK
16/03/2011 19:13
Just one problem - there are no Thai workers employed in Itamar!

28 ) Gossipy247 / US
16/03/2011 19:14
The whole situation is sad. No child deserves to die for something that it has no idea about. Why can't we all just live, live so our children can live work and have babies so the cycle continues. Murder is never the answer for anything. We need to use our words. Whoever did this murder is not right, especially using children to make an example.

29 ) michael / Canada/Israel
16/03/2011 19:34
25- Spontaneous visits ARE THE MOST LIKELY THING TO HAPPEN ON SHABBAT. they have nothing else to do. besides, a settler murdering another one would go against the same principles that make them extreme. USE YOUR HEADS 26-Unlike HAMAS, there is freedom of the press in Israel. PRO PALESTINIAN AND PRO ISRAEL ISNT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE. infanticide is anti both. http://online.wsj.com/article_email/SB10001424052748704893604576200270134133028-lMyQjAxMTAxMDEwNDExNDQyWj.html#articleTabs=article

30 ) michael / canada/israel
16/03/2011 19:56
who do you think you all are anyways?!? for 1,000 years Islam was the dominant culture and religion. While Europeans were beating each other with sticks, Moses split the sea,Muhammad united the Middle East under Islam, and Ibn Rushd translated Aristotle. collective punishment is part of Islam- you arrogant orientalists. im not commenting on THIS murder but this is tribal mentality. its not wrong, its just different. if you judge by your standards be consistent- condemn the murder of babies.

31 ) Sabha / uk
18/03/2011 00:30
#27 George where are your sources? There is a Thai community of labourers in Itamar and one has been arrested who warned Rabbi Fogel that if he didn't pay him for the work he had already carried out he would kill his family. This tragically came to pass, read the Jerusalem Post. #29 you haven't repsonded to what I have said, I read WSJ article you linked. Will there be an apology for the immediate accusal of Palestinians for this despicable murder? Will the 'retribution' building now stop?

32 ) Sabha / UK
18/03/2011 00:38
#20 'Many settlers get along with their arab neighbours' Michael that is stretching the bounds of reality a little far for even the most accomplished propagandist, wouldn't you say? What they get along withe theri arab neighbours thorugh their barbed wire fences and in their armoured vehicles with military escorts?? At keast be honest, I woulod defy you to show porrf of this assertion. #30 who do you think you are? collective punishment is part of Islam, really which part?

33 ) Sabha / UK
18/03/2011 00:43
#30 /you don't claim in the international media to be a 'tribalist collective punishment' society Michael, you gain $30b US tax dollars for your military under the auspices of being a 'beacon of democratic light' in the Middle East, presumably that money would dry up if they knew you what you are claiming here, so which is it? Secondly this fixation on condemn the murder of these babies, would anybody in their right mind not do that? It seems that everybody is condemning that, are they not?

34 ) Sabha / UK
18/03/2011 00:49
#30 You however do not afford the same pleas and rights to the 1315 Palestinian children who have been killed at the hands of your govt and IDF in the last decade. They are nameless and faceless much like the victims of the heinous Nazi Holocaust, just numbers on a balance sheet, noone brought to justice. I would therefore ask you to be consistent, condemn the murder of all babies not just the ones which are politically expedient for the 'retribution' building of another 400 illegal settlements.

35 ) Jeanne / Belgium
21/03/2011 22:33
What a morally repugnant and disgusting world giving me nausea to read they just deserved it! The people who mix jew, israeli, sionist, forgetting each of those have their own point of view, who will never send their kids as a martyr. Comparing to the Coran, what I have read regarding woman, the programs I saw on arab channels for kids about the coolness of martyrdom. So much hypocricy I can read here, meanwhile a baby has been murdered in the most cowardly and brutal way, while sleeping.

36 ) Jeanne / Belgium
23/03/2011 00:21
If people hope of a future to live in peace and respect, then women as Asma Al-Ghoul, and Samah Ahmed stabbed in her back with a knife) should be respected and encouraged, but not receiving notes mentionning she will burn alive in front of her kid!!! Why, please why? Repugnant hyprocricy, meanwhile innocent and with no defence, children of both sides die. Children are our future, they are the purest beings on earth, and all you see is a carnage! Why. Women=Respect=Kids=Peace=Less Carnage

37 ) chencho123 / us
23/03/2011 19:43
Sarah Palin ...".The Lady Gaga of Politics" Pathetic indeed .....catering to the zionist jews....Is not about America anymore...it's about is Israel. She is the typical christian extremist ....soo hypocrite !!!! We have gone from America the great ...to America the shit....We need to elect real leader that would place America first ...and not Israel.....

38 ) Hanthela / USA
26/03/2011 02:55
These "settlers" (Real Terrorists) are out of control. Why don't the police interrogate the immigrant Thailand workers that the Fogels owed MONEY too. So quick to blame Palestinians for everything when settlers never get blamed for anything. Palestinians are barely allowed out of their homes, let alone into a military guarded, illegal settlement. But this is exactly the kind of publicity, these terrorists want. So they can proceed to " Defend Themselves" with missiles, tanks, and bulldozers!!!
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