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Brothers killed in airstrike on central Gaza City
Published Wednesday 17/11/2010 (updated) 19/11/2010 13:29
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Palestinian police survey the remains of a car destroyed in an Israeli airstrike
that killed two suspected members of a radical militant group, in Gaza City on
17 November 2010. [MaanImages/Jared Malsin]
GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli aircraft targeted Gaza's most populous city Wednesday, killing two Palestinian men.

Witnesses said a drone strike targeted a white Subaru just off central Gaza City's Al-Wehda street, leaving a hole in the ground.

The car was ripped in half, the back blown 10 meters from the front with other pieces littering the street. Power lines were damaged in the blast. Black stains from smoke and fire could be seen on an adjacent building.

The strike came at sundown on the second night of the Eid Al Adha holiday, in a busy section of the city.

Medical officials at Ash-Shifa Hospital identified the deceased as Muhammad Yassin and his brother, Islam Yassin. Muhammad Yassin was dead when he arrived at the hospital, his upper body covered in burns, while Islam underwent surgery, including the amputation of his left arm, before dying.

An Israeli military spokeswoman confirmed the assassination, which was the second in two weeks.

She said "a senior operative belonging to the terrorist group Army of Islam was targeted" because the group, a radical Islamist organization, was plotting to attack Israeli citizens in the Sinai.

Medics also said the two casualties were likely members of the Army of Islam.

The attack came two weeks to the day after Israel assassinated another member of the Army of Islam, a small Gaza-based armed group lead by Mumtaz Doghmush.
1 ) Filipe / Portugal
17/11/2010 17:47
Gotcha !!!

2 ) Apartheid Objector / South Africa
17/11/2010 18:52
My friend from Gaza just sent me a better photo, of the 2 civilian men who received this blasting. You can see one man on the left burned critically, and another in front of the camera...shame on Israel, shame shame shame. see http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/qyRMRIqpM7mU-k9JUp3DdQ?feat=directlink More later I hope, on these men and their lives, families, etc...

3 ) Stavros / greece
17/11/2010 19:45
Disgusting Israeli behaviour again! An illegal state, acting illegally, in illegally occupied territory - you're time will come!

4 ) To Apartheid Objector / Canada
17/11/2010 19:55
If I remember clearly from South African apartheid there were no militias or kidnappers. White Afrikaners would have wiped the streets with blood if crap like that was tried. Shame on you for trying to do a comparison.

5 ) Robby / USA
17/11/2010 20:01
3 ) Plain / Truth - I agree, the target wasn't Central Gaza, it was a car with a specific passenger.

6 ) Maureen / Australia
17/11/2010 20:19
The Israeli military spokeswomen fails to see herself as she is - an apartheid supporting war criminal. Was there a trial and conviction in a court of law for the deceased?

7 ) Robby / USA
17/11/2010 21:47
4 ) Apartheid Objector / South Africa - The article says "Medics also said the two casualties were likely members of the Army of Islam." How do you know they are civilians?

8 ) Joe Fattal / USA
17/11/2010 21:52
Gaza was always been the punching bag for Israel. Militarily they always turn on Gaza if Israel for a reason or another decide to retaliate against the Palestinians. They don't have to blow up a whole neighborhood to assassinate someone. We never seen the Israeli air force attacking targets in the West Bank, even when they have a reason to do so sometimes. Why?. Because Israel want the West Bank to be part of Israel, to include East Jerusalem, and Gaza the Palestinian State.

9 ) Hakimi / La beaut? du Maroc
17/11/2010 21:52
Congradulations on fighting these backward mid-evil killers that give Islam a bad name!!

10 ) Christopher / USA
17/11/2010 22:02
Anyone else disturbed by the fact that Plain/Truth considers EVERY Arab to be a terrorist? Kind of like how Nazis considered EVERY Jew to be a terrorist. Same racism, new brand, better toys, just as much depravity.

17/11/2010 22:10
The fact are that a done hit a civilian car that contained terrorists that were about to attack Jews

12 ) Horus Zakkadamun/\World Ruler / Rule the World 4 ever
17/11/2010 22:56
It's still a terrorist attack against Gaza done by Israelis. From what I understand: >the men committed no crimes<. So the way I look at it- just another Israeli terrorist drone strike against Gaza to kill innocent people. If Israelis don't like being targeted, then they should withdraw siege & occupation forces from Gaza and stop killing innocent Palestinians.

13 ) Mary / US
17/11/2010 23:27
Nice to see you Felipe - no hiding behind false fronts for you! An executioneer hovering above helpless, unarmed people, declaring moral entitlement! If the men were conspiring to get rid of Israel, the rapist/robbing murderer of the Palestinians in their homes, I would say they are noble men in the best Western European tradition.

14 ) eget / Belgium
17/11/2010 23:28
These people aren't giving Islam a bad name, they're doing the real Jihad taking their land back(if he didn't want to fire a Qassam rocket without a coordinate). And they don't attack just jews, they attack nazionist terrorrist occupators.

15 ) carine / UK
17/11/2010 23:40
Really? They 'were about to attack Jews'. So how many Jews were in Gaza at that time then?

16 ) Phil / UK
17/11/2010 23:43
Interesting how these terrorist mouthpieces were quiet whan a pregnant mother was machine gunned by these people. Now, when justice catches up, they cry foul.
Well you better prepare yourselves, because there is a lot more on it's way.
Zephaniah 2:4... "For Gaza shall be forsaken, and Ashkelon a desolation: they shall drive out Ashdod at the noon day"...

