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Video: Israeli forces seize 11-year-old boy
Published Sunday 27/02/2011 (updated) 08/03/2011 19:52
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RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- A resident of the West Bank village of Nabi Salih videoed Israeli forces chasing and detaining an 11-year-old child.

The footage, from late January, shows two Israeli border police officers chasing Karim Tamimi, who turns to a woman in the street for help.

The woman repeatedly pleads to the police in Hebrew, "he is a boy," but the forces drag him to a van.

Two minutes into the video, the child's mother rushes to the van and begs the police to give back her son, and a third officer pushes her away.

The cameraman said forces detained the child in an attempt to pressure his 14-year-old brother Islam Tamimi, who is being held in an Israeli military prison.

Islam has been detained since Jan. 23 accused of throwing stones during the village's weekly anti-wall protests. His family's request to transfer him to house arrest was denied by a military judge.

A judge at Israel's Ofer military court postponed Islam's hearing scheduled for Feb. 23 until March 10, popular committee spokesman Joseph Dana said.

Court proceedings on charges against misconduct by Israeli forces during Islam's arrest are also underway. A rights organization filed charges after Islam was denied access to his lawyer or parents during the first five hours of his interrogation.

Dana said lawyer Gabi Laski would argue that Islam's testimony was coerced. However, the two trials are running simultaneously, allowing the possibility that the court could convict Islam and rule that the basis of the conviction was coerced.

In January, Defense for Children International said Israel's military had detained around 7,000 Palestinian children since 2000.

In its annual report, submitted to the United Nations, DCI said it was rare for children, or their parents, to be told the reason for the arrest or where the children would be taken.

"Children are frequently threatened and physically assaulted during interrogation often resulting in the provision of a coerced confession, or the signing of documents which the child has not had a chance to read or understand," the report found.

DCI noted that Palestinian children as young as 12 were tried in Israel's military courts, and said most children ultimately plead guilty "whether the offence was committed or not, as this is the quickest way out of the system."

Further, Israeli military courts impose sentences on most children detained.

"In 2009, custodial sentences were imposed on children by the military courts in 83 percent of cases, in contrast to a custodial sentence rate of 6.5 percent in the Israeli civilian juvenile justice system," DCI found.
1 ) Maureen / Australia
27/02/2011 12:43
Bullying, mongrel thugs in uniform!

2 ) Amarein / Palestine
27/02/2011 15:29
Criminal !do they think the uniform makes them men? where is America on this one??

3 ) carine / UK
27/02/2011 15:37
I hope their mothers are proud of them... if this is what happens while they are being filmed, I shudder to think what happens when no cameras are around!

4 ) Outsider / EU
27/02/2011 15:43
Ah yes, "The Middle East's only democracy". I see.

5 ) ronen / israel
27/02/2011 20:40
they were not driving around looking for him.
they drove and he threw a rock at them so they caught him.
if he were to throw a rock into the faces of any of the first 4 commenters i would not bother with it.
but if he throws a rock at me he can expect a reaction.
and i dont need your permission. it is me not you that is under attack.
you have no word in it.

6 ) Elaine / USA
27/02/2011 21:17
The issue here is not throwing rocks. The issue is imprisoning children for such an offense and/or using them for a political or military agenda. This would not be tolerated in our country or most other countries that claim to be a democracy. It is against the International Declaration of Human Rights, to which most civilized countries are signatories. Is Israel?

7 ) Lukas / AntiZionist
27/02/2011 21:34
Shut it Ronen, you criminal occupier and apologist for war crimes. There's no excuse to violate a boy, even a Zionist criminal such as you should know that.

8 ) marge / ISA
27/02/2011 23:12
Zionism is the same as nazism and Israeli Jews are nazis, just like the German nazis. They are racists, obssessed with protecting their bloodline, lack human compassion for non-Jews, and are inherently violent with a sense of entitlement to whatever they want. The gestapo IDF solves every conflict or problem with violence. No one is safe around them, not even children. However, the ME is changing and Apartheid Israel's crimes and atrocities will not continue to be tolerated without consequences.

