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10 Palestinians injured in Gaza strikes
Published Wednesday 09/02/2011 (updated) 11/02/2011 04:20
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GAZA CITY (Ma’an) -- Ten Palestinians were injured Wednesday morning in Israeli air strikes which started after midnight and hit in a series of explosions running from the northern end of the Strip to the south.

Spokesman of the higher committee of ambulance and emergency services Adham Abu Salmiya said that eight were lightly injured including two children and three women. The injured were transferred to the Kamal Odwan Hospital north of Gaza City.

Abu Salmiya said one strike targeted a medicine warehouse east of Gaza City. The strike obliterated the warehouse and damaged a carpenters workshop next door, he said.

The Israeli warplanes dropped another two missiles on an empty area east of Gaza City with no injuries reported.

Further south, two Palestinians were injured when missiles hit a training ground used by Islamic Jihad's Al-Quds Brigades.

Medical sources said the injured were civilians who lived adjacent to the site.

Additional strikes hit near the tunnel area of the Gaza-Egypt border, where no injuries were reported.

An Israeli military statement said the last strike targeted a "terror tunnel," which was "intended to be used by terrorists to infiltrate into Israel and to carry out terror attacks against Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers."

The earlier bombings a "terror activity site" in the central Gaza Strip, in addition to a "second terror activity site" in the north.

The statement noted that "direct hits were confirmed," and that in two of the sites "secondary blasts were identified."

According to the military, the sites were targeted "in response to intensive rocket fire into Israeli territory over the course of the day." during which the military said five military-use projectiles were fired from the Gaza Strip landing in southern Israel.

Brigades say shell hits Israeli patrol

Hours after the strikes, the armed wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, said militants fired a projectile on an Israeli military jeep east of Gaza City's Ash-Shujayiya neighborhood.

According to a statement sent by the group, Israeli soldiers entered the area to rescue the targeted patrol.

In their statement, the brigades said they would remain steadfast to the option of resistance and would continue to confront "the crimes of the Israeli occupation."

An Israeli military spokesman said he was not immediately familiar with the report, but said he would investigate.
1 ) Joe Fattal / USA
09/02/2011 13:32
The Gaza drug shortage is a serious risk for health, and Israel couln't find but a medicine warehouse to strike. Its amazing how those people thinks.

2 ) Mary / US
09/02/2011 15:46
Israel 'psychological warfare' with plane designs in the sky, then blasts in night - banging doors in in the night - and they have the nerve to call other people Terrorists!

3 ) izzy / usa
09/02/2011 16:16
As i recall yesterday as reported by Ma'an, 5 rockets were launched from gaza into israel. So are these strikes into gaza really a surprise?
JOE- it is a fact that over and over "medicine warehouses, hospitals and daycarer centers", are in fact meeting places for hamas and other cells. Sheikh Yassin when he was alive lived and conducted "buisness" on the 4th floor of a building that was also an old age home. Imagine if israel instead of using tanks would go into gaza with ambulances

4 ) Jaya / USA
09/02/2011 17:19
Christ Almighty, if Israel ever wants peace in the Middle East, they'll stop their indiscriminate bombing. Israel doesn't want peace, it only wants the unfair, discriminatory regime perpetuated. They'll blame their violence on the specter of Palestinian terrorism, and will do EVERYTHING in their power to prevent the emergence of a peaceful society in Gaza.

5 ) sylvia / UK
09/02/2011 17:51
Perhaps Sheik Yassin was in the "old age home" precisely BECAUSE he
was an aged person AND in a wheelchair!!!
But Israel killed him anyway, old, young, babies, human rights activists,
fishermen - Israel doesn't discriminate.

6 ) Christopher / USA
09/02/2011 18:04
You know, Izzy, Nazi Germans pretended that Jewish homes, synagogues and business were "centers of terrorism" too, and that was their justification for the Warsaw Ghetto -- from top to bottom. I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same.

7 ) ABE / USA
09/02/2011 18:43
To #4,5,6.... The point is that Israel does not fire indiscriminately. If they did then 100's of Palestinians would be killed or injured. I tell you if Hamas and others would stop firing rockets indiscriminately and talk, Israel would listen.

8 ) izzy / usa
09/02/2011 18:51
SYLVIA---He was old but he was responsible for many attacks, and responsible for many israeli and palestinian deaths.
CHRISTOPHER- Where do you get your history from? the nazis NEVER pretended those places were "centers of terrorism". They were honest about their hate. They destroyed those places because they hated jews. SIMPLY PUT. end of story

9 ) izzy / USA
09/02/2011 18:52
JAYA- HAMAS is the ONLY thing preventing a peacfull society in gaza

10 ) Sue / USA
09/02/2011 21:11
Well it looks like the US don't know who they are supporting again I think the president of Israel is no different than the president of Egypt, I don't understand why the US does not wake up that one day these governments will turn on them, if things don't go their way, They should know who they are supporting before they send them the people money, and now look what shape we are in now. This is what I think that Charity Start At Home First

11 ) vanfred / italy
10/02/2011 01:24
Compare Warsaw Ghetto and Gaza: is simple, elegant, effective, illuminating, easy to understand and totally wrong.
Jews don't want arabs put on sealed wagons or dead.
Two incomparable different situations indeed.
Stop firing missiles and shells to Israel and I'm sure Israel will stop to bomb the terrorists, as soon as they will stop to be terrorists.

1) Jews don't want to exterminate Gazans nor to enslave them nor to rob them (check the opposite, instead...).

12 ) vanfred / Italy
10/02/2011 01:26
1) Jews never blow up german civilians before the persecutions - nor after: in the uprising and in the rest of the partisan war they fought soldiers only .
2) Jews had never denied the existence's right to the german people or to the german state.

13 ) vanfred / Italy
10/02/2011 01:27
1) Jews don't want to exterminate Gazans nor to enslave them nor to rob them (check the opposite, instead...).
2) Jews leaved completly Gaza in 2005: a racist and fascist gang took control with violence killing their very own brothers of Fatah and instead of start living in indipendence, peace and development they got addict in war and terror.

14 ) Robert Haymond / Israel/Canada
10/02/2011 09:21
Part 1: Many of you Talkbackers are most adept at denying reality as opposed to writing anything which even the facts and, based on facts, comes to a sound conclusion. Gaza has been striking civilians and civilian property in property in Israel since the year 2000 resulting in twenty-eight deaths and enormous property damages and injuries. When we attack Gaza, Talkbackers like you raise an uproar as if Israel has no right to self-defence and security. However, we do and we will provide it.

15 ) Robert Haymond / Israel/Canada
10/02/2011 09:26
Part 2: As to striking medical facilities, schools and mosques in Gaza, it is well established that Hamas hides its militants, weapons and ammunition in such places and then condemns Israel for striking them. This is a normal Hamas ploy just as using women and children as shields is. One Hamas leader was filmed on UTube as saying: "We Muslims love death the way Israelis appreciate life." This is the kind of enemy we are facing and it is the one whom you Talkbackers defend. Pitiful!
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