17 ) eget / Belgium
18/11/2010 00:26
@16 If I kill someone then it doesn't mean that my whole family killed that someone, if a terrorist kills civilians then it doesn't mean that all muslims are terrorists, if a nazionists kills these peoples then it doesn't mean that all jews are bad, seems like you can't see the difference, go back to a school.

18 ) Leftwing-Christian / US
18/11/2010 00:57
This Israeli attack has "deliberate provocation" written all over it, similar to the attack they carried out in Gaza in early November of 2008 (just as Americans were distracted by the presidential election), and which set the stage for the war crimes of Operation "Cast Lead."

19 ) Filipe / Portugal
18/11/2010 01:26

Hey.... Apartheid Objector / South Africa

Here's your two "civilians" ......... "an Israeli airborne missile struck again in Gaza City Wednesday, Nov. 17, and killed two more commanders of the Al Qaeda-linked Army of Islam. debkafile's sources name them as brothers, Islam Yasin and Muhammad Yasin, who were preparing a new wave of terrorist attacks in Sinai aimed at hitting US military targets and kidnapping Israelis vacationing in Sinai for ransom in Gaza

20 ) Malach HaMavet / Ghenem
18/11/2010 03:33
15 ) carine / UK

Do yourself a favor, look at a map
The area in discussion isn't Gaza, it's Sinai

All you've accomplished is to prove that you don't know what or where you're talking about

No less was to be expected

18/11/2010 06:06

22 ) Niva dos santos / Brazil
18/11/2010 07:13
Once the Italian Mob blow a tunnel to kill s judge and killed dozens of civilians. The zion's evil entity do the same over and over against the Palestinians. And, just like any evil cancer around the planet, zions gonna be sent to hell, i got no doubt! The little man with ridicolous moustache are waiting for them!! God is great!!

23 ) Colin Wright / USA
18/11/2010 10:36
To Apartheid Objector #4 'If I remember clearly from South African apartheid there were no militias or kidnappers. ' You recall incorrectly. There were quite a few attempts at anti-White terrorism. They were almost completely ineffective, but Apartheid collapsed anyway. There is a warning there, incidentally. To quote Obi-wan Kanobi, 'you can't win.'

24 ) Harry / Ireland
18/11/2010 11:02
Israel should stop murdering innocent Palestinians.

25 ) Avi / Israel
18/11/2010 11:08
#15 There are no Jews in Gaza, but they were about to fire Kassams to southern Israel, and so the IDF have to kill em before they get to kill us, I also wish you a blessing Eid under Israeli fire.

26 ) riskymean / holland
18/11/2010 15:11
Yes they are doomed in this life and the hearafter. As for (9) IF you are a muslim then it is you who gives islam a bad name. If you are not then go study islam first. And so what if they were member of any organisation that fights occupation, they are fighting the evil and cowardly occupiers and trying to do something about it, unless lots of cowards doing nothing and blaming them for all kinds of things.

27 ) mxy / usa
18/11/2010 17:54
The previous dude who died like that in Gaza a couple of weeks ago, Mohammed Nimnim, was also a senior member of the Army of Islam and was preparing a terror attack on *U.S.* and other forces stationed in the Sinai Desert according to Egyptian intelligence, who shares responsibility for security of the multinational forces in Sinai with Israel and who tipped the Israelis.

The Army of Islam plot was aimed at a base about 12 miles west of Gaza which has 1600 military, 700 are American.

28 ) md arshad / india hyderabad
18/11/2010 18:15
it is zionist crime against people of palestinian.i think palestinian people strugle similar to the indian strugle who fought against british occupation

29 ) Plain / Truth
18/11/2010 18:43
Horus-12 & Harry-24,



IF, as you says,these men were "INNOCENT",
how do you explain, as Maan News reports, an Islamic groups names
"the two MILITANTS killed when an Israeli missile slammed into their car".
(see http://www.maannews.net/eng/ViewDetails.aspx?ID=334116 )

IF YOU LIVE BY THE SWORD (as they did) you can also expect

30 ) southparkbear / usa
18/11/2010 19:16
why maan won't publish my comments? I want to buy this car if it is for sell

31 ) Phil / UK
18/11/2010 23:16
#17) eget, the people of Gaza voted for these people, knowing that their agenda was to kill Jews.
When you vote for someone, you give them your support.
Its no good saying "yes but I didn't pull the trigger or fire the rocket".
You are equally responsible.

32 ) mabhouh al manhoos / bromizeland
19/11/2010 00:20
riskymean can you elborate why did you pick it? I know you are risky to yourself and any innocent bypasser, anyhow, i gave them 72 virgins andsent them tho hell

33 ) Colin Wright / USA
19/11/2010 01:50
If Israel didn't exist, would these men have ever taken up the cause they did, and would they have died? Palestinians face a real Hobson's choice these days. Leave their own land, go the way of the PA, go the way these did? It's hard to unequivocally condemn any of the choices. On the one hand, it's easy to be a martyr in a coffee house; on the other, it's easy to be a pacifist if someone isn't spitting on you at the time.

19/11/2010 01:55
24 ) Harry / Ireland

Whoever said they were innocent ?

She said "a senior operative belonging to the terrorist group Army of Islam was targeted" because the group, a radical Islamist organization, was plotting to attack Israeli citizens in the Sinai

35 ) Phil / UK
19/11/2010 13:37
#33) "If Israel didn't exist, would these men have ever taken up the cause they did".
That has got to be the dumbest point you have tried to make since you started posting here.
While Israel didn't exist, the region still had more than a thousand years of Islamic war and terror. If my country had not defeated the Turks, your beloved Pals would still be living under occupation along with the rest of Arabs. Possibly with a Jack boot on their necks as well.
Get your facts right before posting !
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