9 ) marge / US
27/02/2011 23:32
@ronen/ israel

You talk and act bad now because the US gives Apartheid, Zionazi Israel impunity for its crimes and atrocities, and prevents its Arab neighbors from getting the necessary weapons to defend themselves. However, the US is losing its power and will soon be too weak to protect Apartheid, Zionazi Israel's crimes and atrocities, and prevent Hamas and Hezbollah from getting necessary weapons to defend themselves. Then the gestapo IDF won't be fighting children. Scary, isn't it? lol

10 ) John / USA
27/02/2011 23:52
What did Palestinians do to deserve these filthy Sons of Bitches to descend on our country.

11 ) Outsider / EU
28/02/2011 01:05
5) Ronen, your account differs from the witness. But tell me, how many Israeli 11 or 14 year-olds are rounded up by the army? How many are held without charges or access to family or lawyers. 1, 10, 100, none? "if he throws a rock at me he can expect a reaction." I'm suitably impressed! Let's show these 11 year-olds who's the boss!

12 ) George / Palestine
28/02/2011 01:12
Commentator 5, Those thug forces, in the first place, do not have the right to be in that village as it is not part of their jurisdiction by international law. Moreover they do not have the right to practice any form of "anything" towards that boy as he is a citizen of the state of Palestine inside it's territory which they do not represent.

13 ) Julie / USA
28/02/2011 01:42
#5 ronen - there is no evidence of rock throwing, the cameraman was there, not YOU. none of the 4 commenters plus myself need YOUR permission to reject the inhumane aggression of israeli police against this boy. it is he who is the real victim, not the criminal thugs of israel. oh, and the world does have a word in it, they already condemned israel...and you have no word in THAT :D

14 ) Zionism = Racism / Israhell
28/02/2011 02:11
Racist Thugs

28/02/2011 05:52

28/02/2011 08:52

17 ) Eyad / USA
28/02/2011 09:04
Ronen: You can expect to continue to live your miserable life running away from stone throwers. That is what happens to occupiers. You can also expect the illegitimate existence of Israel to end soon.

18 ) Palestinian / Free Palestine
28/02/2011 10:38
Ronen I seems that you have no idea on what is going on on the ground or you live in another world. you say the kid was throwing rocks, but what about the settlers who shot many civil Palestinians and not trialed or even imprisoned. No difference or may be your system is worse than former S.A. You have the right to kill, demolish homes and do everything, but the Palestinians have no right to live freely. racist

19 ) sandra budak / New Zealand
28/02/2011 11:03
no ronen get yre read what was written...the hunted him like an animal and the detained him...not because he committed a crime but because his brother threw a few stones.now we all know what lengths the Idf go to get confession form these children.. ".....forces detained the child in an attempt to pressure his 14-year-old brother Islam Tamimi..." so how did the apply this pressure?? Threats to sexually violate his baby brother perhaps...we know such things and worse happen in israeli prisons.

20 ) to ronen / WB
28/02/2011 11:57
Just to be clear, you're saying he was detained for throwing a rock at a police van? out of interest, what is your source for this information? And to clarify, if a child threw a rock at your van "he can expect a reaction"? wow you're sensitive, did mummy not breastfeed you?

21 ) Najwan / UAE
28/02/2011 13:07
If he was an israel child throwing rocks on police do you think Ronen they will take him into custody ? i doubt that he is a child and he got a right to hate or like people we can talk to him but can't force him to like people took his brother before and roaming for other to jail , unfair that every one looking at this doing nothing , unfair , cause if it is one of your children what could you do

22 ) kasim / usa
28/02/2011 14:21
This army of Psychos will stay weak, I was almost 12 years old when an israeli psycho soldier approached me and my brother and took our plastic gun toys, came into our house to search for the real one, they trashed the place wuth thier dirty boots, I was 12 then. I bought a toy rifle for my 9 years old brother in law, I think this time we're going to enjoy playing with it outside the house, I don't think that massachusetts's police will want to search my in laws house for the real rifle

23 ) carine / UK
28/02/2011 14:55
Bit of a bully are you #5, no compassion, just like the Israeli thugs on this video. Do you also shove women around like they do???
The look on that man's face when the Palestinian woman grabbed his shirt says it all - pure hatred...

