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Regarding the Palestine Papers - Saeb Erekat
Published Monday 24/01/2011 (updated) 28/01/2011 09:12
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In the past few hours, a number of reports have surfaced regarding our positions in our negotiations with Israel, many of which have misrepresented our positions, taking statements and facts out of context.

Other allegations circulated in the media have been patently false. But any accurate representation of our positions will show that we have consistently stood by our people’s basic rights and international legal principles.

Indeed, our position has been the same for the past 19 years of negotiations: We seek to establish a sovereign and independent Palestinian state along the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital and to reach a just solution to the refugee issue based on their international legal rights, including those set out in UNGA 194.

What an accurate record will show is that we have insisted that any solution be grounded in principles of international law, which Israel has consistently refused to accept or recognize.

Even though many ideas have been discussed by the two sides as part of the normal negotiations process, including some we could never agree to, we have consistently said any proposed agreement would have to gain popular support through a national referendum.

No agreement will be signed without the approval of the Palestinian people.

The main issue remains that Israel continues to colonize our land, denying the rights of the Palestinian people, and in particular our refugees. These issues must be addressed and our rights must be respected.

That can only happen with genuine commitment on the part of Israel, first and foremost, but also that of the international community which must help us achieve a regional peace based on principles of international law.

Saeb Erekat is the chief negotiator of the Palestine Liberation Organization.
1 ) Wrong, / United States
24/01/2011 19:40
Mr. Erekat, that will only happen with genuine commitment, on the part of the Palestinian leadership, to resisting the occupation and exerting pressure on the Israeli government. Instead, you are dedicated to begging them for a few crumbs, so that you can continue to enrich yourself at the expense of the Palestinian people. Shame on you, Mr. Erekat, if this was Tunisia, you would be in Saudi Arabia by now.

2 ) Lukas / Norway
24/01/2011 19:54
Talk is cheap. Erekat, you are a very desperate man and you have failed your own people. You may be lucky to have a Swiss bank account where your corrupt money ends up, but the people you claim to support, most of them don't. Resign, now.

3 ) Hussam / Palestine
24/01/2011 20:23
Let me get this straight...Zine Elabedin Ben Ali ousted after 23 years of dictatorship. What about the Oslo Fatah officials? Why should Saeb Erekat be still in the "Negotiations" department for 19 years and counting? Israel changes leaders frequently, scrutinizes its public officials, what do we do? We REWARD failed negotiators 19 years on !!!

4 ) izzy / usa
24/01/2011 20:35
This all sounds really good. However I got a few questions also.
First, Where does hamas fit into all this?
Second, Does Mr. Erakat speak for hamas?
Third, we know you want palestinians to have rights, but would jews be allowed to live in PA controlled territory?
Fourth, about this national reffeerendum, does this include hamas controlled areas?
The problem is that Erakat only speaks for abbas, and not hamas. So any agreement with israel would not be binding with all the palestinians.

5 ) Tobias / US
24/01/2011 20:51

Mr Erekat says that "No agreement will be signed without the approval of the Palestinian people", BUT how will the people in Gaza even get a chance to approve or disapprove, with the PLO unable to even enter Gaza ??

6 ) ronen / israel
24/01/2011 20:51
what is sad is that you refused to talk to the current government.
i believe you could have solved it by now.
accept his invtation to talk before those who dont want to talk will take over the west bank.

7 ) Sami Jamil Jadallah / USA
24/01/2011 21:09
Saeb and the entire PLO executive committee can lie until they are blue in the face. The PLO has no legitimacy, the PA has no legitimacy, all are in service of the Israeli Occupation. Oslo is nothing but a management contract between Israel and the PLO where by the PA took over responsibility for the civil administration paid for by US, EU and Arab countries, saving Israel tens of billions while keeping the Occupation. Shame on such a leadership, should be behind bars.

24/01/2011 23:50
EREKAT you are a liar and a traitor like the rest of the pathetic PA leadership. We all know how your family made a ton of money off real estate speculation, because you knew what land the Israelis were turning over to the PA.
YOU NEED TO EXPLAIN TO US why YOU AND ABBAS looked the other way while GAZA is still suffering , explain why you and ABBAS ignored the GOLDSTONE REPORT. REMEMBER WE KNOW WHERE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY LIVE. DO us a favor and meet your maker by your own hands.

9 ) Jamal / Ramallah
25/01/2011 09:32
You are a liar. Tell the truth. Speak with one voice. Don't tell us something and then go tell the americans and israelis something else. I do not support you. I support the Palestinian people and you have proven that you do not speak in their name anymore.

10 ) Tissa / Sri Lanka
25/01/2011 09:44
It is a pity that Al Jazeera has become a tool in the hands of some forces that is out to topple President Abbas and create chaos in Palestine. If the offer was a sell out why did not Israel grab it. The leak was well timed to folllow Tunisian uprising but Palesetinians are either wise or tired. Comments made by many show that this a planned conspiracy.Al Jazeera this this to Sri Lanka by speaking for the terrorists inspite of the fact that Sri Lanka is pro Arab and pro Palestine

11 ) Insider / Europe
25/01/2011 09:57
"No agreement will be signed without the approval of the Palestinian people." Well, good luck in this case. 67 borders will never be approved by the majority of the Palestinian people. Where is the "Right of Return"?

12 ) Tobias / US
25/01/2011 16:01

Spreading the truth is being "a tool" of God !!

Maybe, in principle, "Palestinians" should drive the PLO, Fatah, & the PA,
from "their" soil, just like in Tunisia, but that leaves being governed by HAMAS, which WILL NEVER LEAD TO STATEHOOD.

Hamas will lead to death & destruction, just like the Hizbullah/Lebanon recent past !!!

With the PA being bad for the people, and Hamas being far worse, the Israeli occupation may be the best the people can hope for, at this time !!!

13 ) Deborah / USA
25/01/2011 19:19
Nice try.

14 ) Miss Baroud / Palestine
26/01/2011 12:42
According to one leaked document, you, Saeb Erekat , gave away most of Occupied East Jerusalem with little hesitance. On June 30, 2008, in a meeting that included Tzipi Livni, the then Israel foreign minister, YOU declared: "It is no secret that on our map we proposed we are offering you the biggest Yerushalayim (the Hebrew word for al-Quds or Jerusalem) in history."
This is barely the tip of the iceberg. The compromises are plentiful and brazenly contradict international law.

15 ) Miss Baroud / Palestine
26/01/2011 12:46
It's hard to believe that there are many Palestinians - aside from those who directly benefit from the current regime - who truly believe that the Authority of Mahmoud Abbas has the interests of the Palestinian people at heart. The Palestine Papers had damaged whatever little credibility the Ramallah-based authority still enjoyed among Palestinians.

16 ) Tobias / US
26/01/2011 14:28
Miss Baroud,

Your people are going to get nothing, no land, and no state, if you don't make some hard compromises now.

And, the more your negotiators hestitate, the more the Land returns to it's former "Jewishness" every day !!

17 ) Lukas / Norway
27/01/2011 14:22
Hey, Tobias, you will see, the Zionists will lose in the end. Justice and fairness will prevail, and you will look yourself in the mirror as the pathetic supporter of crime that you are.

18 ) Tobias / US
27/01/2011 18:59

Jews waited almost 2,000 years, for a chance to return, following their Kingdom's destruction, by Rome.

- So, I hope Pals are patient !!

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