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Norwegian union votes to support Israel boycott
Published Monday 14/03/2011 12:43
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OSLO, Norway (Ma'an) --The congress of the Electrician and IT workers union in Norway unanimously voted in favor of a resolution calling for boycott of Israeli goods, a ban on Norwegian arms trade with the Israeli military, and end to all research cooperation.

Norway's Network One news said in a report that union members also urged the country to push for international sanctions against Israel through the UN.

1 ) David Thomson / Scotland
14/03/2011 22:20
Well done.Its heartwarming to read that there are some people in Europe with balls and common sense .Im really pissed of with the E.U s Baroness Ashton who after 44 years of occupation usually comes out with statements that always begin with .....we regret or.....we are disappointed ....or ...we are very disappointed .The Israelis are bound to be shaking in their boots after terrible verbal onslaughts like these.

2 ) Phil / UK
15/03/2011 10:29
Sit back and watch as the Norwegian economy goes into free-fall and workers start lining up outside the soup kitchens.
Genesis 12:3. "I will bless those who bless Israel, and curse those who curse her". God will not be mocked !

3 ) Farkin / USA
15/03/2011 18:31
Phil, The invisible man in the sky was talking about Israelites - not modern day Israel. The former actually constitutes most palestininians, while the latter is a bunch of thieving Khazars from Europe with no semitic heritage.

4 ) jc / usa
15/03/2011 19:31

5 ) Richard / UK
16/03/2011 00:01
Good job Norway, the sentiment in the UK is not dissimilar but the political will for any sanctions or even vaguely critical words is simply not there. Britain created this mess, we should have never just walked away and hoped it would sort itself out by drawing lines on a map and telling some people they could live there and some that they couldn't live there.

6 ) RC / USA
16/03/2011 00:33
I agree with Farkin/USA.

7 ) mikael / Norway
16/03/2011 00:54
hehehe Phil the pill. Your litle shitthole of a country is allready brooken. Go out ignorant pesant and bend over for your Banks, who is robbing you blind. Wake up, its not Great Britania anymore, your foggy brickpawed shitthole of an island just become a bannanarepublic. hehe "If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything." — Malcolm X

8 ) Kris / Norway
16/03/2011 01:56
What is this? Not heard a single word about this particular case here in Norway.

Theres no such thing as "Electrician and IT workers union in Norway" or "Norway's Network One news".

A refer to a official source would been nice.

But apart of that, the whole idea of "boycott of Israeli goods" is common among people, organization and companies in Norway.

9 ) ?yvind / Norway
16/03/2011 02:00
Phil. Interesting idea, but I feel forced to point out that the norwegian economy is remarkably robust. Even the recent financial breakdown has had a minimal effect on the market due to clever state run initiatives and solid workers rights. I'm pretty sure the good Lord would approve. Proverbs 14:23 (King James Version) In all labour there is profit: but the talk of the lips tendeth only to penury. Or to put it in other words. Shut up and fix your own economy stupid.

10 ) Andrew / USA
16/03/2011 02:51
I have always been proud to have Norwegian heritage and now I know why.

Being right is might!

11 ) Rosa Jack / USA
16/03/2011 02:53
I don't understand you, bastards, you don't want the jews in your country and yet you resent the jews having a sliver of land for themselves. It was given to them by the UN. They were there for the past 4000 years. It is but a strip the size of Delaware. Move the arabs to the lands 3000 times the size of Israel. Why not abandon your hate. Let them live in peace. I wish them well.

12 ) Elias / Canada
16/03/2011 02:57
Thankfully the Norwegians aren't subjected to daily pro-Zionist propaganda in the mainstream media. Perhaps they actually dare use the word OCCUPATION in their reporting of the situation in Palestine.

13 ) jc jr / usa
16/03/2011 04:00
finally, a country with balls. zionism is terrorism. zionism kills kids dead. zyklon zionism

14 ) Ryan / US
16/03/2011 07:17
Hey Phil! Quoting the Bible won't magically make the printed words come true. Israel is behaving as the Nazi's did before the 'final solution' plan went into effect. It's revolting. They should know to treat people with dignity, but this concept seems completely lost on them.

15 ) zazz / leb
16/03/2011 09:12
As someone of Palestinian descent, I grew up thinking it was simply about the occupation of Palestine. Palestine has become a microcosm of what all along had been intended for the world. Palestine is a reflection of an occupation project of the world itself. Judaism was hijacked long ago by minions of satan (pharisees before, zionist lobbies now) who've seated themselves in Moses' chair. Why Palestine?, because it represents the spirit of Christ. Blessed are the Norwegians for resisting evil.

16 ) phutch54 / us
16/03/2011 09:56
farkin tool

17 ) Hugh J Balsak / USA
16/03/2011 10:01
Finally. It's about time the world started waking up to the genocide being carried out by Israel against the Palestinians.

18 ) o / NORGE
16/03/2011 10:20
I'm so proud right now :D While reading this it feels so god to be Norwegian :)

19 ) Trond / Norway
16/03/2011 16:01
Kris (and other norwegians): elogit.no

20 ) Robert Haymond / Israel/Canada
16/03/2011 18:22
Farkin: I suppose actual research won't change your position but anyone can google Ostrer et al, a 2010 genetic research study which found that there was a scientifically significant relationship between Ashkenazi (European) and Sephardic (North African and Mideastern) Jewry. As to the Khazars, an interesting book entitled "The Thirteenth Tribe" by Arthur Koestler originally made the argument you put forward but has since been disqualified from a scientific point of view. Hope this may help.

21 ) Norseman / Norway
16/03/2011 19:28
I am so sorry on behalf of this country. I do apologize to Israel. Let it be clear that the pro-Israeli organization in Norway (MIff -Med israel for fred With Israel for peace) has a lot more members than The Palestinian Commitee.

We are many friends of israel in Norway. You just do not find them among progressive and radical union members, nor do we find them among journalists.
I am an ordinary Norwegian, living an ordinary life and I support Israel 100 %

22 ) Common / Sense
18/03/2011 03:34
Comment 21 was posted by JIDF. Nothing more to say.

23 ) Ellen / USA
18/03/2011 19:19
No group in the US dares to stand up against Israel. Israel has time and time again acted like a rogue nation, but to hear it, the US has time and time again, protected and supported them, even at the UN. The world should boycott Israel for keeping the Palestinian people under siege, and in inhumane conditions. A small group in Norway, taking a stand is encouraging. A simple warning though - the possibilities of being called anti semites is highly probable.

24 ) jane / usa
30/03/2011 00:33
How about a boycott on Arab/Muslim countries that treat women like cattle or call for the death of gays? Oh can't do that? Only boycott Israel
what a pack of hypocrites! Just for that i will go to my local supermarket and demand all products from Norway be taken off the shelves!

25 ) craig / USA
22/07/2011 21:21
Norway is now being exposed to the terror that Israel has been living with since its existence. Norway no longer has a choice of ignoring political arguements based on religion disquised as common sense.

Norway should support Israel because Israeal is taking the only sane postion consistent with its survival and Norway will be better for it.

Good luck to Norway and I hope it joins those of common sense who support Israel and see through the false persecution claims of the Palestinians.
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