24 ) izzy / usa
28/02/2011 16:47
By the way here in the USA, in New York, if you get arrested you will see a lawyer but NOT for the first 24 hours. ( in most cases) so i am not sure why the HRG would file a complaint that this kid didnt see a lawyer for the first 5 hours

25 ) Maureen / Australia
28/02/2011 18:54
5 ronen. Go home!

26 ) marge / USA
28/02/2011 19:17
@izzy /usa

New York is part of the US and children in the US are not arrested for throwing rocks. When a child in the US below the age of 12 is arrested, it is a rarity and usually for murder, rape or shooting someone. I have heard of no case in the US where an 11yo child was arrested for throwing rockets, and even if that were the case the child would not be manhandled by the police.

27 ) JK / EU
28/02/2011 22:38
Another example of authoritarian, evil regime, always hard with weak people (so easy). They act badly with foreign citizens in a foreign land. They're wrong and should stay at home.

28 ) Salma / Palestine
01/03/2011 16:28
please don't forget "IDF is the most moral army in the world"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
forces armed to the teeth chasing child because he threw a stone.... It's a shame indeed.

29 ) Jenny / USA
01/03/2011 20:24
Well folks, this is disgusting-the face of Israeli Occupation. They are inhumane! And since I work in the Juvenile Justice System in Chicago, I can tell u there are many cases of children under 17 who are mishandled and treated poorly. Amnesty International has many cases documented about the abuse in Juvenile Detention in the US. It does happen, but we do have a process and accountability system that eventually figures out the solution...but (poor) kids pay the price (all over the world).

30 ) Phil / UK
02/03/2011 13:20
29) Do you want to see the cause of these kids problems? Just watch Palestinian children's TV.
You can't fill kid's heads with racist crap like that and not end up having to put them in cages.

31 ) Maureen / Australia
03/03/2011 02:17
300 Phil, how come you are not living in Israel? Didn't you pass the Israeli racist Jewishness test?

32 ) John / NZ
03/03/2011 07:12
30) No Phil, the root cause is the very existence of Zionism. If there was never any it would all be different, including TV. Your own head is so filled with the divine right of one people over any other and you defend it with its vain arrogance. You can see the cause any time you look into the faces and watch the actions of Israelis who have similar views to yours. Look in the mirror and reflect on what you would be like if you didn't have this fixation that has made you what you have become.

33 ) Phil / UK
03/03/2011 19:20
#31 At least you are now admitting the land is Israel, not Palestine. We'll get you there eventually !

#32) I don't believe you to be as ignorant as your words make you sound. So I can only assume you are devious.
The racist Jew hatred now preached on Pal TV is the same as they have been preaching for centuries before Zionism ever existed.
Lets see you slither your way round that fact.

34 ) izzy / usa
03/03/2011 23:33
MARGE!!!!! Are you serious? i live in NYC and kids were arrested a month ago for throwing snowballs

35 ) Judith / USA
04/03/2011 20:49
Amarein/Palestine, Where is America on this? America said nothing about bombing of Gaza when hundreds of children were killed and many more injured killed with phosphorous and military grade nuclear waste. America says nothing against Israel Zionists tx of Palestinians. The Zionists control ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN. 52% of our financial markets is Jewish money. Google "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" Better print it out while it is still available.

36 ) John / NZ
05/03/2011 04:04
33) You offered no proof of "that fact"; until you do it is just Zionist hasbara, yet another avoidance of what I said. We know who the devious one is, don't we Phil, and how he slithers around to deceive, if possible, even God's elect. He is the thief who comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy. He fools people like you to think that is doing God service because it is done in achieving what you see as God's purpose. He thus blinds you, manipulating you like a puppet on a string. Break free!

37 ) Phil / UK
05/03/2011 12:39
36) Pointless arguing with a man who knows what I say is the truth, but is just too proud to admit it.

38 ) marge / US
05/03/2011 18:36
@izzy/ USA

There was one case of a 16yo boy in NYC that was arrested for attacking the mailman with snowball which escalated into a fist fight with the mailman having to seek medical attention. The 16yo boy was charged with physical assault. This incident just happened in 2/11 and was all over the news. The story can be googled.

If you have knowledge of children under 12 being arrested for throwing snowballs, please inform me and print your source so i can read it and be corrected.

39 ) Paul / Canada
05/03/2011 21:32
Israel will get what's coming to it, then the Zionist thugs will be begging for mercy...it won't be a pretty picture. Guaranteed, just a matter of time.
History repeats itself.

40 ) John / NZ
06/03/2011 08:26
37) Pointless arguing about what is not the issue but only it's fruit. Which is what you said it was, "this animosity toward the 'promise' side of Abraham's offspring [that] has existed since the birth of Isaac[, and] the spiritual undercurrent that drives it". Jesus Christ thoroughly dealt with that very issue, Ephesians 2:11-22. It is therefore a grievous insult to God to be highlighting it, scoring off it, and supporting and defending the people who exacerbate it with their Zionism.

41 ) John / USA
06/03/2011 21:28
40) John/NZ: Its a waste of time arguing with Phil who admitted to have "run with the crowd" of anti Semites in England prior to him having found another group of people to hate even more. I have realized that he is not a Christian at all.....he maligns the teachings of Jesus in order to spread his own message of hate. This time his bigotry is focused on Arabs and Muslims.

42 ) Phil / UK
06/03/2011 22:40
#40) It is dealt with. But only for those like me; who have received Jesus Christ.
Arabs like John USA, and Muslims in general, who reject Jesus Christ, cannot help but continue to hold that festering hatred within them. They hate God. So they hate all things of God. That includes Zionism, because when the Lord has built Zion he shall return in all his glory. And that is the thing that Satan fears most, so he uses all methods at his disposal to oppose it, including people like you two.

43 ) Sasha / Canada
07/03/2011 01:17
I have served in the IDF. Please tell me what should solders do when the kids are throwing rocks at them. I think that Palestinians should not use children in their struggle instead of negotiations. In Israeli schools nobody teaches kids to hate Palestinians, however in the Palestinian schools the Jews are portrayed as evil enemy.

44 ) John / NZ
07/03/2011 02:20
41) John, those are serious allegations that, while believable, are unproven by you. I am therefore putting them aside unless or until I have tangible evidence of the facts to support them. Nevertheless, it is quite a credible explanation for the spirit that is coming across and the fruit that has been displayed on Ma'an over many months. It is not something that had occurred to me and could be helpful, so thanks for that.

45 ) John / NZ
07/03/2011 02:41
42) Yes it is dealt with, but not just for you and me and other Christians. God in Christ has removed the very basis for it by removing Jewish specialness and making specialness nothing to do with ethnicity, land, rules and ways and traditions, and physical lineage, but everything to do with a genuine fellowship with Jesus Christ and his people. That truth and reality is what Satan fears most, so he uses all methods at his disposal to oppose it, including people like you. Zion is not a mantra.

46 ) John / USA
07/03/2011 04:35
41) John/NZ: See what I mean John. This man seems to be possessed or is on some type of drugs. When I was a young boy John, my grandmother would read to me from the bible and tell me bible stories. It was about how Jesus cured the sick, how he multiplied the fish and loaves to feed the hungry masses. She would have tears in her eyes telling me about the goodness of Jesus. Only later in life did I encounter demented people who told me that Jesus wanted me to be thrown out of my home.

47 ) Arna / USA
07/03/2011 10:26
@Sasha First, I believe your country is putting you in an unacceptable position. You should not be conducting home raids, you should not be in the West Bank or East Jerusalem at all. That said. You are. Your country has put you there, but you as an individual have the choice not to act disproportionately against children. You have bullet-proof vests, you have armored cars, you have helmets and protective equipment. Let them throw rocks. You have much less to fear than they do.

48 ) Outsider / EU
07/03/2011 11:17
43) Armies are not made for policing in the long term, as every regime finds out sooner or later. Whether they be Israeli, UN, British or any other country's army, they are simply not trained, equipped or suitable for long-term exposure to daily civilian life. Don't take this personally. Armies restore order and then should get out as soon as possible. If order cannot be restored, the issue is far deeper and requires a political settlement.

49 ) Phil / UK
07/03/2011 13:47
#42) You have no scriptural basis for that claim. Don't take my word for it. Go read what Paul has to say !
#46) It obviously didn't get through to you because in another thread you are exposing yourself as a hate filled Holocaust denier !

50 ) John / NZ
08/03/2011 05:04
46) Yes I do see. He fits 2 Timothy 3:13 and the aim is 2:23-26. Caught in his own trap. John, thanks to your lovely grandmother you know the truth and have not and will not be lured away to the mirages of others. Your story reminds me of a song called "Through the eyes of a child" that tells of two like you and your grandmother and its lasting effect. And those adult experiences you have had also leave their mark just as mine do on me. We walk together as pilgrims until that great final day.

51 ) Rory / Ireland
08/03/2011 10:32
#Phil 42. You received Jesus Christ?? The compassionate Jesus Christ who fought for justice? You must be joking. And by the way, Muslims revere Jesus, unlike you.

52 ) John / NZ
08/03/2011 14:47
49) No scriptural basis for what? Tell me what Paul has to say and prove it. John a hate-filled Holocaust denier? Prove it from the other thread. You haven't proved anything but have exposed yourself as to what kind of person you are in myriad posts over months. Go on then, this could be your finest hour, put up or shut up!!

53 ) John / USA
09/03/2011 00:37
41 & 52) John, Phil did say in one of his posts that "he ran with the crowd" (his words) of Jew haters in England. As for his hatred of Arabs and Muslims it shines through his comments directed at me and others. Now he's calling me a Holocaust denier. I am not. Is it exaggerated? That I don't know, I was not there. I do know that Zionists, like Nazis, are masters of propaganda and shamelessly abuse the memory of such tragedies to achieve their evil ends.

54 ) John / USA
09/03/2011 00:50
51) Rory: Its interesting how many Zionist Christians like Phil speak so hatefully as if spitting fire while they speak. Yet they speak of good and evil as if they have some sort of monopoly on goodness while everyone else must be evil. If there is such a thing as being possessed by the devil this has got to be it!

55 ) John / NZ
09/03/2011 21:14
41, 53): Yes John, Phil is a runner. He ran with the anti-Semite crowd and now runs with the "Christian Zionist" pack as a wolf in sheep's clothing. That term is a contradiction and an oxymoron. Christians do not idolize a piece of land where Jesus died and rose again to set us free from the past and all such things of this world. What he said to the Samaritan woman about Jerusalem makes that very clear. See my post 8 on Holocaust misuse on "Full text: UN Security Council draft Resolution".

56 ) John / NZ
10/03/2011 00:04
51) He's not joking, but what he believes and displays makes it a rotten joke. What that is is "Christian Zionism", which is all about a false interpretation of Bible promise and prophecy. It majors on the supposed eternal right of Jews to the land Jesus walked on regardless of their relationship to God, of what Jesus said about it, and of what injustice is caused. It makes them the diametric opposite of the Good Samaritan and puts them into the Pharisee camp that Jesus so roundly condemned.

57 ) Phil / UK
10/03/2011 14:20
You two can continue agreeing with each other right up to the day Jesus returns to rule the Earth from Jerusalem.
I have no doubt there were at least two just like you, saying the same sort of things when Joshuah led Israel to take the promised land.
There's nothing new under the sun. And your words and opinions count for zilch !

58 ) John / NZ
11/03/2011 02:20
57) Yes, nothing new under the sun. And I liked your mention of Joshua; another gift that shows just how out of depth you are. They had spied out the land and what did they say? "We are not able; let us select a leader and return to Egypt". Who is saying that today Phil? You are that man! Not my word, not my opinion, but what God himself says through Paul in Galatians 4. You are of the flesh, we are of the promise, you are of the Jerusalem below in bondage, we are of the free Jerusalem above.

59 ) Phil / UK
11/03/2011 15:46
You fit well with the Pal camp. They are masters at inverting the truth as well.
But you should remember that being in the majority does not mean being in the right.

60 ) John / NZ
12/03/2011 01:00
59) I fit well with one camp alone, the camp of the saints, which is never the majority and always remembers that wrong is never to be done to make right happen. I am with those who make the religious like you say we "have turned the world upside down", Acts 17:6. I am one going forth to Jesus, outside any camp of this world, bearing his reproach, Hebrews 13:13. You fit well with the religious camp of the enemy of Christ, reproaching him in his people when they fail to fall into their bondage.
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